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Fenrir’s tires were screeching loudly as Cloud put the bike into a higher gear, roughly burning the rubber. It was late and the sun had already sunk behind the horizon and he wanted to get home as quickly as possible. Tifa had made a nice dinner and was awaiting Cloud, but at her request he had promised to pick up some freshly baked bread from the bakery across town. This delayed him a bit as the baker was overwhelmed with customers and he was finished an hour later than planned. As an apology, the baker, Mr. Lockley, threw a few extra cinnamon rolls into the bag and sent Cloud off with a friendly pat on the back.

Indeed, the boy had been delivering his products to customers when the ordinary delivery boy, Mr. Lockley’s nephew, was for some reason hindered and unable to do his duties. Cloud didn’t mind though, for Mr. Lockley’s bakery was the best in Midgar and even ShinRa was known to send the Turks to pick up a weekly supply of poppy seed pastries. And due to the gentle character of this old man, not even the shady creatures from the opposite side of the law would deprive him of his earnings in any indecent manner. Everyone paid Mr. Lockley and everyone indulged in his products; even Sephiroth.

Cloud released an inadvertent smile as he remembered a boy’s-night-out that ended in Mr. Lockley’s bakery. They had been a group of five mischievous youngsters from the Soldier Academy who had been craving for something to eat after the bars closed close to the morning hours. Mr. Lockley opened his bakery very early when most people were still asleep, since it took him quite some time to prepare the goods ordered by the customers and to fill up his shelves with those lovely masterpieces. The good-hearted man let the drunken, singing youngsters into the store and gave them sandwiches to soak up the remaining alcohol in their stomachs and to prevent their foolish brains from completely bobbing in liquor. They had seated themselves at the few tables and chairs inside the modest, little bakery, and kept on chanting as could be expected by such juvenile cadets; looking all cool, though actually rather silly, in their sunglasses at dusk.

At that early hour, the group of loud cadets were surprised to find the great general, Sephiroth, enter the store. As Cloud remembered it, Sephiroth was equally surprised to find the cadets there. He said nothing but walked calmly to the counter where Mr. Lockley handed a box of freshly baked cream cakes over to him with the words; “Your usual six as always, my little lad.”

‘My little lad.’ Cloud could never forget that. It was in some way quite charming, for at that moment and filtered through that benevolent set of words, Sephiroth seemed ever so human. Yes, he too could be someone’s little lad, someone’s son or brother. Sephiroth had smiled back at Mr. Lockley and paid for his daily portion of cream cakes. Cloud had never before seen Sephiroth smile, other than to scoff or with some smug expression reflecting off his face, but nothing as lovely and warm as that morning. And he paid – PAID – like a normal human being. The blond recalled how all the cadets went quiet not knowing if they were hallucinating from the alcohol or if it was real.

Sephiroth had walked up to them and said; “You know what to do, don’t you?”

Cloud nodded agreeing on behalf of the entire group to keep their mouth shut about Sephiroth’s simple, little pleasures for fear of retribution in the form of harder training. He had flown up from his seat loudly confirming, ‘Sir, yes, Sir!’ to which Sephiroth twisted his lips into a divine smile and removed Cloud’s sunglasses to dive into his teal, flickering gaze.

“You are one funny little guy, Cadet Strife,” Sephiroth uttered with his deep seductive voice, whilst folding the glasses with one hand and handing them back to the blond.

Sephiroth had stepped closer and placed a strong hand on Cloud’s chin, raising the face towards his own and attentively studying the smooth, juvenile features. Sephiroth had just taken his morning shower, for Cloud felt the fragrance of that masculine cologne nestle into his head and mesmerize him. It was an exquisite scent that in contrast to the pale skin colored the senses with a fruity hint and a spicy blend of fragrances. It was seductive and suited Sephiroth perfectly, for it drew Cloud close to the General in a way he had never previously experienced in the presence of a man. It was as alluring as it was dangerous, just as Sephiroth was himself.

It was the first time Cloud had noticed that the dark angel was all but colorless in his persona and physical appearance. Ribbons of color were radiating through those deep cyan wells, little freckles on the bridge of the nose added an enchanting character to the otherwise blunt face, and the arch of the eyebrows showed tiny imperfections of a few brown strands of hair lost in a bed of silver. However, those tiny flaws in the appearance of the seraph only made him more perfect and complete in the eyes of an idolizing boy.

“…Cadet Strife.”

Cloud sighed. Sephiroth had remembered his name. From a group of thousands, he remembered Cadet Strife who was now resting his chin in a strong hand, thumb playfully pinching the trembling jaw. He was lost for words and remained standing hypnotized by the very man he worshiped as the greatest Soldier ever. He was caught in the aura of the powerful angel and could no longer pull away…

Fenrir caught speed, hands boosting the power…

A smooth tongue travelled across the finely shaped lips that often spewed hatred and demands…

The wind was howling in his ears as he rode through the darkness….

Cloud remembered the scent that filled his head with lust…

The ground was whipped into dust under the spinning wheels…

Cloud remembered the world dissolving around him into a mist of nothingness…

Fenrir swallowed the road with ravenous hunger, feeding his way through the night on a well-known path…

Cloud remembered the spark in those eyes…

The spark that unawares appeared before his eyes; a silver ray of light hit his retina and stung his sockets like needles. Cloud lost control over Fenrir, the vehicle started wobbling and just like a wild stallion it threw the young man off its back, crashing him into the dusty ground. Cloud could only concentrate on relaxing his body in order not to break his bones. It all happened so quickly that he had not even had the slightest chance to react or reflect over the dangerous situation he was caught in. Speeding on a dusty road was a perilous mistake and staring towards the darkened sky, he could merely sigh with relief knowing he was still alive.

“By all the Gods,“ Cloud panted and lay motionless on the ground. His mind was completely blank and couldn’t even remember what it was that had made him speed so insanely.

Slowly he gathered strength and dusted his clothes off whilst getting up from the ground. He staggered towards Fenrir, wheels still spinning and engine growling with a deep murmur. With great effort he lifted the heavy motorbike to an upright position. Like a concerned friend, Cloud circled the bike a few times, examining it for any major damage. When assured that there was nothing more severe than dents and scratches in the metal, which could be beaten and polished out, he turned the engine off and scanned his surroundings for the blinding light that had caused this accident. He saw the marks on this road, witness of the potentially deadly event. What he saw set his mind into conflict and confusion seeing tiny paw prints in the sand near the road. He followed the set of prints to a nearby pile of rocks revealing that the perpetrator was hiding somewhere near.

“Where are you, you little shit?” Cloud growled with anger and fatigue.

His body was still high on adrenaline, but it was draining him quickly of the anger he was fighting to keep alive in order to obtain revenge. His thoughts of retribution were however, defeated by the slight whimper of a shivering bundle of fur, hiding in a crevice in the rocks. A small cat was staring back at him. Cloud frowned and took pity noticing the starved little frame and dusty fur. The tone of his voice changed in an instant.

“Shh, it’s all right, kitty. I won’t hurt you,” the blond began soothingly whilst trying to find a way to reach inside the tiny cave to pull the cat out.

By the looks of the cat, it had been roaming the desert for a while and obviously starving for some time, and thus leaving it there would mean certain death for the poor animal. Although this unforeseen meeting nearly sent Cloud into a painful death, he didn’t have the heart to leave the cat behind.

“Come ’ere little friend,” Cloud called and when the cat had stuck out its nose with curiosity, the blond took the chance to grab the animal by the neck and pull it out.

The brutal tactic was not entirely appreciated and not without a clear demonstration of anger, hurt, fear and vicious hisses. No matter, Cloud allowed for the cat to wriggle and battle itself into fatigue to the point where he could calmly clutch the animal into his arms and head home. He knew his delay would bring acrimony as this last year had certainly brought out the disjunction between the couple, but at least he had a valid reason for being late this time.

Nonetheless, Tifa was fuming. Cloud was two hours late and the food had gone cold. Their relationship was in crisis and she had made an effort to bring them closer with a nice dinner and a relaxing evening together, and the scoundrel blond had not even respected her wish to at least be home on time. When the rumble of Fenrir announced Cloud’s arrival, Tifa rushed outside, words of anger boiling in her throat just waiting to be released with force. But as she saw the torn appearance of her beloved Cloud the frustration dissolved into the motherly care she expressed.

“Oh sweet Shiva, what has happened to you?” Tifa burst with genuine worry, tears flooding her eyes as she removed the bag of groceries from Cloud’s hand.

He was tightly clutching one arm to his chest and she was worried he was seriously injured. She made several attempts to offer him assistance, but to her great frustration Cloud was keeping a distance.

“Don’t worry, Tifa. I’m fine… let’s just go inside.”

Though Tifa was eager and anxious to know what went wrong, she knew by experience that there was no rushing Cloud. He needed to deal with things in a specific order and so she patiently waited him out.

Safely inside the house, Cloud seated Tifa at the kitchen table and revealed the secret hidden behind his closed embrace. A furry, little head peeked out and greeted the world with a meek meow, whilst blinking at her with beautiful blue eyes.

“How adorable,” Tifa smiled and reached for the cat.

Drained of strength and feistiness it made no resistance in the arms of the mistress, being cosseted with gentle strokes along the fragile body.

“My goodness, he’s so skinny,” the young woman continued and almost like a mother, her primary concern shifted towards the starving, little substitute of a child. “I have some cream in the fridge; you think he will like it?”

Cloud smiled and nodded in return. He loved the caring side of Tifa, but a big part of him was not ready for that kind of world. He had no desire for a family. He was a Soldier and the group was his family and the battle was his life. He wasn’t ready; he needed something else in life. His restless spirit could not be tied to one and his relationship with Aeris and some female cadets at the Academy spoke of this shifting desire. Tifa deserved better… someone else. Cloud jolted at the thought and shook his head. It was the first time these thoughts have stirred in his mind and thus he dismissed them as confused ideas of an exhausted soul. No, he was imagining things.

The cat lapped up the cream with large gulps and happily dug its nose into the bits of meat Tifa had prepared. The tiny squares of salami and chicken leftovers were quickly swallowed until the tiny belly was hanging heavily beneath the bony frame. Though left in the desert for months the cat retained an instinctive set of mannerisms and expressed his gratitude by brushing against the legs of the mistress and following her footsteps like loyal companion.

“So what should we call him?” Tifa asked and bent down to pick up the bundle of fur from the floor.

“I don’t know,” Cloud shrugged and reached across the table to touch the tiny nose.

The cat sniffed his fingers, trying to identify the scent, and gave him a slight lick. The sweat and dirt on the master’s hands, however, were far less pleasant to the taste than the meal he just received, and thus the cat withdrew its head. The mistress was cleaner.

“Well,” Tifa began spoiling her newfound toy with caresses and snuggles. “He is grey and he is very bony… so, how about Greybone?”

Cloud laughed out loud, but agreed for it was all that defined the cat in its appearance.

“It’s a good name.”

“Hello, Greybone,” Tifa smiled and lifted the cat into proper view, noticing he was very dirty. “He needs a bath, Cloud. Just like you. So how about taking him into the shower?”

“Why me?” Cloud grumbled like a child, but Tifa countered him with a comment that defeated him fair and square.

“Because, he loves me now that I’ve fed him and I won’t ruin my position by dragging him into water. You know how much cats hate that.” She stuck out her tongue amusingly to tease Cloud and agreed to join him as soon as she cleaned up after the cat.

Stillness ascended upon the night as two lovers united under drops of crystal water, washing away the hurt, the anguish and the tension that kept them apart. Cloud devoured Tifa’s kisses and pressed her against the tiled wall, hands gliding over firm breasts, caressing a smooth waist, buttocks filling his aching palms and senses searching confirmation of his actions. His fingers were probing sacred passages, surrounding himself with moisture and preparing his woman for the intrusion by his body. Tifa wrapped her legs around Cloud as he lifted her up and got out of the shower cubicle then delicately placed her on the cold ground, still united. Their skin was coming alive with the chill outside the spray of water, but the heat their bodies were exuding overshadowed any sensations. There was nothing but pleasure.

Lying on the floor, Cloud was exploring Tifa’s body with all his senses and making her gasp for air as his busy tongue pushed over the borders of elation, sending ecstasy through every part of her being. With her hands cupped around his face, she pulled him closer and allowed him access into the depth of desire, rocking her world to the rhythm of his lovemaking. She closed her eyes as he buried his face in the curve of her neck, listening attentively to his heavy breathing.

A sound pierced through the air like a small dart directed to the core of his eardrums, and Cloud lifted his head. Under the cupboard beneath the sink, a pair of emeralds blinked back at him. Greybone was watching Cloud, boring himself into the master’s mind and Cloud forgot about the real world. His movements became more pronounced and his gaze merged with that of the feline. Arms were wrapped around his neck, pulling Cloud close whilst a soft tongue was plundering his mouth. Cloud responded by drinking the kisses, and his body freely plunging into the receptive frame beneath.

“Cloud, what are you doing?” floated into the void in an unfamiliar tone, and as the blond distanced himself from the floor he was shocked by the image of Kadaj writhing with pleasure.

Panic ripped Cloud away from the seductive figure calling from the floor, but as the features of Tifa shifted through this dreamlike state, the flaxen haired man remained sitting on his heels and just staring. Without even the slightest evidence of uneasiness, Kadaj raised one foot, tracing the contours of Cloud’s chest, moving upwards and shapely soft toes probing the surface of his lips. Shocked, but still aroused beyond his powers, Cloud released a spark of rage grabbing hold of the foot in front of his face. With a sweet smirk Kadaj kept on teasing the blond soldier by one slender, delicate hand wrapped possessively around an erect penis, and as the white foot touched the lips of the blond again, Cloud opened his mouth and nibbled gently on the big toe. It was fleshy and strong, yet soft and milky like that of a fairytale creature. Not a single flaw.

Cloud’s adventures continued over the shins, whilst massaging the calves and with a trembling intake of breath he encouraged the masturbating youth to place the legs on his shoulders. In doing so, Kadaj exposed his swollen, little portal yearning to be violated by a forceful lover. He was wet and muscles were glistening with sweat and lubricant. Cloud watched his member slowly pressing against the tight muscle until it no longer could withstand the pressure and allowing the very head of the penis to slip inside. Kadaj frowned with pleasure, mouth slightly open and the tip of the tongue caught between a pearly set of teeth as he released an oily response saturated with elation.

“Take me, Cloud,” he panted and the cat started purring.

The noise was filling the pulsating air as the universe closed in on them and wrapped the two boys into a cocoon of forbidden passion. The throbbing member was pulled half way out, the portal closely following the uneven surface and tightly clutching it in warmth. Cloud moaned and after a few samples of the desire awaiting him, he plunged into the game and allowed for the cat to enter his mind.

The night drifted into insanity. Their lovemaking was as wild as that of felines, hands digging, pulling and grabbing, hips thrusting and grinding, teeth anchoring into flesh, faces distorted with pleasure and a tinge of pain, until everything stopped for those few seconds of stillness before the universe came crashing down with the exhausting orgasm that rocked them both into bliss. Cloud was trying to catch his breath, head spinning and body trembling with the tension humming in every fibre of his muscles. Sweat was seeping through his skin and slowly his mind regained control of his heavy limbs. As he rolled onto his back, eyes still closed, he heard the voice of Tifa as she lay panting beside him.

“That was really, really unusual.”

Though surprised and baffled by this sudden change in behavior, her voice was nonetheless encouraging as she went on.

“That was awesome, Cloud. You’ve never done that before… so wild.”

Still no response and thus she moved up to him and rested over his chest with a satisfied smile.

“I hope you can do this again in the future.”

The cat suddenly jumped out from underneath the cupboard, startling both lovers with his vicious little hiss before he disappeared outside the room.

“Has he been there all the time?” Tifa asked and brushed her fringe aside.

Cloud started laughing.

“I think he’s never seen something like this before. I think he was shocked.”

“I think he was jealous,” Tifa added smilingly.

“Well, let’s make him even more jealous,” the blond suggested flirtatiously and wrapped his arms around her.

But behind her back, when her face was buried in the curve of his neck, Cloud was no longer smiling. His renewed attempt to play and engage in sexual games was merely to cover the shame he felt knowing he hadn’t been with Tifa at all. He had given himself to Kadaj, kissed those pale lips and indulged in another man’s body. There it was again; guilt. And this time, it was grinning viciously back at the blond.

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