Final Fantasy: Type 0rgy

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Content warning: not exactly incest, but their is definitely an incest-like dynamic going on. Bondage, fingering, oral, anal, and vaginal sex all contained within.


The Class Zero cadets studied many things at Akademia: Magic. Warfare. Academics. Sex.


Doctor Araceia's sexual education program was one of the most rigorous in the world; she wanted her cadets to be the very paragons of sexual ability. They were encouraged to sleep with one another as frequently and in as many configurations as they could; for centuries, armies had been using sexual relationships to strengthen to the bonds between comrades. At the same time, they were discouraged from having any relations -outside- their class. She did not want to see their loyalties divided.


She watched the sweat glisten off of Nine's naked back. The brawny youth's muscles were tight with exertion. He had Cinque pressed up against one of the armchair's of the lounge where the sex ed lessons were conducted, the girl's long legs stacked on his shoulders. He had been fucking her like a machine gun for ten minutes straight, never breaking, never slackening his pace. His fingers dug tight into her arms, holding her still while his cock slammed into her cunt like a jackhammer.


The doctor put her hand on her pupil's shoulders, gently stroking one sharp nail across his skin. "Good, good. You're up to sixty thrusts per minute. Last class, you were only averaging fifty five."


"Cinque's cunt is.... slicker..... Deuce is like... a vice, yo...." His words came staggered between breaths, exhaustion setting in.


"Don't tell me your getting tired?" The doctor teased. "I think you can do this for... ten more minutes. Then come in her mouth. Cinque needs to work on her swallowing."


As for her part, Cinque was completely beyond words. The silly girl had been fucked completely senseless, her tongue hanging out of her mouth, her eyes rolled up in the back of her head. She made a steady stream of moaning and cooing noises, the sounds of her arousal as Nine's cock hammered away at her pussy.


Jack's voice chimed in from across the nine. "Hey Nine! If you think Deuce's cunt is tight, try her ass sometime!"He had been assigned to train Deuce for anal sex, and had been slowly easing his cock into her asshole. The brunette girl was lying facedown on a bed, her hands and feet tied to each corner of it.


"How does it, feel, Deuce?" Asked Doctor Areceia, making her way over to the young girl.

"It hurts, Mommy...."

"Do you want him to take it out?"


"No! I've been a bad girl, and I need to be punished.... I need Jack to fuck my ass until I'm a good girl again...."


Deuce had shown a remarkably submissive nature. She could only orgasm if she was being bound, dominated, degraded, or hurt in some way.


"Well, you heard the girl!" Jack thrust himself the rest of the way in, and Deuce let out a cry of pain and arousal. "Time to punish this naughty little painslut!"


Deuce's whole body shook, tied down to the bed. She whimpered as he fucked her, a steady stream of "I'll be good... I'll be good..."


"Pathetic." Sice's voice rang from the next bed over. "She's just like you, fuckboy."


Whereas Deuce had proven to be a complete submissive, Sice had proven to be a natural dominant. She currently had Eight pinned down, riding his cock.


"Yes, mistress," Eight replied, half-heartedly. Subbing didn't come naturally to him, and Doctor Areceia had decided it was time to expand his range, and Sice was the perfect candidate to break him in.


Sice slapped him across the cheek, and grabbed him by the jaw. "Listen, fuckstick, while I'm on top of you, I am your fucking goddess. You and your worthless fucking cock belong to me. So when you address me, I want to hear some god-damned enthusiasm!"


"Yes, mistress!" Eight replied again, this time with gusto. "I am your lowly slave, here to service you!"


"You're damn right you are!" Sice wrapped her hands around his neck, choking the small-framed boy as she rode him hard, her cunt grinding down against his cock,


"Who's your goddess?" She shouted.

"You are! You're my goddess, I worship you, I live to serve you...." Doctor Areceia could see a small tear running down his cheek.


"Very good, Sice. Just be sure not to break the boy."


Sice gave a grunt of acknowledgement, but largely ignored the doctor, lost in her "work."


Doctor Areciea moved on, inspecting her next two students; Trey had had Seven laid out on another bed, kneeling beside her with two fingers of his right hand buried in her cunt, his left thumb dancing on her clitoris. The archer had proven himself extremely adept with his fingers, and could get most girls to climax in under a minute.


"How are we doing over here?" The doctor asked, examing her pupils.


Seven had proven more difficult. The icy white-haired girl had found it very difficult to reach orgasm, much to her frustration. The doctor was hoping that, under Trey's skilled hands, she might be able to work through whatever block she was facing.


"Little bit faster... more pressure on the clit... no, too much..." Seven's eyes were closed, focusing on Trey's talented hands, guiding him through his work.


Trey's brow was furrowed in concentration, feeling the small spasms in his classmate's cunt as he fingerbanged her.

"There! There! Yes, don't stop! I'm coming, I'm coming! Mother, I'm coming!" When Seven did come, it was no small affair; she curled her body tight around Trey's leg, her teeth sinking into his thigh. Araceia stroked the silver haired girl's back, soothing her as she came down from her orgasm.


"Take a few moments to cool down; then I want you to eat her out, Trey. See if you can get her to come from your mouth."


"Of course, Mother. Though I think we're going to find that oral sex will be more difficult that manual stimulation, as I won't be able to -"


Seven interrupted him, grabbing the loqacious scholar by his hair and pulling him toward her crotch.


"Shut up and eat me."


Doctor Areceia moved on. "Queen, perhaps we should have you try instead, once you're done here?"


"Mmmm," Queen gave a muffled sound of agreement, though her mouth was currently stuffed with King's cock. Queen was developing a solid talent for oral sex, and the doctor had tasked the well-hung gunslinger with the task of training away the last of her gag reflex. Queen could deep throat a standard six inch cock with no problem, but King's package still gave her a bit of a struggle.


She slurped him with gusto, bobbing up and down, getting a few milimeters closer to his base with every try. She gagged slightly when she reached her limit, and pulled back. King, ever the stoic, hardly reacted to the beautiful woman swallowing his cock.


"All right, that's enough. Queen, make him come on your face. Use your hands."


"Yes, Mother," the dutiful girl replied, pulling herself off of her partner's cock. She jerked King's cock, and a salacious grin crossed her face. "Is my King going to come for me? I want my big stud to come all over my face, spray me with his seed...."


With a grunt, King came, his cum spraying across Queen's lips, cheeks, and the lenses of her glasses.


"Excellent job, Queen. Top of the class, as always. Take a moment and clean yourselves up."


Arecia moved on to her last set of students: Ace and Cater. The two of them were entwined naked on a couch in a sixty-nine, Ace's face buried in Cater's cunt, his cock buried in her mouth.


"Get up, you two. I have a special test for you."


The two students disentangled themselves, standing at attention. Ace's cock was rock-hard, and Cater's snatch was dripping wet.


Doctor Arecia began undoing the buttons of her blouse. "I want you two to come here... and show me how much you love your Mother."


Doctor Arecia made it a policy to sleep with all of her students – she had deflowered each of them, when she deemed them to be of proper age. At the same time, she made it a policy to do so infrequently – she didn't want them growing to rely on her as a sexual partner, nor to take her companionship for granted.


"Yes, Mother," the two replied. It gave her a deliciously naughty tingle whenever they called her "Mother" in bed. Her naked students began undressing her, their hands and mouths roaming over her body, planting trails of kisses along her flawless skin. They removed her shirt, and each took one breast, tongues gliding across her nipples.


"Such good children...." She murmured, pressing them to her breast. She removed her slacks, and sat down on the couch the two of them had previously been entwined upon.


"Lick my pussy. Both of you," she instructed, spreading her legs wide. The two students took turns lapping at the folds of her cunt, kissing the insides of her thighs. She grabbed a fistful of each of their hair, pressing them towards her, towards each other. She watched Ace and Cater kiss, their tongues wrestling, knowing the taste of her sex was on each of their mouths.


Arecia purred with approval. "Ace, I want to you to fuck me. Cater, lick my cunt while he does so."


"Yes, Mother!" said Ace.

"You got it, mom!" chirped Cater.

Ace lined his cock up along Arecia's cunt, the doctor still seated on the couch, her legs spread wide. Cater moved to the side, allowing her to lean down into where cock met cunt, her tongue running over both sets of genitals.


Arecia felt divine; their was nothing on earth that could compared to having your cunt licked while being fucked. She pressed Cater's face down with one hand, pulling Ace's hips into her with the other. The doctor felt her mind wandering back to when she had first taken Ace into her office and ridden him, made him call her "Mother' when he came. She had taken Cater not long after, fingering the headstrong young girl until she squirted on her couch.


Arecia looked around the room, watching the rest of her students. Queen had indeed taken over, licking Seven's cunt while Trey fucked her from behind. Sice had finished with Eight and decided to replace Jack; she had a large strap-on tied to her hips, and was mercilessly fucking Deuce in the ass, shouting all manner of obscenity at the girl. Nine had finally finished his assignment, and crammed his cock into Cinque's mouth, holding the girl's jaw while he face-fucked her full of cum.


Arecia was so proud of her students. "Kiss me," she said, pulling Ace and Cater toward her. The felt both of their tongues in her mouth, tasted each of them. Her hand reached between Cater's legs, fingering the girl's wet sex. "Come for me. Both of you. Let's all come together."


Arecia's cunt clamped down on Ace's cock as she came, and she felt him coming in time with her. At the same time, Cater shuddered and collapsed, the doctor's expert fingers bringing her to her fall. All three of them collapsed in a heap, content.


She was a good Mother, and she loved her children.

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