Flight of Sorrow

BY : RikuNghts
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Pairings: Why would they have changed by now? You know who they are.. ^_~

Cid woke up the next morning and wondered if the last night had been a dream. He rubbed his face and started to roll over, positive it was when his body was blocked by something hard. He jumped up to a sitting position and looked, realizing he had not been dreaming. There lay Vincent, his shiny black hair lying in a fan around his face. His eyes were shut as was his mouth. Cid just stared at the beautiful man next to him.
His skin was pale in contrast to Cid's tanned skin. It was smooth as well. Much smoother. Vincent had few scars on his body, just one or two above where his golden arm was attached. Cid looked down at his chest and saw the thin white lines of healed scars that would never fade and sighed. He looked around his room to see if everything was still in the right spot (He had developed an obsession in the last year on the order of his weapons). The Venus Gospel was propped up against the wall and the bed less than an arms length away. His flight jacket was neatly place on the back of a chair by the only window in the room. He looked towards Vincent and saw Death Penalty lying on the table next to the bed, easily within Vincent's grasp. Cid grinned.
"Never could sleep without a weapon near you."
"Neither could you." Vincent replied, opening one eye. Cid jumped out of bed and fell over, landing on his butt.
"Th'fuck that for?" He yelled, rubbing his bruised bottom as he stood. "How long have you been awake?" He asked. Vincent shrugged.
"About an hour."
"Why the hell didn't you wake me?"
"You seemed tired. I thought it would be best to let you sleep."
Cid shook his head, laughing and looked at the clock. "Aw, shit! I'm going to be late opening the shop." His head fell into his hands.
"Does it really matter? Do you not own both of them?" Cid looked up brightly.
"Yes, I do. Never thought of it that way before. Maybe I won't go in at all."
"But what if the people need you? You said there was that boy, Sora. What if he needs you?"
"Damnit. I guess you're right. There is that teleportation thing in the shop he's goin' to need to use if he comes back today. An' if the doors locked, he ain't getting' outta there. Wait, didn't you just say I shouldn't go in?"
"No. I never said that. I merely suggested that you could just go in later. You seem very tense. You should relax a little while."
"I'm up now. Can't relax." Cid said, walking over to his faded blue pants and pulled them on over his airship boxers (^_^!!). He grabbed a clean white shirt out of the drawer and tugged it on, over his head. To add the final touch, Cid grabbed his goggles and put them over his forehead to hold back his unruly blond hair. "So what are ya goin' to do today?"
"I don't know. I have no where to go except explore this town."
"Ya don't really want to do that without the proper weapons. Plenty of Heartless around." Vincent's crimson's eyes got large.
"And you are still living here? Haven't they tried to destroy it yet?"
"Sora sealed the keyhole." Cid shrugged.
"What is that?"
"It's this thing the Heartless can come through. I dunno. Has somethin' to do with them takin' over worlds and shit. Beats me. But Sora's got them under control. 'sides, they only hand around the Second and Third Districts. District One is clear. Why don't ya come to work with me? I know, I know, it sounds kinda stupid, but what th'fuck. It'll be like old times. We can bullshit all day!" Cid laughed merrily. Vincent just smiled.
"I would like very much to go with you. Perhaps you can show me those gummi's you were talking about the other day?"
"Yeah. Be glad to. Who knows, maybe Yuffie will show up."
"It would be nice to see her again."
Cid left Vincent to get dressed himself and went downstairs to make breakfast of some sort. He looked around for a clean plate and found one, throwing the toast on it. Vincent came downstairs, Death Penalty in the holster at his side. Cid waved the plate of toast at him.
"Want some?" He said, trying not to spit the food out. Vincent shook his head and sat down in the living room. Cid shrugged and finished off the last of the toast. "Shit. Forgot it again." Cid said angrily, running up the stairs and grabbing the Venus Gospel before running down. He looked at Vincent and waved his arm. "Come on."
Vincent stood and followed Cid out the door and waited as the shorter blond man locked the door carefully behind him.
"Bastard kids are always trying to break in around here." He said and walked quickly towards the Accessory shop. Vincent followed him, his red cloak flowing out elegantly behind him as he walked.
There were some early morning people out and about in the town square. The tavern would have closed an hour ago, so the candles had been snuffed out. The gas lamps were off, and the sky was a soft grey color. Cid looked up and frowned, pulling out a cigarette and the lighter. He pulled it away from his lips and stopped walking, staring straight up.
"Great. Looks like it's gonna fuckin' rain. I hate it when it rains. This place gets awfully dreary. Kinda brings ya down." He said, putting the cigarette back on his lips. Vincent nodded thoughtfully and followed Cid up the stairs.
By now the people in the square had noticed Vincent and were watching them. One woman stared after them before running off around the corner. Cid paid them no attention, but it was rather unsettling for Vincent. He turned to look at them and they all acted like they were going about their everyday chores. However, when he turned around again, the started to stare again.
"Cid, why are they watching me like this?"
"What? It botherin' you? Hell Vin, they rarely get to see a new face in town, and there hasn't been one as good lookin' as you since I came to town!" He laughed merrily reaching for the door while fidgeting with the keys. "They must be gettin' sick of seein' my face every mornin'. And look what you're wearin'. I mean, I don't care. This is you. But you're new, and they now it. Just don't pay any attention to them." Vincent nodded and followed Cid into the Accessory shop. Before he made his way to the counter, he flipped on the lights and threw another log onto the dying fire. It blazed back to life and crackled.
"Well, make yourself at home again." Cid pointed to the couch next to a shining green spot on the floor. "That's the transporter. Don't worry about it. And no one should be arriving anytime soon. Usually it starts to hum quietly before it gets used." Vincent sat on the couch obediently and watched as Cid carefully placed the Venus Gospel against the wall.
"Why did you decide to open this shop?" Vincent asked, watching the handsome blond man carefully wipe the dust off the counters. For having a messy home, his shop was immaculate.
"Well, I had tons of the stuff from our home on the Highwind, and when I got here-"
The door slammed open and hit the other wall. Vincent jumped up and in a flash had Death Penalty in his hand. Cid at the same time grabbed his spear and held it out towards the door. A petite girl with short black hair came storming into the building. The door had opened with such a force it started to swing back and shut.
Cid fumed, his face getting red. "KISARAGI! WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR?!" He yelled, jumping over the counter, spear still in hand. "Are you TRYIN' to fuckin' break my damn door?"
"Shut up Cid! Vincent! You really ARE here!" She cried, rushing towards Vincent. Cid grabbed her arm and forced her to stop.
"Calm the fuck down." Cid growled. "He doesn't need to be fuckin' stampeded."
"Lemme go!" She glared, wrenching her arm away from Cid, but she didn't try to go near Vincent again. "When did you get here? How?"
"Last night."
"Oh Vincent! I thought you were gone! It's nice to see you again. I really did think you didn't survive when you left." She said sadly. "How long are you staying?"
"Probably permanently. I don't have many options. No friends left." He said sadly and sat back down.
"So how was the fight? Did you do well? Take out a lot of those things after we left?" She asked quickly, glaring at Cid again.
"He's not goin' to ask all your questions, Yuffie. Why don't you back off and-"
"No Cid, it's alright. The fight, to be honest, was not as easy as we thought. When we were all still there? Those little tiny shadows were nothing. The bigger ones came after, and they were close to impossible. I didn't fight well."
"Oh." Yuffie said simply, looking down at her shoes. Everyone was silent for the moment. "You should come stop by the Third District sometime. There's someone there you should meet." She said, not mentioning Aeris. Vincent nodded.
"Maybe later tonight." He said, looking at Cid, who shrugged and walked back behind the counter. Yuffie smiled and rushed over to Vincent, hugging him, before waving and running out the door, not closing it.
"Little pain in my ass." Cid muttered, leaving the counter again to shut the door.

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