The Fated Kusabi

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The Fated Kusabi

Rating~ NC-17

Genre~ Final Fantasy VIII/ Fatal Frame II Crossover

Warnings~ Yaoi, Angst, Torture, Phobias, Supernatural, and lemon.

Summary~ Seifer was an original villager (before the village died) and Squall was an outsider that was sacrificed as the Kusabi (someone who is not born in the town and is tortured by ropes and thrown into the X, which is the Hellish Abyss that the villager’s both worship and fear) Seifer vowed to wait forever for his lover and centuries later, Squall is swallowed by the Village once again. Can he figure out the secret to revive All God’s Village? Or is he doomed to become the Kusabi for a second time?

Author’s note~ This fanfic is dedicated to the members of the SeiferxSquall club on DeviantArt. I hope you enjoy this recreation of Fatal Frame and our beloved pairing.

Important note~ For those of you who are wondering, the main plot of Fatal Frame II is ignored in this writing.


A slim young man sat on his knees near his mat, writing elegantly in his journal. His long chocolate locks cast a shadow over his brilliant stormy blue eyes, his mouth set in the thoughtfulness of writing.

Kurosawa-sama was watching me intensely yesterday. It was unnerving and uncomfortable. Maybe he has found out about Seifer and me?

The brunette’s gaze grew tender as he thought about his blonde lover. They were to meet inside the Hollowed Tree tonight.

When he was very young, new to this village, his first impression of Seifer was that he was a bully. Now they were so close and in love. Squall bit his pouting lips as he continued to write.

Yae and Sae have always been so nice to me, now they have grown distant. They seem so sad. Only Sae seems to take the time to speak with me. Even then… something akin to pity shines in her eyes.

He sighed gently as he signed his name and closed his journal. Squall got up gracefully and tightened his loose kimono. It was already getting dark. How long had he sat here thinking? The floorboards creaked as he walked to his front door and stepped outside into the crisp air. All God’s Village was deathly silent; the lanterns had already been dimmed. The only sounds were the chirping of insects and the soft flapping of butterfly wings.

“Crimson butterflies…” Squall murmured, watching the glowing wings through the trees. It was rare for them to show up so freely. Maybe it was a blessing? Squall hurried to the Hollowed Tree near the shrine.

A lazy smile and warm embrace greeted him. The brunette’s grey-blue eyes closed in bliss. He had been waiting for this all day… Lips brushed lightly against his soft hair and the arms stayed around him securely, making him feel so safe.

“Hey, koibito,” the deep baritone voice purred. Squall shuddered at the words, leaning up to kiss eager lips. Seifer moaned and tangled their legs. They both fell to the dirt floor with the blonde man lying on his back. Their tongues sparred as Seifer’s fingers deftly undid his smaller lover’s kimono, sliding the itchy fabric over lean shoulders. The brunette wore nothing underneath and immediately arched into Seifer’s caressing fingers. A gentle smirk formed on the blonde’s lips and the taller man attacked the pale expanse of Squall’s neck, drawing the sweetest noises from his lover’s lips.

“Sei…Fer. Please…” Squall groaned pleadingly. Jade eyes blinked at the underlying sense of urgency. Their meetings were always brief because the village didn’t allow such relationships. A finger teased and circled Squall’s puckered entrance, wringing a sigh from bruised lips. Squall’s lean fingers found the belt of Seifer’s kimono and undid it. Their hot skin met and the blonde man leaned up to taste his counterpart’s lips. Grey-blue eyes met emerald, both softened with the tenderness they felt for one another. The larger man shifted until Squall was lying down with him hovering over his younger lover. A sincere smile crossed Seifer’s mouth and he let a teasing finger sink deep into Squall’s warm channel.

Sae let a soft breath slip from her lips as she looked for Squall. She wanted to speak with him one last time before… The Japanese girl shuddered. Long ago, she had made a promise to herself that she would never grow close to an outsider. Apparently, she had failed. Squall had come to the village very young, shaken and scared. It was impossible to resist wanting to know the quiet and stunningly beautiful boy. They had grown up together. Suffered together. Laughed together. Cried together. Her and Yae. Itsuki and Mutsuki. Squall and Seifer. They had always sought one another out and enjoyed each other’s company. And now, two of them were to be torn from her. She neared the shrine when her thoughts were disrupted by a soft cry.

Was someone hurt, she wondered? Her oval eyes strayed to the Hollowed Tree and she approached cautiously to peer inside. Seifer…he was… Sae was horrified at first, fighting the urge to scream or run in embarrassment. But something deep inside told her to watch and find out why her two close friends had broken a taboo set by the village.

Seifer was buried deep within Squall, bent over at the waist to lean over the smaller man. The brunette’s eyes were squeezed shut, his mouth parted as he gasped out. Seifer moved his hips slightly and a smile appeared.

“Squall…Open your eyes…” Seifer murmured in a tone Sae had never heard from him before. The younger man let his eyes open to half-mast and he gazed up at his lover.

“You’re beautiful, koibito…” The blonde man told the brunette tenderly. Squall’s lips formed a rare smile that took both Sae and Seifer’s breath away.

“I love you, Seifer, so much…uhn…” The younger man moaned when his blonde counterpart began to thrust into his body. Sae crept away from the opening and sat behind another tree, hidden from view to gather her jumbled thoughts. Seifer and Squall were in love…? But how? The village had always said that being with another of the same gender was impossible and sinful, forbidden. The sounds of the two men’s lovemaking escalated and then became muffled, Seifer obviously kissing Squall to quiet their moans and cries. Something struck Sae. Squall and Seifer…they were one. She knew and loved both of them. They wouldn’t fake anything. They wouldn’t risk everything for nothing. This meant they were in love. This meant… Tears stung her brown eyes.

“Oh no, Poor Seifer…”

Jade eyes shut as Seifer thrust once more into Squall, his cry swallowed by the brunette’s mouth as his seed flooded into the body of his beloved. His release triggered Squall’s and warmth splashed against his toned stomach and chest. The blonde wanted so much to stay and hold Squall until slumber claimed them. But they both knew this sad routine. Squall shifted out of Seifer’s arms and pulled his itchy kimono back on as Seifer did the same. Squall moved to leave but Seifer broke the routine when he pulled Squall into a tight embrace.

“Seifer?” Squall gasped, startled, leaning against his taller lover.

“I love you, Squall.” Seifer told the lithe man, who smiled softly in reply.

“I know, Koi… Can we meet here again tomorrow night?”

“Of course. Sleep well.” Seifer said, reluctantly letting go of his beautiful lover who in turn offered him a sweet smile and disappeared into the night.

Soft knocking woke Squall early the next morning. He rose from his mat and fastened his white kimono. The knocking came again and the brunette hurried to his front door to slide it open. Yae and Sae were there, holding hands, their expressions sad. His stormy eyes were slightly confused. The twins never visited together anymore or so early. So why…?

“Our father requests your presence today. But first, we must take you to the springs to bathe.” Yae informed him tersely. This confused the teen further but he merely nodded and stepped outside to join the twins. Both girls let out a sigh of relief at the lack of questions. Bathing with the opposite gender was forbidden unless it was important. Squall’s memory recalled this and he felt no need to pester the twins for answers. This was a big relief to the girls, who were already on the verge of tears. Squall was unaware of the traumatic undertones of this day, which made the duo even more sorrowful. They were already mourning him even though he was right there. There was nothing to be done but make Squall as comfortable as they could.

The quiet trio made their way through the nearly deserted village. No one but a few had risen from their mats for the day. Surprisingly, the one to stop them was the one least expected. Chitose stepped in their path, her nearly blind eyes clouded as she glanced up at them timidly. The bell tied around her wrist was silent, which meant she had intentionally sought them out and wasn’t afraid. The red kimono clad girl usually never came outside and was never ever seen without her elder brother, Itsuki. She ran up to Squall and embraced him around the waist, causing the older teen to stiffen in surprise.

“Chitose…?” He asked in a soft voice. Her grip tightened.

“Ohayo, nii-san…Squall.” She whispered before running off. Squall was shocked. The young girl had honored him with the title of brother, but was confused as to what brought it on. The twins exchanged surprised and uneasy looks before reminding Squall of their destination. He nodded and they walked the rest of the way to the springs. Squall went to the edge of the dock and paused. Sae and Yae looked away politely as he shed his kimono, but secretly sent quick glances as he waded into the chilly water. How could they not? Squall was the most beautiful person in the village, his modesty making him all the more alluring.

Sae felt her cheeks grow hot with embarrassment as the memories of how she saw him last night resurfaced. She didn’t even want to think how Seifer would react to what will happen tonight. Pity and shame flooded her chest but she steeled herself. It was for the good of the village.

Squall stopped when the water reached his waist, shivering from the cold water. His nervous stormy eyes darted to the twins when they too began to shed their kimonos, wondering what they were doing. The water lapped against their nude forms as they slowly followed Squall’s example, wading into the chilly spring to join him. His eyes grew tender at their appearance. They weren’t ashamed and their intent was totally innocent. He had always held a soft spot for the Shrine Maidens. They reached out questing hands to touch his pale skin, Yae at his front, Sae at his back. He tensed again under their caressing hands, wondering why they were treating him like glass and unused to anyone but Seifer touching him. Yae had to force a smile when she realized that her twin had tears running down her cheeks.

“Relax, Nii-san.” She murmured, cupping her hands under the water to lift them up. Water fell from her hands onto Squall’s hair. Sae rubbed Squall’s back soothingly, reverently, glad that her childhood friend couldn’t see her grief. Squall’s eyes closed at this.

“Why…?” He questioned, unable to keep the word back. Sae remained silent because her voice would’ve revealed her tears. Yae’s fake smile remained in place.

“You are to take part in a very special ritual tonight. It will help the village.” Yae told him. His eyes cracked open slightly. A ritual…? He had thought only people native to the village could take part in the village’s secret rituals.

“Is this important to the ritual that Itsuki and Mutsuki have in a few days?” He asked softly, relaxing in the soothing hands of the girls he trusted. Yae strained to keep her smile as she bathed Squall.

“Yes. It is very important to the ritual that the Alter Twins have.” She reassured the naive teen.

“Then, it will be an honor.” Squall told them. Yae lost her smile then and Sae coughed to cover a sob. It was an honor, a horrible honor. But, it was for the village. They backed away from him and left the spring water to dress. Squall followed their example and pulled on his kimono. The twins waited for Squall to finish and then made their way to the Kurosawa house. The lithe man was surprised when Priests opened the doors and Kurosawa-sama stepped out. The old man’s gaze was unsettling, as if he were sizing Squall up. Yae and Sae bowed respectfully.

“We have brought Squall, Tou-san.” They intoned together. Mr. Kurosawa smiled then and motioned the trio in. The twins disappeared into the depths of the house and Squall was left alone with the Village Master. Squall bowed at the waist slowly, much like Kurosawa’s daughters.

“Ohayo, Kurosawa-sama.” He murmured in his soft-spoken voice, returning to his normal stance. The man nodded at this and motioned to a door to his right, which was slid open by another Priest.

“Join me and we shall talk over Saki.” He informed the smaller man. Squall nodded and walked into the room to kneel on the mat near a low table. The Village Master did the same. He eyed Squall slowly.

“What do you know of the…events that will take place tonight?” It was odd. Kurosawa-sama sounded almost…timid.

“Sae and… Miss Sae and Yae-sama have told me that I’ll participate in a ritual tonight.” Squall murmured, embarrassed that he used a familiar term with the twins instead of their formal names. The Village Master seemed pleased at his statement and intrigued.

“You call my daughters by their first names. Does that mean you are…close?” He asked.

“We grew up together and are close friends, Kurosawa-sama.” The youth replied. The Village Master relaxed, glad that they weren’t anymore familiar with each other. In the next room, a Priest dipped a vial over Squall’s Saki and set the tray on the table between them. Mr. Kurosawa nodded and sipped his Saki. Squall held the cup gingerly in his hands and tipped it so the bitter liquid flooded his mouth. He swallowed it and blinked. A disturbing smile crept onto Kurosawa-sama’s face.

“Tonight, my outsider friend, you will be very important to us…Very important.” The room grew blurry and Squall’s eyes slid shut. A crash sounded as the cup shattered.

Sae snuck into Squall’s house after witnessing the Priests pouncing eagerly on Squall after he had fell into a helpless slumber. They had taken him to the Chamber of the Kusabi. It was sickening. It was horrible. She cried freely as she searched for Squall’s journal, finding it hidden underneath his mat. Everyone in All God’s Village kept a journal. Soon, it would be all of Squall they had left. She caressed the worn cover and opened it. Sae read every word that Squall had written since he came into the village. The words brought smiles, giggles, but mostly tears. Most of the entries brought fond memories. The Japanese girl picked up the nearby brush and ink. She wanted to bring closure to the journal. It would be the only way to express her feelings and ask for forgiveness.

The entry above will be the last words written by Squall, my beloved friend. Tonight, Squall will be sacrificed as the Kusabi, to save the village from the X, if only until Itsuki and Mutsuki’s ritual.

Tears soaked the page as Sae continued to write. It would be evident to the reader that she had cried as she wrote.

I fear what Seifer may do when he finds out about this. I can’t imagine how much sorrow he will feel to lose someone he loves so much. Squall, I know you will never read these words, but please, forgive me. I’ll miss you…


She closed Squall’s journal and let out a wail.

Grey-blue eyes opened slowly and the confusion set in. His body was suspended ten feet above the floor. Rough ropes were tied tightly around his hands and feet. Many others were draped loosely around his lithe frame. Kurosawa-sama stood on the floor below him. Squall felt others around him but he kept his eyes on the Ceremony Master.

“Kurosaw-“ He began but was cut off harshly as a Priest struck him with a staff.

“Silence, Kusabi.” The Veiled Priest hissed and he returned to his place in the circle. Mr. Kurosawa had a smirk on his face.

“Behold, the beautiful Kusabi.” Squall felt one of the ropes around him tighten painfully. The staffs of the Veiled Priests were brought down with a simultaneous ‘clang.’ Again they were brought down, creating a rhythm that mirrored the speeding pace of Squall’s heart. More ropes tightened, bringing an uninhibited cry of pain from Squall’s mouth.

“May the Malice consume him in exchange for our safety.” The words caused more fear to well up in Squall. The Village Master had spoken freely of the X. The ropes bit into his pale skin, seeping crimson. The clashing of the staffs grew quiet compared to the rushing of blood in the brunette’s head.

“St..op..” Squall pleaded. His desperate words fell on deaf ears as the Priests pulled the ropes tighter and tighter until his skin gave way under the pressure and the ropes sank into him until they hit bones.

“AH…hh!” His beautiful eyes squeezed shut as the Priests tied the ropes to nearby poles to keep his bloody body suspended without their aid. Squall’s body burned with severe pain, his blood gushing freely and collecting in a basin far below him. Strikes suddenly rained on him, from whips and staffs. They continued beating him until he seemed to drift away, as if he were about to sleep.

“Stop!!” He heard the Ceremony Master cry distantly, pulling him back from the darkness that could save him from this unworldly pain. He whimpered and moaned unintentionally, unable to keep the sounds of his pain inside. Why…? Why didn’t the twins warn him…? He didn’t want to die. He didn’t want to leave Seifer.

“Sei..Fer…” He mumbled incoherently. Prayers and chants began around him and his eyes lost the light the constantly held.

Seifer jogged around the village, his face drawn in a worried expression. Squall hadn’t shown up, he never was late. And it was very unlikely that he forgot. The blonde slid the front door of Squall’s house open without invitation, concern about his lover overriding the need for being polite.

“Squall??” He called. He heard a gasp from the brunette’s room and hurried there, only to find Sae clutching Squall’s journal to her chest, tears tracking down her cheeks. Seifer’s eyes narrowed in confusion and suspicion.

“Sae? What are you doing here? Where’s Squall?” He demanded. The reaction he got was one he didn’t expect. The young girl wailed and launched herself into him, the journal laying forgotten on the wooden floor.

“Oh Seifer! I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry!” Sae cried, sobs wracking her frame. The blonde man was about to question her when she began speaking again.

“Squall…Squall…he’s not coming back!!!” Seifer stiffened and scowled down at her.

“You mean… He’s left the village?” He asked, wondering if the girl was playing a prank on him. Why would Squall leave? And how did he leave? There was a way into the village, but no way out.

“Seifer… No. He’s not gone. He’s been sacrificed…as the Kusabi.” She confessed through tears. Seifer threw the girl off him then, angered.

“Bitch! How dare you even suggest that! No way!” He then tore from the house. I’ll find him… I’ll find him and then comfort him. Squall can’t be dead. They wouldn’t! It was impossible! Squall wasn’t an outsider. He was part of the village. He had to be! Two Priests guarding the Kurosawa house weren’t expecting anyone. When they spotted Seifer, they tried to stop him.

“Halt!” They cried simultaneously. A fierce growl rumbled in Seifer’s throat as he punched one of the bastards and kicked the other one off of the bridge and into the lake.

The Ceremony Master looked on as the Priests prayed and chanted when suddenly the suspended Kusabi stopped breathing and went limp.

“Failure! A Failed Kusabi.” He declared. This brought fear and disappointment in the Priests. The Kusabi had died before being thrown into the X, ending their ritual and angering the Malice because the earth trembled underneath their feet. Kurosawa sneered.

“Lower the body. We still may be able to calm the Abyss.”

Seifer rushed through the house and broke past any who tried to stop him. His mind was hazy with confusion and denial. He neared the ritual chamber and pushed the door open, nearly breaking it in his haste. His emerald eyes widened. The Priests were lowering a body covered in tangled ropes into a bloody basin to retrieve it. Even though the body was beaten beyond recognition, Seifer knew who it was.

“SQUALL!!!” He screamed and pushed the Veiled Priests out of his way. Kurosawa-sama’s eyes narrowed as Seifer gently took the mangled body into his arms, ignorant of the tears streaming down his face.

“……” The larger man mumbled over and over, staring down into the face of his beloved as if expecting Squall to open his eyes. He felt someone near him and held Squall to his chest and glared.

“DON’T TOUCH HIM!!!” He yelled, clutching his dead lover to him. The Priests backed off, awed and confused. Seifer returned his teary eyes to Squall’s face mournfully, caressing it unashamedly. It’s okay, koibito. You’re still beautiful to me. You’ll always be beautiful. Come back to me. It’ll be okay. I love you. Don’t leave me. Come back!

“Squall…Aishiteru. Gomen ne. Gomen nasi. Come back…It’s alright. I still love you.” He lowered his mouth to Squall’s torn lips to kiss him. He was so cold… The Village Master looked on in disgust, but the youth obviously wasn’t going to let the Kusabi go anytime soon, so the old man decided on deception and fake sympathy.

“Young Almasy, I am so sorry for your loss, but we need Squall.” He told the ailing man. Cold green eyes snapped to him.

“Why have you done this to Squall?!” He demanded, holding his lover gingerly. Kurosawa bit his tongue at this insolence.

“He was needed for the Alter Twins ritual…We wanted to make him into a butterfly.” He lied. The Priests stirred at this lie. Kusabi couldn’t become crimson butterflies. They were outsiders of the village that were tortured and then thrown into the Abyss to calm it until the Ritual that Must not be Seen. Seifer faltered at this. Crimson butterflies were the equivalent of angels to the villages. The Ceremony Master saw this pause and persisted.

“To save the village from the X, he must be thrown into the Abyss.” He told the blonde man. Seifer’s eyes gentled when they looked at Squall’s face. His lover had been trying to save the village? But why didn’t he say anything?

“Why didn’t he say good-bye?” He asked sadly. Kurosawa smirked inwardly, the lies were working. Pretty soon, the Crimson Sacrifice Ritual could be completed.

“He was unable to tell anyone.” At Seifer’s confused look, the deceptive man said the thing that snapped something inside the younger man.

“He did it to save you.” Seifer closed his burning eyes and held Squall to him as he stood up.

“Let me take him…” The blonde youth requested which brought a twisted smile to Mr. Kurosawa’s face.

“Of course. I’ll let you take your… lover.” That word was nearly spat. Seifer nodded and the Priests opened another door that led to the X. The Ceremony Master shot a look to the nearby Priests and they nodded.

Seifer followed the series of twisted pathways, flanked on either side by Priests and led by Mr. Kurosawa. Squall was so cold now and he missed his lover so much. He held the bloody roped body close to him and whispered words to Squall.

After a tiring long walk in darkness, they reached a corridor that was lit by the thousands of flames of candles. Many of the Priests stopped here, but Seifer, two Veiled Priests and the Village Master continued down one last tunnel. At the end was the Hellish Abyss. The gaping hole brought shudders to Seifer, but he persisted, approaching the X. The three men lagged behind and stopped, watching. Seifer kneeled close to the rim of the Abyss, keeping his eyes on Squall to avoid looking down into the X.

“Let him go into the Malice. Then he will become a butterfly.” The lie hung in the air. Seifer lowered his face and kissed Squall, drawing some of the blood into his mouth with a quick swipe of his tongue. That way, he would always have a part of Squall in him. He held the brunette’s bloody body to him for a little while longer before holding him over the Abyss, the tears coming again.

“There will never be anyone else but you… I love you, Squall, forever.” I’ll miss you… He let go.

As soon as that was completed, Seifer was suddenly grabbed from both sides. The two Priests forced the confused youth to look into the Abyss. Seifer let out a pained scream as he saw the writhing bodies and darkness for a split second, and then nothing. He fell backwards, grasping his face, his green eyes sightless. Hands were on him again and he was punched and kicked. After the beating, Kurosawa ripped one of the Priest’s kimono and wrapped the cloth around Seifer’s head to hide the blind eyes of the new Mourner.

“Take him up to the Chamber of the Kusabi. He will now guard that hall as a Mourner.” Kurosawa-sama commanded.

Yae ran to find her sister, knowing that she would find her twin in Squall’s house, mourning his loss. She found her in Squall’s room looking stricken.

“Sae! They’ve made Seifer into a Mourner!” She told her twin, embracing her reflection. Sae began crying fresh tears as Yae helped her up to go to the Chamber. They found Seifer lying on his side on the floor, his eyes hidden behind a blindfold. He stirred a little when he heard them approaching.

“Seifer…We’re so sorry. We couldn’t tell you about Squall being sacrificed.” Yae told the man. He didn’t reply.

“We’re going to miss him too.” No reply. Yae sighed gently and left the room, leaving Sae with the silent Mourner. She sat near him.

“……I knew about you and Squall… I saw you in the tree last night…” She confessed.

“You looked so in love…I’m sorry things had to end like this.” She told him. Seifer remained silent, the only sign of him listening was the resigned clenching of his jaw. The blonde then knew that he had been deceived. The twins knew about the ritual. It meant that Kurosawa had lied about no one knowing about it and that Squall didn’t become a butterfly.

“Did… Squall know?” He asked softly.

“No. He didn’t know… I’m sorry…” Sae said. Seifer felt tears falling from his blind eyes. His beloved had been murdered, dieing a horrible death. Sae’s eyes gentled at the tears.

“You know… If you wish hard enough… People can be reborn.” She revealed.

“Where did you hear that?” Seifer asked, his once strong voice faint and defeated.

“It’s an old legend.” A long silence followed this declaration.

“Then, I’ll wait for him forever.”

After that, Mutsuki and Itsuki’s ritual took place. Itsuki had strangled his brother and then the Priests threw the body into the X. Itsuki waited for his brother to come out as a butterfly, but he never came. The ritual had failed, Mutsuki’s murder just as meaningless as Squall’s. This threw Itsuki into shock, turning his raven hair to moonlight silver.

Itsuki had promised Mutsuki that he would help Sae and Yae escape from the village. They planned the escape and the twins ran from the village using an unlocked passageway. Itsuki was thrown into the Jailhouse when the villagers realized that he had helped the girls plan their escape. When the villagers searched for the Kurosawa twins, they found Sae, but not Yae.

Mr. Kurosawa decided that the ritual may still be successful if Sae acted as Shrine Maiden alone to appease the Abyss. They hung Sae and with her dying breath she declared that she would wait for Yae forever, remembering the words of her mourning friend.

When they threw the body of the twin into the X, the Hellish Abyss poured out its Malice. With the Malice came the angry spirit of Sae. She appeared over the X in a bloodstained kimono, laughing manically as the Malice killed the entire village.

The vengeful spirit of the remaining twin searched the village for any survivors. She found Seifer in the Chamber where Squall had been murdered. By now, he had been driven insane by his grief, mumbling incoherent promises to his dead beloved.

“Forever…Come back…Wait for you…Squall…” He murmured. Sae then paused before slaying the blonde, deciding to keep Seifer’s spirit strong like her, instead letting him become a mere remnant of memories like the others.

We will wait for them…Together…

End Preface

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