Hands on experience

BY : Naniris
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Title: Hands on experience.
Pairing: SeiferxZell
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, but I do own the story.
A/N: practically a PWP of pure smut, except that it will have a plot. A sex-filled plot.

Seifer's POV in the third person.

Walking down the hallways of the dorms, Seifer was bored out of his mind. Everyone was busy at class or out on a mission. The only person who was free at the moment was the little Chickie and the tall blond found out that he was currently locked in his room.

Upon reaching the dorm room, he banged on the door twice. From inside came the hurried answer: "What do you want? I'm kinda busy right now! Come back later!"

"Hey, Chickenwuss, sounds like you're doing something perverted in there. Why else would you be hiding?" Seifer smirked. He could just imagine how red Zell's face was getting. "Come spar with me in the Training Center. I need a better punching bag, than those..."

He was cut short when the door opened suddenly. On the other side, his eyes met the glaring ones several inches lower. "I'm not gonna fight ya ever'time that you have nothin' better to do. Find some other plaything!" Zell pushed past him and was hurrying away, while Seifer just found another way to entertain himself.

Not only was the Chicken red in the face, he was a little sweaty too. He also had had his jacket zipped closed and pulled down, covering his crotch. Perhaps to hide a bulge? In his rush to get away, he forgot to lock his door, practically inviting his tormentor to find out what material, if any, the short blonde used as stimulation.

The room, as expected, was immaculate. Zell was quite a neat-freak. The only mess that marred the room was the bed with unmade blankets and a slightly out-of-place mattress. Upon lifting said mattress, Seifer saw a magazine which he swiftly picked up and started to leaf through. A hint of sadistic glee shined in the tall blonde's eyes, as he planned on how to make use of this newfound knowledge.


During lunch hour, the cafeteria was full as always. For the average student, getting from one side of the room to another intact was an impossibility, yet being the fearsome Seifer Almasy that he was, it was a simple task. Nobody stood in his way and whoever was would quickly shuffle to the side. Soon, he saw what he was looking for. Sitting down with several other fighters, Zell was enjoying a plateful of hotdogs. Since Seifer was approaching from behind, the tattooed boy was oblivious as to why his table mates were standing up, saying nervous goodbyes and running away.

Placing a gloved hand on his favorite victim's shoulder, he could feel the muscles tense and was soon met with an angry scowl. "I shoulda known it was you, asshole! What the hell do you want?" Seifer calmly sat down, took Zell's soda and drank from it, loving how the vein right next to the tattoo pulsed.

Reaching inside his coat, he pulled out a rolled up magazine and tossed it onto the table. The cover looked harmless at first glance. Titled "Warrior's body", it had an extremely fit and lean redhead in a crouching position holding a dagger. But if one looks closely, one could see the bulge in the front of the low rise pants, the leering want in the redhead's eyes and the seductively held dagger in a position implying fellatio. "You should be more careful about locking your room. Anyone could go in and snoop around your things." Expecting a reaction of comedic shock, vehement denial and a string of curse words, Seifer was surprised by the pale, sick look that overcame Zell's face. He had predicted an explosion, not a shutdown.

He picked up the magazine and slid it into his coat. "I'm not going to tell anyone, if that's what worries you. It'd be a lot more fun to keep this little secret between ourselves." Hoping that his very kind words would lift the little Chick's spirits up, he was bothered when instead he heard a groan and saw Zell bang his head into the table.

Soon after, his eyes met the infuriated blue ones. Much better. Zell spoke in heated whispers. "My gods! I can't believe how much of a dick you are! Who the hell do you think you are to be looking through my stuff? As if your bullying wasn't bad enough before. Now I have to deal with gay wisecracks."

Seifer couldn't help but laugh loudly. That's what worried Zell? That he was some homophobe that would torment him? He had a lot of other material to taunt Chickenwuss with. Nature had obviously intended for the great Almasy to be superior in every way to the short Dincht. No, he had other plans.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the martial artist pulling back his fist. Just in time, he leaned to the left to avoid the bone-breaking punch and grabbed the outstretched wrist, pulling it forward. He used that moment of unbalance in the martial artist, to flip him into the air, so he'd land against his broad right shoulder, face upwards. "You almost got me that time. Must be training harder, huh?"

"LET ME THE FUCK DOWN! You motherfuckin' bastard! I'm gonna beat you up so bad, you'll never be able to smirk again! You hear me! Lemme GO!" With his back against Seifer's shoulder, it was impossible for the smaller blonde to gain enough balance to get loose. His arms were pinned between himself and Seifer's strong arm. His legs flailed wildly, but without effect. A couple of inches to his right, he could see the victorious and arrogant look on his tormentor's face.

Carrying the struggling boy with ease, Seifer started to exit the Cafeteria. There were a lot of gawkers, especially amongst the new cadets, but no one intervened. It wasn't the first time that this had happened, not by a long shot. "Save your energy, Chickie. You know you're not getting loose until I want you to. I just want to take you someplace private, so we could continue our conversation."

Apparently, the only private place within the entire Garden was Seifer's room. A bit messier than Zell's but, then again, every room is messier in comparison. Dumping the heavy load onto the bed, he quickly locked the door. When he turned around, he barely blocked a high-kick aimed for his head. "Calm down! I'm not going to do anything."

"Ha! You're tellin' me to calm down. You brought me here against my will, just locked the only way out of your room and you expect me to just sit still." The little Chickie's face was crimson and his nostrils were flaring. He had his fists up and was moving from one foot to the next. "What are you gonna do? Beat me up? Humiliate me some more? Make sure the little gay boy knows his place?"

Seifer covered his face with a gloved hand and held the other in front of him. He was buckling over, since he was laughing so hard. "You...you think I'm a gay basher? Man, you are dense." He straightened up and tried to look more composed, but still couldn't manage to stifle a chuckle. In case you haven't noticed, I'm bi. You think my rivalry with Squall is competition, think again. We use to date, but he caught me cheating with Quistis."

Zell lowered his fists as a dumfounded look took over his face. After thinking about it a few minutes, the little blond sneered. "I shoulda known you were bi. You're too greedy to be satisfied with one gender. Waitaminute! Why did you bring me to your room? Are you gonna rape me or somethin'?" His fears quickly vanished when he saw the taller blond covering his mouth with a gloved hand, leaning against the door for balance, hoarse from laughing so hard.

Gasping for air, Seifer straightened out once again. "You've been reading too many non-con stories. No, I brought you here to talk. I figured you didn't want anyone else to know about your sexual preferences. Besides, I still need something to entertain me this afternoon and you've been wonderful at that up till now." He offered the chair next to the desk, which Zell warily took. Seifer sat on the bed facing the jumpy fighter.

After a couple of seconds of awkward silence, Zell burst out with: "You and I have nothing to talk about,'k? I'm not your entertainment, so unlock your door before I break it down!" He pointed at the door with all the authority he could muster, but it didn't seem to faze his bully.

"Have you been with anyone yet? And don't bother to lie. You're terrible at it." His tone could be the same one somebody uses to ask what you had for lunch. Leaning against the headboard, Seifer looked perfectly serene.

The blush that crept up Zell's face looked so cute. "Wha...How...That's not somethin' you can ask! I refuse to be a part of this." He crossed his arms, but was so flustered that he kept shifting them.

"Tell me. I think you've done some things, but either once or twice or it went terribly."

"I...fuckin' bastard." Zell grit his teeth and stared at his feet. When he lifted his gaze, it was obvious he understood that he wouldn't get out of that room, until he answered the questions. "I sucked some guys off at a bar in Timber, but they came too quick and wanted to pay me afterwards. They thought I was a hustler. The only time I ever got a blowjob, the guy kept scraping me with his teeth. I haven't done anything else. So, are you a happy now?" He looked as if he wanted to hide inside his jacket. When the laughs and jeers didn't come, he seemed surprised.

When Seifer spoke, it wasn't in a mocking tone, but more in a life-handed-you-a-shitty-deck way "Man, your sex life sucks. No wonder you get so wound up to fight." Deep in concentration Seifer thought of a perfect way to improve Zell's libido and have something to pass the time. The only problem was how to make the proposition without freaking him out. Unable to keep from leering he says: "Hey, how about I do you a big favor and let you get a little...oh, hands on experience?"

Did that sound as lecherous as he thought it did? The drained color from Zell's face, his sudden rush to the door and his fumbling hands trying to unlock it could lead one to think it did. Seifer quickly stood up and in a couple of long strides managed to get between the door and the agitated man. "Don't freak out. I'm offering the opportunity to use my godly body for your enjoyment. You decide everything you want to do. I just sit back and follow orders."

The cease of Zell's struggles was a good sign. Chickie was considering it. "Yeah, right. You're just egging me on." Or he wasn't. Seifer sighed loudly like a teacher does with a slow student. "No, I'm not egging you on. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for you to actually *control* me and I assure you, no matter how good you give head, I'll last long enough to satisfy you, unlike those weaklings in Timber."

Stepping back, Zell looked over the arrogant blonde's body. The indecision was obvious in the blue eyes. Seifer could just imagine a little cherub Zell and a little devil Zell duking it out inside Chickie's head. "If you weren't such an asshole, I might have taken you up on the offer, but no good ever comes from making a deal with a devil. Let me out."

Dammit. Devil Zell is losing the fight. Maybe he needs a little help. "I'm eight and a half inches hard." Haha. That shook him. No teenager can resist their libido for long. Right now, devil Zell has just sucker-punched the little cherub. Did Zell just lick and then bite his lips?

Grabbing his bangs and pulling on them hard, Zell made his decision. "Do you have condoms? If you don't, then it's off." Imagine the inflating ego, the victorious haughtiness and the perverted leer; this is an image of Seifer's mental state. On the outside he seems cool and collected.

"Of course I have condoms. But why do you want to use them? Afraid of getting pregnant? I know my seed's strong, but I doubt it'll impregnate you." Even though he promised control over to Zell, he couldn't help himself.

"No, I'm not afraid of that. I just don't want to catch anything. You just admitted to having two sexual partners. Who knows who else you've slept with? Unless your dick's wrapped up in latex, I'm not going to put it into my mouth." Zell's defiant stare showed that there wasn't room for compromise. "Take it or leave it."

The hurt in Seifer's face would have been more convincing if he wasn't grinning. "You make it sound as if I was a slut. I can assure I'm clean, but if you want to play it safe, fine I'll wear a condom. See, I'm letting you make decisions already." He was determined to relent to any of the Chickie's requests. The small guy still looked ready to bolt the second trouble started.

"Well, what do you expect when you offer sex with no strings attached? There's isn't any strings attached, right? Nothing that will come back to bite me in the ass?" The insecurity in his words proved that he was having second thoughts. Seifer had to move fast. He grabbed Zell by the waist and lowered his lips, expecting to meet a welcoming mouth. Instead he tasted leather from the glove that covered his mouth. "No strings and no kissing. Just hot, impersonal sex, got it?"

Through the glove he muffled his response. He was curious about whether Zell's mouth tasted like hotdogs or something sweet. Disappointed, yes. Defeated, never. The martial artist lowered his hand and motioned towards the bed. "Undress and sit on the edge, I'll be right back." With that he released himself from Seifer's hold and walked towards a small kitchenette that every dorm room had. "Don't forget the condoms."

Seifer was hoping to do a seductive striptease or perhaps get Chickie naked first. Perfect plans dashed, and for what? Zell's only splashing his face with water from the faucet. Damn, that boy knows nothing about sensuality. How sexy can *undress and sit there* be? Next time, it'll be different. Oh, Zell doesn't know it yet, but Seifer definitely plans on more than a one-time thing. If the Chickie's really inexperienced, then he'll teach him all the tricks on how to satisfy. If, although highly unlikely, he's very good, then Seifer plans on enjoying all of his latent talents. Naked and holding a latex condom, Seifer felt ridiculous. Even virgins don't get this awkward. Zell needs to learn how to go with the flow.

Finished washing his face, Zell took off his jacket, shirt and shoes. Jumping from one foot to another, he took of his socks and quickly peeled off the gloves that felt like a second skin. He removed his belt and was about to unzip his pants, but stopped. Annoyed, Seifer complained. "I show you mine, you show me yours."

Kneeling next to bed, Zell grabbed the condom and ripped open the packet. "What I say goes. If you don't like it we can stop now." By now the smaller blonde was expertly stroking the hardening flesh, while holding the condom gently between his teeth. He played with Seifer's foreskin, tightening his fist when he got to the head, rubbing his thumb on the slit until a drop of pre-cum came out of it and then moving back down to the base. With his other hand, he squeezed and pulled on the testicles.

Seifer wasn't prepared for how good the handjob was. He caught a moan before it left his throat, not wanting to let the Zell know he's actually getting to him so soon. "No, don't stop. You're good at that. What do you do? Practice on yourself for an hour every day." That caused Chickie to sneer, yet didn't make him stop his ministrations. Good. Seifer could still taunt him as long as he doesn't push the limit too far. "Why don't you just lick the head once before sliding on that condom? Don't you want to know how I taste?"

Pulling down the latex over what was actually nearly nine inches of manhood, Zell scoffed at the question. "Fuck, no. Now do me a favor and shut up. I'm trying to imagine that you're somebody else." Seifer pouted, but the effort was lost as Zell kept his eyes locked on what he was doing.

Starting at the base, Zell started sucking the latex-covered skin, nipping carefully as to not break the protection and then licking the same area as he slowly worked his way up. Reaching the head, he alternatively swirled his tongue over the slit and then tightly sucked the glans cautious enough to keep his teeth from scraping the sensitive member. Keeping his mouth tight, he lowered himself onto the shaft, massaging it with his tongue. When the heated flesh reached Zell's uvula, he pulled back and started the whole process again. His right hand busy massaging and gently grasping Seifer's balls, his left roaming up and down the taller blonde's strong thigh and chiseled abs, squeezing firmly against the muscles, feeling the strength contained in them.

Extremely glad that Zell couldn't see his face, or the fact that he was biting his knuckles to keep from cumming right there and then, Seifer faced a dilemma. No wonder those guys in the bar thought he was a prostitute. He's good, way too good. It was impossible to believe that he had only given a blowjob a couple of times before. The squirt is practically a virgin and he's already an expert at giving head. Does he have a vacuum for a mouth?! If Seifer cums now, then his claim to unlimited stamina goes down the drain and Zell will never let him forget it. There must be a way to make the skilled fighter stop sucking him off, without letting on the true reason for the interruption. Telling him to quit it would only lead to questioning and even if Seifer manages to lie his ass off, Zell would go back to work making the whole affair pointless. Maybe, he'd be able to convince him to have anal. There's a bottle of lube in the bedside drawer still left over from that relationship with Squall. That could work. Except that Zell has never done it before and kinda hates Seifer's guts. The only solution that Seifer could think of, that would keep his pride intact, would be to get him mad enough to stop on his own accord.

Gently placing his hand through the blonde hair as the owner's head bobbed up and down, Seifer took a deep breath and roughly pushed Zell down, forcing his cock down into the smaller man's throat. Seifer groaned as he felt the throat's muscles constrict him, almost forgetting to let go of Zell's hair. The fists punching his thighs, struggling body and muffled protests reminded Seifer that even chickies have to breathe. When he did take away his hand, Zell fell backwards, landing on his ass hard. His face was blood red, as he took deep, rapid breaths. "Are you fucking crazy?! I almost bit your dick off!"

Seifer was flattered. Zell didn't say: you almost choked me. No, he expressed worry for the majestic tower of flesh that is Seifer's penis. Still, he had to make sure that Zell stayed mad enough to leave. "I noticed you didn't gag. Did you learn how to suppress your gag reflex using hotdogs?" The fact that Zell's face blushed a darker shade and that he turned his eyes away did not escape Seifer. This new revelation will be turned into tons of entertainment during lunch hours. It wasn't enough to cause Zell to pick up his clothes and run out of the room, though.

Reaching into the drawer, Seifer pulled out the lubricant and tossed it down to Zell's feet. The wide-eyed, open-mouthed reaction proved that Zell knew what the liquid was for. It should only be a matter of seconds before he'd jump up, throw the bottle against Seifer's smug face and break down the door. Instead, he eyed the bottle, stood up, sat on the bed and handed the bottle back to Seifer. "Fine, let's do that. It'll be my first time, so if you're too rough, I'll pound your head in, 'k?"

Reality was crumbling underneath Seifer's feet. Today, the little Chickenwuss had been one surprise after another. The swordsman's ability to predict Zell's reactions has become obsolete. All he wanted was for Chickie to leave, so he could attend to his raging hard-on that has wanted to cum for quite a bit of time. It's that too much to ask? What has he done to deserve this? There's still hope though. If he can soothe the beast while preparing Zell for penetration, he might be able to hold off his orgasm until Zell has his. As long as Zell cums first, Seifer wins. That's all that matters.

Zell stood up once again and unzipped his pants, revealing a rock-hard sevem inches of flesh, pointing straight to his chin. Slimmer and shorter than Seifer's, for which the taller blonde was congratulating himself for once again surpassing the tattooed fighter, it suited Zell perfectly in proportion to his size. Once free from all of his clothes, Zell stood awkwardly not knowing what to do next and squirming under Seifer's evaluation. "Well? How are we gonna do this? Do I just get on all fours on the bed, or what?"

Frustrated once again by Zell's inability to be sensual, sexy or at least subtle, Seifer mentally groaned. He was enjoying watching how Zell fought with himself to keep from covering up. He had wanted to go slow, to pull the small guy against him and start torturous kisses from the navel until he reached a gasping mouth. To probe inside said mouth, while lifting the writhing body unto the bed, gently stroking the back, moving down to squeeze the tight globes, reaching between them to massage the puckered entrance where no man has been before. With the moment ruined and realization that Zell would push him away if he tried doing what he wanted, Seifer relinquished, comforting himself with the thought that next time would be much better. He patted the bed and nodded for Zell to position himself.

Squirting a generous amount of lube onto his hands, he separated the cheeks massaging the flesh with strong well placed fingers, feeling how tense Zell's muscles were getting. Seifer could physically sense the fighter's apprehension as he tried, to no avail, to widen the tight ring of muscle. Seifer slid his body across Zell's back until his face was next to the other. Red-faced and grimacing, Zell refused to look into Seifer's face. "Are you sure you want to do this? Your body's screaming no." A quick nod. Chickie's trying to be brave. He's too stubborn to admit that he's scared half to death. "I'm not going to lie to you. It will hurt. But if you don't relax, then the pain will be hundreds of times worse. If I can't loosen you up, then we'll just jerk off and end it there."

Now Zell did turn to look into Seifer's face. Determination burned in his eyes. That or hard-headed stupidity. "No, try again. Just...just lemme get more comfortable." Saying that he lowered his upper body until his head rested on the mattress, yet still keeping his lower body raised. He took several deep breaths, slowing them down until his skin returned to its normal color. His features turned lax and the expression on his face resembled the one he has when he's about to take part in a difficult fighting technique. "Ok, try now. I'm ready."

After reapplying more of the liquid onto his hands, Seifer was relieved when one of his fingers slipped into the tight, hot hole. Moving the digit in slow, circular movements, in and out, he gently loosened him up. Before adding a second finger, Seifer grabbed Zell's cock with his free hand and used the same rhythm of his probing fingers to fondle the responsive fighter. Zell had started to moan lightly into the blankets, gasping whenever Seifer pushed deeper or spread his fingers apart within the smaller blonde. By the time a third finger was added, he was whimpering since Seifer had found his prostate and continually rubbed it. One of Zell's hands grabbed the one jerking him off and implored for the pace to quicken. His hips had started to push back against the caressing fingers, pleading for more.

The sight of how hot Zell was getting aroused Seifer intensely. The urge to sheath his aching cock into that welcoming orifice and plow into the smaller man was becoming overwhelming. It'd be a bad idea to give in to his more feral needs. Seifer was too close to the edge of orgasm, in a few thrusts he'd cum. Besides, Zell wasn't ready yet. To be taken by surprise was bad enough, but for it to be your first time, to have a painful and unsatisfying experience; not even Seifer's conscious would let him do it guilt-free.

Determined to quiet down his growing need, Seifer tried to think of less stimulating images than having a Chickie lost in a sea of lust all thanks to a couple of fingers. Maybe by thinking of a girl could he calm himself down, but that only led to remembering a blindfolded Quistis bound to a bed with her own whip, dripping wet and unable to keep the want out of her moans. Ok, thinking about straight sex won't help. Who does Seifer know that would kill a hard-on faster than a kick to the balls?

Headmaster Cid; good ol' father figure Kramer. The mental image was helped by the countless times Seifer had to go up to his office. He and his posse had just committed another indiscriminate act of cruelty against a defenseless cadet, yet only Seifer was called up to the office. After getting off the elevator, the young gunblade specialist notices how dark the room is and fails to find the Headmaster. A disembodied voice permeates every inch of the secluded office. It says how naughty Seifer has been and how naughty boys are punished, naughty boys get *spanked*. At this point of the imaginary scene, a leather-clad Kramer appears behind Seifer, bends him at his waist and proceeds to... That's enough. Seifer's cock has deflated enough for him to control himself. A shiver ran down his spine at the thought of what would happen if the idea of a Leather Daddy/Bear Headmaster Cid had actually had the opposite effect.

Returned to reality, Seifer sees that Zell is stretched enough for the next step. "I see you're enjoying yourself. Ready to continue?" He kept fingering the younger blonde and noticed that at the sound of his voice, Zell had tightened up. For a second Seifer wondered why, but Zell's response explained a lot. "Yes... Oh, gods, yes. But please, don't talk." Seifer felt genuinely offended. The Chickenwuss really was pretending that Seifer was somebody else. The idea of having sex with the god named Almasy, caused Zell to tense up, so in order to enjoy the miraculous sexual talents, he'd just imagine someone else! How dare he?! Who could he think about that was as handsome as the guy behind him? One of those gym rats from that porn mag? Another martial artist here at Garden that he has a crush on? SQUALL?! This is unacceptable. Seifer seriously considered throwing Zell, just as naked and sexed up as he was, out of the room to deal with the questioning looks that his erection would cause. A better idea sprung into his head. Seifer would take him face-to-face stating the fact that he, Seifer Almasy, was sodomizing one Zell Dincht. The little chicken won't be able to deny that or imagine some other guy's face, when Seifer's cock penetrates that virgin hole. All the while, Seifer will be able to see the expression on Chickie's face. A perfect plan.

Taking several deep breaths to calm himself down, Seifer knew that if he did it angry he'd probably hurt his little Chickie a lot more than he intended, the tall blonde stopped pleasuring Zell. After applying lube over his entire length, he placed his hands on each side of the other's hips and quickly flipped the oblivious fighter unto his back. Before Zell could react, he positioned himself between Zell's legs and leaned his face until it was an inch away from the bewildered eyes. "Hey, Chickenwuss, guess what? You're being fucked by Seifer Almasy." With those words he buried himself up to the hilt and immediately regretted this course of action.

One must understand that despite his size and boyish good looks, Zell is still a very efficient weapon and has a lot of strength throughout his entire body. Enough power in his arms to bruise Seifer's ribs as he fiercely hugged the other's torso. Sufficient might to dig his fingernails into several layers of skin. Even his jaw is strong enough to painfully bite into Seifer's left shoulder, hard enough to numb the entire area.

To say that this new development was a little annoying was a grave understatement. Keeping himself under control, Seifer was preparing to give the Chickie underneath him a piece of his mind. When he turned his face towards his left and saw the tightly shut eyes, the straining tendons in the neck and shuddering breaths forcing themselves through the small spaces between Seifer's skin and Zell's teeth, the taller blonde understood that whatever pains he was going through, paled in comparison. Sure, he felt bad about ruining Zell's first time, but his pride couldn't permit him to apologize. He reminded himself that he had intentionally done it to hurt as payback. Zell would remember that Seifer was his first, not some imaginary playboy. There, revenge accomplished, now how was he supposed to get that pained look off Zell's face?

His hips wanted him to move, to enjoy how Zell's tight insides were strangling him, to hurry up and get his rocks off. Yet, Seifer kept still, not moving in any direction and supporting his weight on his arms, as to not crush the tense body clinging roughly to him. After several minutes, when Zell no longer hyperventilated, Seifer purred softly into his ear. "You ok?"

Calmer now, Zell unclenched his jaw and relaxed his hold. The strain in his face diminished, but was still present. His words were breathless and hushed, but with a definite trace of rage. "You stupid fuck! Asshole...bastard...prick...I told you...don't be rough...that hurt so bad...I wanna strangle you." With that, he moved his hands to Seifer's neck and pressed on it. He increased the pressure until he was sure that Seifer couldn't breathe, but even then the tall blonde didn't budge, voice a protest or fight back. The green eyes just stared back into the blue ones, their message indecipherable. Satisfied by the blue tinge the lips were beginning to have, Zell let go. He waited till Seifer caught his breath. "Well, what are you waiting for? You said that you were fucking me. Why don't you finish what you started?"

Seifer had no idea why he let the little Chickie choke him like that. To make up for what he did? No, that would imply that Seifer felt guilt. The great Almasy never regrets his actions, does he? Of course not. Now to make sure that Zell has the best sex in his entire life, or until the next time that he gets down and dirty with the taller blonde. This is just to make sure that Seifer cements that he is a sex god and *not* to make reparations of any kind. Chickie deserved the rough penetration for visualizing someone else, even though that°'s what Seifer assumed and didn't have any proof of. Damn it! Just get down to business and sort out your thoughts later.

Grabbing Zell's ankles and placing the long, lean legs over his shoulders, Seifer pulled out slowly, watching how Zell gritted his teeth. When just the mushroom-shaped head remained inside the tight tunnel, he worked his way back inside. Repeating this several times, gradually stretching until he could move in and out with ease, Seifer was pleased when he saw how Zell started to pant. When his cock grazed over that excruciatingly sensitive spot, Zell would tighten his grip on Seifer's arms. Certain that there will be colorful bruises there, the tall blonde noticed how beaten up he was getting.

As Seifer quickened his pace, Zell began meeting his thrusts, pushing back against him. Unable to keep still, the shorter of the two grabbed both sides of Seifer's face to get his attention. "Get on your back...Let me ride you...Oh gods, please!" Never removing himself from within that throbbing tunnel, Seifer repositioned himself, with an ecstatic Zell quickly taking command.

Arching his back, revealing a taut stomach, chiseled chest and defined neck, Zell fiercely impaled himself over and over again at a frantic pace. Without even stroking himself, his dick was leaking copious amounts of pre-cum as it bounced in time to the pounding. The open mouth and heavy lidded look that Zell's face sported could be used as a textbook example of a blissful state. By now, both of the blondes had a thin sheet of sweat covering their bodies, the room was filled by their manly musk.

Seeing how much Zell was enjoying him, Seifer felt a sense of accomplishment. Even with all the taunts and terrible treatment, he still managed to create this reaction within Zell. He didn't even need to do any work, just sit back and benefit from the view and the waves of pleasure that traveled across his body each time that his little Chickie tightened against his throbbing cock. If only he had known about this side of the tattooed fighter sooner, all those boring days with nothing to do could have been replaced with lustful play. "Man, if I had known before that you were such a cockhungry bottom, I would have tapped that ass long ago."

Taken out of his thoughts by a well placed punch to the ribs that took his breath away, Seifer glared at his assailant. Without stopping his self-impalement, Zell glared back, apparently insulted. "Don't ever call me that again, 'k? I like you better when you keep your mouth shut." Returning to his previous position, with his head turned towards the ceiling, Zell didn't see Seifer rolling his eyes and soundlessly mocking his words.

Decided to take back control, Seifer grabbed the leaking dick and milked it for all it was worth. That brought Zell's sights back down. "Stop that! I'm already 'bout to cum!" Wrapping his hands on the ones playing with him, Zell tried in vain to remove them. Seifer used this opportunity to flip Zell once again unto his back. He proceeded to plunge hard and deep into the smaller blonde, this time secure that Zell would only feel wave after wave of delight as he brushed against that special spot. After hearing Zell's defeated moans Seifer leaned forward to suck on that area between the collarbone and the neck, enjoying the taste. He was determined to leave *at least* one mark on Zell's body, after all the ones he has on his.

Zell's orgasm came hard and long. He buckled under Seifer as his semen coated both of their stomachs and chests. Each time that Zell shot a load, his rectum would spasm firmly against Seifer's invasive member. His balls drawing themselves in, Seifer rode his own orgasm at the frantic pace, shooting inside the condom much to his chagrin. Next time he reminded himself, next time.

Lifting himself unto his arms, Seifer looked down unto his little Chickie. Those gravity defying bangs were plastered on his forehead, his eyes were closed looking as though he was about to fall asleep, his lips were lightly pursed as though they were waiting to be kissed. If Zell didn't want to be kissed he shouldn't look as adorable and vulnerable, despite all the damage he put on Seifer's body, as he did now. Making sure that his lower body held Zell's down and grabbing the fighter's wrists securely, Seifer proceeded to press his lips against the unexpecting ones. When Zell gasped in surprise, the tricky blonde slipped his tongue inside and fought with its inhabitant.

Victorious, Seifer held the struggling body down, yet before he could determine what name could better define the sweet meaty flavor that he tasted he felt this burning sensation across his bottom lip and a coppery taste invaded his mouth. Moving away and wiping the trickle of blood that flowed down his chin, Seifer saw a devilish Zell with a smug smirk. "I told you no strings and no kissing."

Despite the busted lip, Seifer felt encouraged by the bite. Zell still had some fight in him. It's going to be fun taming the little devil. Besides Seifer never agreed to that no strings crap.

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