Band of Warriors

BY : JMBrandon
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Band of Warriors

It all began on a foggy morning.
We were mercenaries, hired by the Republic of Bastok's military forces, to aid them in keeping watch over the Rolanberry fort.
There were five of us... I am Nerav, I've studied the ways of the warrior for some time, now. There was Mahlu, a cunning Mithra thief, skilled at her trade, the only thing sharper than her daggers was her tongue. Mighty Spear-- our Galka, who, contrary to hi name was quite skilled with a great sword in the ways of the dark knight. Randell was our Dragoon; we haven’t seen him since he left for the lofty heights to retire his wyvern. Finally, there was Daemon, a strong and handsome ranger; I've never seen anyone use a bow with such grace. Though he would deny the claim, I bet his skill would rival that of the Mithran chieftainess.

The morning air was cold and bitter. The smell of gunpowder and burnt flesh lingered after the ferocious battle the night before. I swear I saw Daemon dispatch three Quadav
with a single stroke of his bow. Mahlu was out looking for any dropped valuables from the remnants of the Quadav forces. I sat near Daemon, sharpening my axe while he oiled and restrung his bow. I wanted to talk to him, thinking I could invoke him to bless me with his heavenly voice. The words fail to leave my lips as I muttered silently.
Our peace was abruptly interrupted with a sharp whistle from Mahlu, singling the approach of the enemy forces,. Readying our weapons, we sprung into action.

The Heavyshell Elite charged forward with uncanny speed. Completely ignoring Mahlu and her attempts to attack them, they charged toward me and Daemon. With keen accuracy, Daemon sank an arrow between the eyes of an approaching Quadav. As it fell to the floor, I readied my axe at the one approaching behind it, and with a mighty swing, I liberated its head from its shoulders. A third and fourth slipped through our fingers, their goal was clear—to reach the fort at any cost to attempt to leave explosives along the wall. Daemon let loose an arrow, falling short of the Heavyshell, the arrow struck its shadow. Letting out frantic cries, the turtleback seemed frozen in place, as Mahlu fled past us at blinding speed. She slammed her dagger into the back of the Quadav’s neck; it fell to the ground with a sickening thud.

The final Quadav continued on its path for destruction, ignoring its fallen allies. A thunderous roar could be heard from the roof of the fort as Might Spear lept from it, landing in front of the startled Quadav. “You interrupted my NAP… CUR!” He lifted his gargantuan blade as the Quadav fumbled for its bomb. With a mighty cleave, the Quadav’s armor was split in two, followed by the rest of its body. It fell in halves before Mighty Spear. The explosive fell, now active. Without thinking; I rushed for it and picked it up. I ran as far from the fort wall as I could, attempting to hurl it, the fuse went off a mere second after leaving my hands. My memory clouds at this point, as all I remember was being thrown in the direction I came and a smashing pain as my back slammed into the wall of the fort. All else is darkness before my next memory.

My vision was fuzzy as a groan managed to escape my lips.
I’m glad to have awoken at this point, being greeted by Daemon’s heavenly voice.
“Ah, you’re coming around.” His warm hand touched my shoulder gently to keep me from getting up to fast; he used his other hand to check my focus. “Now follow my finger.” He said as I smiled to myself, being cared for by the man I admire so greatly.
“Wh…what happened…?” I began to speak, as he concluded his test of my focus.
He began: “You made a poor choice that almost cost you your life… How are you feeling?” I muttered “My back is a little stiff, and my ribs hurt… but I think I can move…” as I attempted to get up. His hand applied pressure to keep me from moving. “You don’t need to get up now, so don’t rush it.” He said firmly, holding me in my place.

As an hour passed, I could slowly feel my strength returning, becoming more alert but more aware of my pains. “Where are the others..?” I had asked, forcing the words to sound normal. “Mahlu left for town to find you a white mage, Might Spear is gathering fire wood.” Noticing my armor was removed and my chest bare, Daemon began rubbing some ointment on my chest. I assumed it was for my ribs but never brought myself to ask. It was pure bliss feeling his strong hands on my skin, and his nimble fingers caressing me. His hands began to trail down my stomach. My head sprung forward, only reminding myself of the pain as my head returned down with “What are you doing!?” blurting from my mouth in a labored breath.

Daemon removed the towel around my waist,. I tried to glimpse his face when he spoke.
“I’m going to make your body release endorphin, your own, natural painkiller.” His eyes were sparkling as my shaft came into his view. “Like… this..? How?” trying to look up at him, but failing. His nimble fingers gripped me as he began pumping up and down. “Just wait and see…” His strong, firm hand worked its way up and down, my skin felt a tingle of ecstasy while he worked harder. His strokes became longer and faster as each minute passed. Losing myself in the feeling, I ejaculated. My semen flew straight upward and back down onto my skin, splattering on myself and his hand. Just as he promised, with the release of his massage, the pain slowly numbed from my body.

I found the strength to sit up. Greeted by the face of my idol, what happened next still puzzles me to this day. Daemon’s eyes, they were different. They were no longer the calm and quiet eyes. They were full of lust and hunger. Nothing prepared me for what happened at this moment. His hand sprung forward and shoved me down, pushing me over, to my belly, I heard cloth hitting the floor at his feet.. There was a cool sensation on my ass, as he poured some of his bow oil between the cheeks. A sharp feeling shot through my body as I felt his erect dick slide into me. My body was confused, my mind was blank. All I could do was feel. All I felt was the hard shaft of my idol sliding in and out of my ass.
It filled me up so tightly, I thought I was going to be ripped apart. My hands clenched my medical sheets as his speed increased. Moans escaped my mouth with each thrust. I felt his gently fingers turn into vicious talons as he gripped my asscheeks, holding me in place as the violation ensued. As his strokes into my body became more rapid, I could feel his balls slapping against mine, as my cock jiggled around amongst the chaos.
His thrusts became more violent and rapid. I could feel the ridges of his plump cock sliding along the inside of my ass... I didn’t know how I should have felt… My idol was violating me, I never even knew he would think of me in this way.

I lost myself in the madness, and was brought back to reality by a loud slam.
Mighty Spear had returned with the firewood. He stared and Daemon never missed a beat, nor looked up, as if he was absorbed entirely on his task at hand.
Mighty Spear dropped the firewood, letting out a echoing laugh. “GAHAHAHAHA! Boys~ who said you could have yer fun without me!” I heard clanking sounds as his cuirass and breastplate fell to the floor, hearing him move across the room to Daemon.

There was a very rough thrust as I felt Daemon fall over me. He felt like a rag doll being manhandled. His dick still pounded my tight ass and now his thrusts were pushed by the might Galka who had taken advantage of Daemon’s open position. Daemon started grunting as Mighty Spear starts to ram inside him. The Galka bellowed a laugh as he started his invasion into Daemon’s Elvaan ass. I could feel every thrust from them both, my cries turned from pleasure to pain all I could do was bite my pillow until it was over.

There was a brief moment of sweet relief when Daemon’s hard shaft exited my ass.
The moment was short lived as Mighty Spear’s large hand grabbed my head and forced me to sit up. I could see them both, standing over me, jerking their dicks in front of my face. After a few moments of anxiety, the door slammed open yet again, just as Mahlu
Opened the door, the white mage beside her turned as red as Mithran Tomato. A brief moment of silence followed, Mahlu took a moment to process the scene before doubling over in laughter. The semen splatters followed the broken silence, covering my hair and face, I was too slow to react to Mahlu pulling out a Soultrapper and freezing the image forever.

I try to forget about that day. Part of me doesn’t seem to want to, though.
Mahlu reminds us every time she pulls out her plate album. She assured me that if Randell ever came back that he wouldn’t think any less of me. It turns out he is the one who gave Mighty Spear his name.

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