To Trust A Cop

BY : Shehanitan
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Started: 2006-09-27
Warnings: Lemon, heavy lemon, yaoi, au
Parings: Seifer/Squall
Beta: Yes, beta read, but don’t want any credit for it ;(
Notes: Yes, this is a follow-up to the three-chapter long one-shot pwp fic.
I don’t know if you ought to read the prequel first or if you could skip it. I guess it’s always good to know how these boys first met, right? ;)

I’m about to embark on a questionable journey. All of you, who have read the prequel, know that your support will be crucial on this trip. I will make my best effort to give you something head spinning and frankly, right now I only know a dozen smut scenes I want to play ;)


Some days you should just stay in bed. He’d barely slept at all last night. Coming home late he couldn’t sleep because the lady on the floor above him had found some new guy she was trying to wear out the first night. Then when he’d finally got to sleep the landlord had come banging at Squall’s door, giving the youth a scolding for disturbing the neighbors. Wasn’t that just ridiculous?

Then at work, he’d been harassed enough by his “working comrade” that he beat the man up. Of course, his employer didn’t like that and took half of Squall’s payment as a hospital fee. As some sort of last laugh from the divine spirits, he ran out of fuel on his way home.

So there he was walking home dragging his too heavy motorbike in the middle of the night.

Squall sighed and hung his head while walking, wishing he could have just beaten up that fat boss of his as well. The bastard deserved it. He knew what went on, what the others did every day. But Squall was not allowed to fight back, as he wasn't the one who ended up with the bruises and broken bones.

Headlights washed over him and Squall kept close to the side of the road. The car didn’t drive by, but slowed down instead. Great. Hopefully it wasn’t some jerk thinking Squall was an easy robbing victim. Or some other jerk thinking he could give a supposedly young and innocent boy a ride home and then ravish after as “payment”.

Squall ignored the car as it rolled up beside him as the passenger window glided down. The car wasn't necessarily a new car, but it wasn't an old one either.

“Well, would you look at that? School-boy.” At the voice, Squall stopped dead in his tracks.

The car stopped and Squall stared into the darkness of it. He saw the glowing end of a cigarette before he could make out the blond’s features.

“You,” Squall stated simply as a light was turned on in the car.

Green eyes glittered with amusement. The blond was languidly slumped in the seat, resting one arm in the open window and had his other hand at the bottom of the steering wheel. Looking the man over, Squall saw the cop was in civilian clothing and the car was obviously not a squad car. Squall frowned and Almasy’s smirk widened.

“Problem?” Seifer asked without even trying to hide his amusement.

“None of your business,” Squall retorted dryly and started walking again.

His heart was already racing with anger or excitement. The cop simply started rolling beside him.

“Out of gasoline?”

“That obvious, huh?” Squall said short. He got a chuckle from the other man.

“I’ve got some extra…”

They both stopped again. Squall looked at the man and the dark green eyes with unhidden lust in them racked him. Squall snorted.

“I haven’t got any money on me,” he said shortly and started walking away. Seifer only followed.

“Well, we both know that money isn’t a problem for you…” Seifer purred, causing a mix of anger and a sort of shame to rise in Squall.

The heat in his face only intensified when the damn bastard chuckled. Squall ignored the damn blond the best he could, not that he succeeded very well. It’s kind of hard when the only thing you’ve been dreaming about for almost two weeks, was mere feet from you.

“It’s too bad I can’t charge you for walking on the road, we’re not far from our last place,” Seifer purred and Squall frowned.

Realising it was the same damn road as before, he almost wanted to laugh. Really, someone was having fun messing with his life today.

“Fun for you. Go play there with your friends and stop bothering me.” The barking laughter from Seifer made Squall feel like some silly kid, which of course, made him blush.

“Aw, you saying you didn’t like us playing with you? Don’t lie, that’s no fun,” the cop hummed and Squall glared into the car.

He quickly looked away, though, afraid those predator green eyes would consume him. They were silent for a long time. Squall walking, the cop rolling beside him. The blond shifted in his seat.

“Look, it’s almost six miles home for you, four to closest gas-station. I got enough fuel for you to get home,” Seifer argued and Squall stopped to glare at the man.

“I’m not going to fall into your damn trap again,” he growled and Seifer smirked.

The blond’s unfriendly and friendly smirk that made Squall swallow and his stomach to flutter.

“Trap?” Almasy purred with an either dangerous tone or a very lusty one.

“Yeah, trap,” Squall repeated, but couldn’t hold the heat behind his words.

Seifer leaned forward.

“That was no trap, kid. You know you loved me stretching that tight ass of yours and you loved it even more when we fucked your sultry body hard and good.”

Squall found himself almost hypnotized by that dark, low voice, bright eyes and devilish smirk. He swallowed with a very dry mouth, and his heart was starting to beat hard against his ribcage. His blood pumped fast and a lot of it seemed to want to gather at one particular place.

“Leave the bike in the bushes and jump in,” the cop ordered and leaned back.

Squall could only stand there for a couple of seconds, feeling his body heating and his mind swirling. In two weeks he hadn’t been dreaming about anything else. In three weeks he hadn’t been able to think about anything else. It’d gone well last time, right? Except that he’d had to call in sick for three days until he could walk straight again but…

“Just us, right?” his voice was almost shaking.

Green eyes gleamed in the darkness of the car again.

“If you want to,” the cop answered with the same dark voice.

Squall nodded and slowly led the motorbike down beside the road. Somewhere in the back of his head he wondered why the cop couldn’t just fuel him up and then go, but his body didn’t want to hook up on details. Nervously he slid into the car, and Squall had barely closed the door until Seifer made the car roar.

They were both silent as the road fly by. When they flew by the side road, Squall’s stomach decided it didn’t like it as it knotted in nervousness.

“Um… didn’t we just miss that road?” he wondered and looked at the blond.

The man smirked and didn’t look away from the road.

“You needed gasoline, right?” Squall nodded slowly.

“But didn’t you have that?”

“I lied.” Squall stared at the man.

Then it occurred to him that he never would have followed the cop if the blond had just offered to take him to a gas station.

“Bastard!” he hissed and Seifer only chuckled.

“Calm down. I’ll get you your gas.” Squall didn’t want to calm down.

His body was raging in all different kinds of ways. He didn’t say anything though. During the ride, he silently wondered how a cop could drive so fast and charge others for it. Hypocrites, a big bunch of hypocrites. The brunet also asked himself why he placed himself in this situation again. He still didn’t know the blond.

Squall breathed a little in relief when the lights from the gas-station could be seen. Wasn’t there a motel beside it? Squall wanted to remember there was. Maybe that was why Seifer had decided to drive there instead of in the woods? Squall blinked when they suddenly turned off the road to another smaller one, away from the station.

“Where’re you going?” he asked unable to help the worry in his voice.

“Don’t be so suspicious,” Seifer said, amused.

Well, how could Squall not be? He’d never before followed a stranger and now he followed one that only had one thing in mind. Not an unpleasing thing but…

The car bumped around at the… road? Looking out in the headlights he saw nothing but grass illuminated by headlights before the car.

“You drive here often?” he asked faintly.

“Nah, only when I’m going to fuck my bitch,” Almasy purred as an answer and Squall glared.

No use in complaining, he already knew before hand who was going to be on top. At last the blond stopped the car and turned of the motor, everything becoming pitch black as the headlights were turned off. Squall was still blinking to get used to the dark, as a strong hand twisted his hair. He yelped as his head was bent back, but the sound was muffled by a hot mouth.

The cop ruthlessly plundered his mouth and stabbed his tongue inside a couple of times. Squall moaned breathlessly and gripped the blond’s suede jacket in a tight fist. The other clever hand of the blond cupped Squall’s groin and stroked firmly. Squall’s hips bucked and he moaned again.

He started panting for air, but Seifer didn’t let go of his mouth. The hand at his crotch had started taking of his many belts. The cop groaned, irritated when he couldn’t figure them out and had to leave Squall’s mouth to look down. The brunet panted helplessly with his head bent backwards as Seifer, a little roughly, loosened the belts and opened Squall’s leather trousers.

Squall arched and gasped as the broad hand pressed down against his briefs and cock. The man yet again captured and devoured his mouth. The cop groaned and started yanking of the youth’s jacket. His mouth was freed yet again and the brunet let out a long moan after air.

“You’re not eager, are you?” he breathed. As reward he got a bite at his jaw.

“Undress,” the man ordered huskily and a shiver travelled through Squall’s body.

The cop didn’t study him as he undressed, instead undressed himself. He threw his jack in the backseat and opened both shirt and trousers. Squall had to undress completely, though. Sitting completely naked in the car, arousal surged up in him. Squall fisted his swollen cock and moaned as he stroked. He yelped when he got a hard slap at his hand. Looking up, he was captured in the green, dark depths.

“That, like the rest of you, is mine,” Almasy growled and bit Squall’s bottom lip before leaning back.

Squall forgot the statement as Seifer started taking out his cock. The youth almost moaned as the big, swollen cock emerged. His dreams and fantasy hadn’t given it justice. It was much bigger than he’d wanted to remember. When Seifer stroked it, it grew even more. Glistening pre-cum leaked out of the slit and traveled down the shaft and hand fisting it.

“Lick,” Almasy ordered and held up his hand.

Squall eagerly licked the smeared fingers. He took them in one by one when urged to. The brunet moaned when one finger rubbed his tongue and moved around in his mouth. Seifer withdrew his fingers and gripped Squall’s neck. The brunet resisted instinctually when he was dragged forward and down.

“Make daddy happy and use that mouth of yours,” the cop purred and pressed Squall’s lips to the leaking head.

Squall swallowed the cock and Seifer groaned. Tangling one hand in the brown hair, Almasy let him work in his own pace. He licked and sucked the head and then took in more. The taste was as he remembered the tangy, heavy taste of a man. That salty taste. Squall shifted in the seat so he sat on his legs. It gave him better reach and balance as he renewed his sucking.

The hand not tangled in his hair, stroked down his back. Squall arched a little as the small of his back was massaged. When the blond continued to deftly massage that place, the brunet mewled and shot his ass in the air. The cop chuckled and pressed a finger between Squall’s buttocks.

“Yore in heat or something? Want me to ride this sweet ass?” Almasy murmured.

Squall moaned and ground his hips against the blond’s hand. So hot. This man made fire and molten lava burn in his veins. He fisted his own cock and moaned. He yelped when a stinging slap landed at his ass. Another one fell and he released his cock wit a groan.

“Not too smart, are you?” Almasy purred.

His hand left Squall’s stinging butt. The brunet wailed angrily when his arms were yanked up behind him. He twisted and tried to pry away, but the cop easily pressed him down and Squall had to worry about the cock almost driving down his throat.

“Or maybe you like me tying you up?” the man mused and Squall felt his arms being tied with his own belts.

He had a hard time balancing at his knees and his thighs were starting to shiver of the strain. How the fuck had he fallen for that one again? It was the same thing as last time for Hyne’s sake!!

One hand again rested in Squall’s hair, but this time it gave support, too. The other hand teased his already erect nipples. The youth panted and started to lightly moan the closer that teasing hand came to his cock. The blond started mouth fucking him. Dragging him up and down and deeper for every time.

Seifer stopped teasing him and put both hands in his hair.

“Open up, slut,” he ordered huskily and Squall was wise enough to follow it.

He groaned when the thick, long organ pressed passed his mouth, down his throat. Even if he started gagging, the cop pressed him down fully. Squall panted heavily in dark, blond pubic hairs and trembled. So good. It tasted good, was so good. Even if it sounded strange, it felt good having the swollen cock lodged in his throat.

Seifer chuckled and Squall whined when a firm hand squeezed his cock.

“You’re such a sucker for cock, aren’t you? I hardly remembered how much you loved having me all the way down,” the man murmured huskily.

He moved his cock a couple of times and saliva leaked out of Squall’s mouth. The brunet ground his hips again when he was firmly stroked. His own juices sullied his own stomach and the hand treating him so good. He whimpered when his cock was released and it bobbed dejectedly under him. The hand traced his buttocks and cleft to soon find the clenched closed hole.

“You loved having something here too, didn’t you, slut?” Squall shouted around the cock as two sticky fingers were thrust inside of him.

His ass clenched hard around them and he moaned as he shut his eyes hard. That felt good. It felt even better when the two digits moved around and thrust in and out a couple of times. He started thrusting back against the lovely fingers when he could relax. Seifer fisted his hair and roughly pulled him up. The cock head came to his mouth before he was roughly shoved down again.

Squall stopped thinking as he was roughly mouth and finger-fucked. He shouted when a third finger breached his body. The youth shuddered and moaned. If only the cop wanted to find that little spot inside of him, then he would be in heaven. But the evil bastard withdrew his fingers and shoved him down the whole way on the thick cock again.

Almasy took something from the pocket behind the seat. The brunet almost moaned when he heard the resounding click of a tube opening. He squealed embarrassingly when the tube was thrust inside of him. Oh, Hyne. He hadn’t been ready for that. The cold gel made him rotate his hips and thrust back against it. Squall whined when it was withdrawn and the bastard chuckled again.

“Are you so eager to feel me plough inside of you?” Squall could only cry out as the three fingers thrust inside of him again.

Yes, he wanted it! He wanted to be stroked, he wanted to be fucked mindlessly, he wanted it damn it! He was mouth fucked a couple of times before he was fully withdrawn. Squall groaned hoarsely and his head was swimming. He could only gasp as the cop roughly bit, licked and sucked his already red and swollen lips.

Green eyes meet dilated blue and Squall trembled at the raw lust in those eyes. Seifer took his lube-coated hand and stroked his glistening cock. Squall couldn’t help but look down, and it made him moan.

“You want daddy? Want me to ride you, little school-boy?” Almasy growled against his lips.

Squall cried out when the fingers yet again assaulted his anus from in front this time.

“Yes, yes, please, yes,” he moaned and rode the fingers.

Anything. As long as his prostate was rubbed or his cock was stroked.

Seifer shifted in his seat and pushed Squall between the front seats, head first. The brunet twisted when he lost his balance, but strong hands circled his lean hips. Almasy made him rest a knee at each seat and his chin against the backseat, with Squall’s thighs holding most of his weight. The cop took place behind him, one knee at each seat.

Squall cried out sharply as he was rammed by the two inches thick cock-head. It hurt, and it hurt a great deal. And his body shuddered and convulsed in pleasure. Squall’s ass clenched hard around the big invader and the cop groaned and moaned above him.

The youth whimpered when a calloused hand stroked his back up and down. Pressed hard up and fingered down. Squall was soon moaning and waving to the rhythm, until the blond decided to withdraw his cock a little to then ram five new inches inside. Squall cried out and arched hard as it rammed his prostate.

He started shuddering and trembling and thrust back at the cock spasmodically. Almasy pushed the last inches inside and moaned. Squall gasped in both pain and pleasure, the blond squeezed his ass so hard he would get bruised. When he moved, the youth gasped and clenched shut his eyes. He shouted as his prostate was graced and squirmed.

The cop moved in and out in his clenching ass and when he nudged that spot, Squall would moan and squirm. With a grunt Seifer thrust inside of him. He gasped and started moaning when the big cock was rammed inside of him. He cried out when another hard thrust sent it into his spot.

Seifer started a fast pace of hard thrusts that made Squall rock and their flesh slap. He let go in the swirl of pleasure and cried out with every heavenly thrust. Seifer grunted above him and the strong hands were leaving marks on his hips and buttocks.

“You like it, huh?” the cop growled and placed a couple of extra vicious thrusts.

“Yes! Oh, yes! So good,” Squall moaned and squirmed.

“Little slut. Fucking school-boy whore,” the man grounded out and a hand rested beside Squall’s head.

He screamed when he suddenly was fucked harder and rougher, faster. Grunts and high-pitched screams mixed with flesh slapping flesh and the faint squeaking of the car.

Squall stopped thinking altogether. The strong smell of male heat rose in the car, filling his nostrils. Every fast, hard thrust, sent spikes of pleasure up his spine to explode in his head. When the blond howled and erupted in him, spurting the hot seed straight at all his good spots, Squall’s own orgasm lunged over him.

Searing white hotness drained him as he cried out his release. His body trembling, convulsing and squirming. Every lasting thrust from the blond, making him spurt until he felt bone-drained.

His head was reeling and his heart beating so fast it felt as if a hummingbird was inside his chest. His breathing was a fast uneven creature in his ears. Squall twirled down to his senses again and slowly took in all aching places. His whole back and neck was killing him. If it weren’t for the cop holding a hand against Squall’s chest, the youth would be a crumpled heap at the floor.

The brunet shuddered when Almasy gently withdrew his cock and help him up. Somehow he ended up in a half cradled position in Seifer’s arms. Laying there limply, trembling and panting. Seifer released his aching arms and Squall took his belt back.

“Why do you wear three belts anyway?” he murmured with satisfaction written all over his voice.

“To irritate bastards,” Squall answered and actually smirked a little.

Almasy snorted, but didn’t say anything.


Author’s Whining:
This is a sequel to “Cop’s can’t be trusted”, but it will be a story in this. Don’t expect every chapter to be plotless smut. I will hopefully be able to throw in some lines of plot.
It will be much easier, though, knowing if someone is interested on finding out just How these two guys get together. As a couple, I mean…

You might remember that in the prequel I required a certain number of reviews before giving the next chapter?

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