Uleguerand Range

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How to Keep Warm in a Dark, Cold Place, Or, Fun in the Snow, Or, “Halp I fell down a hole!”

Aiki cringed as snow blew relentlessly against her face, chilling her small tarutaru body to the bone. She shivered and cursed to herself, wondering whatever possessed her to join up on this expedition. Twice every week she forced herself to climb up the dangerous slopes of Uleguerand Range so she could risk her life against some of the inhabitants at the peak of the mountain. Around her, her party mates too cringed a the sharp wind blew around them. Dantaro, a fellow tarutaru, was by far the best dressed for the climb, his baggy, warm tunic protecting him. Similarly, their mithra companion Katalyn was dressed in a similar fashion, though her tail hung out behind her, shivering in the cold. Petey, and Shuji both lagged behind, their metal armor slowing them down and chilling them to the core.

‘Damn this fucking climb’ Aiki sighed to herself, ‘at least I have some eye candy for it.’ Looking at Katalyn she mused quietly to herself. The mithra had blond hair that was almost blindingly bright in the light, though in was almost always hidden by a blue turban, and a tight ass, which Aiki drooled at every time the wind blew her baggy slacks around it. Aiki had often times undressed Katalyn with her eyes, picturing what she guessed the mithra’s undressed form would be like, which Aiki found as an easy way to get herself warmed up a bit. It didn’t help that Katalyn had the classic mithra accent, rolling her “R’s” like a cat might. She stared almost hypnotized at Katalyn’s tail, as it swayed back and forth trying to keep warm. Her mind drifted to a party she had been to not long before, and lost herself for a moment.

“Aiki, slow down a minute, your poor wyvern is getting left behind!” called Dantaro as he attempted to direct Aiki’s small dragon back to the group. Aiki sighed, disappointed that she’d been brought back to reality for such a minimal task. Her pet wyvern, Courageux, would always be able to find her, they were linked. However, she didn’t complain, turning her back to the wind was a welcome reprieve for her face from the harsh mountain winds.

“Well, while we have this pause I should mention that we need to hurrrry up!” Katalyn said to the group, “we need to make it up before this blizzarrrd gets any worse, I don’t want to be trrrapped outside that cave again.”

The group nodded in agreement, knowing full well what Kat was talk of. Aiki thought momentarily about the cave which lead to the mountains peak. It would cover up quickly with ice whenever a blizzard started, which forced anyone wanting to go to the peak to wait until the sun shown through the clouds and melted the ice.

“And don’t forrrget about the holes in the grrround!” Kat said, “falling down one of those will hurrrt our chances of getting up in time.” Once again the group nodded, many times in the past one of them had accidentally fell down one of the large, half-hidden holes in the group, into the large underground cave complex.

Without another word the group set off again, working up towards the peak as fast as they could. As they climbed Aiki once again felt her mind slipping to the thoughts of party from the night before. She smiled proudly, remembering how she had seduced a friend of hers into a very fun night of sex and drinks. As she slipped away into memory she failed to notice Katalyn stop suddenly, narrowly avoiding the large whole in front of her. She also failed to notice as her other three compatriots shouted at her to look out. Running head first into the ass of the mithra, both fell into the long, ice covered tunnel into the underground.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Katalyn yelled, accompanied by Aiki as the two slide feet first towards the bottom. As they neared the final drop Katalyn was suddenly yanked to a stop as Aiki shot passed, landing hard on the group.

“Gaaaaaaaah,” Aiki said, moaning in pain. “I’ll never get used to that landing, at least nothing is broken.” Looking around she realized that she was alone. “Um, Kat?! Where are you?!”

“Up here!” shouted a voice from above. Aiki looked up the tunnel and saw the mirthra hung by her tunic on a rock which protruded from the fall. “I’m stuck!”

“Don’t panic!” shouted Aiki, “Just reach up and un-snag yourself!”

Katalyn nodded as she reach both hands above her head, trying to find the rock.

“NO! Not with both hands!” Aiki shouted up, though too late. The mithra slipped out of the tunic, and fell to the ground, leaving her in nothing but her bra.

“Are you ok?” Aiki said as she rushed over to Katalyn. Katalyn sat up, and gave herself a quick look over.

“I think so, lets get out of herrre.” she said, as she stood up. As soon as she stood she winced in pain and sat back down. “Ow! I guess I was wrrrong. I think I sprained by ankle.” Kat shivered as she rubbed her foot, before wincing in pain again, “And my wrist!”.

Noticing the shiver Aiki quickly realized that the mithra was only half dressed. She looked up at the ceiling and saw Kat’s tunic still stuck on a rock, then back at the mithra taking in her perfect breasts and trimmed fur. Smiling quietly to herself Aiki began plotting.

“I guess we’re stuck here awhile Kat, till the guys can find us.” Aiki sighed, trying to look as distressed by the situation as she was able, “And we need to keep you warm, don’t want you getting hypothermic.” Katalyn nodded and wrapped her arms around her body, trying to stay warm.

“You have any extrrra cloths on you?” Kat asked, quizzically.

Aiki shook her head, “No, but if we can get your blood moving we can keep you warm.”

Nodding, Katalyn looked again at Aiki, “But how? I can’t rrreally move about rrright now. . .”

Smiling, Aiki made her way over to the wounded mithra. “Well, I DO know another way that wouldn’t require your feet or your hand. . .” Aiki put her hand on the mithra’s shoulder, now eye to eye with Kat. Aiki’s short stature (being only half the size of the mithra) didn’t stop her from being aggressive. Kat knew right away what Aiki had in mind, and her face scrunched up in disgust.

“Ewwww, that’s grrross Aiki!” Kat said, pulling away from her. She shivered again as she looked angrily at the taru, “and I don’t swing like that!”

Aiki stepped closer, locking gaze with Kat. “Its not about ‘swinging’ one way or another Kat, its about survival. We can do nothing and you can freeze, or we can do something and we can keep you warm.”
Kat looked wearily at Aiki, before nodding slowly.

“And I’m not saying we should have sex, just doing little things to get your blood going is enough.” Aiki said, a grin spreading across her face, she could see the mithra’s resolve melting away. “Something to stimulate you is all,” she said, coming face to face with Kat, “Something like this.”

With that Aiki kissed the surprised mithra. Kat, surprised, attempted to pull back from the kiss, but leaned on her sprained hand. The surprising pain forced Kat’s mouth open, and Aiki took advantage of this. forcing her tongue into Kat’s mouth. Kat’s eyes widened as her tongue attempted to push Aiki’s out, though in doing so she began to feel her blood rush, her arousal increasing. Aiki, noticing the mithra’s crumbling resolve, used her free hand to free Kat’s right breast from its bra, kneading it. Kat shuddered as Aiki pinched her nipple slightly.

Aiki pulled away from Katalyn, grinning. “See? Is this so bad?” Aiki asked, twisting gently on the nipple. Kat moaned gently, and nodded to Aiki. Smiling, Aiki took her other hand off Kat’s shoulder and began treating her other breast. “So Kat, we can either keep doing this, since your blood it clearly pumping,” Aiki said, twisting slightly harder on the girls other nipple, “Or I can make sure you’re REALLY warm.”

Katalyn moaned loudly, nodding to Aiki, begging with her eyes for Aiki to continue. Smiling, Aiki obliged, pushing her down onto the cold rock floor of the cave. Aiki quickly undid the strings that held Kat’s slacks in place and pull them down, along with her panties, leaving the completely in the nude. She then kissed Kat gently.

“I’ll be right back, why don’t you go ahead and start without me.” Aiki said sadistically. With that she walked away, leaving Kat to herself. Kat didn’t waste any time in taking up Aiki’s suggestion. Using her good hand she began fingering herself. As he closed her eyes and moaned she didn’t notice the taru return. Suddenly Kat felt a sharp cold sensation on her nipple as Aiki place a small piece of ice on it, moving it around the nipple slowly. Kat shuddered and let out a moan as an orgasm over took her. As her high descended panted and looked towards Aiki, who had undressed, leaving nothing but her 3 foot tall nude body in view.

Aiki laughed, “See? Nice and warm, but you know, I’m feeling a bit cold now myself. . .” She straddled Kat’s face, and grinned. “Care to give me a hand?”

Kat didn’t think twice. She steadied the taru with her hands, ignoring the pain in her sprained wrist, and began eating Aiki out. Aiki let out a low moan, her eyes rolling upward as they half-closed. As Kat’s tongue danced around Aiki’s small clit Aiki shuddered, a feeling building up.

“Oh Altana yes. . .” Aiki said, her knee’s weakening, “That’s it Kat. . .”

Aiki shuddered one last time as her orgasm came, splattering Kat’s face with her juices. She staggered back and sat on Kat’s waist. Looking up, her eyes widened as Kat’s tunic feel from its place above her strait onto the taru. Kat sat up and pulled the tunic off Aiki. “Looks like our fun is done.” Aiki sighed, handing Kat her tunic. Kat smiled, took the tunic, and through it to the side.

“Not quite Aiki, I think we’rrre both still prrretty chilly. And I don’t that a tunic is going to keep me warrrm enough.” Kat said, grinning roguishly at the taru. “Plus, you still haven’t warrrmed me up frrrom the waist down.”

Aiki grinner, her eye’s locking with Kat’s. “You’re gonna need all the snow you can get to cool you down when I’m done with you.”


Katalyn and Aiki waved as they approached Dan and the others. “Sorry it took us so long!” Aiki shouted, “You know how confusing it is down there.”

Don nodded. “Yeah, but next time its gonna take you guys 5 hours to get out could you at least let us know? I mean, you could have sent a note up with your wyvern or something.”

Kat laughed, “Sorrrry Dan, we didn’t even think about that. We’ll be surrre to do that next time.”

“Next time?” Dan said, confused.”

“Well, I’m surrre it’s bound to happen again rrright?” Kat said smiling. “Don’t you agree Aiki?”

Nodding, Aiki started back up the mountain. “Yeah, hell, it might even happen again today!”

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