Frozen Dance

BY : Shehanitan
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Snow was falling thick and heavy on Balamb Island. The town was bustling with Hynes Eve activity and windows and streets were full of bright decoration. Balamb Garden still shone blue in the dark evening but inside the halls, corridors, classrooms and quarters were filling up with beautiful holiday decoration.

“Hold this.”

Seifer grunted as he was suddenly handed the heavy box of decorations. He stared down at all the fluffy and bright colored stuff and frowned. The dorm around him was already stuffed with a huge tree and figurines and glitter and glamour ceiling high. There didn’t seem to be one single spot left without something.

“Isn’t there enough already?” he muttered but knew no one would listen.

No one had been listening to anything he had said for the last forty or so minutes. Resignedly the tall blond watched the brunette shift that or this at the tree. He didn’t quite know how; but Selphie had succeeded in kidnapping him and for the last four hours he had been treated as a pack mule or a live ladder.

At first it had been amusing to get praise for the simple thing of hanging this or that decoration on some hook or another which the girls didn’t easily reach. That amusement had since long vanished together with his status of live human being. Seifer shifted the large and overstuffed box of things and managed to get a glance of his watch. It had moved exactly two minutes and forty seconds since he last checked. He sighed heavily and entertained the idea of just dumping the shit and take a break. A Long break.

The two girls that shared Selphie’s dorm was in a deep and serious discussion whether or not the little carbuncle figurine would feel lonely all by himself on the shelf and if he would, what other figurine should they put with him? Seifer rolled his eyes as the dark haired girl said with a deep scowl that no Carbuncle was not to be placed with Ifrit but with someone kinder, like Siren.

What was wrong with Ifrit anyway? The beast was a good guy even if he was a bit rough. Seifer wanted to smack his head. Hyne, if he wasn’t saved from this he would soon grow braids and walk around in a skirt.

“Selphie,” he whined in such a pathetic tone that the girl actually glanced at him.

“Seriously, if you put any more decorations in here there won’t be any room to move around,” he growled and hefted the box he was holding with a meaningful point.

She smiled amusedly but gave the tree a final glance before joining him by the door.

“It’s finished,” she agreed with a happy nod and both hands on her hips.

“Thank Hyne,” Seifer growled and started to put down the box.

“A, a. That isn’t for this room,” she said sternly.

“By hells fire, we’ve been at this the last five hours!”

“Oh, stuff it. We only got one room left. Then we’re done for today,” she winked at him and took a smaller box by the door before leaving.

Seifer cursed colorfully while following her. Now he understood why all the other guys had seemingly vanished into thin air this day of all. Even Squall had been gone without a trace that morning. They left the girl wing and entered the chaos that Balamb had turned into. Everywhere students were busy decorating their dorms or the halls and they had to navigate an obstacle course of crates, ladders students and moombas.

If anyone told him two years ago he would be back in Garden playing the good student he’d tell them to get their heads straight because then Seifer would be SeeD. Tell him one year and eleven months ago, at the end of the short war, that he would be having a relationship with his childhood rival and he’d gut the person. But things had changed dramatically. War, it seemed, did strange things to people. Sorceresses did even stranger things.

Seifer sighed silently as he apprehensively followed the happy-go girl. At twenty years of age, the blond hadn’t changed much. In fact, a year ago he was little more than sinew and bone. It still hadn’t left his mind. He still didn’t quite believe the reality he found himself in. It felt surreal to think back on the time after the short but devastating war. It had taught him something no teacher or “grown-up” had been able to get through his thick scull. Humility, shame and guilt strong enough to make him retch.

The blond looked up as they entered the boy wing. Warning started to tingle in the back of his head as Selphie headed for the SeeD dorms. The warning only grew stronger as they headed up the stairs and continued along a very familiar corridor.

“Selphie, where exactly are we going?” he asked and stepped up beside her.

“Your room of course!” she chirped happily.

“My room is in the student wing, remember?” he said with apprehension.

“Oh, you silly thing. Not your quarter, Squall and yours,” she giggled and happily continued forward.

Seifer almost stumbled on his feet. He was sure someone had just poured ice water in his veins.

“Selphie, listen here because you obviously isn’t thinking straight,” Almasy growled.

“I am, or are you going to tell me you two have already made decorations?” she arched a brow.


“Have any plans on some vacation trip?”

“No, but…” he tried.

“Then what’s the problem?” she shrugged and Seifer gritted his teeth in frustration.

“It’s not his thing. If he wants this… stuff he’d have put it up himself ,” Seifer hissed and felt the starting of a stress headache.

“Yeah, right,” she snorted.

“Seriously Selphie, we can’t do that. He won’t like a surprise like this,” Seifer continued.

They saw the said door to the said room and the blond started to get serious issues with panic. Squall’s quarters were his sanctuary. You did not mess with the brunet’s stuff, it was a worse offence than to call him names. Once it had been fun to mess with the brunet in that way, now it just chilled him to the bones.

“It’s your place as much as his,” the girl shrugged and skipped the last steps up to the door.

Which was not true. He spent a lot of nights there when Squall was in the Garden. Didn’t make it his room. It didn’t give him any rights to change things or mess with things. The room was a sanctuary and Seifer, now, fully understood the need of such a retreat.

Luckily she didn’t have the code and Seifer didn’t intend of giving it to her. He could be as tightlipped as any stormy eyed brunet they knew. Selphie gave him a expectant look, Sifer simply stared at her. She shrugged and started fiddling with the code pad. Without thinking things through, the blond hooked the box under one arm and harshly slapped her hands away. Selphie yelped and rubbed her stinging hand while glaring at him.

“That hurt you big oaf!” she pouted in mock anger.

He wasn’t sure the happy-go-lucky girl could be angry.

She didn’t have any seriousness in her voice. Only typical Selphie pouting, it still The slight strange guilt he felt at the harsh slap ignited that burning anger that seemed to easy for him.

“We’re not doing this. Frankly, I’m not doing this any longer. You’ll have to find another slave!” he snapped and pushed the box at her, which she barely managed to get a good hold on before he let it go.

The petit brunette backed up a step, eyeing him warily and it made that vortex of guilt/shame/rage hit him.

“Hey, chill Seifer, thought you liked to play pranks,” Selphie said warily.

“Not here!” Seifer roared and glared at her.

“Fine, do as you wish,” she sniffed before walking off, back stiff.

Once she was out of sight Seifer cursed lividly and banged his fist in the wall. The pain was welcome and helped sort through the irrational emotions coursing through him. Guilt and anger and fear. He didn’t want this anger and guilt that tore at him as if being physical claws. He didn’t want to snap at people that didn’t deserve it. He didn’t want to lose his cool as easily as another breathed. And he didn’t want whatever the others thought they had in common.

Why couldn’t anyone of them understand that things weren’t as before? Sure they had now memories of each other from the orphanage, it didn’t make them friends or siblings or whatever they wanted to warp it into. They were as much strangers to him as any other student in the Garden.

When people gave him the stare Tillmitt just had, that wary suspicious stare, it reminded Seifer that he shouldn’t be there. Maybe it was just his self-confidence and self-esteem that had gotten a serious pounding, as Squall said, but what if it was something else? What if there was something inside him, a monster, that was just waiting for an opportunity to rear its ugly head? Perhaps Ultimecia simply brought forth that thing in him? What if it happened again? Perhaps he ought to just leave?

The hair on the back of his neck stood straight and every nerve in his body seemed to go into high alert at the sense of a certain flavor of power. He turned before Rinoa had left the corner she had been waiting behind. He could sense her powers like whispering tendrils and it made him want to retch.

Once it had. They hadn’t been able to be closer than hundred meter. Now the beautiful sorceress was able to walk up to him, but still kept a few meters between them. The black haired, doe eyed girl turning woman, smiled softly. Her eyes warm and sympathetic, not cold and cruel.

When he worked through that initial panic he always got, and dared to investigate the powers whispering against his senses, he felt her warmth and kindness. Her good intentions and serene spirit. Sometimes he wondered that if Edea and Ultimecia had gotten Squall as their Knight, if perhaps things had gone differently.

Perhaps the “unmoving glacier” would have been able to cure a madness Seifer had simply drowned in. “Unmoving glacier” was Rinoas try at explaining the way she saw her Knight. Someone that was so solid beneath her that she never feared anything.

“Hi,” Rinoa smiled.

Seifer gave a terse nod. She shifted and put her hands behind her back, weighing a little at her feet as if asking if they should go.

“You know, a little glitter or maybe a star in the window wouldn’t hurt. I don’t think he’d mind if you said you wanted it,” she said softly.

Seifer scoffed and turned to walk away from the room. Rinoa followed, still at that comfortable distance. What would happen if he ever faced a sorceress he had to fight? He’d be useless.

“Look, I’m really not in a good mood,” he warned.

The blond tried to tell himself that he didn’t want to offend one of the few people that never gave him that wary stare; the truth was probably him simply being afraid of the sorceress.

“What do you wish for Hyne’s eve,” she smiled and took a couple jumps in her stride.

The blond gave her a stare which she just smiled wifely at before laughing. Seifer gritted his teeth harshly.

“What?” he growled out as they left the SeeD wing.

“Squall gave me that exact look when I asked him the first time,” she chuckled.

The blond continued on silently. So? This whole Hyne’s Eve crap was to celebrate the death of a menace, what did presents have to do with it? Or bright decorations? Or glitter? Or any other bloody thing connected with the festivities?!

“Look, Seifer..”

The black haired woman’s soft tone made him stop. The look in her eyes made him look away. There was just too much pity there. Squall had explained to him that Rinoa was still just an ordinary girl, born and raised in a very wealthy and normal family. They where mercenary raised and trained, hence gifts hadn’t ever been a part of their life. Rinoa had difficulty finding anything rational in it.

“I know all of you guys have difficulty with this, but there must be something anyone of you want? Or maybe something you need? I know you haven’t…”

“I’m fine. Gifts aren’t our thing. I’m sure Selphie would appreciate it though,” he interrupted.

“I’m going to the training centre, would you tell Squall when he gets back?”

Rinoa nodded with a smile. Seifer turned sharply on his heel before heading for his room and Hyperion. Her bloody doe eyes so full of pity haunted him. Her words haunted him. He knew what she was about to say. That he hadn’t quite gotten back on his feet yet. Seifer was fine with only a few changes of clothes, even if it meant he had to do laundry several times a week and had to wear the bloody uniform in lack of other things to wear.

He didn’t want charity. He didn’t deserve it. Especially not if he ever would be able to see himself as someone on equal standard as Squall. The blond stopped to stare at the small mirror in the room. He still hadn’t quite figured out how he had gotten back to garden or how he had started to seriously train to become SeeD and least of all, how he’d ended up as Squall’s boyfriend. He didn’t quite understand how that first time they kissed and slept together had transformed into the strong emotional attachment he now had. Or how that vulnerability had started to mess with his head. This was the reason he didn’t do relationships.

Sighing heavily, he opened the case for Hyperion. Beside her a small glowing, red crystal lay. At first he hesitated. Then he slowly picked it up. Squall had managed to somehow convince him to carry at least one GF. They could help him keep his head clear, the brunet had said. But Seifer thought that was just a way to lure the blond to accept the beast.

Carefully the blond opened his mind and waited for the beast to come. Unlike other times, Ifrit came slowly. The first time they had junctioned, after the war, had been a true hell. Seifer had panicked and the GF had fled from him in order to simply survive. Even if it had only been the GF’s choice, it boosted some of the blond’s confidence that he could keep control of his own mind.

Over good three months they had worked up quite the bond. Something Seifer hadn’t thought possible. The beast carefully floated into his mind and easily slid into place and connected to all the magic and put meaning to them. The blond took a shuddering breath as the fire GF’s strength flooded him. From the core of his body and slowly, like trickling lava, to every toe and finger. He thought he heard muffled purring and it could very well be true.

: : You are brooding too much. Stop those thoughts : :

The beast rumbled in annoyance. Seifer smirked. Ifrit had once vaguely mentioned that Squall and he didn’t fit, not because of Shiva, but because of the brunet thinking too much. Ifrit preferred action far more to words.

: : Go slay some bugs and shut up, is that it? : :

Seifer responded half sarcastic. The GF made a rumbling affirmative.

“Right,” Seifer smirked.


Garden was much like any other school in some aspects. During the holidays students were sent home and the headmasters tried to keep the SeeDs at home so they could go visit their families and friends. Of course, some of both students and Seeds stayed at their garden. Mostly Seeds though.

The gang, now also including the blond and his duo, stayed at Balamb Garden. Even Zell came back during the dinner, even as he had family just down Balamb town. Irvine had his parents back further south in Galbadia but Rinoa got the impression they didn’t get along very well. Which was sad seeing as few orphans got foster parents.

She didn’t know much about Fuujin and Raijin except they weren’t orphans. Fujin came from the Island closest to hell while Raijin came from Galbadia. Why he had chosen to enlist in Balamb was anyone’s guess. They had caring families somewhere, because both had received mail with gifts that day. Rinoa suspected they stayed at Balamb because of Seifer, and she could understand that.

Rinoa stayed as well and she didn’t regret her choice. Ever since her mother had died, Hyne’s Eve at home at been strict. Dull. Everything that should be on a Hyne’s Eve had been in the house, but always there had been something missing. It wasn’t until she celebrated with the gang that she realized it was the happiness and warmth that had left her home with her mother.

The cafeteria had been scrambled to fit four long tables with connected benches to fit the students and Seeds staying. By the tall windows a small stage had been built and currently Selphie with four other girls where singing karaoke with far too much laughter in-between the lines for the song to make sense. It didn’t matter. Everyone laughed. Everyone was high on the mood and energy in the room and alcohol had yet to be served.

Rinoa sometimes, still, marveled over the severe difference on the people from the Gardens and ordinary people. Did anyone realize just how frivolous these people was? It was like a complete own culture in the middle of a well established society.

She had been shocked at her first Hyne’s Eve party at the Balamb Garden when she had witnessed two girls making out just behind a corner. She had practically gotten a nosebleed and run screaming to Quistis as she had stumbled upon a couple of men and a women doing some hardcore on the ladies bathrooms and it hadn’t only been the lady taking it.

Quistis had just shrugged at it and it had made Rinoa truly drop her jaws. Strict, proper Quistis not even raising a eyebrow? Apparently same-sex relationships or the occasional public making out among these people was common and accepted. Perhaps Rinoa could even understand it seeing as they lived a very dangerous life.

She let her gaze sweep over the weird gang she had come to know. Seifer was seated furthest back by a table together with his loyal duo and Squall. She could understand why the orphanage gang hadn’t merged together as tightly as Selphie always complained about. Seifer was still a cadet. They never interacted with him except on occasions.

It pained her to think how very lonely the blond was. Both Raijin and Fuujin was SeeD and sent on missions like the rest of them. Left was Seifer. It wasn’t a big surprise that the former arrogant teen hadn’t made any new contacts among the students. She wished he could make SeeD already. It was silly of her, but she had this image of the two gunbladers going on dangerous missions together. Traveling together and starting a true life together. It was so very silly of her but she couldn’t let go of that hopeful happy future.

Squall suddenly looked her way and raised a questioning eyebrow. She smiled and reminded herself to block him off. It had taken time for the both of them to handle this strange bond between sorceress and knight. Not many knew it but she thought that the knight actually held far more power over the sorceress than anyone believed. Or maybe that was simply Squall being powerful? Countless times he had managed to breach her blockades and countless of times she had been banging at his in futility.

But that was a relief to her. She would under no circumstances ever be powerful enough to control her strong anchor. He would never let her go of the edge which she feared she would have done without him. Then again, what if Squall hadn’t had his anchor? Because of their bond, she had gotten glimpses of the strong feelings the brunet had for the blond. But she never poked in them. She knew it was strong feelings, but not what kind of feelings.

Of course. Her romantic, silly side wanted it to be everlasting love. At a peak in the song, when most people suddenly stood up to sing along or make something looking like dancing, she noticed the gunbladers slipping off. She made a silly lopsided smile before joining in the singing and clapping of hands.


It felt strange but oddly comfortable and homely with the huge garden silent and almost empty. The halls where lit up with decorations so bright it made the night lighter than the day.

The two young men walked silently through a couple open halls. The cold made Seifer step closer to the brunet who, as usually, didn’t seem to mind the chill. He didn’t mind Seifer invading his private space either, or the tentative hand around his waist.

“Did you wish for something this year?” Seifer asked lowly.

Gifts weren’t their thing, as he had told Rinoa. Still he hadn’t even asked the brunet. Squall shrugged before giving him a look that asked if he had. Seifer shook his head. There was nothing he wanted which he couldn’t get himself.

“You talked with Rinoa?” Squall said with a small, knowing smile.

Seifer scoffed.

“Yeah…” he said and let it be explanation enough.

Squall smirked in the way that he knew exactly.

“She means well,” he pointed.

Seifer made a noncommittal sound. He knew that, he was just trying to make conversation because he was feeling oddly nervous. Naked fingers stroked his at the slim waist.

Silently they walked to Squall’s room. They always did, not only because of the bigger bed. Well, ok, maybe mostly because of the bigger bed since sometimes not even that was enough. Some of their more intense encounters had ended up with Squall buying a new nightstand table and lamp and an extra madras to cushion eventual falls to the floor…

Remembering that still managed to make his blood heat up and his groin throb. His hand started wandering as a result. Once by the room, Seifer let Squall enter first. He always did, when thinking about it. However, Squall stopped just inside and stared up at the ceiling before lighting the bedside lamp.

In the middle of the ceiling beside ceiling lamp, a small flower of green and red hung.

“There’s a carron in the ceiling,” Squall stated lowly.

Seifer felt the nervousness twist his stomach. Still he made a slightly lazy grin.

“Yeah, do you mind?” he purred.

Grey-blue eyes stared at him, then the man smiled slightly and dragged Seifer under it.

“You didn’t have any hidden motive or anything?” he purred and Seifer smirked fully.

He wrapped his arms around the lithe form, both hands automatically lowering to squeeze the leather clad ass.

“Nah, not really,” he purred back.

They kissed then. Deep, heavy, tongues twisting around each other and lips kneading. Strong hands twisted in his hair to better deepening the joining. Seifer breathed a groan as their bodies and groins pressed against each other. In this moment everything felt right. He felt wanted, needed. He felt as if he belonged right there. Dark thoughts were pushed aside to make him able to fully drown in the gorgeous man in his arms.

“I really want to get you naked,” Seifer groaned huskily between their lips.

Squall breathed a chuckle.

“When do you not want me naked?”

Seifer just smirked and trailed his hands under the grey polo and soon enough slipped the warm material off. Similarly his own blue warm sweater was taken off. However, he stopped far too elegant looking hands at his pants. Instead he continued with the brunet’s white t-shirt. He attacked a dark nipple and made sure to suck hard enough to draw a breathy moan from the man.

Seifer grabbed nice buttocks to lift Squall onto the table before attacking heavy boots. He then proceeded with the single belt and zipper on the leather pants. Squall jerked his hips as Seifer rubbed the hardened cock hidden in the pants. As he slowly revealed it, the member twitched as if impatient.

Soon enough Squall was laid out on the table in all his naked glory. His body had developed marvelously. Every muscle had turned defined and hard. His shoulders and arms and back had thickened up as well as his legs. Still Seifer didn’t think Squall would ever build any kind of serious mass. His body was simply not made for it. He would always be the fast, explosive, two-handed gunblader.

Seifer dipped his head to tease the navel just above the twitching cock. Squall made a noise and clutched blond hair. He worked his way down, licking and nibbling the skin around that sensitive area until he reached a white thigh. He grabbed it and sucked hard at the inside, earning a shudder and high gasp from the man.

“Seifer…” Squall said in half annoyance.

“What?” he smirked and looked up to find stormy eyes making a half hearted glare.

“You’re still dressed.”

The blond chuckled before stepping back to slowly start undressing. The lust in stormy eyes made his own member swell harshly. Still, he dragged out the process to see how far he could drive the man. He slipped of his own t-shirt and stepped out of his shoes. He toyed with his open pants long enough to make a pink tongue lick dry lips and stormy eyes grow dark as thunder clouds.

Squall retaliated by slowly starting to stroke himself and raise his legs to show off that so very precious space. The brunet made a soft noise as he let two fingers toy with the hole. Seifer’s eyes where glued to the spot as the fingers dipped deeper and withdrew. Faster and faster.

Squall sunk to his back, both hands toying with that area. One hand spreading the buttocks, the other fingerfucking the saliva slick entrance. Squall moaned deeply as he took two fingers from each hand and pressed inside that hole, making Seifer forget what he was doing and practically started drooling.

The fingers spread the twitching hole until Seifer could see straight into the dark cave. The brunet moaned deeply, the sound reverberating through the blond.

“Seifer…” Squall groaned and spread the hole a little more.

The blond jolted and hastily slipped his pants off. His cock stood hard and swollen and he stroked it a few times while stepping up to the man. He pushed a finger into that spread open hole, making Squall moan again. It was tight with five in there, even if Squall’s were smaller.

“Keep that hole spread,” Seifer growled huskily as he slowly managed to push inside two saliva coated fingers.

Squall made a breathy whimper but nodded. Seifer then dived as deep as he could and rubbed up. He knew he was right as Squall jolted and gave a involuntary high noise. He rubbed that spot hard and then softly. Rolled on it, stroked, pinched, rubbed, stabbed.

The brunet was already gasping and shivering, head thrown back in bliss as Seifer added to the torture by swallowing the twitching member. Squall cried straight out and arched. Seifer hummed before stabbing the head. He gripped tight balls before he truly started the torture.

He attacked that spot while mercilessly teasing the sensitive head with the tip of his tongue. He used the tip of his tongue to teas the slit while rubbing harshly at that special spot. He changed to only rub softly while swirling the tongue around the lith man.

It was intoxicating to draw whimpers and moans from the typically reserved man. It was addictive to know he had the power to make that sensuous body twist and shiver and jolt. Strong hands twisted in his hair and urged him to bob on the member. Seifer indulged the brunet for a while. He withdrew his fingers first before being reluctantly released to straighten.

The blond pushed three fingers in the twitching hole, Squall easily accepted a forth at that point. His other hand teased perked nipples. Squall moaned and twisted under him, his own hands stroking his body and occasionally giving in to the need of stroking the red swollen and wet cock. Seifer didn’t dare stroke himself in fear of not being able to stop.

Instead he twisted the nipple he was holding until Squall gasped and arched in pain. However, his flushed face showed bliss. The blond shifted nipple. Harshly tugging at the nub of flesh until the beauty arched and gasped in bliss and pain.

“You’re so fucking beautiful,” Seifer huskily breathed.

Dilated, stormy eyes opened and locked gaze with him. Not for long though. Those lustful eyes traveled his body down to his twitching member. Squall hummed something before sitting up and dislodging the fingers in him. Seifer didn’t stop him as slender hands took his thick member in a practiced grip. He moaned as both hands were used to stroke him while strong thighs circled him.

“Want the service returned?” Squall asked huskily.

Seifer moaned as a thumb teased his leaking head.

“Later, I want to fuck you,” Almasy growled back.

Squall smirked slightly before making a vague gesture to the bed. The brunet was let off of the table and picked up the tube of lube from the nightstand table while Seifer laid down on his back. The graceful man easily straddled straight hips and coated the stiff length with the glide.

Seifer clenched and unclenched his hands around narrow hips. Seeing those slender hands handle him always made him feel big. It always made him wonder how that thick thing could fit in the seemingly small, tight hole.

Shifting, he was soon pressing against that loosened hole. He slipped around a few times before Squall found the angle and the head penetrated the tight space. They groaned and Squall used both hands at Seifer’s chest for support. The blond had to force himself to stay still even though he wanted to bury himself in that twitching, constrictive heat.

In one strong, sudden move, Squall slammed down. Taking all of the big length in one harsh move, making them both gasp and hitch and shiver. Seifer was trembling in the suddenness of the tight heat, his length throbbing in the cavity and his hands bruising fair skin.

“Fuck, if you wanted me to split you I could have done that on my own,” he growled.

Squall opened dilated eyes above blushing red cheekbones. He managed to move his hips slightly, drawing a moan from himself.

“So good, you feel so good,” the man gasped as he rose higher to sink down fully again.

Seifer groaned in agreement. Squall was nowhere near as tight as that first, heated time. That time they had drawn blood and Squall had wisely used a potion afterwards but that had been excruciating. This was perfect. This was not pleasure so tight it was pain. It was simply bliss.

The blond dragged Squall down and captured parted lips. He tongued the inside of those lips, kneaded against them. One large arm wrapped about the narrow waist to keep the brunet still. Seifer bent his knees to get better leeway before thrusting up. Squall gave a whimpering cry but moaned as he met up on the next thrust.

Harder and harder he thrust in that welcoming hole while holding that younger man to him harder. It sloshed between them and when their kiss ended Squall gave his breathy, moaning cries while arching. The blond started cursing, feeling his limit approaching far too soon.

He let Squall up to give the brunet space to fist himself. Squall took the opportunity while arching on the thick cock pounding into him. The wet tunnel suddenly clamped down around the blond who helplessly made a cry in orgasm as he harshly thrust up in release.

Squall came while the blond was leaving his last seed in the tight hole. The gorgeous body shuddered and hunched over in orgasmic cramp as the hand furiously milked white long ribbons. Exhausted and panting, Squall collapsed on top of him.

They where gasping together for a while. Seifer slowly softening but not quite leaving the sticky insides, Squall curling closer on him. The blond stroked damp hair and a damp back. Making lazy circles that traveled further and further down until he could play with the sticky anus.

“There’s an Ifrit figurine in my window,” Squall suddenly stated.

Seifer hummed as the Seed sat up, fully taking the soft cock again.

“Well, Selphie was ditching him and the beast felt kind of affronted,” Seifer smirked.

Squall looked thoughtful for a moment. First at the decoration, then at Seifer who was stroking tantalizing legs.

“Isn’t he lonely by himself?”

Seifer’s eyes went wide before he chuckled. Hyne, Squall had looked as serious as the girls when he had said that. Squall frowned so Seifer went up on an elbow to look over to the lonely figurine.

“Maybe a Shiva and Griever figurine would help?”

Squall hummed in reply before nuzzling Seifer’s ear. He moved his hips slightly, still making the soft member twitch and throb. The blond turned them around and Squall beautifully spread his legs and met the seeking kiss. Seifer rolled his hips, feeling himself slowly stiffen while still being sheathed in wet heat.

“Happy Hyne’s Eve,” Squall murmured.

“Happy Hyne’s Eve,” Almasy responded and at that moment he had no doubts about his place.

Slowly they sunk down into each other again and shortly the room filled with groans and heavy breathing yet again.

Author’s Note:
I’m kinda planning at least one more, seeing as we have New Year to look forward to too. Hope you all have a nice holiday and if you don’t or if you get a nasty hang over, this will help you recover.

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