Triple The Fun

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Disclaimer: I do not own final fantasy or its characters nor do I make any profit from this fanfiction.

Disclaimer: I do not own final fantasy or its characters. I also do not make any profit from this work of fanfiction

Warning: SWEARING! YAOI! Extremely mature content. Threesome… and lots of fun… BASICALLY PWOP!!!!

“Triple The Fun”

Chapter 2:

‘Everything you want…’

~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~

“But you’ll just sit tight,
And watch it unwind,
It’s only what you’re asking for,
And you’ll be just fine,
With all of your time,
it’s only what you’re waiting for…”

~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~

Why wasn’t it awkward? It wasn’t awkward… at all. Cloud thought as he was led by Reno and being tailed by a lot more silent than usual, puppy. The thing that was also out of place was the clingy, needing reassurance, grip that Zack had just above Cloud’s hip. It was warm… but almost possessive. Cloud knew it wasn’t from jealousy… but more out of insecurity.

His dear brunette friend put forth such a sure and confidant foot that he fooled just about everyone. So far the only two that seemed to know the man’s insecurity’s were Cloud and Sephiroth. Only once or twice has the silver general approached Cloud, both times on nights when Zack was really down. The silver haired idol of thousands was very concerned, and knew that Zack would come to Cloud to confide in… now that Angeal was no longer in the picture. They all still missed the more mature and grounded SOLDIER.

Cloud looked back at Zack’s eyes. They were focused on the swinging bright red ponytail in front of Cloud. Cloud could see the sadness, and need, and doubt written all over his face.

Zack noticed that Cloud’s attention was focused on him. He still couldn’t believe that this was happening. He wanted to wrap his arms around Cloud. The little blond man had meant so much to him for a long time, and had been there through everything with Angeal, and Genesis. So wasn’t Sephiroth… but there was always something more beneath the surface with Cloud… He’d just fought it for so long.

Zack looked at Cloud’s eyes and smiled without a trace of embarrassment. He’d wasted his time pining after Reno… and here he was, finally moving forward with Cloud… and Wham! Reno comes out of the woodwork so suddenly… showing interest in the both of them. But his lovely little chocobo… how did he get so lucky. He still couldn’t believe in anything with Reno yet… it was probably a fling for the vibrant red head. But this night could be taken in stride… and enjoyed by all three of the men.

He stopped suddenly on the quiet and dark sidewalk and yanked Cloud to him. He embraced him fiercely. “Do you know how much you mean to me?” He said looking down in the sky blue eyes that looked up into his own with adoration. He touched their foreheads together. Cloud smiled gently and went to open his mouth but Zack didn’t let him answer, he claimed the man’s lips with his own.

Reno turned and looked as Cloud’s hand was yanked out of his owns grip. He spun on his heels while his body was bathed in the shadows of night, and watched on with interest. These two really had something going. But they just hadn’t had a chance to see what he had to offer them, and then they’d all be really happy. He may come off as a cocky individual but really Reno was sincere, and a realist. He simply had studied them enough even in this night alone to know that the chemistry between them… all three of them… would work like a beautiful symphony. If they let it happen.

He watched Zack claim Cloud’s mouth in a scorching kiss. The little one’s gasp, only noticeable by the twitch in his back muscles as his lungs had expanded. He grinned lightly as Cloud immediately gave up of himself to Zack, and opened himself up, their Kiss deepening and turning even more lustful. Reno had to shift and tug at the waistband of his pants again, and they were only finally beginning to be more comfortable to walk in, from the club’s escapades.

He turned his head and looked up over his shoulder with a broad grin at where they were. He’d let the two spiky boys have their way… in broad public eye, though in the evenings hours. But he’d have fun reminding them where they are when the time was right.

He needed them to recognize his presence though. He slowly stepped closer. And watched as Zack’s hands grew bolder, with the faux cloak of night and the alcohol in his system he was growing some balls. His hands plunged into the back of Clouds ‘fuck me’ shorts. He had to hand it to the little one, he knew what to pick for a feast of the eyes. But Cloud’s hand threw back away from their consuming kiss as the hands squeezed and fingers played.

Cloud bit his lip to try to stifle the almost feminine moan that broke through his throat. For Zack to be this forward was an immense turn on. He felt those hands pull his ass cheeks apart and then squeeze them back together hard and tight. The fingers bit into his flesh like talons. And Zack bit down on his throat as Cloud whined and clung to his chest.

“I never took you for one to like it rough, Cloud…and knowing that now. “Zack looked up from Reno who was just getting ready to announce his presence. “And seeing you with Reno… god’s” He looked back at the boy and started to suckle on his neck now. Pushing a finger into the crease of his backside and pressing hard against Cloud’s entrance.

“I think” Reno cleared his throat and tugged back on Cloud’s hair roughly to lean the boys head on his chest and then sandwiched him by tightly pulling Zack’s hips against Clouds and pressing his own against Cloud’s hip. “What he’s trying to say is… its fuckin hot what you like… and both Zack and I like that you do. And can have an awful lot of fun tonight” He finished with a wink but pulled away from them looking at them seriously. “This might want to wait until we’re off the street. Reno closed his eyes with a grin and tipped his face down. ‘Gotcha’ he thought.

Zack looked at Cloud and yanked his hands out of the boy’s pants and Cloud shoved Zack away, Reno knew what they were doing. He opened one eye and peaked at the baffled and VERY red faced spiky headed kids.

“Heh… but, you do know that’s my apartment… right?” He tried to say very casually and pointed over his shoulder at the window with the fire escape on the second floor. He had to look down the street because the look on the boy’s faces was too funny. He’d burst out laughing if he kept watching them... but more than anything… he wanted… no, needed a taste of this sweet flesh that was so red faced. So he turned on his heels again and led the way without looking back. He jiggled the handle to the stairway of his apartment. He hated this place, but knew it was the smartest choice for a home, being who he was.

Zack held his hand out to motion for Cloud to go ahead, while his other hand was on the back of his neck still brimming with embarrassment, He was practically fucking Cloud in broad view of anyone who would look out or be out tonight. Fucking Cloud!? Wow… he hadn’t thought of it till then. Zack stopped and looked at Cloud’s outline as he ascended the first steps behind Reno. Then Reno reached his hand behind him and Cloud automatically took it as if it was the most natural movement. Though… when Cloud turned with the happiest of smiles and held out his other hand to Zack… Zack wanted to cry… he wasn’t usually such a sap.

“Yo, this aint no love train.” Reno called with a grin as he unlocked his front door, then swatted Cloud’s ass as he motioned for the two of them to go in before him. “My home is your home… and I don say that lightly.” He finished with a very serious tone to his voice.

The apartment was bare, not cold feeling… just simple. Though, neatness was certainly not something that Cloud had pictured. The man was always seen slouching against a building… his shirt barely closed. And being in this neighborhood… well… it’s wrong to assume, Cloud thought. But other thoughts switched over immediately as he turned and saw Reno yank Zack to him.

Zack was slightly surprised as he went to enter the apartment behind Cloud. Reno reached out and yanked him up to his face. “I did notice ya… all those times. An I liked what I saw… I just needed time.” He said softly against Zack’s lips and then gently pressed against them with his own.

Zack’s stomach did flip flops… nothing else existed for a couple of seconds, not even Reno. The words that had left the redhead’s mouth stunned him. Then the soft and lulling kiss that followed made him fall. He fell… his heart hit bottom hard. How could he feel this way, he didn’t know Reno enough yet, did he?

Reno led the kiss and back Zack up into the apartment threading his hand through the SOLDIER’s hair and tipping his head back further. His other hand was running over the muscular expanse of chest like a seasoned and well known lover would. Zack’s eyes closed and he almost sighed into the lingering kiss.

Cloud smiled softly and walked up behind Zack and began to kiss at the nape of his neck, nibbling lightly. He wanted the man to feel loved and worth something, he had understood right then and there as Reno’s whispered words had so strongly affected his dark haired one, that there was something more to this night.

Reno reached back with the hand that had been caressing Zack’s chest and cupped Cloud’s cheek so gently. He opened his eyes, the teal blue sparkling in the dim evening light of his living room. He pulled so gently away from the kiss that it was barely felt by Zack who leaned back against Cloud’s shoulder. Reno looked at the two and slowly opened his mouth. “This aint something I usually do… and no… this isn’t a one time thing, if you are willing and comfortable with that after this… I don let people into my home, ever… so… I jus want ya ta know this is special. Not me, using you two sex bombs.” He finished with a wink but neither of the other two men said a word.

Cloud answered by leaning up and closing the distance to kiss Reno hard and quick then kissed Zack on the cheek. “Zack… I’ve had feelings for you for a while… you are very special to me too. And I’m honored that you felt that way… but even more happy that Reno feels the way he does about you” He said, turning his face to Reno briefly, gaining him a dazzling smile though Reno looked down when Cloud voiced what he did.

Reno felt bad that he didn’t feel more strongly about the blond man, but either way… he was the ying to the yang that was Zack… and he wanted to taste it all. “Fuck, I want you two.” Reno groaned and grabbed Clouds ass before reaching down to cup the still semi-firm bulge in front of Zack.

Cloud gasped and Zack’s eyes widened. “Well that leads to a problem…” The raven haired man said with a sly grin. “There three of us… and only one bottom… No offense choco… but you know you are” he amended before looking at Reno again slyly.

Reno froze for a second, but caught the action and tsk’d he pulled Zack away from Cloud to hold him in his arms. “You don know that ‘pup’ but I’ll tell you this much… I’ll make a bet with you and Cloud. I’ll bet I’ll have you begging me ta fuck you, or I’ll give you anything you want.” He finished with his face leaning slightly down into Zack’s, intimidating the man.

Cloud grinned, he wanted to see this. It was an immense turn on to think of the man he’d like nothing more than dominating over ‘him’, to have someone in turn who could dominate him! He had noticed the ever so slight shift in Reno’s mood, but wasn’t the one that could question it. So Cloud decided to help the equation slightly. “Yes Reno… that sounds great… I think Zack will be begging and thanking you very soon.” He reached down and rubbed sweetly and steadily at Zack’s now very prominent hard-on.

“Fuck” was all Zack whispered as the moment swallowed him along with Reno’s lips descending upon his own this time fully taking his mouth, plunging in with his tongue, ravishing the fellow muscle. Twining and groaning into the open mouth that so welcomely received the red head.

Cloud moved around between the two, to the floor in front of them and reached up to cup and rub Zack again, but with his other hand he did the same to the unsuspecting Reno. He heard the shocked intake of breath as he squeezed the massive erection through the jean material. “You guys are so fucking hot…” He murmured and garnered a hard thrust of hips from the red head, into his hand.

Obviously Zack was feeling like putty at this moment because Reno’s arms went hard and fast around him. “What the fuck man, you gonna cum again without letting us have any fun?” Reno chuckled as he broke the kiss. Zack looked away and just blushed, unlikely as that may look on the brunette’s face.

Reno reached past Cloud’s hand and undid Zack’s pants and began slipping them down, he kept his eyes focused on Zack. “Cloud… ya fuckin slut… strip… now..” He ordered and narrowed his eyes as he pulled the pants down all the way leaving a very exposed SOLDIER. Still keeping his eyes focused he lifted Zack’s shirt over his head. “And no Zack… don take it personally… he likes it.”

Sure enough Zack’s eyes drifted down to Cloud who was stripping on the floor, the petite man was flushed and as he pulled his own pants off, his throbbing manhood sprung loose, baring to them just how much Cloud liked to be verbally tossed around. Neither of them had touched him. His wide eyes looked up and met Zack’s, with not a touch of embarrassment, but rather were filled with warm lust.

Reno began to undo his own pants and pulled out his own aching member. “Ok Cloud… let’s make him beg…” Reno whispered and leaned down to kiss along the SOLDIER’s jawline. Cloud immediately sat up onto his knees and grasped Zack’s raging hard-on at the base and began to suckle on him like he was water for a thirsty traveler. “Fuck, yeah.. you love suckin his cock don’t ya?” Reno nibbled in the path of his kisses, suckling hard as he went lower on the neck.

Reno reached up and began to gently run his fingertips over the pert and salmon pink nipples of the SOLDIER, Zack arched up into the feel. “Mmm more…” He moaned and bit back a cry as Cloud deep throated his thick manhood. “Ohhnnn.”

Reno shifted himself around to Zack’s back and resumed kissing and suckling, making the SOLDIER writhe under his lips, and Cloud’s as well.

Cloud shifted then and started to run his tongue down the underside of Zack’s shaft and began to tongue his balls and suckled one completely into his mouth. Zack cried out and just then Reno began to suckle on the SOLDIER’s neck harder, leaving a bright red mark.

Cloud pulled off and ran his tongue further back. Reno grinned seeing where Cloud was heading and decided to play right along, he held Zack tightly at the waist and slowly lowered himself, kissing and nipping a trail down the bronzed spine. Zack was writhing on his top half and crying out as Cloud’s tongue found what it sought and delved into the little wrinkled opening.

“FUCK! CLOUD… wha… what are you… doING!!!” His moaning complaint turned into a cry as Clouds deft little tongue found the firm bundle of nerves and flicked out tasting him. Cloud was having a difficult time fitting his tongue into the tight virgin opening and reached up with a finger to help open him when Reno’s hand stopped him.

Reno grinned as Cloud pulled back, his face flush, his little pink tongue still out and the most mischievous look exchanged between them as they kissed once and both aimed for the same goal immediately after.

It was awkward, Cloud thought. He’d triple kissed but this was triple kissing at a weird angle. But it was fucking sexy.

Reno moaned. The vibration of his throat working a sensation through him and the other two at a slight ripple. Zack tasted good, and the thought of what they were doing was making him want to blow here and now. His tongue was long and talented, he’d been told as much in the past before. But like this, here , now… looking randomly into the eyes of the golden and blue eyes angel below…pleasing the warm and sweet man above them…

Reno pulled away suddenly. Zack had been ready to fall despite his best attempts to stay up, and Reno’s and Clouds hands on his hips to steady him. But he was getting close, and Reno wanted to pull out the surprise part of the action he had in mind.

Reno pulled Zack around to face his direction and pulled him to the floor. Smothering him in kisses, Zack was kneeling and Reno still kneeled as well. He pulled Clouds arm up, then reached for the man’s generous erection, stroking it… warmly, long full tugs. Then he pulled Clouds own hand down to continue what he was doing and grabbed the man’s chin. He delved his tongue into Zack’s warm, wet mouth at the same time he shoved two fingers in Cloud’s mouth.

Cloud’s mind buzzed with an adrenaline rush of pure thrill as Reno shoved his fingers into his mouth. He suckled and sloppily allowed his spit to run along the long digits. He couldn’t believe the level of being included that Reno had allowed him. He suddenly and tightly hugged Zack from behind and reached down with one hand to grasp the man’s hot and still VERY hard member to lovingly stroke it. And with the other hand he rubbed across Zack’s chest. The man replied with a hum through Reno’s mouth.

Reno pulled back and grinned as he realized Cloud was playing along perfectly without knowing. He reached his hand between the two younger men and found Zack’s still slightly damp opening. He wanted to stretch him further… He slowly inserted the tips of two fingers. Rubbing gently as the damp opening became even damper with Cloud’s saliva.

Zack had been bombarded with all new sensations. When Reno had kissed him, he tasted what must have been a mix of Cloud and himself in his kiss. The actions they had performed, should have disgusted him, but instead whatever they were doing was making him whimper and cry out like a woman, begging for more. But when Cloud began touching him, so sweetly and well controlled, as Reno ran his hand down his back, Zack should have known. But when the fingers began to rub and press into him he even completely HORRYFIED himself as he cried out between the sensations. “More!...” He cried and half moaned.

Cloud sucked in breathe through his teeth and bit down lightly on Zack’s shoulder. “Zack… you are so hot…” He breathed afterwards and leaned his chin on the man’s shoulder to kiss his neck and look at Reno’s eyes as his fingers impaled the SOLDIER. He could feel the rub of Reno’s hand against his own groin so he took advantage of the moment and started gently grinding, rubbing and thrusting with the movement of the hand. He was surprised at the evil and predatory grin that flashed on Reno’s face.

Reno’s fingers were working deeply into Zack he’d added a third, and was allowing his digits to brush against the nub that would make Zack’s breath hitch, but as Cloud began to work himself onto the back of his hand and look at him with lust and longing it made the beast come out to play. He leaned into Zack’s ear. “You fuckin know this is HOT… you’re so steamy and cryin out for me aren’t ya? Ya know I want you and your ass impaled on my long rod dontcha?” He looked up and Cloud and pulled his fingers out to grasp the warm flesh of the youngest of the three. “You need that now …ya fuckin do dontcha” He bit down on the ear he was tickling with the dirty and needy words.

Zack whimpered at the words and bucked himself against Clouds hand and whimpered again at the loss of the fingers in him. “Yes… Reno… I need you…”

Cloud was enjoying this far too much that he didn’t even breath differently as Reno backed up a bit and pulled his aching cock to the entrance of the man in front of him that was slightly bent forward against Reno’s backed up figure. His eyes widened in fear. “No… I…” He was hushed as Reno leaned over Zack’s bent figure and kissed him yanking on his hips so that the tip of his manhood pushed past the entrance.

Reno turned Cloud’s head and whispered in his ear so that only he could hear. “You won’t hurt him…” The words were backed with a harsh nip to his earlobe.

With a gasp Cloud cried inside… he was fucking the man he dreamed of… only he’d dreamed differently. Never did he ever….. His thoughts were interrupted as Zack’s breathing hitched… ohh no, he’s hurting or angry. Cloud still himself only an inch or so inside the man. But what came out of the brunette shocked him.

“Cloud… you…. This… it’s a wet dream… I never thought I’d have the balls to submit…” Was all he said as he suddenly pressed his hips back. The stimulation making Cloud undulate his hips and then thrust inside over half way with a groan.

All three men simultaneously groaned, two from their physical stimulation, one from the visual of the two being switched around. He quickly rubbed Zack’s back and kissed the nape of his neck as Cloud seated himself to the balls and moaned again. This would be FAR too quick. If he was gonna fuck anything he’d better move.

Reno shifted around to reach down where the two boys were joined and felt as Cloud looked up at him with a flushed face and his bottom lip being bit by his teeth, he let his fingers go on either side to feel the flesh that was hard and hot disappearing into the tight newly opened orifice. And grasped Zack’s twitching manhood in his other hand. They both moaned again and he swiftly shifted behind Cloud now.

Cloud internally screamed in delight as Reno shifted behind him and just as suddenly as he thought of the scream.. did it actually surface with the slap of a hand hard to his ass, brushing the back of his ball-sac at the same time. Reno didn’t let him breathe but a second before he felt the slap hit him again, only harder. The resulting effect was a sharp thrust into Zack at the same time.

Reno’s voice was thick with desire and need when he spoke up again but he wanted to give the blond a choice. “Cloud… you get one chance to tell me. Dry fuck, or no?” He yanked his thick manhood up between the crease of the young cadet’s ass cheeks. He wanted nothing more than to rip into the young man, knowing he enjoyed the pain.

Cloud’s eyes dilated and he still in Zack. “Fuck… yes…” was all he whispered. And he felt the white searing pain as Reno wrenched his hips back and plunged into the unprepared dry opening without any other warning. The keening sound was half in pain half in instant trust and respect. He needed this. He needed the sweetness with Zack… but he needed this searing pain too.

Reno plunged into the opening that tore slightly, but not much. The Cadet was relaxed and obviously knew what he wanted to make this so smooth. It was just as he’d suspected. He rocked into him hard a few times before pulling Cloud with him some. The young man had frozen up. Between the first time of taking someone, or so he suspected. And the fact that he’d been willing to do something that Cloud obviously wanted, the man wasn’t moving through such stimulation. So he rocked and pulled Cloud with him.

The moaning was soon a chorus of all three as Zack began to stroke himself. Reno wanted the brunette to go from his sweet chocobo’s cock being in him, it was essential that they form this bond. “That’s it Zack… jerk off with Cloud’s cock hittin your sweetspot… you know you wanna cum from us being together. The idea of me fuckin ya both raw is enough ta make you pop off… you sexy things you really are… and your ass looks like its swallowing Cloud’s sweet cock…” He stopped as a chocked sob hit his ears.

Zack couldn’t hold it back, the stimulation physically, mentally and verbally made him blow. He choked on a cry “CLoud…reNO!!! The cry came and went in volume as right there on the floor he spurted thick zet’s of white hot fluid. The orgasm rocked his very core as he fell forward arched over his own mess.

Cloud had never been on the giving end of sex before and the tightening of Zack’s muscles pulled him over the edge himself. But though Cloud was a screamer normally, for some reason he silently gasped his explosion wrapping his arms tightly around Zack. To be touching him, let alone inside of him, as he came, was enough to bring a tear to his eyes.

Reno angled himself and began to pound into the now resting and stilled again boy. It had amazed him, watching the reactions of their orgasms. But he wanted to peak, himself also. He started to thrust harder into Cloud eliciting slight gasps from the hypersensitive boy. “Fuck.. you guys were so hot… I know I already said that” He said between his own gasps. He dug his fingers into Clouds creamy flesh hard enough to draw blood as he slammed home hard. “FFFFFFFFFuuuuuck!!!” He shouted loud and long and slammed one hard last time into the pliant blond’s body.

The three were still breathing hard when Reno pulled out of Cloud’s abused opening. “We should move somewhere more comfortable to rest, clean up… and talk…” Reno said softly as Cloud pulled himself out, now in a daze.

Zack simply nodded as he looked at them from the lowest part on the floor. They were all very relaxed and content, but the hard floor was no place for post orgasmic bonding…

[End Chapter]

A/N…. well ok… *sheepishly hides* I was actually gonna have a second part to this chapter. But it was far more than long enough… *hides more* ok.. I felt good about it till the end… I think I rushed the end since I lost nerve … *bites lip* ….well… hopefull the next part will be better. I know I have something VERY evil planned :P so… ta ta for now guys!!!

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