It Could Happen

BY : Bubblegom
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It Could Happen

By Bubblegom

A Final Fantasy VIII Fanfic

The characters in this fanfic are property of SquareSoft and are in no way affiliated with me. There is specific dialogue and images that are copyrighted material from the Final Fantasy VIII video game. Please do not sue me. I am making no money from this. If vivid descriptions of sexual activities offend you, please do not go on in your reading.

NC-17 for overt sexual content - Proceed at your own risk.

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Chapter One

Squall and Rinoa entered the air lock on the Ragnarok through the hatch from outer space. They junctioned their GF's and Squall threw a tent over them. He drifted over to the oxygen switch and turned it on. They settled to the floor and removed their space outfits.

Squall and Rinoa walked into the next compartment glancing around the room with its green metal floor with high red railings running down both sides of the walls. There was a small computer in the right corner and indirect lighting on the ceiling with two lights mounted in the corners of the ceiling.

Rinoa stood, hands behind her back slightly weaving, beaming at Squall. He stood staring back with an expression of confusion.

"Thank you, Squall," Rinoa expressed, while she lowered her hands straight down by her side. "You rescued me again. I can't thank you enough," Rinoa gushed, moving her right hand to her face.

"Don't worry about it. I just did what I wanted to do," Squall stated laconically.

Rinoa crossed her arms, then adjusted her sleeves, flipped her hair with both hands and then held her arms down at a slight angle with her palms up and invited, "The space suit was in our way before." Rinoa bounced slightly on her toes.

"Give me a hug." Rinoa wrapped her arms tightly around herself as an example for Squall. "A real tight one!"

Rinoa held her arms down palms up saying, "I need to know that I'm alive."

Squall slowly walked over to her. Rinoa immediately clutched him and squeezed him as hard as she had just squeezed herself.

Something snapped in Squall's self control. He thought to himself this girl had been teasing him and coming on to him, since he had first met her. Maybe it was time for some long postponed action.

He removed his black gloves and tossed them on the floor. Rinoa gasped as Squall then reached out and cupped her left breast through her shirt and began rubbing the nipple back and forth, while placing his mouth on her mouth and forcing her teeth open with his tongue.

"Squall, slow down," entreated Rinoa.

"I can't," confessed Squall, as he reached out and removed Rinoa's long blue duster and lay it neatly on the floor behind them.

"I've waited too long to see this," he admitted and he raised her arms up and lifted her black shirt up and off her!

As Rinoa flushed with embarrassment or was it excitement and attempted to cover her nicely turned breasts encased in her bra, Squall placed the shirt by the vest.

Squall quietly said, "No," and gently pulled her hands down. "You're too beautiful to cover or to be embarrassed."

"Oh Squall," she whispered.

Squall reached behind her and unfastened her bra placing it beside the shirt. Rinoa's hands automatically went up to protect her beautifully formed breasts.

Squall quietly said, "I said no." And he again gently pulled her hands down. He noticed Rinoa's breasts were spectacular appearing and her nipples were enormous and wonderfully shaped.

Squall softly said, "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and I want to see you totally naked."

"Oh Hyne," whispered Rinoa. "But right here, right now?"

As Squall nodded his head in assent, he suddenly reached out and pulled down Rinoa's shorts and her panties to her feet, leaving her only wearing the extremely short blue skirt she always wore over her black shorts. The distended lips of her labia were clearly visible from beneath it. He knelt down and undid the three quick buttons in front of her skirt, leaving it to fall to the floor and then indicated she should step out of her clothing. As Rinoa lifted one foot at a time, Squall pulled the garments off and placed them on her bra.

Now as Squall regained his feet, Rinoa stood clad only in her blue sleeves, the necklace that held Squall's ring and her mother's wedding ring, the black ribbon tied around her upper left arm that was attached to her weapon mechanism and her very attractive black shoes. Squall proceeded to remove everything remaining on the young beauty's body, except for her necklace.

Squall confessed, "I have never seen anything as sexy as you are right now, Rinoa!"

"Oh Squall," Rinoa whispered. "How I've longed to hear you say that."

The longer Squall just stood there and stared at her complete nakedness, her beautiful breasts and her dark pubic hair framing her already slightly distended labia, the more Rinoa began to feel embarrassed and self-conscious.

"Hey," she said, "This isn't fair. You've still got all your clothes on!"

Squall smiled winsomely at her. "Yep, that was the idea."

Rinoa thought to herself, “Well, now it's my turn.’

Rinoa stepped forward and stood on her tiptoes and grabbed the back of Squall's head and pulled it slightly down and fastened her mouth to his. When he was distracted by this, Rinoa deftly moved her other hand down to his waist, quickly unbuckled his belt, opened his pants button and pulled down the zipper. His pants fell to the floor with a bang of his belt buckle.

Rinoa quickly slipped her hand inside his jockey shorts and cupped his balls, gently squeezing them while she continued to probe the inside of Squall's mouth with her tongue.

He broke contact with her mouth and said, "You've done this before."

Rinoa looked at him and smiled. "I'll never tell."

Rinoa knelt by him and slowly pulled his shorts down exposing his huge penis that sprang up as soon as it was released from the confines of the jockey shorts.

"Lift up your feet," Rinoa ordered. "One at a time."

Rinoa placed his boots, trousers and the jockey shorts on top of her pile of clothing. Rinoa then unbuckled his gunblade belt and placed it on the floor, along with his weapon.

Rinoa fastened her lips gently around the tip of Squall's penis and began sucking, while running her tongue all around.

"Oh Great Hyne," whimpered Squall. "What are you doing, Rinoa?"

She disengaged her mouth from Squall's penis for a moment, looked up with a wicked smile and said, "I'm going to make you crazy."

"I bet you are," agreed Squall.

Rinoa resumed what she had been doing, while also reaching under him with one of her hands and began massaging his balls as if she were milking him, which in a sense she was. Rinoa began to take more and more of Squall's enormous cock into her mouth sucking in and out, in and out, faster and faster until she was almost gagging herself when it reached her tonsil area. Squall began moaning.

Rinoa reached around with her other hand and placed it on Squall's buttocks and began actively pulling him towards her causing his prick to move even further down her throat. Squall began to make louder, inarticulate animalistic sounds. This, in turn, drove Rinoa into a sexual crescendo of her own causing her to begin rocking on her knees further driving Squall's blood-engorged enormous machine down her throat and to squeeze his balls so hard it was a surprise they didn't pop and to ram three of her fingers up his rectum with her other hand.

"OH RINOA!" Squall screamed. "I'M GONNA DIE!"

His rock hard penis began squirting wads of his love juice down Rinoa's throat. When she began to pull away, Squall attempted to keep her head in place.

Rinoa pulled her mouth away, looked up and smiled at his face high above his presently cum streaming penis and declared, "No, I don't want to waste it inside of me. I want it all over me" and proceeded to move her head and upper body in a manner that caused the spurting joy stick to shoot cum all over her face and hair and breasts.

When at last Squall's long cannon was done shooting his load of hot sperm all over her, Rinoa stood up and looked down and exclaimed with wonder in her voice, "Sweet Shiva, you're still hard."

Squall admitted, "I love you, Rinoa. I've loved you since the time you ran outside with us when the Garden began to fly and you turned and looked at me with that wonderful smile on your face. It melted all of my defenses in a split second.

"Then why on earth didn't you let me know?" Rinoa asked.

"I just couldn't," confessed Squall, "It was just too risky. What if you didn't love me back?"

"There's no chance of that." she said softly.

Squall began to pull Rinoa gently down to the ground on top of their clothes. "Now it's my turn," he laughed.

He positioned Rinoa on her back with her knees bent and her feet flat on the floor. Squall lowered his head between her legs and began to kiss and lick her everywhere in the immediate vicinity of her lovely pussy.

Rinoa began to reach down his back with her fingers until she reached the hem of his leather jacket. As Squall began probing Rinoa's labia lips with his tongue, she pulled his jacket up and over his head. He was now only wearing his white shirt, and necklace.

Squall pushed his tongue into her labia, while placing both of his hands on her breasts and then gently teasing her nipples that rose even higher in appreciation. Rinoa moaned softly. Squall's tongue swirled until he located the goal of his search - her clitoris. Rinoa moaned a little louder.

Squall continued to thrust at her clitoris with his tongue, while removing his hands from her breasts and jamming one finger into her labia and then moving it up into Rinoa's mouth, who began to suck on it greedily.

Squall began to jam his tongue so hard against Rinoa’s clit that his nose threatened to follow it and Rinoa began to buck and twist on the floor groaning loudly, while her hands slapped wildly on Squall's back until she found the bottom of Squall's shirt and began to pull, tear and rip at it until it was only shreds around his neck.

Squall moved in for the final kill placing his hands under Rinoa's buttocks and pulling her closer and closer to his face while literally pounding at her love button with his tongue.

Rinoa began to scream and cum at the same time. "Oh Great Hyne!" she shouted, while torrents of hot cum spurted from her vagina and all over Squall's face. She came and came and came, while Squall continued to tongue. Finally she was spent, but Squall kept going until Rinoa reached down and pulled his head up.

"Enough," she said. "You're going to make me raw down there," and smiled at him.

Squall lowered his head and rested it on her cum soaked belly. "Was that as good for you as mine was?" he asked.

Rinoa laughed and asked, "What do you think?"

Squall looked up at her from his resting place on her stomach and whispered, "I'm glad."

He rolled over and lay beside her on top of their clothes. "What's the big idea of ruining my shirt?" he asked with a grin.

"Sorry, I got carried away," Rinoa admitted. "But you were ‘too’ good!" she laughed. "But it's okay, you still have your jacket."

After they dozed for a few minutes, Rinoa sat up and declared, "Squall! I'm hungry. Let's go and look around the ship and see if there's something to eat."

Rinoa stood up and pulled the sleepy-eyed Squall to his feet.

"What about our clothes?" he queried.

"Let's just leave them here," she responded. "It's quite obvious by now there's nobody else on board. They'll be safe here."

Squall nodded but said, "We'd better take our weapons because you never know."

Squall, armed with his 'Punishment' and a semi-erect penis, and Rinoa, armed with her 'Cardinal' and two fine looking breasts, walked through the door to find an open passageway that appeared to lead into another room and also down a staircase to the right, which led into a large empty room they currently were able to look into.

As they started down the walkway they suddenly observed an extremely large, hideous purple creature that, they discovered later, was known as a Propagator. Squall ducked to one knee quickly, his semi-hard penis banging against the floor.

Squall exclaimed, "What the...?!"

Rinoa asked, "What is that...?"

Squall answered, "I don't know."

Rinoa responded, "Doesn't look like a very friendly creature."

Squall stood up. "You're right. We'd better go back and get our clothes," he directed.

Squall and Rinoa headed back into the room they had just left. Imagine their surprise when a Red Propagator rushed at them!

"Holy shit!" yelled Squall. ‘Thank Hyne,’ he thought, ‘we junctioned the GF's.’

Before they could adjust to battle mode, the Propagator sprung forward and slashed at Rinoa's bare breasts, the blood starting to trickle down her belly.

"Ow!" she cried out in pain.

Before Squall could respond, the Propagator sensing weakness leaped again at Rinoa and ripped at her vagina, causing blood to run down her leg. Rinoa screamed, almost passing out from the extreme pain.

Squall, realizing Rinoa was junctioned with Siren, yelled, "Try to put it to sleep!"

Rinoa, pushing through the pain, flung her weapon at the Propagator, who immediately fell asleep. As the weapon quickly returned to Rinoa's hand, Squall jumped forward with perfect timing and, swinging his gunblade, killed the filthy beast with one blow.

Rinoa collapsed to the ground weeping. Squall knelt and quickly cast a curaga onto the raven-haired woman's breasts and vagina. The bleeding immediately stopped and after closely checking both areas, Squall ascertained there was no permanent damage done.

"Thank you, Squall," she whispered.

"Oh, no!" Squall had looked around and discovered the monster had completely destroyed their clothing.

"Rinoa! That thing tore up all of our clothes. What are we going to do now?" Squall plaintively asked.

"Well, I guess," she answered, while reaching up and pulling Squall down to the floor beside her. "We're gonna stay naked for a while longer."

Rinoa rolled over on her back, spread her legs wide, patted the inside of her left thigh and laughed. "Come on, boy."

Squall, now on his knees, moved over Rinoa, leaned down and began to passionately kiss her, while ramming two fingers into her cum dripping vagina. Rinoa shook her head no, reached down with her hands and pulled his fingers out and whispered, "I want your cock and I want it now!"

With that, Rinoa grabbed Squall's already steel-hard tool and guided it into her garden of heavenly delights. Rinoa began to buck and writhe lifting her entire beautifully rounded rear completely off the floor in an attempt to give Squall a better ride and also to afford him a better opportunity to hit her G-spot. Squall leaned over her and began sucking and tonguing on one nipple and then the other, while continuing to ram his nine-inch erection farther and farther in her snatch.

"Oh, yes, yes!" Rinoa screamed. "FUCK ME SQUALL!"

Squall periodically would leave off from sucking her nipples and plunge his tongue into Rinoa's mouth. Rinoa was continually moaning. Squall reached under her still bouncing bottom and pulled her sphincter muscle as wide as he could and then jammed three fingers up her beautiful rectum!

"Oh Squall!" Rinoa screamed in joy and pain.

Squall lowered his head to Rinoa and whispered, "I love you so much. I want to do this forever." Rinoa's expression melted into pure bliss.

"Oh Squall," she murmured. "I do love you so."

As Squall began to stroke her G-spot even harder, Rinoa realized she was close to cumming and she wanted Squall to cum with her. Just before Squall brought her over the top, she reached under him with her hands and began to massage his balls delicately at first and then harder until she was literally milking him for cum. When she felt Squall begin to shoot his magnificent torrent of sperm into her glorious pussy, she let go of her own self-control and poured out rivers of cum.

"Oh Rinoa!" Squall screamed.

"Squall, I love you!" Rinoa cried.

When the streams of cum were finished on both their parts, Squall pulled out and rolled on his back his large penis still hard and standing straight up in the air.

"Is this what I've been missing?" he laughed. "I must have been crazy to turn this down."

"You'll get no argument from me," grinned Rinoa.

After they had rested, Squall sat up and explained, "It seems to me I remember these creatures always travel in pairs and if you kill one, then you have to immediately kill the second one or it will resurrect the first one. Now we just killed a red one and we already know there's a purple one downstairs, so let's try that door at the end of the passageway and see if we can find the second red one."

Rinoa nodded her agreement, as Squall regained his feet and then pulled her up, rubbing up against her in the process causing his penis to begin to harden again.

Rinoa felt the pressure against her lower belly and looked down in amazement. "Good grief, Squall. Don't you ever stop?"

Squall gazed at her and grinned, "Not anymore in this lifetime."

Rinoa retorted, "Let's keep our mind on business until we kill all these creatures, whatever they are."

Squall replied, "It might be a little easier to do, if you weren't standing there naked. Although I gotta admit this is kinda kinky."

Rinoa slapped the palm of her hand against her forehead and shook her head in a classic Squall move.

Squall laughed and bent down and kissed her one time. "Let's go."

They walked out of the room and down the short passageway. Squall attempted the door handle to the next room. "Locked," he muttered.

Squall turned to Rinoa and explained, "Now we're between a rock and a hard place. We're going to have to try to elude the purple one below us, get through to the next room and hope that the other red one is in there." Rinoa nodded her head in agreement, as she didn't feel as though she had enough saliva in her mouth to speak, due to her nerves being stretched to the breaking point.

"Let's go!" Squall exclaimed.

Squall and Rinoa began moving down the stairs as fast as they could without outright running. They both instinctively realized running could prove disastrous if one or both of them tripped and ended up falling down the stairs. They reached the bottom of the staircase and swung a quick left hoping to out sprint the Propagator to the door on the far end of the room.

Halfway across the room, the Propagator caught up with them and leaped out first at Rinoa attacking her breast and ripped her nipple halfway off. Rinoa felt as though she was going to lose consciousness through a combination of pain and fear over her shredded nipple, but remembered to let fly with her 'Cardinal' putting the monster to sleep. She sank to her knees screaming Squall's name as Squall immediately knelt and put a curaga on her damaged nipple healing it completely.

"Oh, thank you, Squall," Rinoa whispered.

"Come on! Let's hurry," Squall exclaimed, while pulling Rinoa to her feet and dragging her along to the door. They burst into the room and a red Propagator charged at them from the end of the room. This time Rinoa was able to evade it's attack by jumping back and then let her 'Cardinal' fly followed closely by Squall jumping forward and killing it.

As Rinoa turned to speak, Squall yelled, "No time!" and pulled her back through the door. The purple Propagator was still sleeping and Squall wasted no time finishing it.

Rinoa turned to Squall and said, "You were right, of course."

Squall grinned and said, "I always am."

Rinoa stuck out her tongue and retorted, "Okay, mister big head. Where to now?"

"Back through there," Squall answered pointing to the room they had just exited. They raced into the room and through a door to the left, where a purple Propagator rushed at them from the end of a long room. It managed to knock Rinoa down, but did no damage to her and Squall leaped forward and killed it.

Rinoa turned to speak and Squall said, "Let's just keep going. I'm on a roll."

Rinoa nodded yes and happened to glance down and noticed Squall had a huge nine inch throbbing erection. ‘Well,’ Rinoa thought whimsically, ‘I guess in Squall's case, there is sex in violence.’

Squall and Rinoa moved through the only door available and were momentarily panicked, when they observed a green Propagator seated on a lift probably used to gain access to the cockpit. But apparently the Propagator distinguished things in the same manner as a T-Rexaur; in other words, it could only perceive things that were moving quickly.

Squall held his right hand straight down palm out at his waist to caution Rinoa to walk quietly and they walked to the back of the small room. Squall unlocked the door on the far wall from the doorway they had just entered. Squall realized it was the other side of the locked door they had encountered, while coming down the initial passageway.

They walked all the way around the outer edges of the room; Squall, with his throbbing erection, and Rinoa, with her cum soaked body, entered a cabin appearing to hold seating for passengers when a yellow Propagator charged at them and knocked them back into the other room. Rinoa was able to block the Propagator's first attack by folding her arms across her breasts sustaining some minor cuts and then let fly with her weapon followed by Squall's killing stroke.

Squall looked questioningly at Rinoa, who answered, "It's alright," and cast a cure on herself. Squall pointed forward and they moved through the newly unlocked door. When they reached the initial passageway and shut the door, Rinoa breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Squall and asked, "What now?"

Squall answered, "We need to find the other yellow one."

They returned to where they had initially entered the air lock and were gratified to see the other yellow Propagator, who had it's back to them! They made short work of that and once again reversed their field and ran back into the room they had just vacated and attacked the green Propagator.

After they finished it off and Rinoa applied a cure on some minor wounds on her legs, Squall instructed, "We need to find the other green one. I don't know where we haven't been, but there has to be someplace we haven't noticed."

Squall and Rinoa ran through the recently unlocked door and down into the huge room where they had encountered the first purple Propagator. Looking all around, Squall noticed a small door in the back of the room on the right side. Squall cautioned Rinoa to be quiet by placing his forefinger in front of his lips. Rinoa nodded silently.

Squall and Rinoa quietly approached the door and then made a rush through the door. A green Propagator charged at them. Two hits later it lay dead.

"Thank God," Squall said. "I think that's all of them."

Rinoa breathed a sigh of relief, dropped to her knees and guided Squall's penis into her mouth with her hands. Squall reached down and pulled her up. "Let's get to the cockpit first and see if we can get back."

"Aw Squall. You're no fun," joked Rinoa.

Squall acted as if he were going to back hand her and Rinoa rolled quickly all the way over showing off her beautiful distended labia nicely before regaining her feet, just as she did on their night together at the concert in F.H.; except then unfortunately she had been fully dressed.

Squall and Rinoa ran to the door, through the next room and entered the room, where the cockpit lift was. Squall indicated to Rinoa to get on the lift and it carried them up to the cockpit.

The cockpit was a fairly large area with glass around two thirds of it. There were blinking computers on the left side. Rinoa walked over to one of them and pointed at it and told Squall, "I think it's trying to talk."

Squall walked over to it and received his instructions from Esthar. He sat down in the pilot's chair and entered the necessary data. Esthar wished them “God Speed” and instructed him to turn the gravity generator off in order to save fuel. When he did so, Rinoa began to float around the area. Squall pushed himself up from his chair and began to float around with her.

A/N This the end of chapter one. Chapter two will soon be up, so to speak. Stay tuned.

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