I'll Be There

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~I'll Be There~


Pairings: Seifer/Squall (and others)

Warnings: This will be an AU. High School Fic, Yaoi between Seifer/Squall Will have lots of swearing, Violence (Lemons Later) O/C's

Summary: Seifer Almasy, is a teen with a more than bad home life. He gets beaten and abused both physically and mentally, by his father. His mother has left them. What happens when he meets Squall? Will he be the only one that can help Seifer?

Squall Leonhart has just moved to Balamb High. He had to move from his old home in Deling City, due to constant fights. His grades were good, but he was also known for his cold, uncaring attitude. What will happen when he meets the blond that needs help? Will he be able to stop his cold attitude for Seifer?

Please Read and Review. Let me know what you think of this idea, let me know if you want me to continue with it or not. :) Thanks and I hope you enjoy it

A/N: I decided to change the title. I thought this one would be better. :)


Chapter 1

Squall groaned and rolled over in his bed. Today, he was starting his new year at a completely different school. He didn't much care, though, as he didn't like his old school much. Too many prissy fucks there, that think they are better than anyone else. Not only that, but he thought change was a good thing. He checked his watch, and noticed he had an hour before he needed to be at school.

Squall has always considered that he was a good student, had friends. Well, one in particular really, his name was Irvine Kinneas. But he had to stay where he was, back in Deling City. They do talk though, often enough, he still wishes they could see more of each other. Irvine was always known for his, what you call it, being a lady's man, sort to speak.

Irvine does have a girlfriend though, her name's Selphie Tilmitt. She hated the fact that he flirted with everyone, but excepted that about him because she loves him.

Squall gave a low chuckle. He can't really even remember how they even became friends really, maybe it was one day at school, when Squall had been provoked in a fight. Now, Squall Leonhart was also known from raking shit from no one, and they were no exceptions.

So, when he was fighting him, he had another friend and that's when Irvine jumped in to help him. Not that he really needed it, though. But still a nice thing to do in Squall's book. Heh, they got those bastards pretty good, though, and since then, they have hung out and became best friends. Actually, the fights Squall had were what had him sent to a new school anyways. So he was kinda grateful for that. Anything's better than dealing with those bastards.

It was better this way in Squall's personal opinion. If he hadn't been moved, he was certain he's end up killing those lame fuckers. That's how much they annoyed him.

Squall shook his head, chocolate colored locks falling in front of his handsome face, He brushed it aside, and yawned. Getting up, Squall grabbed some clothes, and took a quick shower. He had time anyways.

Once he was done, he got dressed in black hip hugging leather pants, that sowed off his figure a bit, and a black t-shirt, with a bomber jacket. He glanced in the mirror when he was done, he knew he was good looking, though, he tended to not pay much attention to it. He has been told he looks good, but he's always shrugged the compliment off.

Sure they were nice, but he didn't need to hear it all the fucking time, it got on Squall's nerves. He was not conceded by any means. "Fuck." Squall cursed and sighed. He was thinking too much again and he needed to go to fucking school. He checked his watch on his write wrist, as he went down stairs. It read, 7:20. So he needed to get going to school. He was usually home alone, but he didn't mind, he liked his privacy and the peace and quiet. He only lived with his mother though, and he was an only child, which he liked.

"Well. I guess I should get my ass in gear." Squall said, scratching the back of his neck. So without further ado, he grabbed his keys and made sure he had his wallet, which by the way, he never forgets. Shit, there was that one time...

"Dammit!" Squall swore. He hated thinking so damn much, but it did have it's advantages sometimes, like when you don't wanna hear someone talk, or they are annoying you. He went outside, and got on his car and put his bag in the seat beside him. It was red car, and nice looking. It was kind of still like new. Squall loved his car, it ran great.

Finally, he had arrived at school, he took in Balamb High for the first time. He thought it was a pretty bug school, he also sees a bunch of students talking around outside. So he parked his car next to someone elses car in the student parking space, he guessed. He didn't much care. Everyone stopped and looked at him, as he stopped his car and got out.

He got his bag out of his car and then looked right back. He did not enjoy being started at.

Then, some kid walked up to him, and held out and hand introducing himself, obviously.

"Hey there. You must be the new student, I had heard about. My name is Zell Dincht.,pleasure."

Squall started at the hand, as if contemplating whether or not to shake it. Finally, though reluctantly, he shook Zell's hand. "Squall Leonhart," He started at Zell, who was bouncing around like an idiot. "You can stop bouncing now."

"Huh?" Zell stopped, and looked at him funny. "Oh! Sorry, it's a bad habit."

Squall shook his head. "Whatever." He shrugged,

Squall then started to walk inside the school, to find out his classes for this year. "Hey man!"

"What do you want?" Squall asked, an annoyed scowl on his face.

"J-just wanted to know where you're headed, is all." Zell replied, nervously.

Squall sighed, "I am going to get my class schedule for this year." Then he turned and proceeded to walk away from him. He was starting to annoy Squall anyways.

"Don't you need me to show you where it is? The office, I mean?" Zell jogged up to him.

He thought about it for a second, and realized he was right. He had no idea where the fucking office even was. "Whatever. Sure."

"Cool!" The they headed towards the office. Finally, they arrived there.

"Okay, I'm here now, so piss off." Squall said in a bored tone.

"What!" Zell half shouted, cause he was shocked. What the hell did he do?

"You heard me." With that, Squall walked into the office, leaving Zell flabbergasted from the rude treatment Squall gave him.

"Yeah, well, your welcome asshole." Zell muttered to himself. "Ungrateful bastard." Then he stalked off.

Squall walked up to the front desk, and waited for someone, he didn't really care who, to notice his presence. Then, the lady looked up from whatever the hell she was doing, and smiled at the sight of him.

"Oh god! You're hot!" She squealed.

Squall rolled his deep blue eyes and snorted, typical. "Whatever. I'm new here, name's Squall Leonhart."

She nodded, still smiling, making Squall groan. He hated fan girls. She got out a slip of paper with his class schedule on it.

He snatched it from her. "Thanks." He said to be polite, which he didn't normally do. Then he escaped before she could fawn over him some more.

He looked at his class schedule, and noticed he had English first. Shaking his head, he made to find where his class was.

"You need some help there?" Said a voice from right behind him. Squall whirled around to see who it was. It was a girl, who looked nice. She had a red outfit on. and what looked to be blond hair. "Oh, I am Quistis Trepe by the way." She help out her hand.

Another introduction, great. He shook her hand. "I'm Squall Leonhart."

"Oh! Right. You're the new student, I assume?" Quistis eyed him.

Squall just nodded his head. "I ah, do you know where English class is?" He didn't like to ask things of others, but he did need to get to class.

"Sure I do. Come on, I'll take you there."

"Whatever." Shit, he used that word a lot.

But she just chuckled. "So, where exactly did you move here from? If I may ask?"

""It's fine." Squall sighed. "Deling city."

She nodded. "I heard it's nice over there. I haven't personally been there though."

Squall scoffed. "I guess."

"You guess?"

"Yes. I don't particularly care for the place, but I guess it is nice." He shrugged.

"Oh." Was her only answer. Then they finally made it to his class. "Well, here you are. I'll see you around okay?"

Squall nodded his thanks to her, then walked into the classroom.

The teacher looked up when he heard his classroom door open. " Ah, can I help you?'

Squall walked up to him. "I am the new student here." He handed him the paper, with his information.

He nodded with a smile. "Alright. My name is Mr. Mata. Go ahead and introduce yourself."

Squall cleared his throat, looking at the people in front of him. He noticed a tall looking blond in the back row, who was looking right at him. "I just transferred here from Deling city. Name's Squall Leonhart."

Mr Mata nodded his head. "Okay Mr. Leonhart. You may take your seat in the only empty desk available."

Squall did, well aware of all eyes on him. Suddenly, he got annoyed with it. "Take a fucking picture It'll last longer." He snapped, causing them to look away. Squall just rolled his eyes, and sat down next to the blond.

The blond looked at him, not fazed at all with his snappy remark. Squall looked over at him.

For a moment they just started, then the blond started to speak. "Hi. Name's Seifer Almasy."

Squall sighed, then shook his head. "Hey." He shook Seifer's hand when the blond differed it to him.

"Nice to um, meet you." Seifer said, smirking. He found this new kid fuckin bangin. That's right he's not afraid to admit it. Well, at least to himself, anyway. He was very hot.

Squall eyed him briefly. Then said, "yeah, you too." He said, in a tone Seifer couldn't quite place.

"So, Deling huh?" The blond decided to strike up a small conversation before class started.

Squall's head shot over to him. Was he seriously trying to start a conversation? Squall finally nodded his head. "As you heard."

Seifer frowned at the sarcastic tone in Squall's voice, and scoffed "you didn't have to be sarcastic about it."

Squall glared a little. "I wasn't." he said, even though he probably was.

"Right sure." Seifer snorted. "So how you like it here?"

"Alright class. Get out your notebooks and lets get started, shall we?" The teacher said, interrupting whatever response Squall would have given.

Squall got out his sketch pad, and also drew a little, while doing class work. He was talented at art, at least that's what he's been told, anyways. He has been doing so since he was 5. He couldn't help it though, he really enjoyed drawing things. Always has.

Seifer looked over to him, trying to peer at what Squall was doing. "Hey, what are you doing?"

"Nothing." Was Squall's immediate response.

"I know you're doing something. Come on tell me." Seifer said.


Seifer frowned, "why not?"

"Because...look, what I do is none of you business." Squall snapped.

Seifer glared at him. "Well, fucking excuse me for being curious."

Squall ignored him and continued with what he was doing.

"Tch. Fine then bastard." Seifer growled.

Squall's head shot over to him and he glared. "The hell did you just call me?"

"I believe I called you a bastard." Seifer shrugged.

"Why you-" the teacher cut him off.

"Is there some sort of problem here?"

Seifer and Squall glared at each other one last time. "No." They both said.

"Good. Let's keep it that way hm?" They nodded to him. Then he walked back up to the front of the class.

Neither boy said another word to one another, they just kept silent.

Lunch time came and they got their things and headed out. Squall put his things inside his bag and stood up from his seat, and stretched a little.

"You going to lunch?" Seifer asked, though he didn't know why.

"Yes." Squall headed for the door.

"Um, you eating with anyone? Would you like some company?"

Squall rolled his eyes, "Whatever."

Seifer took that as an invitation, or he didn't care what the brunet said. Either way, they both went to lunch.

They both got their lunches, that they paid for. Though, Seifer could barely afford his, but he does manage. They took a table on the right of the cafeteria.

"Don't you have any friends?" Squall decided to ask.

"Nope, not really." He replied, shrugging. "Well, a couple I guess."

"Great, so why don't you sit with them?" Squall was trying to get rid of of him, but Seifer wasn't having it.

"Aw, but it's so much funner here with you." Seifer smirked at Squall's annoyed look.

"Whatever." Squall started eating his food. So did Seifer. When a young popular looking girl came over to them, she noticed the new kid was handsome.

"Hi there! I'm Rinoa Heartilly" She chirped. Seifer groaned, just what he needed.

Squall looked at her, bored. He didn't pay much attention to her, as he went back to eating. She didn't seem to take notice or care, that he was trying to ignore her, she just kept talking. "What the fuck are you doing here Rinoa?" Seifer demanded.

"I just came over to introduce myself to the new boy." She looked at Squall. "Why are you sitting over here with this queer? You're new, and I'm sure you don't want to be over here with a disgusting fag like him." Rinoa pointed to Seifer, who just glared. "You can do better, come sit with us."

Squall shot Seifer a look, and Seifer looked pissed, and a little hurt.

Squall shook his head. "Thanks, but no. I'm quite fine here."

"What? Surely you know what's better? What would people think if they saw you with that?" Again Rinoa pointed directly at Seifer, who by now had his head down. Surely, he thought Squall would go.

Squall smiled coldly at her. "When I start giving a fuck about any of that, I'll let you know. Till then fuck off." He really was starting to not like her. From what he has seen, she had no reason to talk that way to Seifer, and he felt a little bad about it. Seifer's head snapped over to him, eyes wide.

"Excuse me!" She screeched. "Y-you did not just talk to me like that."

"Hn. I think I did." Squall replied, going back to his food.

"You would choose a fucking fag over me?" Rinoa asked, incredulously.

Squall was starting to get annoyed. "Look. I see no reason to leave this spot. Therefore, I am staying here, alright?"

She growled and stomped off to her friends. Never before has she been turned down. And she was pissed.

Squall looked over at Seifer. "She always like that? Never mind, I imagine she is."

Seifer chuckled, "she is. See...she always goes after new pray in school. That is if their hot enough for her. She tried hooking up with me, but I had turned her down. Since then I never bother with her." Seifer ran a hand through his golden blond locks and sighed. "Why didn't you go though, not that I mind."

"I seen no reason to , and especially no desire to either." Squall shrugged, looking over at him. "I have to ask, but is what she said true? Or was she just upset or something?"

Seifer blinked and thought about it. Not like he was ashamed to admit he was gay or anything. "You mean about me being a 'fag?'" Squall nodded. "Yes, it's true."

"Hn, you must not care what others think of you, huh?"

"Nope." Seifer grinned at him. "No reason to care."

Squall did smile at that, and Seifer thought he had a beautiful smile.

"Changing topic. What were you doing in class?" Seifer asked, cocking his head to the side.


Seifer huffed. "Still not gonna tell me huh? I'll find out somehow."

"That a challenge?"

"A promise." They smirked at one another.

Squall shook his head. "You're strange."

"Thank you."


After Lunch they went back to class, Squall had gym this time, with Seifer.

"So where's your next class?" Seifer asked, as they were walking the halls.

"Why are you still bothering me?" Squall was starting to get a little irritated.

"Cause I want to." Seifer replied with a smirk. He loved to get on peoples nerves, it's what he does best.

Squall sighed, "gym."

"Oh, me too." After a few moments, they made it to the locker room.

They began changing in silence. Squall always new he was a good runner, so he did like gym. He doesn't much care for sports, though, but running is just fine with him. Shaking his head, Squall started to get on his gym clothes.

Seifer looked over at him, and damn, Squall had a nice body. Forcing himself to turn away, he got dressed himself. Once they were done they headed outside. The teacher spotted the new kid.

"Hey, you the new kid." She called out to him.

"What?" Squall asked.

"My names Xu, and I'm your teacher. You must be Squall, right?" Squall nodded his head. "Good. All you have to do today is run a few laps, alright?"

"Whatever. Fine by me." Squall shrugged, and began running with the speed Seifer has never seen before. Fuck, he can run.

Seifer to began running, but not as fast as Squall. As they were running, Seifer did try to catch up to Squall, but Squall was too fast for him.

Seifer had to slow down a little, his sides were really starting to hurt.

"Aw, what's the matter freak? Can't keep up?" A voice sneered behind him in a mocking tone, making Seifer cringe. Jared.

Jared was the bully at school, that liked to pick on Seifer, but Seifer always ignored him when he could. So he continued running, ignoring him. Squall glanced behind him briefly, and saw some idiot talking to Seifer. He wondered who it was.

"I'm talking to you freak." Jared snapped.

"Yeah, and I'm ignoring you, so what?" Seifer replied easily, knowing it would just piss him off more.

Jared caught up to him and grabbed his arm, making him stop. Jared forced him to turn around.

"Don't walk away from me fag."

"Let the fuck go of me, Jared!" Seifer growled.

"No, I don't think I will."

"What the fuck do you want?" Seifer demanded, then sighed. He was silent, and Seifer yanked his arm out of his hold.

Seifer turned around and noticed no one was even paying attention to what was going on. Jared snatched him again and pushed him down, Squall stopped dead in his run after that. If it was one thing he couldn't stand, was bullying. Seifer growled, "fucking bitch."

"Hey asshole, why don't you get the fuck lost." Squall snapped, getting in his face.

"Who the fuck are you?" Jared asked, backing away a little from the glare Squall was sending him.

"The guy that's going beat the shit out of you if you don't get lost and leave him the fuck alone." Squall said in a low calm voice, of barely suppressed anger.

"You don't even know him, so, why should I?"

"Because." Squall stepped closer, until he was right in front of him. Seifer watched on. No one has ever defended him before, he didn't need it dammit. But he was still touched by it though. "If you don't, you'll have me to deal with."

Jared gulped, he didn't know this guy, but something about him made him weary. So Jared scattered away quickly, Squall just snorted. Then turned back to the blond. "You alright?"

Seifer stood up and dusted himself off. "I'm fine. That always happens though, I'm used to it. You didn't have to do that."

Squall just stared at him for a long moment. "Right. Like you were doing much better. Besides, I can't stand fuckers like that."

"I could have took him." Seifer stated arrogantly. Seifer probably could have held his own, but having someone stick up for him was a nice gesture. "Thanks."

"Don't mention it." Squall waved it off. Seifer nodded.

"Is everything okay here?" The teacher asked. Great, now she comes.

"Yes. Fine." Seifer grunted. Squall wondered why Seifer didn't tell Xu what was going on?

"Yeah," Squall finally agreed, after seeing the look Seifer was giving him, and sighed.

"Alright, if you're sure." They nodded and she went back to where she was.

"Why didn't you say anything?" Squall asked, raising an eyebrow.

Seifer just scoffed, "I don't need to, I'm fine."

Squall just shook his head and left it at that, for now.

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