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AN: A real shortie, I just fancied writing some short hot scene between these two.


    A soft moan of air escaped from his lips. His body was so very hot and aroused, a slave to the pleasures of Cid moving in and out of him. His mind was reeling, drowning in a blissful flood of sensations. He was dimly aware people were watching. The air in the bar was stuffy, but he barely felt it against his flushed body. His sensitive hearing picked up the gentle, distant buzzing of people sat about the chairs in the dimly lit area. Some were watching, some were standing, some were talking amongst themselves. Everyone had a drink.

    Cid’s powerful hips drove home every thrust, but his gentle pace gave the pleasures a strong but addicting power, drugging Vincent’s mind. Cid seemed oblivious to their location. His only concern was delivering them both to the height of ecstasy.

    The sweat on their bodies glistened as they flexed and undulated against each other in a constant rhythm. Vincent’s crimson eyes fluttered open, catching another glimpse of the bar and the people around. The lovers appeared to be isolated at one lonely corner of the room. A wooden pillar stood near them, like a motionless guard watching on in silence. Vincent closed his eyes again, panting hotly as Cid pressed against him harder in their chair. Long, ivory legs gripped and loosen every time Cid’s length sheathed fully inside him. He felt wonderful, like a drug user on the best dose out there. Cid pushed sweet feelings into him, bestowing him with pleasures only they could create together, but at the same time reducing him to a writhing, helpless addict.

    Their release just happened. There was no sudden build up, for it had been accumulating inside them since Vincent could remember. They reached their peak at exactly the same time. His own semen gushed between their heated bodies as Cid’s erupted inside of him. He felt it so clearly.

    They watched each other, drinking in the sight of their unraveled lover, panting softly against their faces. Vincent saw the sharp blue of Cid’s eyes. And then they were gone.

    He woke up.

    Vincent cast his crimson eyes over the ceiling he was facing. The pull of the afterglow was gone, his body was back to its normal temperature, and he was no longer sweaty. A soft grunt pulled his eyes to his left, where Cid lay beside him in bed, slowly rousing.

     “’Sup?” Cid mumbled tiredly, turning over from his stomach to face his partner. He had rolled away some point in the night.

    Vincent turned his head in the pillow to face him, studying his face as the images of his dream flashed behind his eyes. He wondered how he had woken up Cid, considering the man could sleep like a log sometimes. The gunman gave the pilot a frowned expression.

     “Yer groaned,” Cid replied in answer to Vincent’s unvoiced question. “’Nother nightmare?”

    Vincent blinked, his brow still creased slightly, and shook his head slowly.

     “Uh? Oh… Could have sworn yer moaned,” Cid said, his voice thick with sleep. His sleepy blue eyes watched Vincent’s for a second, wondering what was passing behind those strange red ones. A hand appeared from under the duvet and stroked Vincent’s cheek. “Wassup?”

    Vincent watched him a few seconds more in silence before he spoke up. “You’re affecting my sleep,” he said quite simply.

    Cid frowned, confused. “Wha…?”

    A faint – very faint – glint of humor appeared in those crimson eyes. “It seems… when I’m not making love to you in reality… I’m making love to you in my dreams…” Vincent replied in a slow, careful voice.

    Cid paused. And then smiled. Now he understood. “Oh really?” He questioned innocently. “And where were yer making love to me in this dream?”

     “The local tavern.”

    Cid’s smiled twitched a little wider as he slid a hand under Vincent’s body and pulled them both closer. “Yeah? On the bar?”


    Cid grinned. Vincent was going to make him guess. “Against the wall?” He pulled him tighter, still. “I love doin’ you upright.”

    Vincent’s eyes twinkled mysteriously.

     “Hm… in the chair?” Cid asked, his breath fluttered a strand of black hair on Vincent’s face. He received the same silent glance, but this one informed him his guess was right. “Heh, I’ll have to see about getting’ Truss to lend me the bar for a night.” Cid’s blue eyes reflected his partner’s twinkle.

    Vincent refrained from telling him about the strange voyeurs in his dream, deciding it was best if Cid didn’t think he had some strange fetish of being seen while they ‘performed’.

     “Think it would have been hotter on the bar, though,” Cid said, pushing his face into the comfortable, soft pillows. "If I say it enough, maybe you’ll dream that instead…”

    Vincent gave him a look.

    Cid smirked and moved in even closer. “I hoist yer over onto the counter, spilling glasses everywhere …”


     “…And crawl on top of yer. I back you against the pillar… and spread yer legs…”

    Vincent’s eyebrow twitched as he closed his eyes. No, that wasn’t a smart move, now he could visualize Cid’s fantasy.

     “…Slide into you…”

    Vincent breathed heavily. Heat was starting to gather.

     “…Thrusting slowly, really deep inside yer…


     “Dim lights…”

     “Cid, shut up…”

     “Bar counter.”



    Morning was announced with a bird song. Cid threw his matchbox at the window and promptly scared the poor thing away. The blond yawned loudly and stretched leisurely under the duvet, opening his revitalized blue eyes to the sight of his lover next to him. He paused. He then grinned.

     “Have any good bar dreams last night?” He questioned, propping his elbow in the pillow and resting his head on his hand, enjoying the morning red flush tinting Vincent’s cheeks.

    Vincent scowled. “No,” he lied.

    Cid smirked.


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