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Summary: Vincent is assigned the task of watching over Sephiroth after the General becomes traumatized from an unknown ordeal during the hunt for Hojo. Sequel to PROSTHETICS.YAOI Top!Vincent/Bottom!Sephiroth

Story Warning(s): M/M, Yaoi, Pre-Game, Anal, Oral, BDSM, Uke/bottom Sephiroth, Angst, Some violence, Language, Mentions/Possibility of MPREG, and other warnings apply.

Chapter warning(s): Language, M/M Yaoi implications

Pairing(s): Vincent/Sephiroth

A/N: After much deliberation and because of several requests, here is the official sequel to PROSTHETICS. I’m not sure how it’s going to turn out, but hopefully it’ll be decent. Don’t be afraid to let me know what you think. Your feedback is always greatly appreciated. Anywho, I hope you enjoy. :)


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 CH01: The Bodyguard


Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock

The young General of Shinra glared scathingly at the wall clock as it ticked the seconds away noisily. He blamed it for his inability to concentrate on a report that was due by noon that day. Of course it wasn’t actually the clock’s fault at all. The green-eyed man just wanted to pin the blame on something other than the actual problem at hand.

Sephiroth was distracted by something other than inanimate objects. He was distracted by something rather…personal. Not that he would ever admit to that, of course. The Silver General would impale himself on Masamune before confessing to anyone that the reason he couldn’t focus on his work was because of another man.

A knock sounded loudly, yet politely on his closed office door. It was instantly a welcome distraction even if the knock belonged to someone unsavory.

“Enter,” drawled Sephiroth as he did his best to look as busy as possible and not appear too eager for company. 

The door quietly opened and in briskly strode a handsome young man dressed in a navy blue tailored suit. The General knew without looking at the man’s face that it was undoubtedly a Turk.

A Turk visiting him? That was quite strange and it actually surprised him. The Turks rarely ever paid him a visit since they seldom worked with Soldiers unless it was duly requested by President Shinra, of course.

“Tseng,” greeted Sephiroth was a curt nod of his head. He carefully placed his pen down and gave the Turk his undivided attention. He wasn’t foolish enough to leave his guard down around a Turk, even if it was one of the only Turks he found bearable. “To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?”

The dark-eyed Turk’s face did not waver at all as he kept his usual stoic, professional face in place. At work, he was known for being strict and proficient, but off duty he was rumored to be more easy going and laid back.

Tseng didn’t bother to offer a smile. “Good morning, General. How are you feeling this morning?”

Sephiroth blinked. He found it odd that Tseng was asking him something personal. Brushing it off for now, he bluntly answered, “Fine.”

“Good,” murmured Tseng as his sharp eyes skimmed over the mostly blank report on the desk. He also noticed the dark circles under his eyes which indicated that the General was stressed and probably not sleeping very well. There was also the distinct sound of a boot tapping restlessly against the floor. If Sephiroth’s desk wasn’t in the way, he would probably see the man’s leg shaking. “Valentine told me what happened…”

The Silver General froze as if the Turk had had the audacity to backhand him. “…what?”

The Turk filed away each little detail in his head until he could review them later. From what he knew and witnessed of the General so far, he had found the man to be quite consistent in behaviorisms. Until now. “Professor Hojo is still missing along with some of his assistants. There are also mass quantities of his research missing as well. It is fairly obvious that he was prepared to leave within a moment’s notice. However, It is not clear what happened to him or if he and his assistants are even still alive.”

“What did Valentine tell you.” Stated the General in a voice that steadfastly demanded an answer. He didn’t even seem to hear a word the Turk had said about Hojo. All he seemed to be focused on was Vincent.

Tseng found it interesting that the General appeared to be fretful about something. And what was more was that the moment he had mentioned Valentine’s name and Sephiroth’s disappearance, the General’s anxiety increased tenfold.

“All Valentine told us about the incident was that Hojo had induced you both with drugs and locked you and Valentine together in a room as an experiment. He said it was for some sort of project. Valentine wouldn’t state the specifics on what happened, but I would say it’s fairly obvious that you are still traumatized from what occurred.”

The Silver General narrowed his eyes and hissed, “I am not traumatized. I told you, I am fine.”

The dark-eyed Turk wasn’t in the mood to argue with an irate General. Instead of voicing his own opinions on the matter, Tseng opted for pointing out the facts. He knew the General had a very rational mind and the only way to get him to see something was to produce him with the truth. “Sephiroth, you went AWOL. Shinra had to send your Firsts on a mission to retrieve you. You were missing for seventeen days and in those couple of weeks, you suffered from severe Mako withdrawals, malnutrition, and dehydration. The doctors were forced to keep you in a Mako tank and check your vitals every hour. It took you about eight days to recover…physically.”

Sephiroth curtly nodded. “That is correct. I have recovered, hence why I state that I am fine.”

“You did not pass the psyche evaluation, General. You are presently not fit to serve in Shinra’s army, let alone as Shinra’s General,” stated Tseng with a small shake of his head.

The silver-haired man swiftly rose up from his desk and placed each gloved hand gingerly on top of the desk. Several handfuls of his silky straight hair cascaded down over his shoulders as a result of his sudden movement. “And what exactly are you trying to say to me, Tseng? Or better yet, what is your real purpose for being here in my office?”

In spite of being a well-trained Turk, Tseng felt himself shiver from the intimidating feline-like green gaze that belonged to the beautiful General. Yes, he could admit that he found Shinra’s fearsome General beautiful. If he had never seen Sephiroth in action, he would have thought of S.O.L.D.I.E.R.’s poster boy as nothing more than a breathtaking model. Since he had seen Sephiroth’s skills firsthand, he knew that this unapproachable man was more than just a pretty face.

“Everyone else was too…ahem, hesitant to approach you, General. That is why I am here. I am not here to diagnose you or to harass you, Sephiroth. I am a mere messenger sent by President Shinra himself,” calmly clarified the Turk.

“Oh? And what is our esteemed President’s message?” Growled Sephiroth as he slinked with a predatory gait around his desk to stand face to face with the Turk.

Tseng did not buckle under the pressure of being in close contact with the leather clad man. The moment he did balk, he would either kill himself on the sport or he would immediately resign from the Turks. “Your well being is of top priority and if you do not improve, you will continue to sit behind your desk. Until you can function as you were prior to certain events, you will not serve in the field. In other words, you will be exempt from all missions. Is that clear enough for you?”

“Crystal clear, Turk,” affirmed the seething silver-haired man. The Silver General felt anger shooting through his veins, but he wisely chose not to take it out on the closest person to him. As much as he would have liked to blame Tseng, Shinra, or anyone else, he knew that the Turk was right. He was damaged goods and if he didn’t repair himself very soon, he would be detained to a life full of dull paperwork.

“Good. I have a few questions for you to answer and as soon as you do, I’ll be out of your hair, General. Please, have a seat. This won’t take very long at all,” stated Tseng as he patiently waited for the other man to sit back at his desk.

One of Sephiroth’s silver eyebrows arched at that, yet he said nothing as he turned and sat on the edge of his desk. He crossed his arms over his chest and waited for the other man to continue.

“As you most likely already know, Vincent Valentine has been reinstated as a Turk in spite of his twenty year absence, or should I say, death. We all believed him to be dead until about a month ago when to our utter surprise, he showed up with you.”

Sephiroth was surprised to hear that since he hadn’t had any contact with the man in several weeks. He had assumed that Vincent was still out there hunting down Hojo.

Not the least bit deterred by the other man’s silence, Tseng continued after he had given Sephiroth a couple of minutes to let the information sink in. “In their mission to locate and retrieve you, Soldier Firsts Angeal Hewley and Genesis Rhapsodos came across Valentine carrying your unconscious body. He was bringing you back to Shinra. He claimed that the two of you had spent a little over two weeks trying to locate Professor Hojo’s whereabouts. After about fourteen days, he felt obligated to bring you back once he became aware of the poor physical and mental state that you were in.”

Again the General was surprised. His memory was fuzzy when it came to what happened after they had left that room to hunt down Hojo. Even though he didn’t remember everything, he did remember bits and pieces of traveling with the red-eyed man. He also recalled several moments when they had ran into monsters and other hostile forces. The General also remembered how well Vincent had fought alongside him with those impressive guns of his.

“Do you believe there is any reason that Vincent Valentine should not be reinstated as a Turk?”

Sephiroth blinked. “How do you mean? I thought the purpose of your questioning was to determine my mental health…”

“It is, General,” answered Tseng with a slight nod of his head. “In determining if you are fit to serve, we need to know what happened to you. Did Valentine harm you in any way or knowingly put you in harm’s way?”

The jade-eyed man felt insulted, but he didn’t dare show it. With a slight shake of his regal head, he said, “No, Valentine did not harm me or put me in harm’s way. The only one who has put me through unnecessary harm, who has affected my mental state, is Hojo. That is why I went, ahem, AWOL, as you referred to it as.”

“You are absolutely certain that Valentine dealt no hand in foul play?” Asked Tseng as he carefully watched the silver-haired man. He found it increasingly curious that the General was sticking up for Valentine as if he felt obligated to protect the man. In his psyche evaluations, the doctors had noted that Sephiroth’s memory of the past seventeen days with Valentine was heavily fragmented. Whatever he had gone through locked up in that room and out on the hunt for Hojo had taken a heavy toll on the General.

Sephiroth scoffed, “He brought me back, did he not?”

“That is true enough,” agreed Tseng.

“I will not be pressing charges against Vincent Valentine, Tseng. He aided me in my effort to find and capture the Professor. If it is true about my poor state of mind and body…well, if he had not been with me, Angeal and Genesis might not have returned with me alive.”

Tseng nodded and sighed, “Fair enough.”

“Anything else?”

“Yes, one more thing. Shinra has requested that you have a Turk shadow you every day. He did not specifically state who he wanted, so I felt I would run it by you first before assigning you a Turk.”

Sephiroth felt a bit insulted by the fact that the President deemed it necessary for him to have a bodyguard, or in looser terms, a babysitter. But still, if that was his order, who was the General to deny him? Sighing, he gestured to Tseng and said, “I can choose any Turk I want? Even you?”

Tseng nodded slowly. “Even me, yes. I think the only man off limits would be Veld.”

“Very well, then I choose…Vincent Valentine to shadow me.”

“General, I’m not sure-“

Sephiroth quickly cut him off. “-Did you or did you not say I have the authority to choose whoever I want to stalk me every day?”

“Yes, I did but-“

The stubborn General once again interjected. “-Then I choose Vincent Valentine. Unless he is dead in the grave or otherwise physically impaired to assist me, then I want him for the job.”

The dark-eyed Turk didn’t quite understand it yet, but it was obvious to him that the General had some sort of attachment to the newly reinstated Turk. It was clear to Tseng that Valentine was a good man and probably did nothing to harm Sephiroth. Tseng was a pretty damn good judge of character and if he had had any reservations about Valentine’s character, he would have advised Veld against reinstating the gunman. The only reason he was here today asking Sephiroth all these questions was because he had been ordered to by his superiors.

“Very well. I will inform Veld of your decision.”

Sephiroth glanced at the clock and groaned when he realized that it was nearly eleven in the morning. He barely had an hour to finish that damn report. He glanced at it with what he assumed was his very best menacing glare.

“General, I hope you are aware that you are exempt from that report. As long as you continue going to therapy and as long as you continue to receive your regularly scheduled Mako injections, then you have nothing to worry about. No reports or paperwork of any kind will be expected of you for the time being.”

The Silver General almost sighed in relief as his tense body visibly relaxed some. “That is all? I am expected to talk to doctors, receive injections? Anything else?”

“You are required to continue your daily four hour training sessions. Even on your off days. You are expected to take exceptional care of yourself and if you feel you cannot keep yourself healthy and in shape, then you need to promptly inform the doctors,” explained the dark-eyed Turk as he noted how quickly the stress had evaporated in front of his eyes.

“Consider it done,” sighed Sephiroth as he walked around his desk and sank down in his chair. He leaned back in his comfortable chair and closed his eyes. “Anything else, Tseng?”

“No, that will be all…unless you have any questions or concerns.”

“Just one. When will your new Turk be shadowing me?”

“As soon as he receives the order, which will be within the day.” Tseng wanted to laugh, but kept his mirth clamped down tight. Again with Valentine. He idly wondered if the General was obsessed with Valentine. Maybe…no, no, he would not assume anything. Tseng would wait and gather more information however long it took before he could further access the situation.

After all, Tseng was a very patient man.


[:+ + + + +:]


Masamune sliced cleanly through the air as the lengthy blade sang with each graceful arc despite the fact that its wielder was very distracted.

Sephiroth was presently in the training room following Shinra’s orders, which was to get his four hours of training time over with. He had already spent forty-five minutes practicing his sword forms and footwork. Now he was busy fighting imaginary opponents. He would have preferred to have a real person to spar with, but he would have to settle with the fake ones. Still, he wasn’t complaining since fighting imaginary foes was better than being stuck being a desk.

The only problem now was the fact that he found it increasingly difficult to concentrate on anything. He tried his best to focus, but his mind kept reverting back to one Vincent Valentine. Occasionally, he found himself fuming about Hojo and how much he wanted to kill the man, but even that wasn’t enough to keep his mind trained on something besides Vincent. His brain kept switching back to that enigmatic gunman that dressed in red and black.

It was true that the weeks following his initial meeting with Vincent were fragmented. He recalled bits and pieces of vague memories that were jumbled together. It was hard to discern exactly what had transpired in that time and even harder to figure out in what sequence of events it had occurred in. The only thing he vividly recalled was waking up in a locked room with Vincent, conversing with said man, having sexual relations with him, and then finding out that the whole thing had been orchestrated by Hojo for the sake of science.

Being used for such a sick experiment had also opened up the floodgates to all of the appalling things that Hojo and his assistants had done to him. It had him reliving all of those experiments that had him strapped naked to a lab table while Hojo performed some inhumane procedure on him that usually resulted in inexplicable and indescribable agony. It also had him recalling the days that he had been thrown into a room expected to fight and survive insane conditions that would have killed most other normal humans. There was even a very faint and vague memory of a woman crying out his name for some reason. Whoever she was, she had sounded distraught as if something precious had just been taken from her. Yes, he remembered all of that and more. That was one reason why he had went AWOL to find and kill that twisted sorry excuse for a human being.

Sephiroth didn’t even know if Vincent and he had…well, repeated any other sexual acts. All he could remember was his tireless, frantic, and irate search for Hojo. That thought made the General’s skin heat up slightly from the notion of touching Vincent so intimately again or of Vincent touching him. Even though they had been both used by Hojo, the General felt that he wouldn’t mind another—

“You should rest, Sephiroth. You are overworking yourself. Even someone as strong and magnificent as you needs a break,” intoned a very familiar deep and seductive voice.

Stunned by the revelation that there was another presence in the room, he finished his last strike less gracefully than before. Sephiroth lowered his sword as he turned around to spot a very familiar Turk leaning against a wall watching him intently. “Vincent.”

“Yes, that’s my name,” drawled the ruby-eyed Turk with a bit of sarcasm clinging to his words.

Sephiroth took a moment to stop and scrutinize the other man. This man was indeed a Turk if he could sneak up on the General that easily. It made him wonder about his other...skills. “When did you sneak into this room? How long have you been here?”

Vincent offered a small smirk, which was a rare gesture for him. “About twenty minutes ago…give or take.”

“You stood there watching me for twenty minutes,” drawled Sephiroth as he arched a silver eyebrow.

Vincent promptly nodded as if that was something completely natural. Noticing the General’s blank expression, he added, “It is my job.”

“You could have said something.”

The Turk replied matter of factly, “I did not wish to disturb you.”

“Oh? You just interrupted me a minute ago,” Sephiroth pointed out since he saw error in the gunman’s logic.

Not the least bit intimidated by the Silver General’s piercing stare, Vincent monotonously countered, “That is because you needed a break. It seems you aren’t capable of taking proper care of yourself. No matter what Shinra claims, you are a man, not a machine.”

“I feel fine. I do not require a break,” refused the stubborn General as he tilted his chin up in the way he always did when he was in disagreement with someone. It was most likely due to the fact that Sephiroth’s ‘upbringing’ never allotted him any of the common, normal rights that most humans were granted. He had been Shinra’s specimen at birth and when he had proved to be a success, he had become Shinra’s Weapon.

Pushing off from the wall, the dark-haired Turk strode towards the General. From out of nowhere, he seemed to have procured a bottle of water. Without speaking, he extended his arm towards the silver-haired man and simply offered the water to him.

Sephiroth looked down his nose at the bottle as if it was filled with deadly poison.

“Drink it,” ordered the gunman after several minutes of tense silence.

The jade-eyed General wrinkled his nose distastefully. “No.”

The red-eyed Turk said nothing for several long moments as he stared at the stubborn young General. His apathetic face didn’t betray his thoughts in the least as he mulled over his next course of action.

“Well, if we are done here, I’m going to go back to my training regime,” dismissed Sephiroth as he started to turn away.

A metal hand clamped onto the General’s shoulder almost hard enough to bruise as it jerked the other man around to face him. “Thanks to you, I was tasked with the job of not only following you around, but of ensuring no harm comes to you. That also includes your well-being, Sephiroth. In words that even the most dimwitted Soldier can understand: if I say drink, you drink. If I say rest, you rest. These are not options for you to pick and choose. You may be Shinra’s top elite Soldier, but I am not your subordinate. Your orders mean absolutely nothing to me unless they come from Shinra. That brings me to my next point: disobeying me is directly disobeying Shinra. Do you understand?”

Sephiroth blinked in disbelief while he felt an almost violent shiver rip through his body at the sound of Vincent’s commanding tone. Very few people in his lifetime had ever had the sheer audacity to order him around. Most of those people were either dead or on his kill list.

Noting the General’s dumbfounded look, Vincent inwardly sighed. He had his work cut out for him. “You are a stubborn child.”

“I am no child—“ Sephiroth immediately opened his mouth to disagree, but was cut off by the feeling of an object being shoved into his mouth. The rim of the bottle of water was pressed into his mouth as water started gushing into his open orifice. The General nearly choked on the water being forced down his throat. He had to grip Vincent’s wrist and force it back some so that he could alleviate the pressure. His green eyes slid closed of their own accord as he felt the cool water pour down his parched throat as he swallowed a bit eagerly. He hadn’t realized how thirsty he was until he had felt the refreshing liquid touch his tongue.

The Turk had to quickly look away from the other man because something about this scene reminded him too acutely of the time not too long ago when he had watched Sephiroth wrap his lips around a wine cooler and drink it. It had the same effect on him now that it had on him then.

It felt awkward to have another man holding a bottle up to his mouth as if he were a baby. Opening his eyes, he removed his hand from the Turk’s wrist to wrap around the water bottle. He didn’t have to tug very hard to get the other man to release it from his grip. Sephiroth didn’t fail to notice that Vincent’s face was averted as if something were bothering him. The man looked…distracted.

“Did I drink enough water for your satisfaction, boss?” The taller man asked with his words dripping heavily with sarcasm.

As if suddenly noticing that Sephiroth was in the same room, Vincent looked at the General as if he were confounded by something. He then inquired distractedly, “What?”

“I will take that as a yes,” replied the General as he strode briskly over to one of the equipment tables. He set the bottle down and as he did, he realized that most of the water was gone. He must have been really thirsty to have consumed nearly thirty-two ounces of water.

The Turk said nothing as he watched the young Soldier fall back into his usual routine as if Vincent wasn’t even there. His movements were agile and precise as he battled an imaginary foe. Something about his physique and the way he moved reminded Vincent distinctly of a cat. A very powerful wildcat. He would never admit to it, but the man was perfect, or at least close to it. He moved with such power and grace that it made him appear flawlessly beautiful.

It was no mystery at all to Vincent as to why President Shinra wanted his best Soldier in peak condition at all times. It reflected back on the President and that repulsive man was all about power, presentation, and greed.

After all, Sephiroth was Shinra’s prized Weapon.


[:+ + + + +:]


“Sephiroth, you are finished for the day,” stated the Turk as if he were the General’s teacher.

The silver-haired man paused and turned his head to look incredulously at the Turk. He instantly objected in a dry flat tone of voice, “I am not even tired. I can last longer than a mere four hours.”

The Turk was then reminded of how stubborn Sephiroth had been during their hunt for Hojo. At first he had written the General off as an angry, traumatized man desperately wanting vengeance; however, it wasn’t until he had been assigned to Sephiroth that he realized that the man was naturally headstrong. It made his heart twist in his chest to know that Lucrecia’s son was just as wonderfully stubborn as she had once been.

Sephiroth noticed that the gunman looked even more wistful than was normal for him. He also realized that the pensive look was directed towards him. But why? It mystified him and he wanted answers. “Why are you looking at me like that?” Asked the General hotly as he felt his body shudder slightly from the ruby eyes that felt as if they pierced right through his being. He found it increasingly difficult to be in the Turk’s presence. To have him watching him was bad enough, but to have Vincent there in person, now that really killed him. From where he stood, Sephiroth could smell the other man’s unique musk and it was driving him crazy.  To have the object of all his desires a mere ten feet away was more than he could bear.

“You are a stubborn, stubborn man, Sephiroth,” quietly commented Vincent as he completely avoided answering the younger man’s question altogether.

The young General felt tempted to shoot the Turk with some witty verbal insult, but he stopped himself. Instead, he fixed Vincent with a simmering, nearly nonchalant gaze. “I think I will take your advice and stop for the day. I’ve worked up quite a sweat…so I think I’ll just go ahead and take a nice hot shower. Is that OK with you or is cleansing myself somehow contravening with my well being?”

He’s teasing you, Host.

The Turk’s jaw clenched, but his face did not show it at all. The only indication that he was affected at all was the narrowing of his red eyes. While he didn’t agree with Chaos, he didn’t disagree with him, either. There was something oddly familiar and provocative about the way Sephiroth was behaving now. It reminded Vincent of their time together locked up in that room. If he was reading into it right, then it meant that Sephiroth was attempting to seduce him again. But why? After all he had been through, why would the young man even consider doing it again? They had both been used by Hojo for some sick breeding experiment that had probably been recorded by a camera. Why would Sephiroth even want another illicit encounter with him?

“I will take that as a yes, as well,” said Sephiroth with a slight smirk. He started to slink towards the door and when he noticed that the Turk wasn’t following, he suddenly stopped. Glancing over his shoulder, he inquired coolly, “Are you coming or not?”

Vincent shook his head slowly. “I do not believe you need me to accompany you for such a thing.”

“Oh, but aren’t you supposed to follow me everywhere I go? What if someone or something attacks me in the shower, or worse, what if I slip and fall, hitting my precious head on something? I also might need someone to help wash my back because Gaia forbid I’m not squeaky clean enough for Shinra,” baited the General in a manner meant to tease the other man enough to incite a reaction from him. 

“Fine, but make it quick,” sighed Vincent as he mentally berated himself. He was starting to think that rejoining the Turks hadn’t been such a bright idea on his part.


[:+ + + + +:]


“You act as though you have never seen me naked before,” pointed out a very wet and naked General as he stood under the hot spray of the shower in the locker room. Since it was a private locker room only meant for First class Soldiers, the General and the Turk were conveniently alone.

Vincent stood far enough away from the threat of getting water sprayed or thrown at him. His face was turned away from the General as he attempted to look at everything but Sephiroth. It was not an easy task to accomplish since every instinct, including his demons, were screaming at him to look.

“I do not mind if you look, Valentine. I won’t report you.”

The Turk continued his reign of silence as he stared at nothing in particular.

Sephiroth sighed and leaned back so that the water could cascade down his face, hair, and body. “This brings back memories, doesn’t it?” He paused as if to wait for a response, but knowing that Vincent would most likely remain silent, he didn’t count on one. The silver-haired man then added, “Me naked in a room alone with you. You completely clothed and doing everything you can to pretend I’m not here.”

“Why did you pick me?” Vincent blurted out as he slowly turned to look at the mesmerizing sight of the nude young man.

Sephiroth turned off the shower and grabbed a towel in which he used to pat himself dry. “Pardon?”

“Out of all of the Turks you could have chosen, why did you choose me?”

Sephiroth looked at the Turk as if he had just asked the dumbest question imaginable. Out of habit, he wrapped the towel around his waist until it was nice and snug. He grabbed another towel and used it to rub and squeeze excess water out of his soaked hair. The half-naked man then strode over to a sink with a mirror and picked up a comb with which he used to comb out all the tedious tangles. It wasn’t until he glimpsed the Turk in the mirror that he remembered he had been asked a question. “I do not particularly trust the Turks. Until you came along, Tseng was the only Turk that didn’t make me cringe,” explained Sephiroth as he paused to concentrate on rectifying an infuriating knot that refused to disentangle itself. Once he had defeated it, he looked at the mirror and met Vincent’s smoldering crimson gaze. “I chose you because I trust you.”

Vincent immediately felt a twinge of guilt at hearing those words spoken out loud. Why? Because during those couple of weeks with Sephiroth, something dreadful had happened to the General. Something that had traumatized him enough to not only deteriorate his physical body, but to block out most of the memories of it. It was something the gunman kept secret from not only Shinra, but from Sephiroth, as well.


[:+ + + + +:]



“How come you’re not wearing the Turk uniform?” Inquired Sephiroth as he lazily watched Vincent from his spot sprawled on his black leather couch in his living quarters. He found it amusing that the Turk seemed to prefer leaning against or standing near walls over sitting down on a chair or couch. It would appear that Vincent was someone who always had his guard up.

“I could ask you the same thing about the Soldier uniform,” dryly remarked the Turk with a faint smile on his pale lips.

Sephiroth snorted. “I’m the General. I can wear whatever I want.”

“So I see,” commented Vincent as his eyes roved over the leather straps that criss crossed over much of the smooth expanse of Sephiroth’s exposed chest. If the man didn’t look so damn good in that erotic leather getup of his, the Turk doubted the General would have been allowed to prance around like that.

The television was on, but the sound was almost all of the way down. Bored and sleepy, the General rolled onto his back and began to lazily stretch his slightly sore arms and legs. There was a dull, sore ache in his body that told him that he had pushed himself enough.

“Perhaps you should go to bed,” slowly suggested the Turk as he watched the other man stretch in an almost catlike fashion. He still had the distinct impression that Sephiroth was intentionally attempting to rile him up.

Mmm…what a grand idea,” purred Sephiroth as he slowly turned his head to smirk at the Turk. His lengthy hair was spread around him on the couch resembling a silver halo of sorts. He took his time as he rose up into a sitting position. In a low voice thick with lust that easily matched his ardent green eyes, he propositioned, “Why don’t you join me?”


[:+ + + + +:]


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