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Chapter warning(s): Language, M/M Yaoi, Man on Man Sex, Anal, Hand Job, Oral, Rim Job, Fingering, Top Chaos/Vincent, Bottom Sephiroth, Slight Non-Con, Some angst

Do NOT read if you are a minor and/or can’t handle reading about men having graphic sex with each other. Don’t like, don’t read. You have been warned.



[:+ + + + +:]



“You don’t talk much, do you,” stated Sephiroth from his position lounged out on the bed. He was growing progressively more bored by each dragging minute. The annoying sound of a ticking clock would have been preferable to the dead silence of the room. He was restless and desperately needed something to do. He found himself wishing he was in one of the training rooms working through his usual exercises or hell, even being stuck in his office brooding over paperwork would have made his day. Being idle was not something he had ever been allotted and even the idea of vacation time had never occurred to him. The General was a busy body, a workaholic. He was a weapon of war even though he wasn’t consciously aware of that fact, yet.

Sephiroth would sleep if he could, but he wasn’t tired and the idea of letting his guard down near Vincent bothered him. As quiet and boring as the ex-Turk was being, Shinra’s General still found him profoundly intriguing. He would never describe anything as ‘interesting’ because that was the word he severely despised. It was a word Sephiroth often heard Hojo use to refer to something that caught his attention.

Vincent looked as if he had something of significance to say, but instead he shrugged, “I only speak when I have something to say.”

The silver-haired man contemplated that for a few moments. “You are a man of action, not words.”

The ex-Turk nodded curtly. It unnerved him that Sephiroth could read him like a book when others found it so difficult to understand him. The only other person who had been able to declare such an impressive feat had been Lucrecia.

“Do you have any theories as to why we’re here?” Bluntly asked Sephiroth while he scrutinized the ex-Turk. He was beginning to grow irritated that the man didn’t seem to want to face him. Why did he avoid looking at him? Was it because he was naked? That was laughable. They were both men so there really wasn’t anything new to see and nothing that would warrant such odd behavior. True, the General had come across some shy men, but the ex-Turk didn’t strike him as shy. He was…well, the only word Sephiroth could think of to describe Vincent was reserved.

“Could be a number of things,” said Vincent, who shivered. Perhaps it was just his imagination, but whenever the younger man spoke, he sounded so deliriously sensual. He sensed that Sephiroth wasn’t trying to sound like that on purpose, though. It was just the way that young man was and he was sure Sephiroth had a trail of admirers in spite of his cold, aloof demeanor. Like Vincent, Sephiroth seemed to be a man of action and appeared a bit on the socially awkward side.

The green-eyed man loosely suggested, “Perhaps we were captured by an enemy.”

“I find that highly unlikely. You, captured, perhaps, but not I.”

Sephiroth felt insulted by that. He sat up straight and glared at Vincent’s back and demanded, “Why?”

“You are Shinra’s General, a Soldier. You are a threat to others; I am not.  I no longer have any use,” admitted Vincent with another shrug. His voice sounded strangely hollower than was usual for him.

“I find that hard to believe, Vincent,” replied Sephiroth with a slight shake of his head. After a couple minutes of thought, he then added, “You seem like a considerable opponent, a worthy adversary. In battle, I would never underestimate someone like you.”

For the first time since they had both met, Sephiroth had spoken his name. It felt refreshingly good to hear it come out of that man’s mouth and he felt deliriously giddy. The ex-Turk felt heat wash over his face, but it was not from embarrassment. It was similar to the heat that even now, continued to pool in his groin. But it was not just lust; it was something more than just that, yet he wasn’t certain as to what it was. There was something about Sephiroth’s personality that compelled him, that called out to him.

“If it is not one of my enemies, then who could it be? What logical purpose would anyone have locking us together in this little room?”

“Not everything people do is logical, Sephiroth. Sometimes people do things that make no sense at all,” commented Vincent, who then risked casting a glance over his right shoulder at the youth. He regretted it instantly, of course.

“You have a point,” agreed Sephiroth as he elegantly rose from the bed. He slowly advanced towards the unmoving man. “In fact, you seem to be one of those very people. Your behavior makes no sense to me. Care to explain yourself, hm?”

Vincent did not reply.

The slightly taller man halted when he had reached him. He stood right behind him, about a few feet away.  Wanting to turn Vincent to face him, he then reached out to touch him, but he was stopped. Stopped by the warning branded in his voice. “Don’t.”

One of Sephiroth’s slender silver eyebrows arched. “Don’t what?”

“Don’t touch me.”

Sephiroth snorted. That only tempted him to want to touch him even more. To touch that gloriously black silky hair that seemed to spill out everywhere like black ink.

So he did. The General was surprised to find out just how silky and thick that black hair was. His own silver stands were soft, but thin. He often spent an hour just to brush out all the useless tangles that harassed his hair every day. Sometimes he wondered why he didn’t just chop it all off.

Vincent’s reaction was swift and precise. He whirled around, his form a red and black blur as he grabbed Sephiroth and tackled the naked man on the bed. He pinned Sephiroth down beneath him by his wrists, which he had bound tightly over the man’s head. He needed only one hand to keep the General’s hands bonded together. And the hand he had used to pin him was the clawed one.

“Remove yourself from my person,” Sephiroth bit out stiffly in what he thought was a commanding tone of voice. He struggled hard to wrench his arms free and away from the ex-Turk’s grip, but his efforts were all in vain. He couldn’t even throw off the lighter weighing male. Even though he had been aware that Vincent was powerful, he was still surprised by just how strong the slighter man was.

Vincent said nothing as he gazed down fixedly at the struggling man. The outline of his irises were burning gold and already flecks of gold appeared in his eyes as if infecting the red. His teeth had begun to elongate and were biting into his flesh as he did his best to keep his mouth closed. He was doing all that he could to fight Chaos and to keep him and the rest of the restless, aroused demons at bay. The ex-Turk could hear all the insistent, feverish whispers increasing in volume and pitch. They all demanded the same thing over and over again without rest. Perhaps he was imagining it, but he thought he could almost feel their claws clawing at him, pushing him to act on their primal impulses.

Sephiroth was agitated. He wasn’t sure he particularly enjoyed being pinned down by the hard body of another man on top of him. Not only was he not thrilled by that aspect, but it appeared as if said man was losing his mind. He wasn’t a fool; he could tell that Vincent was unstable and quickly losing whatever control that he had left. What the General knew that he had to do next was to find some way to appease those rigid, frightening eyes of his. Yes, he was feeling very uneasy by the situation, but he would die first before ever admitting that he had been afraid.


The dark-haired male said nothing; however, his rapidly changing eyes did focus rather intently on the younger man. There was something in those reddish gold depths that incited both fear and excitement in the victim pinned underneath him.

Vincent,” tried Sephiroth again with his deep voice somewhat softer and much lower. Because it was clear to him that his efforts at resuming control were futile and seemed to agitate the other man, he had decided to quickly cease his struggle for freedom. For now.

Vincent narrowed his eyes suspiciously as if he suspected that Sephiroth was feigning submission.

“What do you want?” Inquired the General in a very calm and neutral tone that he believed the other would find relaxing. He didn’t exactly excel at negotiating, let alone talking to people, but he would at least make an attempt at it.

“…you don’t know?” rasped Vincent in a voice that was starting to sound inhuman. He sounded incredibly exhausted and frustrated as if he were at his wit’s end.

It must have been all Sephiroth’s imagination, because somehow Vincent felt…heavier? He even looked bigger, too. In fact…he looked at is he were at least two to three times larger than Sephiroth was. That…didn’t bode well with the General. What also didn’t please Sephiroth was something large and hard pressed against his stomach. He had felt it earlier, but had dismissed it because he had assumed it was a weapon, a gun perhaps? But now he knew it was something more…organic.

Sephiroth narrowed his hardened emerald eyes. “No, I do not. That is precisely why I asked.”

“Some things are better left unsaid,” muttered Vincent in a voice that sounded clearly pained. The longer he looked into those green depths, the deeper he felt himself sinking. This attraction he felt was insane, yet it felt utterly intoxicating. It was better than any drug and definitely better than anything he had ever experienced in his life. All those other sticky and messy fumbling with other people paled in comparison to what he felt now and the sad thing was, he wasn’t even doing anything to Sephiroth, yet.

What was worse was that even though he barely knew the General, he was already infatuated with him. Chaos surely had a hand in that, but even though that demon could manipulate and suggest, he couldn’t force Vincent to feel anything synthetic. That was how he knew that what he was feeling was actually real. 

While the ex-Turk still believed that Lucrecia was beautiful, her son shone brightly with unbelievable ethereal beauty. He was the closest thing to a god that any human being would ever get in spite of his physical and mental flaws. But what really got to the gunman was not Sephiroth’s physical splendor; it was much he had in common with this man. Sephiroth bore many of Vincent’s own traits, traits that were uncommon and odd when it came to other humans. Like the ex-Turk, the General had been subject to cruel and heartless experiments. And like Vincent, he had been modified and changed into something less than human.

The gunman could deny it all he wanted to, but he knew that there was a budding bond between him and this young man. He could already feel it strengthening and morphing into something he wasn’t entirely sure that he wanted, yet he felt that he needed. Sephiroth was the only one who could understand, who did understand. Unlike Lucrecia, Sephiroth actually knew what it was like to be this not wholly human thing, this monster with superhuman power. The green-eyed man understood it all even though he wasn’t consciously aware of it just yet.

There was an innocence about Sephiroth that made this encounter all the more invigorating for Chaos. The youth was a young man trained in the art of war and while it was obvious that his skilled hands were stained with the blood of many, his powerful being still clung to  something entirely pure and untaken.

Chaos wanted to take it for himself. He wanted to taste it, to feel it, and to dominate it. The demon wanted to lay claim in such a way that had not yet been done, yet. He was certain that this virgin war machine would bend to his will just like the ex-Turk would. With just a little more careful prodding on his part, both men would succumb to him. And with the vessel that was Vincent’s body, he would take his rightful bounty.


[:+ + + + +:]


Sephiroth blinked. Then he blinked again. He didn’t quite comprehend the situation that he was in. What was really going on and what was the purpose of this? Did Vincent mean to have sexual intercourse with him? If so, why? As far as Sephiroth knew, sexual intercourse was for copulating. The production of offspring to pass on the parents’ genetics. They were both men as far as he knew so what was the motive?

All thoughts ceased to be once he felt a calloused hand slip in between their bodies to stroke and fondle his genitals. It was slow and sure as if the hand was distinctly familiar with the territory that came with his very male body. The silver-haired man would be lying if he had claimed he had never touched himself before, but to have someone else touch him…well, it felt incredible.

The burning in Sephiroth’s belly spread until every single nerve felt like it was on fire. He felt hot, so hot. If he had still been clothed he would have probably ripped off his own leathers for relief from the stifling heat.

Gazing down at the now squirming General, Vincent felt desire finally overthrow all of his current inhibitions. He could hear Chaos telling him, urging him that this was what Sephiroth wanted. To just give in and let them all have what they all wanted.

Signing inwardly, Vincent felt the last vestiges of his fortress crumbling down around him. He was fighting a losing battle and he knew it. If this was going to happen, then he might as let it happen. With that thought barely clinging to his flustered brain, he began to loosen his grip on Sephiroth’s wrists with the intention of freeing his arms.


Vincent frowned. He didn’t understand why Chaos objected to releasing the other man. If Sephiroth were willing, why did he have to hold him down like this?

Because that is what he wants.

The ex-Turk felt his teeth grind in his mouth. If he were going to go through with this then he would do it on his terms. He was in command, not Chaos and not any of the other bothersome demons.

Then by all means, do as you will. But do it now.

Vincent growled and it wasn’t until he saw Sephiroth staring curiously up at him that he had realized he had growled out loud. Instead of explaining himself, he opted for distraction. The hand that was wrapped around Sephiroth’s erect manhood tightened almost painfully. His strong hand imitated a sheath as he pumped him, spurred on by the low groans that issued forth past the youth’s lips.

Leaning over more, Vincent’s lips ghosted over the flesh of Sephiroth’s chest that quivered when his lips made contact. Swirling his tongue over one of the youth’s nipples until it hardened, he watched with hooded reddish gold eyes as the General arched his back and gasped at the double sensation of a hand on his cock and a tongue on his nipple.

Moving to the next nipple, he alternatively chose to take the nub into his mouth and suck it hard. He sucked it hard enough to bruise it dark enough to stand out on his smooth pale flesh.

Chaos was growing impatient with this slow and gentle approach. He was glad that his host was finally moving things along, but he felt that Vincent was going way too slow and he was treating the General like a fragile toy.

Bite him. Mark him. Be rough with him, host.

Vincent shook his head as he mentally refused. He didn’t want to hurt the younger man.

He will not break. The only way to know what he likes is to explore.

Knowing that Chaos was right in a way, Vincent decided to see what Sephiroth liked in terms of physical pleasure. He knew he could always stop himself if it started getting out of hand.

The ex-Turk bit down hard enough not to break skin and was surprised by how enthusiastically Sephiroth responded to it. The silver-haired male arched his body even more in an effort to get more from Vincent. He even moaned louder and jerked his hips faster when he felt that hand stroke him more roughly.

Biting down harder on the abused nub, he felt a delightful violent shiver rip through him when the man underneath him cried out as a result of it. Eager to map out more of his glistening body, the gunman then zealously kissed a trail up the other male’s long, strong neck. Licking and sucking at his pulse point, he felt the demon purr in response. Knowing what it wanted, Vincent simultaneously released Sephiroth’s wrists as he sank his teeth into the tender flesh of the man’s neck.

Sephiroth’s eyes instantaneously rolled to the back of his head as he released his semen between their grinding bodies. Even though he wasn’t aware that his arms were now free, he unconsciously grabbed the first thing that he could to anchor himself. Hands white from gripping Vincent’s shoulders so hard, his body arched into a bow as he rode out his orgasm in a silent scream.

Vincent scooped up some of Sephiroth’s seed with his clawed hand and brought it to his mouth. He licked it all off and savored the sweet, yet tangy taste of the man’s spent pleasure. It was good and only made him desire more from the post coital General.

Slithering off of the spent man, the ex-Turk strode over to the closest bedside table and opened the drawer in search of something to ease the way. He was almost surprised to find several tubes of what looked like lubricant. Grabbing a couple of the tubes, he didn’t bother to close the drawer as he walked back to the bed. Dropping the lubricant on the bed, he watched keenly as Sephiroth recovered from the aftermath of his bliss.

After several minutes of laying there and lightly panting from his sexual experience, Sephiroth became dimly aware of another presence near him. Opening his eyes, he was mildly surprised to glimpse the ex-Turk standing over him with a look that made him feel like bolting, yet staying at the same time.

Without speaking, Vincent grabbed Sephiroth by his legs and jerked him over until the General was sitting on the edge of the bed. Reaching down, the ex-Turk undid his own pants, but did not attempt to take them off. Instead, he fished inside his pants until he found what he was looking for and then he tugged his erection out until it was free from its leather restraints.

Sephiroth’s eyes widened as he stared at the angry looking thing. If he had been another person, he probably would have been bothered by the fact that Vincent’s dick was more endowed than his own. But instead, he was merely fascinated yet disturbed at the premise of having someone else’s erect dick in his face.

Suck,” huskily ordered Vincent.

Sephiroth normally was not one to enjoy being issued any orders, but he found himself strangely mesmerized and curious. Although he was innocent in some ways, he still had some knowledge of what was being commanded of him.

Back in the barracks, some of the other soldiers had watched some questionable things on their computers. One time, he had actually stopped walking long enough to watch a porn video of a woman who took a man’s erect penis into her mouth. He had watched as she had taken his dick into her mouth all the way to the root. He had seemed to enjoy the woman’s ministrations even as she looked as if she had been biting him.

So was that what Vincent wanted from him? An imitation with his mouth of what the ex-Turk’s hand had done earlier to him? That’s what it seemed like to him.

The gunman must have noticed the General’s hesitation so he repeated himself. There was an edge to his voice that indicated that this was not a suggestion. “Suck.”

Determined to show that big-lipped woman from the pornography up, he tentatively touched Vincent’s manhood with the tips of his fingers. Trailing his fingers down and up the length of it, he was somewhat surprised to find that it felt similar to his own. The silky hard organ was hot to the touch and throbbed when he touched it. Wrapping his left hand around it at the base, he leaned over and experimentally licked the head of the cock.

So innocent. Watch him, host. He will be our slut before this is over.

Irritated by Chaos, Vincent opted to ignore the laughing lewd demon in favor of focusing on the beautiful man who was about to go down on him.

Unaware of Vincent’s inner conflict with his demon, Sephiroth began to take the head of the ex-Turk’s cock into his mouth. Mimicking the woman, he began to ease more and more into his mouth and wasn’t at all prepared for his own gag reflex. This was harder than it looked. That bitch made this look easier to do than it actually was.

“Relax. Go slowly or you will gag,” warned Vincent.

Taking the gunman’s advice, he relaxed his mouth and slowly took in inch by inch of Vincent’s impressive length. As he did, he couldn’t help himself from idly wondering how the ex-Turk knew so much about this. Perhaps he had done it before to someone else? Somehow that very thought pissed him off and he growled around the dick that seemed to be halfway down his throat.

Moaning lowly from the feeling of a wet heat wrapped around his cock and from the added sensation of the growl that vibrated around him, Vincent felt lost in the haze of pleasure. He was barely aware of his own hand sliding into Sephiroth’s hair as it then chose to grip the man’s skull. Pulling Sephiroth by the hair, he forced him halfway off of his cock before he pushed him back down on it. It didn’t take him long to find a decent rhythm while he fucked the younger man’s mouth.

At first, Sephiroth was miffed by Vincent’s actions, but with each rough thrust into his mouth, he felt the anger dissipate. It was soon replaced with something else that pushed him to meet each wild thrust into his sore mouth. He couldn’t believe it, but he was actually getting turned on from having someone fuck his mouth.

Just as the General was getting into it, he felt Vincent’s hand yank him by the hair until with one smooth jerk, his mouth left the ex-Turk’s manhood with a wet pop! sound. Annoyed at being interrupted, Sephiroth glanced up at the dark-haired man. Before he could open his mouth to speak, he was quickly turned around and shoved on his stomach over the edge of the bed. Face buried in the sheets, he propped himself up with his elbows. Glancing over his shoulder, he watched as the other man knelt down on the ground before him.

Shoving the younger man’s strong legs wide apart, Vincent settled himself between his legs. He gently ran his human hand down the General’s back until he reached the curve of his ass. Enticed by the sight of that tight, yet well-toned ass, Vincent used both of his hands to spread the cheeks apart. 

What was he…? And then Sephiroth felt something wet and hot poke him in that private place where nothing had even prodded before. It felt strange, yet oh so good at the same time. He found he didn’t have the heart to protest as he felt the wet appendage push past his tight ring of muscle. In fact, he had to bite his lip to keep from moaning from his shame of enjoying this perverse pleasure.

Before Sephiroth knew it, the tongue had disappeared only to be replaced by a slick finger. It wriggled around as if looking for something specific. He found he wasn’t sure he liked the foreign feeling of a finger in his ass. It felt kind of uncomfortable to him, but he was grateful for the slickness. Obviously Vincent had put something on his finger to ease the way for him.

“Relax,” murmured Vincent as he added another lubricated finger. He waited until the younger man had visibly relaxed before he moved his fingers in different, yet careful stretching motions. He made scissor motions with his fingers in an attempt to help stretch and get the inexperienced man used to the feeling. When he felt that he was ready, he added a third finger into the mix.

In spite of Vincent’s pressing need to be buried deep inside of Sephiroth, he took his time stretching him. If he was going to do this, he was going to do it right. He knew that he wouldn’t enjoy it if they both didn’t enjoy it. The ex-Turk wanted to make the other male scream, but not from pain.

The silver-haired youth remained still and did his best to relax as much as he could in spite of the prodding fingers. He found that the more he relaxed, the better it did end up feeling. Besides the odd, alien feeling, he believed that it did feel good.

Once he was satisfied that he was stretched enough to his liking, Vincent started thrusting his fingers in and out in a pale imitation of what would happen soon enough. He was pleased when Sephiroth began pushing back against the fingers that invaded him. Curving his fingers, he was soon met by a familiar bundle of nerves. As soon as the tips of his fingers had brushed against Sephiroth’s prostate, the man’s body had jerked as he cried out from the white hot feeling of it.

“Liked that, did you?” Murmured Vincent more to himself than to Sephiroth. He then mercilessly drove his fingers in and out of Sephiroth’s ass, hitting that spot over and over again until it was raw from the stimulation.

Before the younger man could experience another orgasm, Vincent quickly withdrew his fingers altogether. He then grabbed the tube of lubricant and squeezed more on his hand. Rubbing his slickened hands together for a few moments, he brought them down to his sensitive cock to liberally coat it with the lubricant until he felt there was more than enough.

Lightly panting and disappointed by the loss of feeling, Sephiroth looked over his shoulder and glared at the gunman. “Why did you stop?”

“Take a guess,” muttered the ex-Turk as he positioned himself behind Sephiroth. He used his clawed hand to grip the man’s hip while he used his other hip to guide his erection into the General’s stretched orifice. Even with the lubricant and stretching, he knew he was big. He knew his girth would hurt Sephiroth if he wasn’t cautious and took his time.

The silver-haired soldier froze as something blunt and larger than fingers started pushing into his anus. He immediately tensed up, but stopped when he heard a low voice urge him to relax.

The ex-Turk had immediately stopped moving when he had felt too much resistance. He fought the urge to just drive home. Hoping to make it easier for the both of them, Vincent then directed, “Sephiroth, listen to me. It will hurt more if you don’t relax. Don’t fight it. Just let it happen. I will not hurt you. Relax.”

Soothed by the promise of his words, Sephiroth nodded, buried his face in his arms and breathed deeply. Inhaling and exhaling deeply, he forced his body to stop fighting the invasion. Urging himself to relax, he allowed his body to go slack against the bed.

With a grunt, Vincent started easing himself inside past the tight ring of muscle. The velvet sheath gripped him tightly as he slowly slid in inch by inch of his manhood inside. Gaia, if this was Sephiroth relaxed, then he was probably going to get squeezed to death before this was over.

Sephiroth’s eyes were squeezed tight as he breathed in through his nose and did his best to relax. Fuck, Vincent was huge! It almost felt like he was getting split apart by that thing.

After several long minutes, he had finally pushed all the way inside to the hilt. Perspiration had developed on his face from the exertion of it. He breathed shallowly as he waited for the other man to adjust to his size. Vincent honestly didn’t know how long he could wait with how delicious this tight heat felt wrapped around him and with Chaos urging him to fuck Sephiroth raw. Sometimes he really hated that demon…

It didn’t take long at all before Sephiroth started squirming again. He was tired of waiting and just wanted the black-haired man to get on with it.

Taking that as his cue, Vincent released Sephiroth’s hip in favor of gripping it with his human hand. Bracing the clawed hand on the edge of the bed, he slowly pulled out and pushed back in. He repeated this a few times until he felt the other man pushing back to meet his shallow thrusts. Encouraged by that, he gradually increased the speed and strength of his thrusts until he had Sephiroth sobbing and clawing at the sheets.

Someone was making a lot of noise and it took Sephiroth awhile to realize that he was the one panting and moaning like a bitch in heat.  At any other time, he might have cared, but at the moment he didn’t give one fuck about it.  He rocked back again and again as the body that penetrated him so ruthlessly speared him without mercy.

Vincent didn’t make much noise save for a few grunts here and there as he mercilessly rammed again and again into the impossibly tight body beneath him. Gripping both hips with his hands, he picked up the pace at Sephiroth’s frenzied commands of “faster!” and “harder!”

Make him scream, host. Make him beg. Take him to heaven.

Intent on doing just that, Vincent angled himself just right so that when he hammered into Sephiroth, he hit his prostate hard. Again and again he slammed into him in such a way that was almost brutal in its intensity. The ex-Turk didn’t stop his assault on the small bundle of nerves that were now extremely sensitive from being rubbed raw from his thrusting cock.

Sephiroth was muttering all sorts of things that he wasn’t even aware was leaving his mouth. All he knew was that he wanted more. More of everything Vincent was giving him. All he could think to do was erratically rock back his hips against the body that mercilessly pounded into him.

Vincent could tell that the younger male was close to his impending release. Sephiroth’s jerky movements were more than enough of an indication of it. Ah, but the ex-Turk was far from done with him. With his clawed hand, he slid it underneath Sephiroth and snaked the metal gauntlet around the hot, throbbing flesh.

The silver-haired youth cried out and bucked hard when he felt the cold metal wrap around his neglected organ. He was so close, he could feel it. The General curled his fingers against the sheets as he rocked harder back against Vincent in an effort to reach his release. Just when he felt the coil in his belly tighten up and ready to spring, he felt the metal hand grip him hard by the base of his cock.

Before Sephiroth could voice his protest, Vincent clarified for him in a low, husky voice. “You will come when I say so, Sephiroth. And that’s only if I let you.”

Something about the dominance laced in his tone and actions made Sephiroth shudder violently in delight. He didn’t bother to resist or fight in any way. He just let it happen as he was plundered over and over again by the mountain of muscle that had him crying out until he was hoarse.

Even though it felt like a blissful eternity to Sephiroth, it wasn’t long before Vincent’s powerful thrusts became jerky and irregular. His endurance and stamina had held out for a long time already and even he was surprised that the intoxicatingly sexy and sensual image and feel of Sephiroth hadn’t forced him to lose it just yet.

“Please, Vincent, let me fucking come already!” Desperately implored Sephiroth in a voice raw from all the constant noises that had been forced out of him. In spite of his begging, he didn’t sound any less like a man.

Vincent jerkily thrusted into Sephiroth a few more times before he finally obliged his plea. Unwrapping his golden gauntlet from around the other man’s cock, he anchored it back on his hip while he continued to slam into the strained body.

As soon as the clawed hand had left him, the release that had been building up finally erupted. Arching as much as his back would allow, Sephiroth threw his head back and screamed his release.

Clenching muscles gripped Vincent so tightly that he had no choice but to sporadically thrust a few more times before with a grunt, he shot his semen deep into the other man’s bowels.

Exhausted and spent, Vincent, back to his normal size and appearance now, collapsed on top of the panting General who didn’t seem to mind the extra weight on top of him.

Chaos said nothing. The fact that he didn’t mock Vincent or say a thing revealed that he was beyond pleased. The demon was sated…for now.


[:+ + + + +:]


“Well done, Sephiroth and Vincent Valentine. The experiment was a success thanks to you two,” Came the familiar and despised voice of Hojo. The voice sounded like it was coming from a speaker in the wall.

Quickly springing off of the naked General, Vincent quickly tucked himself back in his pants and closed them as he glanced around angrily. He felt his hackles rise as he glanced around, searching for the man that he hated above all else. The very man he hated more than himself.

Sephiroth shakily rose from the bed, but his legs weakly gave out and he fell back on his ass in an undignified manner. From his position on the ground, he then glimpsed something out of the corner of his eye. Looking underneath the bed, he saw a box. A box he hadn’t noticed before. The only place in this entire room he hadn’t checked was under the bed.

Grabbing the box, he pulled it out from under the bed and opened it. Inside were his familiar black leathers, his armor, his boots, and a few guns that he presumed belonged to one Vincent Valentine. In a quiet voice, he beckoned, “Vincent.”

Distracted from his task of finding the scientist, the ex-Turk glanced over at Sephiroth and saw what he was gesturing to. Marching over, he knelt down and gathered everything that belonged to him. Gripping Cerberus in his hand, he sighed at the familiar weight and feel of it. It felt good to have his weapons back. It felt almost as good as it did when he had been fucking Sephiroth.

Snatching one of the sheets, the General quickly wiped off the semen that stained his chest and abdomen. Once he was finished with his task, he quickly dressed. He also didn’t even object when the ex-Turk helped him get dressed. Something about the other man helping him do such a thing felt strangely intimate, especially after what they had both done together.

Thanks to you, Valentine, Project BREED is well underway. Hopefully your semen will take and if it doesn’t, I won’t be surprised. However, I might be surprised if you actually prove not to be useless.”

It was then at that exact moment that with such blinding force, Sephiroth finally remembered everything. He remembered his time in the laboratories. He recalled all the different injections and all the hours he spent strapped naked to a cold, unforgiving table while a scalpel or some other insidious tool acquainted him with pain and humiliation.

And then he remembered Vincent Valentine. He had remembered seeing him strapped to a table, presumably unconscious as Hojo and the other lab rats had worked away at him like he was a piece of dead carcass. He also remembered all the scars and modifications on Vincent’s body. In some ways, his body looked worse and more monstrous than his own.

It definitely supplied Sephiroth with an answer as to why Vincent had kept his clothes on.

Spurred by blind fury, Vincent aimed Cerberus at the door. Fortunately he had a few Materia slotted in it so when he pulled the trigger, the lightning Materia in the round blew the door away.

A hole that could accommodate a ten foot high, six foot wide giant was now where the door used to be.

Vincent started to exit, but was stopped when a strong hand grabbed him by the shoulder. Whirling around, he defensively aimed his gun at the General.

Frowning, Sephiroth released him and shook his head. “I’m not your enemy, Vincent.”

“Hojo is. I’m going to kill him now, so stay out of my way,” warned Vincent although his eyes softened a bit by the hurt look on Sephiroth’s pale face.

The General firmly objected, “No.”

The ex-Turk narrowed his crimson eyes. “Excuse me?”

You are not going to kill him.”

“Care to tell me why not or do I have to shoot you?”

“Because…” Sephiroth smirked and held out his left arm. He summoned his sword and within moments, Masamune’s hilt was gripped lovingly in his left hand. “We are going to kill Hojo together.”


 [:+ + + + +:]


End of PART II

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