Flight of Sorrow

BY : RikuNghts
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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VII, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Also for those of you who may ask, yes I have played FF7, as well as KH. That's just to clarify a few probable misunderstandings. ^_^

Pairings: Same as before, and if I get another childish flame I'm just going to laugh. You should know what this is by now! Don't like it, don't read it. You've been warned.

Cid brought Vincent to the open-air District One Tavern. He sat down at his regular table in a dark corner and had Vincent sit opposite him. A woman came over smiling.
"Evening Cid. The usual?" She asked. Cid nodded and she turned to Vincent. "Well hello! You must be new to Traverse Town! Welcome, my name is Helera. What will you be having?"
Cid nodded to Vincent who sighed. "Whatever Cid is having." Helera laughed.
"Scotch it is then."
Cid laughed with Helera and grinned at Vincent. "Same as me, eh? That's a first. That Helera's something." Cid said, leaning forward towards Vincent. "Her planet was destroyed but those fuckin' Heartless bastards too." Vincent nodded sadly.
"Many were." Vincent agreed. Helera returned with the drinks and left, smiling. More people arrived at that time, so Cid kept his voice lowered.
"Tell me Vin, what did you do after you left the ship? Where did you go?"
"I went back to the surface to fight." He shrugged.
"Well? What happened?"
"It's a good thing everyone left. The Heartless were ruthless. They would attack the people, and their hearts would be destroyed, either turning them evil, or killing them outright."
"How did ya do? In the battle?"
"Not very well. It seems Death Penalty did very little damage to them. Those that had swords, however, did fairly well, before they were taken over."
"No shit. Well that explains why Clouds sword did the greatest amount of damage when we were still there."
"Hey, there's this kid here. Sora I think his name is. He fuckin' purposely goes to other planets to fight them! Can you believe that? Kid, just fourteen damn years old. I feel bad that I can't go along an' help him out. But I've worked on his ship before."
"Only fourteen? That seems young. Even Yuffie was older than that."
"Yeah, but hey. He does well, so I ain't gonna complain. Oh, and speaking of Yuffie, she's here too."
"Oh? So Cloud is here as well?" Cid shook his head.
"We lost him. After you left, you know how I am, I kinda was upset a bit, so Cloud had to land us on this strange planet for ship repairs. We had been hit by somethin' he said. But after that, he walked away, and we haven't seen him since. Damn bastard, gettin' me all worried and shit. Looked all over the fuckin' place for him, but it was like he was never there." Cid took at sip of the scotch and looked into Vincent's eyes. They gleamed in the low light. All those cold places in Cid's heart were instantly warmed by the sight of his love gazing at him. Cid grinned and reached over, gently taking his hand for a second and patting it. "Man, it's such a relief to see ya again, Vin. Ya have no idea how hard it's been." He said, a small sob breaking free. "Gettin' up every fuckin' mornin' to do the same old shit, and no friends around. I don't mind the work, hell, it keeps me occupied, but lately all I've been thinkin' bout was that day."
"I'm sorry Cid, but I just had to go back." Vincent whispered quietly, his eyes gazing intently at Cid.
"I'm so glad I forgot this fuckin' spear!" He laughed, looking at the Venus Gospel which he had propped against the wall.
"You didn't forget it by accident. I did that." Vincent grinned sheepishly. Cid let out a loud laugh and half the patrons in the tavern turned to look at the blond pilot. He chuckled merrily, finishing his scotch quickly.
"Well ain't that just the fuckin' end of it? Playin' a few mind games , have ya, Valentine."
Vincent shrugged and slowly finished the rest of the scotch, feeling a small burn as it slid down his throat, not entirely unpleasant. Helera saw the empty glass and returned to get them new ones.
"Nah, that's alright. We're set." Cid stood.
"Are you sure, Cid? You always have more."
"Not tonight. My buddy here is in town for awhile. Haven't seen him in a whole year. Got some catchin' up to do. We'll stop by tomorrow." Cid winked. Helera blushed and giggled, grabbing the empty glasses and disappearing into the building.
"I see you haven't lost your touch."
"It's a gift. And a curse." Cid laughed, grabbing his spear and making sure the shop keys were in his pocket. "Come on. I'll show ya where I live."
They left the tavern and turned right, heading towards Cid's place.
"I'm warnin' ya now. I'm not a good housekeeper. I work all fuckin' day long."
"I know that Cid."
"Just gettin' that cleared up." He said as he unlocked the front door and walked in, switching on the lights. Vincent looked around and nodded approval. What more was to be expected of a pilot/mechanic's house?
"Nice." Vincent said as Cid beckoned him to sit down.
The place was small. Downstairs consisted of a small kitchen with dirty dishes in the sink, and a small table with two chairs cramped in the corner. There was a narrow staircase to just beyond that, and a living area on the backside. The walls were a faded white color, and the floor was dark hardwood. In the living room there was an older couch and a short table of sorts in front of it, and a lamp. Hanging on the walls were various aircraft parts, doubling as a interesting form of art. The entire house had a faint odor of oil which was not unpleasant. Cid grinned.
"Well, welcome to my humble home. You're welcome to stay as long as you're goin' to be in Traverse Town."
"Thank you, but I really couldn't impose like that."
"Oh shut the fuck up. Stop being so modest. Truth is, I WANT you to stay here." He said and sat next to Vincent. He put his hand on his knee and laughed when Vincent jumped a bit.
"I'm sorry. I have just forgotten what that's been like." Vincent said.
"Yeah, no shit." Cid leaned towards Vincent and stared into his eyes briefly before closing them. Vincent also closed him and leaned forward to meet Cid. Their lips brushed against each other and Cid felt the goosebumps rising on his arms. He leaned in closer so the contact was fuller and pressed his lips against Vincent's harder. He pulled back, a half-smile covering his face. "So, do you want to see upstairs now?" He asked, grinning as he pulled the taller man to his feet. Vincent smiled back and followed Cid up the stairs.

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