Hands on Distraction

BY : Toya
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[Hands on Distraction]


“He’s this way! Over here!”

A G-Soldier yells out, pulling up his gun. He fires, but is quickly dealt with as he takes a hefty fist to his face.

“Seize the enemy, dead or alive!”

Another G-Soldier shouts out before he’s suplexed towards the ground.

Sounds of heavy footsteps and gunfire shots echo the floors of the D-Distract Prison. Zell was caught off-guard when a group of G-Soldiers marched up to the main floor of the Prison. The soldiers didn’t hesitate to shoot at him when he least expected it. He was lucky enough to survive this far, but not lucky enough to avoid getting hurt. His arms were sore, bruised and bleeding from all the fighting he has gone through in this horrid place. Even worse, his hair was a mess. But he had no time to complain about his wounds or his messy hair. His team needed him, and he wasn’t going to let a little pain slow him down. Besides, he’s fought tougher enemies. If he were to die, he didn’t want his mother to know he died to a mere G-Soldier.

“Damn, they’re too many of them. I’m outta here!”

Zell says to himself and starts running towards the stairs leading down. More G-Soldiers run up the stairs and soon notice Zell at the top. They point their guns at him and ready their trigger.

“’cuse me, coming through!”

Zell leaps up and jumps on top of one of the G-Soldier head. He then starts jumping from one G-Soldier head to another. He lands perfectly back on the metal flooring and gives himself thumbs up. It didn’t last long as the G-Soldiers catch up to him and start shooting below the stairs. He dances around the bullets and continues running down the corridor. Even through serious moments, Zell couldn’t help to act like himself at times. Perhaps this was one of the reasons not many people took him seriously at times. But he had no time to think about that now.  He was getting chased by armed gunmen after all.


Another G-Soldier suddenly appears and blocks his way.

“You bastards just pop outta no way!”

Zell said, but he had no time for much chatter. Before the Soldier could lift up his gun, Zell gives a swift kick to the Soldier’s chest. The Soldier slams against the wall and passes out in an instant. He stops himself to take a breather, but then continues on again.

As he ran, his mind couldn’t help but wonder about the others.  ‘Did the escape?’, ‘Are they being chased as well?’, ‘Are they evening coming back for me?!’ Of course, his mind was just thinking more about the bad then the good. If anything, Squall would come back for him. He was the leader after all and it would look bad for him to let a teammate die in such a pathetic way. And, Zell always thought he was the favorite of Squall’s, considering he was always on the same team with him whenever Squall was given the chance to pick out the teams. Zell was quite indifferent about Squall at first because of his dreadful ‘whatever’ attitude towards everything. As the days went by, he’s grown quite a lot of respect for the guy. He wanted to prove himself to Squall, show him that he was worthy team member to him. But he didn’t want to show it like this.

Zell was tired, he knew it himself. He could barely pick up his feet, his own will and determination was the only thing that made him to continue. Perhaps his fears were going to come true after all.

Suddenly, before he could even react to it, he’s bungled over the head with something. He smacks towards the ground head first.


Zell grunts, trying to pull himself up but slamming back down.

“Did you think you’d get away that easily?!”

Zell looks up and sees a guard looming over him and shouting. The guard taps his baton in his hand and scowls. Zell could recognize this ‘mean guy’ from anywhere.  I guess he still wasn’t over the fact about being knocked out in the cell so easily earlier.

“I thought you were taking a nap.”

He mocks at the guard. The guard growls, stomping his foot on Zell’s head, rubbing his thick boots in the young man’s already dirty hair. He forces his head up, glaring at the guard. The guard tries to push the boy’s head back down, but Zell kept it firm in place. The guard grows even angrier as he pulls out a gun from his holster. He points it at Zell and readies the triggers, aiming between the eyes.

“I should kill you right now--!”

Before the Guard could say another word, a dark figure flies across him. Soon, a bright flash a light covers Zell’s eyes as he closes them. The pressure on his head quickly fades.

“Didn’t think he’d go down that easily.”

A familiar low, deadpan voice rings in his ears.

“Hey, open your eyes.”

Zell does as the voice says. He blinks a couple times and notices a different person looming over him. He takes quick notice of the person and jumps up in excitement.


Squall carried his Gunblade over his shoulder and gave his usual blank expressive look over to Zell. Even in situations like these, he never seemed all that concerned.  He looked besides the man as the guard was hunched over, incapacitated. He looks back at Squall. Zell was beaming with such relief that he had completely forgotten about how exhausted he was. Squall flips some of his hair, feeling a little awkward, but keeping his pose.

“Thanks, man!”

Then, without warning, he runs towards Squall and kneels down, hugging his waist. Squall got quite off-guard by this and fumbles with his Gunblade.


He shouts at Zell, still unsure on what was going on right now. Zell starts to shake Squalls whole body around, mumbling small ‘thank yous!’ under his breathe. The excitement got the best of him, he thought his life was going to end before his eyes and he was saved just in the nick of time by shadowed figure. It almost reminded him of a scene in an old comic book he read back at home.

“Let go!”

Squall yells at Zell again, growing impatient with the man’s childish action. Zell wasn’t fazed by his words as he continues to shake Squalls body. Whatever Zell was, he was in his own little world of happiness now. Squall couldn’t even move out from his hold, Zell’s grip was far too strong for him to escape out of.

“I said, let go!”

He grows angry smacking his head against Zell’s, trying to push him away. He then smacks him over with his sword handle but he still wouldn’t let go. He then screams out as loud as he can.

“We’re still being chased!”


Zell finally snaps out of it and looks up at Squall. He had quite a distasteful look on him as he stared directly in front of himself. Zell turns his head around. A click of a gun echo around his ears as G-Soldiers appears around the men.

“…They really do pop out from nowhere.”

He jokes. Squall smacks his sword handle on Zell’s head again, not amused.

“Too busy hugging your boyfriend to notice us?”

A G-Soldier mocks at him, taking advantage over Zell’s foolish mistake. Zell wanted to get angry and slam his fist straight into the guy’s face, but the energy he once had faded completely. He charge down completely and was unable to move at all.

“Put down the sword.”

A different G-Soldier points his gun directly at Squall, demanded him. Under this circumstance, Squall obliged and dropped his Gunblade next to himself. The Soldier kicks the Gunblade across the room, still pointing his gun at Squall.

How did it come to this? Everything was going so well until now. Zell felt humiliated to lose himself this easily. Perhaps the fear of dying or the fear of being abandon really got to him. All that training, all those dangerous battles, all those stupid tests, all of this! To have it all become a complete waste because he just got a little scared. Not only was he going to die now, Squall was going with him as well. If Rinoa knew it was his fault he died, she would be devastated and betrayed by the trust he promised her. She always trusted Zell the most when it came to promises, mostly because the promises she told Zell mostly involved Squall. To break a girl’s heart not once but even twice in a row is unforgiveable to him. He had to do something to save them both or at least Squall.

“Are you going to let go of him or what?”

A G-Soldier asks, rubbing his gun on Zell’s head. He was quite confused on why he was still holding onto him. Somehow, Zell got a crazy idea. He didn’t know how well it would turn out, but it was the only thing he could think of. Quistis and Selphie were nowhere to be seen still. Perhaps if he distracted the guards, they would come in and rescue them. Or, Rinoa will return with some help and stop these guards all together. Whatever happens, all Zell needed to do now was to distract the G-Soldiers and wait for the others.

“Wait, you give Prisoners a final request, right?!”

He replies to the Soldier’s question with an unrelated answer. The rest of the Soldiers look at one another, a couple shrugging their shoulders even.

“I… suppose?

One of the Soldiers answers, but he was still quite unsure himself.

“I wish to do something before you kill us. Please, I won’t even have to move to do it.”

They whisper to one another, some agreeing to give him the request while others disagreeing about it being a trick.

“What are you doing?”

Squall whispers over to Zell, just as confused with this sudden outburst. Zell gives a serious look at him and replies.

“Don’t hate me for this.”

Squall raises an eyebrow. Finally, all the G-Soldiers agree to a decision.

“Fine, but neither of you moves an inch from that spot. And make it snappy, we don’t have all day.”

Zell nods his head.

“Good enough for me.”

Everything goes quiet as the Soldiers wait for Zell’s next action. His face got a little red, but he knew it was not the time to get cold feet now. He made a choice and now he had to commit to it. Besides, he was already a quarter of the way there already. He just needed to strength to move his arms. There was no more time to waste. His slowly slides his arms from Leon’s waist and drops them to the floor. Some of the G-Soldiers slightly pull their guns up, readying for any sudden actions. He clenches his fists a few times to get his fingers moving. He’s going to need them.

He slides his hands up Squall’s leather jeans and places them around his crouch area. Squall body flinches, his eyes looking back and forth at the Soldiers and Zell. He wanted to speak, but he knew it would only make things worse. He kept quiet, for now. But he couldn’t help but grow uneasy on what Zell was planning on doing. His fingers press against Squall crouch, patting down on the young man’s penis. Zell had to admit, he had no clue what he was doing. He was just going with his instincts at this point.

The G-Soldiers start to whisper again, uncertain about the scene they were witnesses in front of them. To Zell, this was a good thing, it kept them occupied. But Zell can’t just continue to pat Squall’s dick like it’s a tiny baby Chocobo now! He had to make this look real or else the crowd would lose interest. He grabbed the upper part of Squall’s jeans and slides them down in a flash. Even the Soldiers were amazed on how fast he did it, even more when the belts around him still hanged on his waist. Zell was more surprised of that fact Squall wore such underwear down there. He was only kidding about that Chocobo line from before.

Squall had a hard time keeping his cool usual attitude together as his eyes and mouth open wide in utter surprise. He then holds his breathe, trying not to spit out a single word. It was time for Zell to get a bit more serious. He grabs a good hold of Squall penis, but not too tight that he crush it. He trained with his hands long and hard for them to crush his own penis, less another men’s.


Squall lets out a low moan, but no more than that. The rough fingers surrounded his dick placed quite a bit a pressure on it. Squall has masturbated before, but his fingers were not as heavy and thick as Zell’s was. This was a unique experience he never thought to feel from any man, let alone from Zell.

Zell slowly moves his hand up then down.


Squall moans again. It would be a lie to say he didn’t find some pleasure in this. Still, it was quite ballsy to do this in front of people, especially in front of the enemy. He just says ‘whatever’ to himself and lets Zell continue on. Zell concentrated heavily on Squall’s dick. He did not want to make any mistakes here. He made sure to change his pacing in his hand to keep things interesting, but not too often so he didn’t lose any pleasure in a certain spot. He wanted this to look real, even to Squall.

“Aa… Nn…”

Squalls moans grow more high pitch as the pleasure around his dick rises. The G-Soldiers watched intensely at the two.

“Maybe I should join SeeD...”

One of the soldiers murmur to themselves as another solder smacks their elbow with theirs, hinting at him to keep quiet.

Squall’s dick grew harder in Zell’s hands, being able to stand up straight on its own. Zell almost wanted to pat himself on the back on how well he was doing pleasuring another guy’s dick. Then he realized he was going to pat himself over pleasuring another guy’s dick and decided it was best not to. Either way, he felt a little happy with himself. Even if this all didn’t work out in the end, he wouldn’t be upset for jerking Squall off to buy some extra time. The more he thought about it, the more he realized how much he cared for Squall in such a way. But, that would just be betraying Rinoa’s trust as well, which he can’t let himself do. Besides, Squall could never show the same feelings he has. He already has enough trouble understanding hers. Zell coughs of a laugh and decides to finish the job he started.

Zell looks at Squall’s dick once more, licking his lips. He puckers his lips and kisses the head.”


Squall shrinks out, surprised with Zell. He didn’t believe he go as far as use his own mouth. He kisses the head again then runs his tongue on the sides of Squalls dick. He licked it like hard candy or perhaps melted ice cream. Whatever the image that molded in his mind, it helped him focus on the right parts at the right time.

“Ahaa… Nnh…!”

Squall felt chills roll down his back. He never thought he get this far, let alone get so turned on. He was close, but didn’t have the right words to say he was. The people watching them didn’t help at all either. He did want to cum, but not in a place like this. Really, there was not much he could do but let Zell handle it. Zell decides to let his fingers play around again. He pinching Squall’s hanging balls.


Squall yelps, panting ever so heavily. His whole face was flustered bright red and tiny specs of sweat run down his cheeks. It really was only a matter of time until he came. Zell wanted to savor this moment. Zell opens his mouth wide and starts to suck on the head of the dick.

“Aaa! Z-Zell…”

He accidently spits out the man’s name without realizing. He looks away, embarrassed that he said it so loudly. But not just him but Zell as well grew embarrassed hearing his name said, mostly because it gave him such a big hard-on. But he had to strive through, he has to focus on only one dick here and that dick was Squall’s. Zell moves his head in deeper, almost swallowing Squalls dick whole. He moves quickly and starts to motion his head back and forth.

“Mmn! Aaahaa!”

The moans did not stop. Squall had lost control of his words. Zell fiddles with Squalls balls some more as he continues to suck on his thick dick. The two have had completely forgotten about the G-Soldiers at this point, all that was left in their minds was sweet pleasure.

“Ahaa! Zell… Ah!”

He couldn’t say the right words, but Zell knew he wanted to say he was close to cumming. That’s why he wanted to suck him, so he could properly taste the semen for the first and most likely last time.


And with one final cry, Squall finally came. He blasts his sperm inside Zell’s mouth. Zell was quite unprepared how fast the semen would come and how big the amounts would be. It fills his mouth and runs down his throat, leaving his little air to breathe. He squeezes his eyes and gulps down as much as he can. Squall breathes heavily through his nose as his semen continues to flow out from him little by little. He was almost upset all that pleasure was leaving him so quickly.

“Nn… Haa… Aa…”

He pants one final breathe and finally settles down.  He has never come as hard as he did today. Zell does one last hard swallow and slides his lips of Squalls dripping wet dick.


Zell pants slightly, licking his lips. He dares not look up at Squall less keep his eyes open. He was just too afraid to see what kind of look he would give him for doing such a disgusting act. Purpose he was just what Seifer has always called him; A Chickwuss.


His voice returned to his usual deadpan in such a short time that it surprised Zell. If anything, it just gave him more of a reason to not look up.

“Hey, open your eyes.”

I slowly turn my head towards him. I open up one eye and peek up to him. He didn’t seem mad, nor did he have such dull look on his face. He seemed quite content.


Zell quietly says. Then, sounds of heavy footsteps and gunfire shots echo the floors of the D-Distract Prison. Zell felt like his life was flashing before his eyes again. Just for it all to end like that. But, as he waited for the pain, he didn’t feel any. Maybe death is really that painless. He opens his eyes once more. He was still kneeling in front of Squall as usual. He looked up at him. He had quite a confused look on his face as he stared directly in front of himself. Zell turns his head around. The G-Soldiers that were surrounding them were all on the ground, gun shots all over their body, and familiar ones at that. The two of them then look at one another.

“Come on already! Stop trying to act so cool.”

Another familiar voice rings though their ears, this time, a more high-pitched one. A few thuds and grunts later, they spot Irvine tumbling down the stairs and landing face first on the floor.  Zell realizes who was coming and flips Squalls jeans back up in mere seconds. He suddenly felt fully energized and leaps up pumping his fists in the air. Squall shakes his head, laying a hand on his thigh. Squall goes over and picks up Gunblade, slashing it a few times in the air. He looks over towards the stairs and sees Rinoa running down.

“If you only agreed to me earlier… Oh, Squall!”

Rinoa takes quick notice of Squall and hurries down, ignoring Irvine all together. She plays with her hands then hides them behind her back. She gives Squall a big smile.

“Squall, Zell!”

Just then, Selphie and Quistis march up the stairs, panting and sweating and with their weapons out. Quistis pulls her whip together and takes her glasses from her pocket, whipping them on her face.

“I’m glad to see you safe, both of you. We had our hands tied up with some monsters below.”

Selphie huffs, letting her nun chucks swing all over.

“Squall, why did you go on your own like that?”

Squall just shrugs his shoulder. She pouts, stomping her foot.

“Is Zell that important to you?”

She yells in frustration.

“Come on, there is no need to argue.”

Quistis interjects, trying to calm Selphie down.


Squall suddenly replies, surprises everyone, even Irvine who was still face down on the ground.


Zell stammers his words and almost losing his own footing.

“Don’t let it get to your head.”

He smirks over to Zell then returns to his original deadpan look to everyone else. Zell rubs the back of his head and laughs.

“Right, right.”

“I knew you weren’t such a bad guy, Squall.”

Rinoa jokes over to him, moving closer to his face.


She giggles, stepping back.

“If I can say a few words.”

Irvine cries out and staggers back up, adjusting his hat back on his head. Before he could say another word Rinoa starts to explain why the two were back at the Prison.

“Can you believe that, Squall? He was just going to abandon you all and take me away.”

“Well, things change and I’m here to help now!”

Irvine complains at back.

“After I had to scratch you to death!”

The two bicker at one another for a while. No one really cared why they came back, they were just glad to have an escape route out of the place. Irvine finally gives up with Rinoa and explains there is a way out upstairs.

“This is our chance to get out of here!”

“There they are! Don’t let the escapees get away!”

Irvine is soon interrupted by another group of G-Soldiers suddenly appear from the right. The Soldiers start shooting rapidly as everyone dock back down near the cement railing and walls.

“Will they ever stop popping up? We were blocking the stairs!”

Zell complaind once again quickly dodging away from a bullet. Irvine just stands where he is and unloads his gun. He doesn’t hesitate for a second and starts shooting back at the Soldiers.

“Listen, I don’t have any more time to explain. Squall, gather a group of three and head upstairs!”

He shouts, dodging a couple bullets flying his way.

“I think I know a way!”

Rinoa huddles over to Squall shaking his arm. Squall nods to her then to Zell.

“Right. Rinoa, Zell, let’s go.”

Zell couldn’t help but blush a little but kept a serious look on his face. He pumps his fist and nods.


“Be careful you guys!”

Selphie waves goodbye as Quistis and her move closer to Irvine. Irvine fires a few pot shots so Squall and the other can get upstairs.

“Hey, Zell.”

As they hurry up towards the steps Rinoa grabs Zell shoulder, pulling him closer to her. She gives him a big smile.

“Thanks for keeping Squall safe. I knew I could trust you.”

Zell takes a good look at her for a second then gives her a smile back.

“Yeah, no problem.”

 The two of them then hurry on to catch up with Squall.

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