I'm going to hell for writing this

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I BLAME KIBA! Now that you know who is responsible for this atrocity…this is the result of me having a plot bunny and sharing. I was being serious, asking for someone else's opinion on it. Kiba warped it and…I couldn't let it go. I tried to draw it out, but oh god did I fail at that endeavor. So I wrote it down instead of paying attention in psychology…I BLAME KIBA!

Disclaimer: If you've seen the movie you know I don't have any say in the Final Fantasy series. This probably would have ended up in it…

Warning: Blood play, insertion into the wrong place, bad nicknames, and my own personal shame.


Cloud flew through the air before smashing into one of the few remaining pieces of wall. Grimacing slightly, the blond gasped as Masamune sliced into his shoulder. Looking up the length of the blade, Cloud glared at the silver haired man.

Sephiroth surveyed the blond smugly. He really was a beautiful creature, barely showing his discomfort despite being stabbed. The fallen General was rather amazed Cloud had lasted this long. He must have been tired, fighting Loz and Yazoo together before taking on Kadaj without a break. Then the blond had to fight him, no small task. Sephiroth had to admire that strength, even if Cloud was now laid out oh so nicely beneath him.

A small grimace flitted over the blonde's face and Sephiroth groaned. Gaia Cloud was beautiful like that, showing the discomfort that Sephiroth gave him. He wanted more of that pained beauty. Just thinking about it made the ex-General hard.

Without hesitation Sephiroth simultaneously ripped Masamune out of Cloud's flesh and unzipped his pants. Before the blond could react the silver haired man had essentially straddled him. Cloud's eyes went wide at the sight of Sephiroth's stomach suddenly in his face. Then the blond began to scream and flail.

Sephiroth groaned as he thrust into the wound he had created in Cloud's shoulder. The blood was a lovely lubricant and the muscles spasmed around his cock just perfectly. Even the slight scraping against bone was heaven. Too bad Cloud didn't seem to be enjoying it.

"What the fuck?" Cloud screamed as he tried to push the General off.

"TAKE MY SWORD!" Sephiroth yelled as he continued to thrust, "TAKE IT ALL!"

"Get off me!" the blond shrieked.

"OH YOU'RE BLEEDING!" the silver haired man cackled, "THIS YOUR FIRST TIME BUTTERCUP?"

Sephiroth continued dot thrust, Cloud shrieked, and somewhere in the Lifestream Zack and Aeris sweat dropped. Sephiroth finished up and Cloud scurried away in disgust. While the silver haired man basked in his afterglow, the delivery boy grabbed his sword and used omnislash.

Sephiroth gasped as he was struck, falling to his knees in pain. "Little bitch," he groaned, "Well at least you've got Jenova cells again." And with that he vanished into the Lifestream.

Cloud stared at the place Sephiroth had disappeared. "Oh EW!" the blond groaned, "I need a bath." He then wandered off, jumped in Aeris' pool, and dunked a few orphans for good measure.


I am soooooo sorry for that! It's one of those random conversations that made me laugh so hard I cried. As such…you suffer for my amusement. Kiba was the one to come up with Seph calling Cloud Buttercup and I just loved it. Cloud is now Buttercup in my mind no matter what. She also came up with the idea of Seph giving Cloud Jenova cells using his penis. I came up with shoulder fuck. I'm so sorry. Um…please comment. Flame away, I deserve them.

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