Save Me

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Save Me

Seifer was in the training center fighting off monster after monster. It was what he needed to do when he was feeling stressed out about things. He was in here alone, feeling the need to be alone right now. He wasn't in a very good mood, then again, he wasn't much nowadays. He sighed, striking his gunblade through another grat. He wiped the sweat from his brow and sighed again, feeling just a little better then he had earlier. Suddenly he heard footsteps behind him, so he tensed up, fearing it was the Person he really didn't wanna see right now.

“Seifer?” the voice said. It didn't sound like Devon. He turned around and saw Squall standing there in his usual clothes, looking good.

“Squall?” Seifer sighed and relaxed a bit, seeing it was only Squall there. “What're you doing here?”

Squall shrugged, gazing at Seifer. “I wanted to come see you.”

“Me?” That shocked Seifer a lot. Why would Squall want to see him? Sure they were friends now, he just didn't think Squall would come looking for him. “Why?”

“Just to see how you're doing,” he answered honestly, giving Seifer a long look. Actually, Squall had been worried about the tall blond. Ever since he started seeing Devon, he had not really been himself, and that worried Squall.

Seifer starred at him for a moment. Why would Squall want to see how he's doing? Well, he could guess reasons why Squall might seem concerned, but he was alright. Although, he knew he wasn't himself, and it all started when he started dating this guy. Seifer shuddered slightly at that thought, and Squall noticed it.

“You okay?”

Seifer blinked and then nodded. “Yeah,” he smirked. “It's nothin' Squally-boy.”

Squall huffed and crossed his arms. “Whatever.” He tried to appear indifferent, but he let his lips quirk up in a small smile. He found himself smiling more around Seifer than usual. Seifer just had that effect on him. Plus, he already realized he liked Seifer.

“How are things...” Squall looked up, trying to see if he could get a reading on Seifer, but to no avail. Seifer was a hard person to read most times, which irritated the brunet. He wanted to know what was going on inside the blond’s head.

Seifer looked down and licked his lips; he was trying to not give anything away. “Fine.”

In Squall's opinion, that answer came a little too quickly. He knew something was going on with Seifer, that question was, though, what? Finally, realizing Seifer wouldn't say anything else on the matter, he dropped it.

“So,” Squall started. “What are you doing in here?”

He shrugged. “Nothing, really. I'm just fighting things.”

“Hn,” was all Squall could say to that.

“Wanna go get something to eat from the cafeteria?”

Squall nodded and they both left the training center.


“Yo, guys!” said a hyper male's voice.

“Hey, Chicken!” Seifer called back with mock hyperness.

“Are you making fun of me?” Zell asked as he crossed his arms.

Seifer pretended to think about it. “Yeah.”

“Asshole,” was Zell's good comeback, causing the taller blond to laugh. Zell glared as Seifer and Squall too their seats.

“The one and only.” Seifer grinned.

Zell rolled his eyes; of course he'd answer like that; he was Seifer after all.

“Hi, Seifer,” a women's voice said.

“Hello, dear instructor,” Seifer replied, smirking.

She sighed and sat down. “How are you?”

“Fine,” he said in a smooth voice. “It's me. When am I not fine?” he let his hands rake over his torso, giving them an example of how 'fine' he was, and grinned when they rolled their eyes.

“Right,” she scoffed.

Squall didn't say anything, but Seifer was 'fine' in his personal opinion. He always thought Seifer looked very good.

“Hey, what's that supposed to mean?” He gave a mock glare.

“Nothing,” Quistis giggled.

“Seifer!!” a deep voice shouted out, causing Seifer to flinch, and Squall to glare.

“Devon,” he whispered, giving a tight smile.

“Get over here Seifer,” Devon called again, waving a hand towards the blond. Seifer swallowed; he didn't want to go, but he knew he didn't have much of a choice in the matter. He gave a look to his friends and stood up. He sighed.

“You don't have to go,” Squall piped in, shooting a hateful look at Devon, who simply did the same.

“It's okay. I'll see you guys later,” he said and walked over to his boyfriend. Squall was not happy, and he was pretty sure it showed on his face.

“I don't like him,” Squall heard himself mutter. It was true, Squall hated him; hated him for taking Seifer, and hated him for treating Seifer like he does; ordering Seifer around like that. Squall glared.

“Squall,” Quistis spoke. “I know. But, there's nothing you can do.”

Dammit, he knew she was right. Seifer wouldn't like him to interfere in his relationship. He saw Devon place a possessive arm around Seifer, who tried hard to not flinch at the tight hold. Fuck, he was jealous and he knew it, but he didn't deserve Seifer.

“Seifer,” Devon began. “Haven't I said not to sit with... HIM?”

“....Yes....” he finally replied, looking at his food.

Devon gave him a look, but decided to deal with it later.


A/N: Well, this is complete. I'm just posting this one at a time here. I figured I'd post it here, too. Well, let me know what you think.

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