Hands on experience

BY : Naniris
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Title: Hands on experience. Chapter 2: Temptation
Pairing: SeiferxZell
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters, but I do own the story.
A/N: The story is set pre-game, so there is no friendship between Squall, Quistis and Zell. They’re more like acquaintances. That’s also the reason why Selphie and Irvine won’t be appearing anytime soon.

From what I remember from the beginning of the game, Seifer *did* know Quistis and Squall better than Zell knew them, so that fits into my little plot.

I didn’t like how Zell’s POV in first person was coming out, so I changed it to Zell’s POV in the third person, yet his thoughts are in the first person. Italics are Zell’s thoughts.
The clock on the wall marked 11:36am, as Quistis gave her class. Sitting down in the last aisle, Zell was deeply lost in his thoughts. A little tired and very sore from yesterday’s events, the martial artist wore a blue turtleneck sweater which he constantly pulled on. He hated how constraining it felt, but the noticeable mark on his neck needed to be hidden from public view. Stupid bastard gave me a hickey. I got him back though. I wonder what excuse he gave at the Infirmary for all those bruises he was sporting. Zell couldn’t help grinning at that thought.

That evening kept replaying itself in his mind. He spent the night tossing on his bed, half-worried and half-aroused. What the hell was I thinking? Getting involved with a prick like that. The sex was good, very, very good. Too good to be true. Him kissing me was a terrible omen. I told him not to and he did it anyway. What else will he break his word with? I said no strings and no kissing, I meant it. There’s no way I’m sleeping with him again. If I do, he’ll just take advantage of me. I can resist his cock and his unlimited stamina…and the way he made me have the best orgasm of my life.

Banging his head continually against his console, Zell tried to stop his libido from taking over. I don’t need Seifer for sex. I have a tight little ass and from what I’ve heard an expert mouth. I can get any man I want. Except that every guy to hit on me has been some twink that see me as their muscle-bound hunk. Those guys break a nail and the world ends. Ugh! The bears are worse. They see my size and think I’m a pretty doll. It only takes me a couple of seconds to overpower any of them. The gym rats have nice bodies, but no fighting experience. The big brutes are just that. I can’t keep a conversation up for more than 5 minutes. I need a challenge, somebody who likes spar, cares about their body and can talk about things. Being easy on the eyes would be a plus, too. Everybody I’d be interested in are either straight or are in committed relationships. Or Seifer, but he’s an annoying bastard.

Zell sighed loudly and gazed down into the classroom. I shouldn’t be wasting my time thinking about those things. I should be paying attention and learn something. He focused his attention but all he heard sounded like gibberish and the symbols on the blackboard looked like senseless scribble. Yep, I’m completely lost. I have absolutely no idea what’s going on. Everyone else seems to be getting it, but *I* am a moron.

He slumped into his folded arms and looked over the classroom. On his left, several aisles down sat Squall. He looked as broody and stoic as ever. Further down giving the conference was the competent blonde Instructor, talking in that nonsensical tongue with confidence as half a dozen Trepies hung to her every syllable. I can’t believe that Seifer was involved with the both of them. Squall so anti-social and whateverish that it’s impossible to get him to talk to me. How in Shiva’s good name did Seifer get Squall to thaw out enough to be in a relationship? And Quistis; she has all those followers, she’s gorgeous and so many guys would love to be with her. She’s so responsible and mature. Everything Seifer isn’t. Maybe she likes bad boys. Is that it?! Is that the Almasy allure? Is that why I decided to not only give him head, but also let him fuck my virgin ass?

Zell grabbed his bangs and pulled on them hard, this being his usual way to clear his head. No, no way. I was just horny and he was there. I took advantage of him, not the other way around. It’s not like a little angel me and devil me fought each other to decide what I’d do. It was my choice; I was just a little nervous at times. Who wouldn’t be jumpy if their tormentor for years had them in a vulnerable situation? I tried thinking of somebody else, anybody as long as it wasn’t him; that never worked. His face always came out in the end. Then I tried thinking it was just me fingering myself or with a dildo, but then he had to talk. Always saying something to bring me back to *him*.

Tired of being in that one position, Zell stretched out his arms over his head and then let his palms fall flat on his hair. It was always about him. What the hell was “Guess what, Chickenwuss, you’re being fucked by Seifer Almasy” all about? What an ego trip! Then the stupid fucker goes all the way AT ONCE. It felt like a hot poker was ripping me up from the inside. He let me choke him afterwards, which I still don’t get. Maybe he felt sorry; that would make sense except that the “Great Almasy” never regrets anything. At this point Zell mouthed the name sarcastically and rolled his eyes. It got better after that. It was freakin’ perfect till he called me a cockhungry bottom. So what if it’s true, it’s still not nice to call someone that. Then he forced me to cum, not that I didn’t enjoy every second of it, but I would have liked to hold off that orgasm a little bit longer.

Zell eyed the clock and saw that there was only 15 minutes left of class. He still had no idea what they were talking about. I could have slept right there, even with Seifer hovering above me. We might have had another go at it, if only he wasn’t such an ass. Kissing is too intimate. You should only do it with someone you love. Ok, it’s a bit hypocritical to believe that and yet still have casual sex, but dammit I have my principles.

Tapping his fingers to a beat in his head, Zell waited for the class to end. It was nearing lunchtime and he was anxious to get something to eat. When the time finally came, he rushed down the stairs, but just before he could run out the door Quistis called his attention. “Zell Dincht, I need to speak with you for a moment.” Hearing her call him sent a shiver down his back. Panicky thoughts raced through his head. Why would she want to talk with me? Does she know about yesterday? Did Seifer tell her? They hooked up once, maybe they’re still together. I’m going to kill him if he told anyone!

Zell walked towards her with his hands in his pockets in order to keep them still. Quistis quickly shooed away her unwanted admirers, so she could speak in private with the jumpy fighter. “You seemed very distracted during class. Did you pay attention to any of the lesson?” She placed one of her hands on her hip, while the other adjusted her glasses. Somehow she gave the impression that she could see straight through Zell.

“Uh…well…not really. I…Well, the honest truth is that everything you said sounded like nonsense, so I didn’t see the point in trying to figure it out.” He felt a little relieved now that it seemed that the instructor was oblivious to his one-night stand.

Upon hearing Zell’s excuse, Quistis rubbed her temple with her right hand. “The entire class has had a week’s notice to study basic Shumi dialect and symbols. You were supposed to listen to my presentation, write out what you believed the message to be and hand in a paper by the next class. How do you expect to do that now, cadet Dincht?” She watched as the fighter’s eyes widened at remembering the assignment and how he tried, and failed, to explain himself.

She sighed wearily and walked to her desk. Out of a drawer she removed a thin stack of papers and handed them to the distraught blonde. “I’m going to give you another assignment to make up for the one you won’t be able to do. Simply translate these five pages and hand them in the next time. You’ll have two days to do this, so I expect a good job. Do try to remember your studies from now on.”

Zell grinned widely and scratched the back of his head. “Yeah, I can’t believe I forgot about today. I promise I’ll be a better student and I’ll have these pages done as soon as humanly possible. Thanks for giving me the second chance.” He waved goodbye and exited quickly. All that worry was for nothing. Seifer’s not gonna tell anyone. What for?

The hallways were empty, as everyone most likely crowded the Cafeteria. That damn line is going to be long. They’ll probably run out of my usual by the time I get there. Since the possibility of running into somebody was slim, he saw no problem in checking out his homework while walking. Eyeing the papers, Zell sees that he has his work cut out for him. It was going to take all night to figure out what the whole thing means. Since he was absorbed by the odd symbols, he failed to notice the imposing figure standing directly in his path. It wasn’t until he bumped into the broad chest and had the papers captured from his hands that he reacted. Oh, great. Just fantastic. “Give me those back, now.”

Standing there with perfectly healthy lips curled into a smirk, Seifer examined the homework. “Shumi, huh? I can help you with that, Chickie. Of course as payment we could…” Zell tried grabbing the papers, but the taller blonde just lifted his hand out of range. “…get together for a different kind of all-nighter.”

“Fuck you. I can do this on my own.” Zell jumped up twice in a futile attempt to get back his work, when he noticed the devilish joy in Seifer’s eyes at his failure. Dammit, I must look like a little kid. What the hell does he have to toy with me all the time? Determined to not be made a fool of, Zell crossed his arms and decided to use other tactics. “I see your lip’s not busted anymore. What cheap lie did you use at the Infirmary to get a potion?”

“Oh, I didn’t lie.” He chuckled at the horrified expression on Zell’s face. “Just twisted the truth a little. Said that you got a little overexcited when we were dueling yesterday. Couldn’t keep your hands off me, you were acting almost like a rabid animal. Dr. Kadowaki pitied me and told me not to get involved with fighters that use such dirty tricks. I told her I won anyway.”

Zell sneered and looked the other way. “You make me hate you so much.” He realized the terrible choice of words he selected to speak out loud. When he returned his sights back on Seifer, he saw that his tormentor noticed its meaning as well. I’m just gonna ignore it. I never admitted that Seifer makes me do anything. He has no control over any of my actions or thoughts. “Look, I have a lot to do, so give me back my papers.”

“Not yet, Chickenwuss. If I do, then you’ll just run away. You can spare me a couple of minutes, can’t you?” While his right hand held the papers out of reach, his left slipped into the collar of Zell’s sweater. “I see you’re covering my little love bite. Nothing to be ashamed of. It looks nice on you.” His hand was quickly swatted away, while he laughed at the disgusted look that the small blonde gave him.

Zell could feel the blood rushing through his face. It infuriated him that Seifer always knew which buttons to push. Self-absorbed, arrogant, bigheaded son of a bitch. If I didn’t promise Instructor Trepe that I’d hand that in, you’d be swallowing your teeth. One of these days you’ll regret messing with me.

Seifer lowered his arm, yet kept ready to dodge any effort for retrieval from the angry fighter. “Despite your reluctance to kissing, yesterday was fun. I want to see what else you’re good at in bed.” Out of his coat pocket he pulled out a folded paper and handed it to Zell. “Now you won’t have any excuses for having me use a condom.”

While unfolding the paper, Zell scoffed at the statement. “I don’t care if you use a condom or not, ‘cause I’m never gonna have sex with you again. Remember, you agreed to no strings.” Reading over quickly, Zell saw that he had a full STD’s test results and that everything came out negative. He noticed the date on the document was the same as today’s. “Did you get this done while getting healed?”

“Sure, killed two birds with one stone. Made Kadowaki question my earlier story, but I don’t care what she thinks.” His predatory gaze caught Zell’s eyes, as his left hand lifted the shorter blonde’s chin. “Oh, and Chickie, I never agreed to leaving you alone. It’s not my fault you didn’t hear me, covering my mouth with your hand. When you said no strings and no kissing, I answered with no way. That means I get to seduce you as much as I want.”

Eyes widened, ability to formulate words lost, Zell just scowled and stood his ground. I should have known! It’s SEIFER! It’s never simple with that jerk. If there’s a loophole to any agreement the bastard will find it. I don’t give a shit. HE CAN’T MAKE ME HAVE SEX WITH HIM! All he can do is taunt me over and over again, offering his cock for a quickie here; hot, long-lasting sex there. So what if I gave him a very powerful weapon to use against me? I can resist him. I’ll simply block out every single one of his propositions.

“Don’t think you’ll be able to resist me for long. You’re a horny little devil and I’m the best sex you can get. Your need to get laid will override any principles you have against getting fucked by me.” Apparently Seifer could read minds, since that’s exactly what worried Zell. “Tonight I’ll be in the Secret area of the Training Center; it’s near the back, look behind the hanging vines.”

Zell found his voice in the rage that came from hearing Seifer’s assumptions. “Well, aren’t you an overconfident asshole? What makes you think I’m gonna go there like a mindless sex-fiend?”

Seifer’s grin widened as he slapped Zell’s papers unto the fighter’s chest. “That erection you have right now.” With those words the self-assured blonde, turned around and walked away, leaving Zell clutching the assignment and staring at his crotch.

Zell entered his room, a plastic basket with toiletries and clothes in his left hand, his right combing through his limp, wet locks. A solitary light blinked 10:16pm in the darkness, until Zell flicked the lights on and saw his clock on top of the nightstand. In the corner, his desk had a stack of dictionaries and reference material that he had been using for the Shumi translation. He had spent the evening locked in his room, laboring over his assignment only to have two pages badly done. He couldn’t concentrate on anything and was hoping that a shower would help clear his head, but all it did was calm down a recurring hard-on.

Stupid thing has a mind of its own. It won’t stay down no matter what I do, except for... I’m NOT jerking off. Doing that would be like admitting defeat. Seifer doesn’t tell me what to do and neither does my dick. I have freewill for Hyne’s sake! He threw the dirty clothes into a hamper and put away the basket in his closet. I’ve barely eaten anything during lunch or dinner. That stupid prick always within view, doing something so sexually suggestive in public and yet no one notices but me. The way he was sucking on that straw so casually, except when he knew I was looking, then he’s practically blowing it. And that éclair that took him practically forever to eat. He practically inhaled its filling and then just * had* to lick his lips. At dinner, he actually walks up to me and offers me a hotdog in front of my friends!

I know what’s wrong with me. I’m like starving man that eats a single piece of bread. Instead of getting rid of my hunger, it makes me want more; it fuckin’ reminds me what I’m missing. Well, I’m not gonna accept the apple that that snake offers me, no matter how hungry I get. Zell sits down at his desk and goes over what he already has done. His translation makes little sense and any hopes to finish everything on time are evaporating. No matter how hard he tried, his thoughts kept drifting away from academia. It’s getting late. I can just imagine Seifer sitting all alone and furious while beating himself off. He probably thought I’d be there at 8 o’clock on my knees begging to service his majestic member. Ha! I’d love to see his face after waiting for an hour. There’s no way he’s there now, though.

A new thought sprung into the tattooed boy’s head. Something so tempting he bit the tip of his thumb while contemplating it. Maybe he’s still there. If I catch him in a really pathetic position, somehow find a way to make fun of him, then he’ll lose some power over my sex drive. I could wait till tomorrow to shove it into his face, tell him that he misjudged me and should go off and find more appropriate prey, since I’m obviously out of his league. But then, he could deny ever going to the Training Center in the first place and I’d have no proof that he’s lying. But if I go now, find the jerk, laugh in his face and runaway while his pants are around his ankles, then my revenge will be ten times sweeter.

Walking down the silent hallways, dressed in his normal getup except that his gravity-defying bangs are falling unto his face, Zell felt exhilarated by his plan. He tried hard to keep himself from doing somersaults and punching the air, figuring it was best to go unnoticed and pull off his vengeance in private. In Seifer’s own words; it’d be a lot more fun to keep this little secret between themselves.

Once inside the passageway that leads to the indoor jungle, Zell’s enthusiasm diminished. The only other gunblade specialist in the Garden was heading towards the Training Center, his weapon leaning against his shoulder. What is he doing here so late? No way can it have any to do with Seifer, can it? Was he waiting for me for so long he called Squall for a booty call? Or maybe he had a surprise threesome planned?! I can’t jump to conclusions, it might something completely innocent. Unable to keep a hint of uneasiness out of his voice, the fighter called out to the brunette. “Hey, Squall. Surprised to see anyone out here so late. What are ya up to?”

Looking over his shoulder without stopping, Squall quickly accessed who called him and continued on his way. The tattooed blonde stood there awkwardly with one hand raised in mid-wave. He decided to drop it, since questioning Squall would only be suspicious. The brunette probably wanted to train alone and at this hour he wouldn’t have to deal with novices. I’m being paranoid. It’s just a coincidence. Nothing more.

It was easy enough to avoid the monsters. Most of them were daylight predators, and the few that weren’t were easily detected and so avoidable. After several minutes of searching around the back, Zell finally saw an entrance amidst all the vegetation. It was very well hidden, nearly impossible to find unless you were looking for it. Upon approaching it he felt a tingling sensation throughout his body. When he searched the surroundings he saw several small, concealed magical generators creating a field blocking the entrance. Upon touching it, he didn’t feel much discomfort, so he was certain that it wasn’t meant to keep humans out. Probably just the smaller beasts.

The blonde fighter tried his best to be stealthy and that way surprise whoever was in there. When he reached the clearing, prepared to point and laugh, he felt utter disappointment when it was void of tall, blonde jerks. Dammit, there’s no one here. I got pumped up for nothing. Might as well make the best of it. I wonder what’s so special about this place. Zell had never been there before, so the view of the Garden from a ledge caught him by surprise. He had never seen the institution from this angle; every feature looked familiar yet distorted and new. Taking in the sight and enjoying the light breeze that played with his hair, Zell decided that coming here wasn’t a complete waste of time.

He was so entranced by the sight he didn’t notice the presence behind him, till the person spoke. “Hey, Chickie. I didn’t expect you to be here so early. You must want me more than I thought.” Seifer stabbed his Hyperion into the soil and proceeded towards the perplexed blonde.

“What do you mean by not expecting me this early? It’s nearly midnight! And what are you doing here? I thought you left! And stop smirking at me!” Zell felt the blood rush to his face with a mix of embarrassment and a little fury. His plan had just backfired on him. Once again, the asshole managed to manipulate a situation towards his favor.

Removing his gloves with deliberate casualness, Seifer just laughed. “When did you think I would be here? At ten, nine or maybe you thought earlier. There are still people training at those hours. If you wanted to give a show, you should have told me. I could have arranged it.” He stuffed his gloves into a pocket and towered over the small blonde.

No, no, no. This is all wrong. Why did I let myself get into this mess? Why didn’t I think this through? “I don’t want you, jerk. So stop flattering yourself, cuz I only came here to tell you to leave me the fuck alone.”

Seifer couldn’t contain his mocking laughter. He ruffled Zell’s hair, letting his fingers enjoy the rarely un-gelled locks. “Is that the best you can do? You couldn’t come up with a better excuse to delude yourself into thinking that I don’t turn you on?”

Zell pulled back a fist and was about to smash that arrogant smile that haunted his every thought. Before he could carry out this action he felt how tight his pants had gotten. He needn’t look down to know which treacherous organ ignored his hatred. On an impulsive decision the short blonde chose to run, rather than fight and expose how aroused he had become with just the presence of his tormentor.

Before Zell could flee past him, Seifer grabbed him and forced the stunned fighter against a wall. There he quickly clutched onto Zell’s ass and lifted him until they were looking eye to eye. “Come on, Chickie. Stop fooling yourself. You could have stayed in your room; instead you came out here in the middle of the night.” Seifer grinded against Zell, making both of their erections obvious to each other. “You want this, you need this and I’m all too generous to give it to you. So stop rationalizing that you didn’t come here to get fucked. Your cock doesn’t care who gets it off, so pretending that you’re too good for me is only gonna frustrate it.”

When he was hauled up, Zell had placed his hands onto Seifer’s shoulders in an instinct to regain balance. Now his fists had bunched up the material as he strained to not admit how good it was feeling down there. He gasped as he felt a tongue graze over his ear and soft whispers blew against it. “You’ve already gave yourself to me once. What difference does it make to have another go at it?”

“Seifer. Stop it.” His voice didn’t sound as determined as he wished it would. Thoughts were speeding through his head, tempting him to catch them. The lighting in the Secret area was sufficiently good to distinguish a person, but was poor enough to make it hard to pick out details. Even so, Zell could swear he saw how Seifer’s irises widened with lust when he had grabbed the fleeing fighter. It made his heart beat faster, but not quite with fear. Zell was sure it was similar to when he had to fight an opponent stronger than himself. The excitement of being challenged, the adrenaline rush in preparation for battle; the more savage part of his brain reveled in how Seifer forced him to feel this way. His more ‘civilized’ and controlled self didn’t stand a chance.

Zell felt his defenses melt away, but not to be replaced with submissiveness. You egotistical bastard, you wanna fuck me? Go right ahead. But you should know by now that I fight back. As Seifer was busy nipping and licking underneath Zell’s left ear, he left his neck open. Zell used the opportunity to bite down on it hard enough to hurt, but not break the skin. He really didn’t want to deal with any vampire jokes if he’s naturally long canines should be able to draw blood. Afterwards he sucked on the flesh and had his tongue linger over it, before pulling away. Will see how nice my ‘love bite’ looks on you.

During all this Seifer growled into his prey’s neck, but didn’t pull away or even flinch, much to Zell’s frustration. “Chickie wants to play rough, doesn’t he?” He chuckled as he looked into Zell’s defiant eyes. “This time will do things my way. Yesterday was fun, but I enjoy the build up of pleasure.” He lowered the shorter blonde until his feet reached the ground but kept his hands ready to subdue any second thoughts of escape.

The tall blonde began to slowly remove Zell’s jacket while nipping and kissing around the fighter’s throat. “You taste a little like soap. Did you wash up before coming to see me?” Zell felt like pushing his tormentor away and taking the initiative himself, but he knew that now wasn’t the right moment. Like Granpa Dincht always used to say: ‘Choose your battles wisely. No point in exhausting yourself out for a small win, if you’re going to suffer a great loss later on.’ Of course, I’m sure that this isn’t what he had in mind when he gave me the advice.

Once the jacket was off, Seifer quickly peeled of his shirt and started to work himself down onto his knees biting, licking and kissing a trail across Zell’s chest. It wasn’t a tender gesture from a lover, but it wasn’t violating act either. Each time Seifer’s mouth touched his skin, and proceeded to do as it wished Zell could feel a small warmth spread throughout his body and accumulate in his crotch. He also never knew what to expect; Seifer didn’t follow a pattern, leaving Zell to guess whether next he would feel the sting of a bite, the moisture of a tongue or the caress of lips. The shorter blonde was sure that this was a calculated move to increase his desire, since his endurance was wearing down faster than he expected. “Can’t we just skip the foreplay and get to the point? I’m getting bored just standing here.” A lie. Luckily told better than his other ones. He was more worried of cumming in his pants before actually doing anything.

“I like foreplay, so bear down and enjoy it…which you already are. You think I don’t notice the way you hitch your breath, or the tightening of your fists on my shoulders. And to think, I haven’t even started on your nipples yet.” Seifer took one into his mouth and lapped his tongue over it, teasing it lightly with his teeth. Zell’s reaction was nearly instant, as he first arched into the pleasure and then backed up into the wall. Seifer wrapped his arms around the tattooed blonde’s waist and pulled him down the ground. Judging by Zell’s gasping breath and his wary hands on Seifer’s head not pulling away nor pushing down; it was obvious that no one, not even the owner himself, has ever played with this particular body part.

Seifer stopped his sensuous torture and looked into a blushing face and heavy-lidded eyes. “Sensitive, aren’t they?” He started on its twin before waiting for an answer, this time to feel the hands pull on his hair painfully. Zell was breathing in hard pants, his eyes shut tight and the tendons in his neck visibly taut. “Let me guess. Just like kissing, your nipples are off-limits.” The opportunistic blonde pinched the right nipple hard, between his fingers, so he could watch Zell’s reaction. “You’re not used to receiving some gratification from another person. From what you’ve told me before, those guys only took pleasure and the only one who gave some back, didn’t know how to do it.”

The fighter gritted his teeth, as he attempted to regain some command over his body. Okay…The jerk’s right. I just didn’t expect it to feel *that* good. Dammit, I’m so close to just letting him do whatever he wants. NO! I *must* be strong. The Dincht pride depends on it. I can’t simply give in, like some whimpering bottom that’ll cry since he’s unable to contain the joy of being manhandled. I only have the turn the tables, force him to enjoy unbelievable ecstasy until he cums. As long as Seifer cums first, I win. That’s all that matters. I’ll laugh at his poor stamina, run away and then jerk off like crazy in my room. Perfect…except that now his pulling down my jeans.

Indeed he was, along with Zell’s briefs. There was a medium-sized stain in the front of these caused by the large amount of pre-cum that the blonde fighter’s has been leaking. Seifer grins at the obvious proof that Zell been enjoying himself more than he cared to admit. “Uh…Seifer…Why don’t we switch? I’ll give a blowjob. You enjoyed what my mouth is capable of, didn’t you?” The tall blonde ignored the question as he pulled off the jeans, along with the shoes. Now Zell only wore socks, gloves and a deer-in-the-headlights expression on his face.

Seifer lifted both legs and rested them on his shoulders. Then he used his hands to support one leg, while he started at the ankle, nipping and sucking down its inner side, torturing slowly until he reached the base. A breath away from the throbbing shaft. “Umm…Seif…Seifer, blowjob…let me give you…don’t.” The bully smirked at the martial artist’s incoherency, passed over the heated flesh and began licking and biting a trail up Zell’s other leg, until once again both lean limbs settled on his broad shoulders. “How about we compromise, Chickie? We’ll 69 each other.” Zell was considering the proposition. It could help out in his plan, as long as he gave the better, more satisfying BJ out of the two. If only Seifer didn’t have that evil glint in his eyes, as if he knew what Zell was thinking and had already planned ahead to thwart any attack coming his way.

Zell decided that he didn’t have anything to lose. “Take off your clothes then and let me be on top. I don’t want to be crushed if your knees go weak from the mind-blowing orgasm you’re gonna get.” Seifer complied and stood up. He removed his clothes to a slow rhythm, exuding masculine gracefulness and sensuality. To Zell if felt like hours, as if someone had cast Haste on him so everything else seemed to move slower while he’s blood rushed through his veins. As Seifer’s muscles became visible showcasing the strength underneath the smooth skin, the blonde fighter could feel his heartbeat pulse within his painfully hard erection. When the tall gunblade specialist, released his other weapon from the confines of his pants, Zell took a deep breath and steadied his heart. It only took a few minutes, enough to arouse the fighter even more, but fortunately too short for him to lose control, or what’s left of it, of his libido.

Seifer took his coat and laid it on the ground as a makeshift bed. He should have thought of that sooner, but Zell never complained…about that. He sat on it and then motioned for Zell to come to him. They positioned themselves; Zell on his elbows and knees with Seifer’s long shaft jutting up towards his lips; Seifer on his back with Zell’s knees on both sides of his head, his hands resting on the shorter blonde’s lower back. “What don’t you start us off, Chickie? Get comfortable before my tongue works wonders on you.”

Zell sneered back, looking between his legs to see Seifer’s smug smirk. He returned his sights back onto the heated tower of flesh that leaked a single drop of pre-cum over its head. Ok, I start first. Even better. I’ve done this before…just never without a condom. I haven’t even tasted my own semen, so this’ll be a new learning experience for me. Just remember the descriptions I’ve read before. Salty, yet sweet. Not bad, nor slimy, nor sour. Sweet and salty like honey roasted nuts. This lead to thinking of some other kind of nuts being roasted, forcing a grim frown onto his face. “Hey, Chickenwuss! Having second thoughts? You know I’m clean, so don’t act like a chickenshit now.”

Getting impatient, aren’t you? I’ll show you whose chickenshit. Without warning, the bold blonde took in 3/4 of Seifer’s cock, its head pushing against the entrance to Zell’s throat. He sucked hard on the shaft working his tongue over its top. The suddenness of the fighter’s attack cause Seifer to buck his hips, but Zell was ready for it and held the struggling hips down. I barely tasted that drop. It *is* sweet, but not like candy. No, there’s something else. Shit, I need more to know. Using his lips to cover his teeth, he worked up and down on the shaft. It tasted and smelled a little musky, but not in a bad way. More like the sweaty skin that you lick over your lip after a workout. This isn’t as bad as I thought, maybe… Whatever else that thought contained was lost, as Zell arched his back and moaned loudly. He stopped everything that he was doing and let his upper body rest on top of Seifer’s, as the moist cock that flopped out of his mouth a second ago grazed his right cheek, spreading its whitish fluid into a poorly-done replica of the tattoo on the left. Incapable of keeping his pleading groans inside of himself, he looked back to see what was the cause of the delight that blew every idea out of his head. Gods damn you, you fucking bastard!

Using his hands to control Zell’s reflexive thrusting, Seifer played with the head of Zell’s dick. His tongue got underneath the foreskin pleasuring the sensitive flesh, then licking and prodding the slit, forcing more pearly drops out of it. Between this and taking the entire shaft down into his mouth, squeezing the head with his throat’s muscles, the manipulative blonde managed to bring his favorite victim to the edge rather quickly. Once he could see and feel Zell reaching that point-of-no-return, he would back off and bite along Zell’s inner thigh, harder than before in order to leave more of his markings. When the slight pain would bring his prey away from orgasm, he’d return to teasing the cock with the promise of relief, only to take it away at the last minute.

Not willing to give up yet, Zell tries to find control. Dammit, you prick. You think I don’t know what you’re doing! I’m not cumming before you, not this time. I have to calm down, find my center, and concentrate on one point. Focus my thoughts away from the blissful torture that is my crotch. All of my martial arts training centered on the power of mind over body. If my mind is at peace, then neither pain nor pleasure can weaken me. Focus...focus on the only thing that can occupy me while at the same time distract the jerk underneath me. And so, Zell returned to his ministrations, this time with more fervor and determination to give the best blowjob that he can give.

Not to be outdone, Seifer took the fighter’s sac into his mouth and swirled it with his tongue while keeping a constant pressured sensation around it. Another thing that Zell has never experienced before and hence is completely unprepared for. “Oh, gods. Hyne… Seifer…stop.” Consequently, the tall blonde did stop and instead turned his attention back unto Zell’s weeping-from-joy shaft. That was a dirty trick. You knew… you knew and you waited for the right moment…you big asshole. Now, the tormentor stopped teasing and pleasures that traitorous member into an explosion of orgasm. Seifer swallowed every drop expertly, while still massaging the shaft with his tongue. Unable to contain a loud and drawn-out moan, the defeated fighter attempts to at least keep whimpers out of his voice afterwards. Zell’s legs struggle to stretch out and pull his body away from the vacuum that has become Seifer’s mouth, but the orgasm has left his knees weak and the green-eyed giant has a tight hold around his waist.

After shooting his load, Zell’s dick had become overly sensitive. Every time that the other’s tongue would graze over his head, Zell had to grit his teeth to keep a whine from coming out. It was actually starting to hurt. “Stop…lemme go. I…stoppit and let me finish you off!” His voice held a slight quiver, but it was concealed well under the irritation present in his words. Fine, I lost, so let’s just get this over with. Irritating prick, you had that planned out from the start. Stop sucking me, it hurts already. I bet that you only want me to beg you to stop. To whimper in submission. Heh, you shouldn’t forget what I have in my reach. Zell considered bending a certain phallus, but that seemed a little harsh. Instead he wrapped his fingers around several of the blonde’s pubic hairs, and pulled them out. The muffled word ‘fuck’ reverberated around his dick causing him to shiver.

He had expected to be thrown off, screamed at and then facing the wrath of a horny and enraged bully. Instead Seifer tightened his grip and began to suck furiously on each ball individually, alternatively licking and nipping. His hands had begun to knead Zell’s cheeks and spread them apart. No, he’s not going to…Yes, he was. The devilish tongue roamed up between the lobes, until it found the puckered entrance and began to tease it. Resistance was futile as Zell began to moan at the top of his lungs, his recently flaccid cock filling up again. After several minutes of feverishly prodding, licking and sucking and basically turning the reluctant blue-eyed blonde into quivering mass of goo, Seifer repositioned himself so he was kneeling behind Zell. He grabbed the shorter blonde’s waist and pulled him up against his chest. This way, both of them were on their knees; except that Zell was leaning against Seifer with his head resting at the other’s shoulder, and was inches away from impaling himself.

When two fingers entered his mouth, the short fighter instinctively sucked on them. He still hadn’t connected the dots as his thoughts slumbered lazily around his head. Rimjob good. Very good. Glad to take shower before. Tongue is amazing part of anatomy. The spit-soaked digits were removed from his mouth and soon there was a wetness pushing into him. Still feeling wonderful, Zell didn’t offer any resistance and actually pushed himself down onto the prodding digits. He was rewarded with waves of bliss as that special spot was quickly stroked. Soon he was empty again and could feel the body supporting him shift around as if searching for something. He heard a squirting noise and soon felt a cooler, slicker sensation inside his hot passage but had still to understand what he was being prepared for. A wider object nudged itself betweens his cheeks and dug a little into his tight, yet relaxed, ring of muscle. It wasn’t until he heard the superior voice behind him that he came to his senses. “Beg me, Chickie. Beg me to fuck you. Tell me how much you want my cock inside you, how you want to feel my seed coat your insides.”

~~Zell. Zell! Wakeup and pay attention. This is your Granpa Dincht speaking.~~ Oh, shit. I’m hallucinating. ~~Watch your tongue, boy, and clean out your ears. Time’s short so I won’t repeat this. You cannot let this devious pest harass you any longer. Make a stand here and now for the Dincht pride. Don’t give in to his wily tricks and turn the tables on him. You can take him down, my boy. ~~ I don’t know how. Everything I try, he finds a way to counteract. ~~That sounds a lot like whining. Before my time on this planet was up, I taught you better than that. What you lack is discipline and self-control. Your interest for the martial arts bloomed out of your desire to learn these, and so you have. Except that you NEVER apply it outside of battle. Understand this, Cadet Dincht. You are in a ferocious battle, neither of strength nor wits, but of sexual prowess. Combat isn’t just offense, it’s like playing a game and your opponent is an expert at this particular one. Learn from his moves and use it against him, but for now plan carefully. You’ve already suffered heavy casualties. ~~ You’re right. I can beat him at his own game. I let his experience intimidate me, but I’m a novice no longer. Thanks, grandpa…Umm…It doesn’t bother you that I’m gay?~~ No, it never has. ~~You mean you knew before!~~ Zell, sweet boy, you’re easier to read than a neon sign. I must leave you now, for we have spoken long enough and it’s starting to get suspicious. ~~Will I ever speak with you again?~~ If Hyne wills it. So long and remember to take care of your Ma.~~ Ok, granpa. I will. I’ll make you proud.

Zell looked behind himself and grinned widely. “No Seifer. All I’ll do now is return the favor and suck you off, but you’re not fucking me.” This left Seifer speechless as he realized that somehow Zell had slipped out of his grasp. Not beaten yet, he used one hand to milk Zell’s cock and the other to squeeze his nipples. “Ugh…gods, that feels good. But no matter what you do now, I’m not giving in. You’re not gonna take me again.”

Seifer clutched Zell harder to his chest and made his erection evident at the smaller blonde’s opening. He started to nibble the earlobe and then licked the ear to follow with a deathly whisper. “There’s nothing stopping me from burying myself to the hilt into your hot, tight ass. Plead me for forgiveness and praise my long cock and I *might* be gentle.”

Zell gulped as the intimidation became understood. Seifer sounded dangerously serious, there wasn’t any playful tone underneath it, nor was there insecurity. Nothing to prove that it was a ruse to frighten Zell into complying. The Great Almasy wouldn’t be denied, but would he go to these lengths to get what he wants? I won’t give in. I won’t let him scare me. If he’s lying then I’ll leave, if he’s not…then there’s no way I’d give myself willingly to a…rapist? Can I call him that? I got myself into this mess, but…No, if he fucks me after I say no, then he is a rapist. “Fuck you. I’m not gonna beg for anything. It might take only a second for you to thrust into me, and I can’t stop that; but the moment I have the chance I’ll rearrange your face, rip off your balls and shove them down your throat till you choke on them.”

Expecting to be let go or to feel a fiery serpent snake through his insides, only a small part of Zell wasn’t surprised when Seifer let out a thunderous laugh and nuzzled against the stunned blonde’s neck. “Good for you, Chickie. You finally grew some balls. For once, your threats have some backbone in them. Let’s leave tonight here. It’s getting late and growing chicks like you need their beauty sleep.” Seifer unwrapped his arms from around Zell’s torso and proceeded to stand up, stretching his legs to get the blood flowing again.

Without moving an inch, Zell tried to piece together his emotions. Somehow, he hadn’t won. He didn’t lose either, but Seifer remained undefeated. It was a step up compared to last time, but oddly less satisfying. Then he understood why, Seifer called a draw while he had the upper hand. That asshole Almasy stopped the game before Zell could get the winning point. The bastard managed to get out of it so easily and Zell can’t say anything without it sounding like disappointment which could lead to the impression that he actually wanted to get pounded. The scheming mind of the taller blonde was a frightening thing, indeed.

Decided to leave this encounter as it was and fight another day, Zell picked up his clothes and quickly put on his shirt, jeans and shoes. He was careful when he had to shove his erection into his jeans to zip it closed. Seifer was stretching his arms over his head, while he enjoyed the view and the cool night breeze. Zell could feel the hairs on his arms stand up, but not all due to the cold. With the way the pale light hit Seifer’s face, one could ignore the conniving devil to which it belonged. “What are you gonna do about that hardon? Wait till it goes down?”

“Chickie, I’m touched that you care. I’m not a wasteful person, so I’m going to beat off soon. Care to join me?” Seifer stretched out his hand to Zell, as if he had just asked ‘I’m going to get an ice-cream cone. Would you like one?’ instead of offering company while busting a nut.

Zell widened his eyes as considered the offer. Seifer wants to restart the game and this time he could be better prepared. Zell knew he’d lose, no matter how badly he didn’t want to admit it. Choose your battles wisely. “No…no thanks.” Zell turned and ran for the exit, not wanting to ramble on and have his words betray how his own erection ached to be freed from its clothed cage. Before reaching the hidden entranceway, he thought he saw a figure prowl deeper into the shadows. Waiting a few moments to see if any other movement occurred, Zell decided that it must have been a grat or some other defeatable monster.

When he was less than a foot out of the Secret area, he realized an important article of clothing was missing. Great, I left my jacket. Zell returned back to the concealed entrance, but felt compelled to sneak up instead of just walking in. A glint of reflected light caught the corner of his eye, but when he looked there were only shadows and vegetation. The light…was it reflected by metal? Is someone there?! Dammit, I need to stop being so paranoid. It’s probably just a raldo with a piece of a sword stuck in its shell. Zell continued to creep until he came up to a dense bush, through which he could barely see into the clearing, were minutes before he had gotten laid. From the angle, he could see the wall that Seifer had held him against and his distinguishing jacket lying crumpled against it. But that wasn’t the whole view, a little to the right and closer to the middle of the area Seifer was stretched out on his coat and was dreamily stroking his erection with one hand, while his head rested on the other. The self-satisfied grin on his face proved that blue-eyed blonde’s refusal hadn’t ruined his mood.

Zell felt his hands unconsciously stroking his own wood through the denim. Just get off and get out. I’ll get my jacket later. I bet Seifer’s not thinking that he’s stroke material at the moment. Carefully, Zell unzipped his jeans and freed the painful hardon. He matched his own rubs to Seifer’s and then snaked one of his hands into the back of his briefs and slowly fingered his lubed entrance. He let out a shuddering gasp, but quickly held his breath. Seifer didn’t show any reaction, so he mustn’t have heard it.

A low growl started out of the naked man’s chest as he reached his peak. He moved into another position, this time sitting up with his legs spread wide while one hand furiously pumped and the other fondle his sac. This new pose gave Zell a better view and even though he had barely started to manipulate his leaking dick and stimulate his prostrate, he couldn’t hold his orgasm off for long. Seifer came in guttural moan and caught the several shots of seed in his hand and quickly brought it up to his mouth were he seductively licked it clean. The erotic sight was too much for Zell as he came soon after, shooting most of his own semen into the bush. There were only two white drops sticking to the tips of his fingers. He brought it his mouth and let his tongue remove them from his fingers. He tasted it and then spit it back out. Cum’s pretty tasty. I’ll most likely take a real liking to it. But I’m not gonna swallow something that you’re the cause of.

With great stealth he zipped up his fly and silently backed away. Seifer had begun to dress, so best to leave while he’s occupied. Zell didn’t want to get caught red-handed, so it would be better if Seifer didn’t know about this little peeping tom. Once he was far enough he started to run at full speed. He had suddenly remembered all the homework that he had left undone.

Seifer’s POV

Seifer walked out of the Secret area, carrying Zell’s jacket in a bundle and his Hyperion strapped to his back. He approached the bush from where he heard that familiar gasp and to his delight saw pearly drops of evidence that the petite fighter couldn’t get enough of him. His little Chickie was a lot of fun this night. So easy to get a reaction out of, and yet challenging enough to keep from getting stale. Poor sap hasn’t ever experienced sexual talents even a fraction as good as the Great Almasy’s. He could barely do anything, but lie there and let Seifer do as he wished.

So the attractive tall blonde, didn’t get a satisfying blowjob or another chance to feel Chickie’s tight tunnel strangle his shaft; the knowledge that he made Zell powerless to control his desire, that he forced all concentration out of that pretty tattooed head to the point that the talented fighter could only let the majestic cock smear his face with pre-cum, *that* made up for it and more, so much more. His plan to tame his horny little devil was working perfectly, except for that part where Zell refused to get fucked. Seifer almost felt pride when the little blonde stood up to him. He would have expected begging to be let go, weak threats to tell the Headmaster on him, even some crying, but no, thoughts like those are unfair. Zell’s a fighter in more ways than one; it’d be stupid to underestimate that. Besides, the more Zell resists, the better Seifer’s inevitable victory will be.

A cold, sharp point pricked the back of his neck, but Seifer didn’t have to turn around to know who the assailant was. “Well, what a surprise to meet you here, Squall. Did you enjoy the show?” Seifer turned his head and used his left thumb and forefinger to move the gunblade to the side. He smirked at the porcelain-like face that glared at him. Even though the expression remained emotionless, Seifer could read all he needed to know from those stormy eyes. “Did you want to join it? I know you’ve been hiding out here from the point I took the Chickenwuss into my mouth, if not before that. Were you jealous of him? Of me?” For every word that came out of his mouth, the blonde inched closer to Squall’s face, a couple more syllables and their lips would meet. “Tell me.”

Before Seifer could kiss those luscious lips, Squall shoved him aside and walked away without looking back. The tall blonde chuckled as he straightened out his coat. He wasn’t going to have another boring day in a long time.

Sorry for the wait. I had a lot of things to do and little time to do them in. One of these was reading Rhapsodisiac’s Convergence fics. I haven’t had chance to start on Blood Roses, but Broken was unbelievably entertaining and creative. If you like the way I portray Zell and Seifer’s characters then you’ll love how she does it. She managed to turn me into a fan of SxSxZ.

The repeated or similar lines like: “As long as Seifer cums first, I win. That’s all that matters.” are to show that no matter how either of them will deny it, they think alike at times. Also that sentence is a play of words. Change cums for ‘comes’ (as well as taking your mind outta the gutter) and you have a really sweet sentiment.

The Granpa Dincht scene came out of nowhere, but I liked it and will probably use him again when the situation merits it. You rarely ever hear about the old coot. (I think that he is now my muse. Eerie, isn’t it?)

Alternate scenario for when Zell sees Squall heading towards the Training Center:

/////Unable to keep a hint of uneasiness out of his voice, the fighter called out to the brunette. “Hey, Squall. Surprised to see anyone out here so late. What are ya up to?”

Looking over his shoulder without stopping, Squall quickly accessed who called him and continued on his way. The tattooed blonde stood there awkwardly with one hand raised in mid-wave. Determined to not be brushed off so easily, Zell caught up to the silent warrior and continued his questioning with a little small talk. “I see you brought your gunblade. Do you plan to train for a while? I’ve never held a gunblade, it looks cool. Mind if I see it up close?”

“…” Never averting his gaze, Squall kept walking disregarding the small blonde completely. Zell, fueled by the desire to get at least one response, gets in front of the silent warrior and walks backwards, that way keeping in step with him and forcing Squall to look at him in the face. “Ya know, it’s really late. I’m guessing we’re the only ones in the Training Center. That whole place is crawling with beasts and if you get hurt in a fight and can’t get out, it won’t be till morning that you’re found.”

Zell’s back hit the gates, behind which several kinds of predators lurked. The fighter’s time was running short. He desperately wanted an answer. “What if you run into a T-rexaur. Those things are huge. And their bite can take of your arm. Don’t you think it’s a little dangerous to be looking for fights at this hour?”

Squall pushed Zell to the side and opened the gates; before walking away he turned his face towards the agitated fighter. “Then why are you here?” With those words the tall brunette strode into the center, not waiting for an answer./////

I decided against it, since Zell doesn’t want to attract attention. However, I went through the trouble to write it, so I might as well add it as an alternate scene.

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