It Could Happen

BY : Bubblegom
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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VIII, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

It Could Happen

By Bubblegom

A Final Fantasy FanFic

The characters in this fanfic are property of Square Enix and are in no way affiliated with me. There is specific dialogue and images that are copyrighted material from the Final Fantasy VIII video game. Please do not sue me. I am not making any money from this. If vivid descriptions of sexual activities offend you, please do not go on in your reading.

NC-17 for overt sexual content – Proceed at your own risk

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Chapter Five

The four naked teenagers quickly walked to the beach, because they were all naturally very hungry. Edea still stood in the water completely stunned with completely mixed emotions. She felt embarrassed, scared and yet somehow free. The older naked woman did feel as though she had chosen, at least subconsciously, for Cid to discover her in such an embarrassing position, but maybe in the long run it was best that he did. Edea had always thought she was living a lie in her marriage with Cid. She had never been honest with him about all of her sexual proclivities. And honestly – did she really think that this was all accident? Anyone would know that to place Zell in such a position was a very questionable decision.

She watched as Cid spread the blankets on the sand and Selphie set the pizza boxes on them. Everyone began to sit down and open up the boxes. Edea watched as Cid peered owlishly at her and waved.

“Come in and get some pizza, before it gets cold,” he shouted against the wind.

Edea realized that her husband was near sighted and didn’t realize yet that she was standing topless waist high in the water. ‘Well, in for a Gil, in for a pound,’ she thought whimsically, wading through the water to the beach. Cid may have been near sighted but he could see good enough to tell as soon as Edea reached the beach that she wasn’t wearing anything. She immediately thought that her husband resembled a purple blowfish. His face was deep red from anger, the veins were sticking out in his neck, and he was gasping for breath in his attempt to communicate his rage. Edea continued to walk toward him, a vision of complete loveliness, until she stood before him.

“What the hell are you doing?” Cid screamed at her.

“We were swimming, Cid.”

“You know what I mean, why are you naked in front of these kids?”

“When in Esthar, do as the Estharians do,” Edea quoted.

“We’re in Centra, Edea,” Cid said dumbly.

“Now it’s my turn to say, you know what I mean,” she said. “They were all naked, I chose to be also. And besides that, I enjoy it. It feels liberating.”

“Go put some clothes on this instant,” Cid said sternly.

“No,” his wife said softly.

“ No! No? I should spank your bottom for this!”

“If you’re feeling froggy, jump,” Edea said.

Cid’s face flushed anew in anger. “I’m leaving and I’m not coming back until you regain your senses.”

“Whatever you choose, Cid. I’ll be here waiting for you, when you get lonely,” Edea said.

Cid literally stomped back up the stone steps as a small petulant child would have. Zell was conflicted as to what he should do. Should he have gone with Cid to offer the headmaster some comfort or should he stay for pizza, even though everyone else was naked, and, worse of all, matron was completely naked before him. The smell of pizza made his decision a no brainer. He sat down and greedily dug in with both hands.

Later Squall and Irvine gathered driftwood and a bon fire was started. Everyone laid lazily around it, not much talking was done. Rinoa spoke softly with Quistis and Selphie, then she stood up and whispered something to Irvine.

“I’ll be back in a minute,” she said, picking up and carrying with her a partial box of pizza.

As soon as she had disappeared into the darkness at the top of the path, Irvine, Quistis and Selphie surrounded Zell, where he was sitting.

“What?’ he said, looking up at them.

“This,” Irvine said, picking Zell up off the beach and then holding him in a steel vise grip.

“Hey! What the hell!” Zell complained, attempting to escape Irvine’s hold.

Quistis and Selphie quickly moved in on the struggling young man and grabbing his t-shirt by the neckline they ripped it off him; it took them several attempts and even though they were both strong, it was still difficult, but in the end Zell stood half naked.

“Don’t ruin my clothes,” he pleaded.

Quistis and Selphie moved in for the kill and Zell kicked out wildly in an attempt to save his shorts and hopefully wrest himself from Irvine’s hold.

“Okay, we were hoping to do this nice, but since you won’t let us – it’s on your head,” Quistis warned.

Selphie held Zell’s legs from thrashing and Quistis clutched the waist of the shorts and began to pull them down. Once she reached Selphie’s hands, Selphie let go for the split second it took for Quistis to pull the shorts the rest of the way down and off Zell’s feet. The strawberry-blonde then threw the shorts on the fire.

“On no,” Zell moaned. “Squall,” he entreated his cohort. “Stop them.”

Squall just sat on the beach watching the interaction placidly. It was then that everyone saw that Zell’s remaining apparel, besides his shoes, was a jockstrap. Quistis and Selphie both broke out laughing.

“Zell, really,” Selphie finally said. “A jockstrap. Did you ever hear of undershorts?”

Zell blushed a rosy hue. In a thrice the two young women completed the stripping by throwing his then removed jockstrap also onto the fire. Zell whirled around, his penis flopping with him, but Irvine had already moved far enough way to be out of immediate danger.

“Zell, be careful how you flop that thing, I don’t want you to get hurt,” Selphie said.

Suddenly Zell remembered that he was now naked and he sought to protect himself from prying eyes by cupping his hands over his joint.

“Now you’ve gone and made him self conscious,” Quistis complained. “Irvine, grab his hands and Selphie, grab his feet.”

Irvine and Selphie half laid – half threw Zell down on his back onto the beach. Before he could move away, Quistis fell to her knees in front of him and, bending over him, she took his prick into her mouth and began to suckle it. Zell immediately quit struggling, he may have been shy but he realized he had never felt anything that good before. As soon as Quistis felt Zell’s erection grow hard in her mouth, she climbed up on top of him. The strawberry-blonde young woman quickly inserted the young warrior’s peter up inside of her. Her snatch completely clutched Zell’s erection greedily and she began to bounce up and down on him, in and out, in and out. The blond haired male SeeD knew enough to bounce his ass up off the beach in time with her.

“Oh God,” he moaned.

Quistis rode on top of Zell as though she were riding a bucking bronco, the others almost expected her to throw her right hand up over her head and wave it.

“Oh, oh, oh,” Quistis said rapidly, as she felt her climax building from deep inside of her.

“Oh Shiva!” Zell cried out, as he pumped his load of hot sperm up into the beautiful Quistis. Never in his life, had Zell ever imagined that he would one day would be fucking his instructor.

The feel of Zell’s orgasm rush in her body caused Quistis’ toes to curl and all of her muscles to simultaneously tighten as she experienced a tremendous climax of her own. Quistis screamed in ecstasy.


Meanwhile: Rinoa entered Edea and Cid’s bedroom. Seeing nowhere to sit except for the bed, she squeezed in next to where Cid was sitting.

“Here,” she said, attempting to pass the pizza box to Cid. “I’ve brought you some pizza.”

“No, thanks,” the broken man muttered. “I have no appetite.”

“Come on, Cid,” Rinoa nagged. “You’ll feel better if you eat.”

Cid finally acquiesced, taking the box. He said, “Okay, but nothing will make me feel better. Edea was naked in front of you all.”

“So what Cid? I’m naked right now,” the ebony haired beauty said.

Cid inadvertently glanced at Rinoa sitting next to him and felt his prick jump in his pants. ‘No!’ he thought. ‘Not again!’ He quickly looked away.

“That’s different, you had no choice, your clothing was destroyed,” Cid insisted. “But Edea’s wasn’t, she chose to be naked before you.”

“Cid, I think she just did it to make us not feel so strange about not having any clothes.”

“Are you sure? I’m afraid she was fornicating with someone,” the headmaster said.

“She wasn’t, but if she had, it wouldn’t be that big a deal.”

“Not that big a deal?!” Cid said angrily. “She’s a married woman.”

“Cid,” Rinoa explained. “We believe making love is just a nice way to say hello. It wouldn’t mean she loved you any less.”

“I don’t know,” he said doubtfully.

Rinoa took the pizza box from Cid and set it on the floor. “I’m going to show you that it’s not bad to be naked. Cid, we’re all naked beneath our clothes. We know what we really look like, so why insist on covering up.”

The beautiful young woman reached over and unbuttoned Cid’s shirt and then pulled it off him. The middle-aged man sat as if a statue, he was so frightened she would stop if he moved. He knew it was wrong, but he wanted sex with Rinoa in the worst way, and if he wasn’t careful, it could turn out that way.

“Stand up,” Rinoa instructed Cid.

When the man complied, the ebony haired young woman unfastened his pants and then pulled them and his boxer shorts off his body. Cid stood in slightly potbellied naked glory in front of her.

“See, doesn’t that feel good,” Rinoa asked.

“Uh huh,” Cid croaked. His prick already stood at full mast.

“Now I’m going to say hello to you,” the young sorceress explained, climbing up on the bed onto her hands and knees.

Rinoa spread her legs wide apart, offering Cid a full view of her wide open pussy from behind.

“Come on, Cid, I assume you know what to do.”

Cid scrambled up behind her, at least as fast as a middle-aged man can scramble. Rinoa reached behind her and guided Cid’s five inch erection into her twat. Of course, it didn’t feel anything like Squall’s nine-inches, but it felt pleasant enough. As Cid thrust into her, Rinoa pushed back against him until he was slapping into her, in and out, in and out.

“Cid, I just wanted to thank you again for sending SeeDs to help us for no money,” she said.

“Uh huh,” Cid gasped, continuing to move inside of her.

A few seconds later, Rinoa spoke again. “And I was wondering when this whole thing is over, if I could take classes to become a SeeD.”

“Become a SeeD?” the middle-aged man panted, while slamming into the ebony haired beauty. “SURE, WHATEVER YOU WANT!” he shouted, as he shot his orgasm into her.

Cid finally withdrew his prick from Rinoa’s pussy and sat on the bed, gazing at her labia. Rinoa was still on her hands and knees. ‘Worked like a charm,’ she thought.

“Now, come down to the beach with me,” she said.

“Let me get dressed first.”

“No way, Cid,” Rinoa contradicted. “The best way to show Edea that you understand is come down to the beach naked.”

“I just can’t,” he said.

“Do you like what you’re looking at right now, Cid? You might see it again some time if you do what I want,” she explained “Plus I would hate to tell Edea what we just did.”

Rinoa realized her threat was toothless because she suspected Edea wouldn’t care, but Cid didn’t know that.

“You wouldn’t!” Cid said, suddenly very frightened.

“Don’t try me,” Rinoa said sternly.

“Okay,” Cid said resignedly.

A few minutes, the six naked people on the beach were greatly surprised to see Rinoa holding Cid’s hand and leading him naked down the stone steps to the beach. As they reached the bon fire, Edea stood up and approached Cid.

“Welcome back, Cid. It’s good to see all of you,” Edea said, offering him a glorious smile. She kissed him on the lips. “Come sit down by the fire,”.

A few minutes later, Squall said, “From the way I see it, we have a big problem. We all need to acquire some clothing. We can’t keeping running around naked.”

“Well,” Quistis said. “Maybe Zell could get into Balamb and run in his house and get a new outfit.”

“No way!” Zell said vehemently. “I’m too well known in Balamb and Ma would find out. I would hate her to see me, she would be so ashamed of me.”

“I guess that leaves someone going into the Garden and obtaining an outfit. But who should it be?” Rinoa asked.

“I think a woman should do it,” Squall said.

“Why’s that?” Selphie asked.

“Well, if a woman does it, the guys won’t be disturbed by it and the women will just think it’s funny. If a man does it, the women might become frightened he is a rapist. I think a woman should sneak in late in the evening and go to their room and get dressed and then get the rest of us some clothes.”

“Wait, a minute,” Quistis said. “Everything is locked up later and there is security roaming everywhere.

“Maybe you should go in around dinner time; the second floor classrooms would be closed by then and you could travel to the third floor and talk to Xu,” Squall responded.

“No way,” Quistis disagreed. “Xu is my close friend and she would never let me live it down.”

“Well, then, what about you Rinoa?” Irvine suggested.

“Nope, I’ve been running around Garden naked in too many of this asshole’s stories, I refuse completely to do it again,” Rinoa answered.

“Whatever are you talking about?”” Selphie asked, completely confused.

“Never mind, you wouldn’t believe it anyway.”

“That leaves Selphie,” Zell said.

“Nope, it doesn’t,” she contradicted. “I just ran around Timber naked and almost got raped, that’ll do it for me.”

“The headmaster?” Squall asked, still grasping at straws.

“No, if I showed up now, it would undermine your authority, Squall. And Edea can’t risk being recaptured by the Galbadian forces.”

“Who does that leave?” Squall mused.

The seven people present pointed at Squall in unison. “You,” Rinoa said.

“Okay,” he said, resignedly. “I’ll go later tomorrow afternoon, but for now,” he said, pulling Rinoa to him and laying down. “Some sleep is in order.”

Soon everyone was asleep intertwined with each other on the blankets; Cid with Edea, Selphie with Irvine and Quistis with Zell. Squall woke up first and quietly awakened Rinoa. They walked up to the flower field. They embraced strongly. Upon mutual consent, they laid down on the ground, with Squall on top. He began to softly kiss her.

“What’ll become of me?” Rinoa asked, while Squall suckled her elongated nipples.

“Don’t worry about it. There’ve been many good sorceresses. Edea was one. You can be like her,” Squall answered, while Rinoa ran her hands wildly through his hair.

“But Edea’s still…. I can’t guarantee anything either if Ultimecia possesses me again. You saw me. She controlled me in outer space and made me break Adel’s seal. What might happen next time. What will I end up doing? Will I end up fighting everyone? Scary though, isn’t it?”

Squall began to kiss her belly softly, while running a finger along her pussy lips. ‘Rinoa…’ Squall thought. ‘Even if you end up as the world’s enemy, I’ll…I’ll be your knight.’

Rinoa reached down and grabbed Squall’s long prick and rubbed it up and down.

Rinoa said, “If I fall under Ultimecia’s control again… SeeD will come kill me, right? And the leader of SeeD is you, Squall… Squall’s sword will pierce my heart… I guess it’s ok if it’s you, Squall. Nobody else. Squall if that ever happens… “

Squall gently inserted his enormous erection into Rinoa’s pussy and rocked in and out.

“That’s enough!” he said. “I’ll never do anything like that. The sorceress I’m after is not you, Rinoa. My enemy is the sorceress from the future…Ultimecia.”

Rinoa met his thrusting by flexing her lower body upwards

“Ultimecia lives in the future and possesses me. She uses my body as her extension into this world. How? How will you save me?” she asked.

Squall slammed harder and harder into her.

“I’ll come up with something… There’s gotta be a way.”

Rinoa remained silent in doubt.

“Don’t worry,” Squall said. “Trust me”

“I trust you,” she said, matching Squall in physical intensity. “Well, until you find a way, maybe… Maybe I should stay in Esthar, at the memorial? Wouldn’t that be better?”

Squall leaned over the ebony haired beautiful young woman, resting on his elbows and briefly kissed her.

“No…That’d be pointless. I’ll just end up going after you again. Rinoa… Just stay close to me.”

Rinoa clapped her hands excitedly above Squall’s head.

“Oh… Those words!” she exclaimed.

Squall asked, “What?”

Rinoa lifted her legs and crossed them across her lover’s back.

“That’s what started everything,” she said.

“What are you talking about?”

“Something I said?” Squall asked.

“Oh, just forget it!” Rinoa said, exasperated.

“No, it’s because of the GF,” Squall insisted. “That’s why I forgot.”

“That’s just an excuse.”

“You get on top,” Squall said.

They quickly switched positions with Rinoa pointed toward the orphanage.

“Oh!” she exclaimed when she lowered herself onto Squall’s long prick.

Rinoa bounced exuberantly up and down on her lover’s mammoth erection, with Squall thrusting upwards in rhythm.

“Feeling better?” he asked.

“Oh god, yes, yes, yes,”

Suddenly Zell, obviously still naked, ran in from the orphanage to where Squall and Rinoa lay fucking. Rinoa, sitting atop Squall, smiled at Zell.

“Whoa, sorry to interrupt,” Zell softly muttered, quickly turning his back to them.

“Zell, turn around, we can’t hear you,” Squall ordered.

Zell blushed deeply as he turned and watched the couple’s sexual cavorting. His prick was standing at full erection.

“It’s an emergency,” Zell explained. “We got radio contact from Esthar’s Presidential Palace. They have a plan to defeat Ultimecia. They want to hire SeeD to execute it.”

“Uh. Uh, uh, oh god, Rinoa,” Squall gasped, continuing to thrust as fast as he could. “Might be a trap to get Rinoa back in Esthar.”

“I love you so much,” Rinoa cried out.

Zell felt his erection grow even longer, even though he thought that was impossible.

“Oh, and ah…,” the young blond warrior said. “The guy we spoke to, his name’s Kiros. Could he be…that Kiros?”

From deep inside of her, Rinoa’s orgasm suddenly erupted.

“Oh, god, Squall!” she screamed.

Squall’s climax matched her’s as he shot his load of love juice into his beloved, as if from a high powered fire hose.

“Kiros is in Esthar’s Presidential Palace? He wants to hire us?” Squall asked. Reaching a decision, he said, “Alright, let’s go after we return to the Garden to get some clothes.”

A few minutes later, as the six naked teenagers prepared to leave from the orphanage, Edea appeared outside the front door of the building.

“Squall,” she said.

They all turned toward her, surprised to see she was still totally nude.

“There is something I must tell you,” Edea said solemnly. “It is about me… Yes…I believe it was thirteen years ago…This is when my story begins. I first became a sorceress when I was a child. And once again…thirteen years ago. That day…right here, I encountered a sorceress on the verge of death. I received her powers of my own will. That sorceress was an entity of fear for my children. I could not let her get to them. But…This turned out be the beginning of my painful story. As this very minute, my bitter story has ended. I now understand there is an end, no matter how painful it may be. Therefore…Squall? You must fight to end the end! Even though it may bring tragedy to others! Now…go, Squall.”

The group of six turned and left the orphanage, possibly, as far as they knew, for the last time.

To be continued

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