Only You

BY : uruwashiiuso
Category: Final Fantasy VIII > Yaoi - Male/Male > Seifer/Squall
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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VIII or any of its characters, and I do not profit from writing this in any way.

"There are no second chances."

"Seifer, you don't have to --"

"Do it, Leonhart."

The brunet stood silent, the blue-gray of his eyes darkening as the other sneered down at him, the curl of his lip far more sincere than the jade fire burning in his own gaze. "Or do I have to start calling you chickenwuss too?"

Squall shook his head. "I'm not doing it." I can't.

The blond growled, low and feral, almost a snarl and shoved him back against the wall. "You're a fucking coward. You always have been."

He hadn't realized he'd pulled the trigger until he saw the bright red stain blossoming across the front of the other's shirt. His eyes widened, momentarily blinded by shock, and he looked up.

Seifer was smiling.

He touched the wound at his chest, fingertips tinted crimson by the flow of his own blood, then reached to trace the line of the brunet's jaw with the pad of his thumb. "Had to prove me wrong, didn't you?"

Squall tried to smile back. He felt the pull in his muscles, figured the effort alone was going to have to be good enough this time. It didn't matter that it would be the last.


He caught him as his knees buckled, sinking to his own against the wall at his back. He listened as his heart labored to continue beating within a mangled chest, as his breaths slowed to a ragged inhale that carried the weight of unspoken words -- of phrases caught in the back of a dry throat, whispered through fleeting last touches as their history ended.

There were no words. There were no tears. Nothing more than a silent promise, hinted in the ghosting of fingertips over sharp cheekbones, over the faded line of a mirrored scar.

I'll meet you there.

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