A Life Without Surrender

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For Yume
Who requested a Squall x Seifer

Zell would never, in thirty fucking years, believed the Squall would go through with it. Of course when he mentioned taping the whole performance for prosperity's sake, Squall had been a little less than amused. So. Here they were, at Seifer's humble little abode in Balamb. Squall absolutely refused to even think about doing it in the Garden. Zell looked up at the two rivals, they were just glaring at the other.
"Any rules?" Zell asked. Honestly, he shouldn't press his luck. Squall was skittish at best about being watched.
The two men glared.
"Okay then, I'm going to flip the coin. Squall if it's heads then your on top, and if it's tails your on bottom." Zell flipped the coin, watching it fly into the air with a sort of trepidation. When it landed it showed it's shiny heads side, Zell let out a deep breath. "Seifer's getting fucked," Zell said gleefully.
The tall blond didn't look amused. He glared some more and then shrugged. Squall set about removing his clothes. He stopped and turned to look at Zell. "You sit there. Do not get any where near my clothes." Squall set his clothes on a
distant chair and glared at the short blond. Zell would find a way to ruin this.
"Yes, sir, whatever you say sir? Is that an official order from my commander sir?"
"Fuck you, Zell."
"Ah, if only." Zell flopped back against the chair he was destined to sit in. They said he could watch, he could do whatever he wanted as long as he stayed right there and timed the whole thing. So he started both of his stop watches
and waited.
Squall didn't make the first move, he never made the first move. He simply sat, naked, and waited for Seifer. The tall blond leaned back on his pillows and looked at Squall. Slowly the brunette turned to look at Seifer and for a moment
they seemed to be arguing with their eyes. Finally, Seifer sat up and yanked Squall down over him.
And then it started.
Squall had always been rigid with sex, participating only to the point that he needed and finish it as quickly as possible(except when his endurance was being tested), but this time he seemed to have something against Seifer. He was sucking on the blonde's nipples, his hips steadily humping the taller blond.
Seifer, for his part, was running his hands down Squall's sides. They seemed to move together like liquid. Zell settled back into his chair. Holy, shit, this was going to take a long time. Then the groans started, Seifer's voice, low and deep with panting little groans as Squall teased him. Zell knew for absolute sure, that he was not going to survive this night. He loosened his pants, it was about time those were gone anyway.
Squall moved down to bite Seifer's hip bone, his hand pressing against the flat stomach and the other doing miraculous things while stretching Seifer. His fingers were moving in and out with ease, stretching and torturing all at once.
His mouth made its way down to Seifer's erection, sparing a moment to just pant against it. Then he licked the underside, getting in return a deep growl from the blond beneath him.
Squall really wanted to know how Zell convinced Seifer into this one.
Squall moved to suck on the tip, licking at it teasingly. His fingers were now viciously stabbing Seifer's prostate. The combined sensations alone was enough to make Zell come any day of the week. Seifer just curled his hands into fists
and pounded them against the bed. He wasn't going to give in so easily. Squall shrugged internally. It wouldn't be fair that way. It was just foreplay, the real fun had yet to begin.
Seifer felt Squall pull back, his fingers sliding out of his body. The blond looked up at him. Squall was anything but arrogant when it came to sex, but he probably should have been. That was how Squall always managed to win these
little contests. His mind was analytical enough to block off the majority of the pleasure. He didn't think of his prowess as a reason to enjoy sex. Squall would probably rather not have sex. That was the boy's problem.
Seifer forced his body to relax, calming his fervor back down to an acceptable level. No sooner had he done that, then Squall slammed into him. It wasn't friendly, but then, they both knew that he wouldn't have been very nice to Squall either. Seifer arched his back, shoving himself back onto the boy.
Squall watched the blond's body become covered with the film of sweat. It was interesting, the way he arched his back and panted. It was strangely arousing. Maybe it was because Squall had never thought of Seifer like this. At all. Ever.
Squall pulled out of him and shoved back in, moving faster than he did with Zell. He knew how to trip Seifer, it would be no problem to finish this off. He bent and licked the pale nipples.
"Holy fuck," Seifer snapped. His hands had fisted the sheets now. He was trying to force his orgasm back, but Squall seemed absolutely resolute in destroy that.
He was moving quick enough to be considered dangerous and his erection kept slamming up against his prostate. Squall bent just enough to rub his muscled stomach against Seifer and licked at his nipples. His hands, meanwhile where pressed against the erogenous zones on Seifer's sides. The boy was as cool as if he were doing fucking paperwork.
Squall knew it. Seifer glared up at him through his slitted eyelids. The boy looked as if he were contemplating math problems in his head or something. Seifer shoved himself up, knocking Squall back. He landed on top of the boy,
groaning despite himself as Squall's erection rub against his prostate again.
"Stop thinking and fuck, dammit," Seifer growled.
Squall shoved him back, pushing them up to a sitting position. "I am fucking you."
"No you're not," Seifer snapped back. He lifted and lowered under the direction of Squall's hands. "You're probably not even thinking about sex right now."
Squall reached up and slammed Seifer back against the bed. His anger suddenly took control of his thoughts and he was going to prove to this asshole something for the final time. He pulled the long legs up and shoved them out of his way.
Then he grabbed Seifer's hips, pinning them down sou sought the leverage he would need, before slamming into the boy with absolutely no restraint.
Seifer couldn't fucking breath. He couldn't think, he couldn't move. But he could feel. Squall had never been so pissed his in his whole life. All of the rage was being poured into his thrusts. They were deep, hard and merciless.
Seifer gasped, trying to clutch onto something to keep him alive. It felt like he was drowning. Hell, each thrust was like a mini-orgasm. He felt himself go over the edge and his body released, but that didn't stop Squall. The little fucker kept going.
Zell could just sort of watch. His hand kept going, but his mind was frozen. When Squall pulled Seifer's legs up and shifted...Zell's mind had taken a holiday.
He couldn't fucking believe it. Squall was really going to fuck. He went froing ing the calm, collected, devilishly torturous Squall he usually was to this animal. A very erotic animal. Zell blankly watched the way his muscles moved and shifted in the long body. He was sweaty and pulsing and utterly beautiful. The soft hair swayed with his thrusts and he growled with effort.
"This better, Seifer?" Squall demanded. He shoved in over and over, feeling Seifer constrict around him for the second time. He'd beaten Seifer twice over already. But he wasn't close enough yet to let himself fall into orgasms. He dug
his feet into the mattress and surged forward again.
"Shit, Squall..." Seifer cursed. He moved his legs, to make sure they were still attached and wrapped them around Squall. He pulled the boy down against his body, his hand grasping the boy's flushed face. He kissed the scar and then
raised the face to kiss his full lips. Squall slowed just a little, just enough to be considerate. Seifer suffered under the kiss, it was so devastating. Squall kissed him with the sudden inspired anger...and yet...
It wasn't all anger.
Seifer shifted under him, bringing Squall's hands up to press against his chest.
The boy's hips still hadn't stilled. When they parted to breath Squall stared down at him, almost confused.
"Close?" Seifer whispered.
Squall shook his head. "Not close enough." He stopped and looked down at Seifer, pausing long enough to let the blond regain his senses. He felt Seifer tighten around him again and then the blond nodded at him.
"Come on, let's finish this."
Squall pounded into him again, willing his body to feel that release. It came, without any real warning, and filled Seifer before Squall collapsed to lay next to the blond. He pulled out and sat up just slightly. He looked over at Zell, and then down at Seifer. He laughed at them. "No wonder you two are gay," he shoved himself up and went to claim the shower first.
"What was that supposed to mean?" Zell demanded. He checked his watch and wrote down the times. "He beat your ass, Seifer."
Seifer laughed. "Yeah, I know. I was there."
Squall returned for the shower, dripping water and looking adorable in the yellow towel. "Go shower," he said. He was already pulling on his clothes as he grabbed the money off of the table. He'd won dam damn bet. He didn't bother to
say good-bye to either one of them, they didn't bother to say good-bye to him.
They would meet again. Exchanged sexual innuendoes, or perhaps just sex, and the
cycle would start again.


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