A Life Without Surrender

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Cold and Impractical

For Race Ulfson

Who requested a Zell x Squall; someplace cold and impractical.

"Sq…sq…sq…squall…" Zell stammered. He was freezing. It was damn cold out here.

"Why are we here?"

"Because we were assigned here," Squall replied with calculated accuracy.

"You’re the damn Commander, why did you assign us out here?" Zell bounced a

little rubbing his hands against his arms. It was really fucking cold.

"Because we were hired."

"Why couldn’t you put somebody annoying like Irvine out here then?" Zell pulled

his arms closer to his body and tried to used his own heat as some form of

acceptable warmth.

"Because he’s with Selphie and Rinoa, stationed back at the Garden," there was a

satisfied smirk that crossed Squall’s face. It was all part of his master plan,

even if it were cold as shit out here, he was far, far away from the three most

annoying people in his life.

"You’re evil," Zell commented. "And I’m going to die from the c"They finished their tasks, Zell preparing Squall and Squall disrobing Zell at

the same time. Zell spread the lube on his erection in a few short strokes. He

slammed into Squall, knowing that despite all Squall’s claims to the contrary,

the boy liked to be very, very adventurous.

"Our shirts," Squall gasped.

"You’ll just have to control yourself," Zell panted. He was otherwise occupied.

His whole body was now very warm. But the heat around his erection was more than

any other warmth. It was a hot, sucking vortex that provided him with all

necessary distraction. He slammed up into Squall, hitting the other boy’s

prostate with every stroke. It was his way of torturing Squall. He knew that the

other boy was practical enough not to come on their shirts, they did have to

make it all the way back to the Garden wearing these clothes, after all. But he

could sure give Squall hell about it. The way the boy was squirming deliciously

was encouraging to Zell.

"What’s wrong?" Zell panted in Squall’s ear. His hands were tight around

Squall’s waist, holding him still.

"Fuck you," Squall hissed.

"I am fucking you," Zell responded. He pushed in harder, deeper, digging his

boots into the ground to get the leverage to pound up into the boy. This was

really insane. And yet, was so very, very close to the end of it. He felt the

orgasm ebbing at the edge of his consciousness. That must mean that Squall was

really having a helluva time keeping his body under control.

Zell put his hands up against the warm chest, feeling the hard tremors that ran

through his lover’s body. Holy, shit, to have Squall’s restraint must be a

double-edged hell. He finished, pouring himself into Squall. He slumped, just

long enough to catch his breath, against Squall. Then he pulled back, reaching

into his own pocket to pull out the towel he always carried with him. He wiped

at Squall’s thighs and pulled his pants back up. Then he put Squall’s pants back

on, holding the boy up with one arm and sliding his black pants back up. He left

them low enough so they weren’t brushing against Squall’s erection.

"Now, let’s deal with this," Zell murmured. He knelt in front of Squall, his hotbreath ghosting over he turgid erection in front of him.

Squall’s hand grabbed the back of his head. "Don’t play with me," he warned.

"Its too fucking cold."

Zell just shrugged. He kissed the tip of Squall’s erection and slid it into his

mouth, humming deep in his throat. That always drove Squall insane. He sucked on

the boy, loving the strange taste in his mouth and hummed deep in his throat.

Squall started to thrust,llowllowly against his mouth and he felt the orgasm


Finally, after what was most certianly torture for the other boy, Squall came in

his mouth, groaning very loudly into the air. Zell swallowed, kissed Squall once

again and fixed his pants. He stood up, kissing Squall deeply and looked at the

boy. "So, any frostbite?"

"You’re horrible, Zell," Squall murmured. He was trying to regain the full use

of his lower extremities. It took a moment or two until he was stable enough to

move away from the rock. "Next time, lets see if you can got that long," Squall


"I know I can’t, Squall, I don’t give a fuck about our shirts." Zell smirked

again and resumed his bouncing. It was cold again.


They had not made it back to town after all, so Squall’s worry over the clothes

was ill-served. They had man to to get in a fight with everything from their

station to this little cabin. (Who’s cabin?? They didn’t know.) "No water,"

Squall said. He looked over at Zell, who was building a fire. Sighing, because

it was really all he could do, he went to find a blanket. They were stacked

against the far wall, dusty and potentially full of bugs.

Zell joined in the blanket search only after he had managed to get the fire

roaring. They laid the blankets out in front of the fire and waited for the

warmth to take over the frigid air. Zell laughed to himself after seeing

Squall’s scowl. "You really want a shower don’t you?"

"Fuck you."


Squall turned to glare at Zell. He rolled his eyes and pulled the blanket around

him. It was cold.

"What? Didn’t you want to test my stamina earlier?"

"Why does it always have to be sex with you?" Squall demanded. He was going to

loose, he knew, but it was worth the fight.

"Because you’re just so damn sexy," Zell replied. He yanked on the boy, pulling

him over him when he fell back. The fire made the room suddenly very warm.

Squall tossed the blanket off, letting it land a safe distance away. Zell’s was

under them. The blond smiled up at him, shifting to allow Squall to lay against

him in a much more comfortable position.

Squall sighed again. He shoved himself up to his knees and pulled his shirt off.

He threw it over to lay with the blanket.

"Oh, we get to take off our shirts this time?"

Squall didn’t respond. He just finished stripping off his clothes, methodically,

as if preparing for a physical or something else less pleasant. He threw them

over to join the rest of his clothes. Zell had succeeded in stripping himself.

He just looked like a lecherous demon lying there, especially with the big

tattoo. Squall fought with himself internally for another moment and just gave

in. It would be interesting to see how long, exactly, Zell could last compared

to him. the blond had several times decided to test exactly how long Squall

could restrain himself. "Are you going to try and beat ecorecord?" Squall asked.

"Hell no. Shit, I think Seifer’s still trying to find someone to even half your

record, Squall."

"He could do it, last as long," Squall pondered for a moment, "Given the proper


"Are you telling me that I should arrange for you two to fuck until one of you

actually gives in?" Zell asked.

"Could be interesting," Squall leaned in close, "Eiallially if you were there to


"You’re a horrible lech, Squall." Zell shifted uncomfortably. "Come on, before

the fire goes out."

Squall retrieved the lube and set about preparing the boy. He took a little

longer than absolutely necessary to do so, because he loved to see the boy

squirm under the onslaught of sensation. "Wouldn’t you love to see him do this

to me…" Squall said lowly.

Zell shook his head, powerful fists banging against the floor. He had the most

interestingly sensitive body. Squall decided he’d tortured him long enough and

moved up to sheathe himself inside the heat. Zell bit down on his knuckle when

Squall entered him, a deep growl purring in the base of his throat. "I could

just see you there, watching, jacking off, and watching as he fucked me into the

mattress," Squall whispered in his ear. His hips were moving slowly, very, very

slowly. Zell hissed beneath him.

Zell hated it when Squall suddenly became ‘mr. sex’ it was so aggravating. He

wanted Squall to fuck him and instead he had to suffer through the long, slow,

maddeninwondwonderful strokes. They sent hot flashes of passion up his body,

like a tide that ebbed lazily. And then the images that Squall was conjuring for

him. He groaned. He was no match for those two, that was sure.

Squall felt Zell twist his body, shoving his ass back up against Squall’s hips.

It didn’t really matter how he took Zell, slow or fast or hard, he could still

outlast the boy. He sped up a little, wanting to win this little bet and finish

with it. He loved to torment Zell, but quite honestly someone could come to the

cabin at any moment and find them in this quite embarrassing moment. "Or would

you rather I fucked him…"

Zell’s hands gripped his hips, pulling him deeper inside the short blond. Zell

quickly and efficiently took over, slamming Squall’s hips against his own,

violently burying Squall deep within his body. Squall braced himself and rode it

out. Zell would finish soon and he could just finish and be done with it. "You’d

like that would you?"

Zell moaned. He half sat up, pulling Squall bruisingly hard against his body.

The boy was as deep as anyone could possibly be and the thrusts were hard and

quick. But it wasn’t enough. He crushed their bodies together, causing his

erection to slide between the two sweat soaked bodies, that was perfect.

Squall’s body was rigid against his, tight with all of the locked up stress and

restraint. One day, Zell vowed, he would make Squall loose that restrain, he

just wasn’t sure how.

Zell exploded in a haze of unbelievable ecstasy. His seed poured out against

Squall’s stomach and he fell back, breathing hard. Squall resumed his deep

thrusts, seeking his own release now. Zell didn’t mind, little explosions of

pleasure tingled up his spine while he caught his breath. And then Squall

finished. He remained there, poised over Zell’s body, for just a moment and then

pulled back. "Where’s the towel?"

Zell threw it at him. Squall cleaned himself up and pulled his clothes back on.

Zell did the same and sat close to the boy, leaning against him with exhaustion.

"I think it would be interesting to see Seifer really fuck you," Zell murmured.

"Because you would probably go kamikaze on his ass and he would never walk the

same again."


"You have years of pent-up rage against him, it would be interesting…" Zell

smirked. "I still think he could outlast you."

"Fuck you Zell."

"No, fuck Seifer." 


Next chapter soon.

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