Just you and Me

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Just You and Me

I do not own any of the Final Fantasy characters and if I did then I would be to rich to be on here.

Author: This is my first fic on here so be nice. This story involes

mostly Seifer and Fujin so if you like this pairing then please read on.

Chapter 1: The New beginning of the Old End

"Yo Fujin what was that for ya know?" asked Raijin who was now soaked and in the water. Fujin looked over at Seifer who was still laughing at Raijin.

"BRAGGED" she Fujin in her usual loud voice.

"Hey I just caught a fish, ya know. I was happy that I that I caught one before anyone else did, ya know." said Raijin trying to get up. "Yo Fu, could ya help me up, ya know." said Raijin who was now holding his hand out to Fujin, expecting her to help him up. Fujin eyed it but grab his hand.


Seifer looked up and saw Fujin get pulled into the water by Raijin who was now tryiung to stay above the water and catch his breath yet doubled down in laughter. Seifer laughed harder as Fujin appeared above the water, hair now in her face and her eye patch had fallen off. She covered her scar with her hair.

"RAGE!" she yelled.

"Ha ha ok, ok calm down sis. Seifer will help ya out of the water, ya know." said Raijin who grabbed Fujin bye he waist with his big hands and lifted her to Seifer.

Seifer grabbed her hands but instead got pulled down by the force of Raijin and Fujin. They always thought alike. He fell with a big SPLASH

"Ahh!! Fujin! How dare you!" yelled Seifer when he got back up to the surface of the water.

"Payback for laughing at me." Said Fujin.

Seifer looked at her weird. Did she just say a whole sentance without yelling. Raijin had the same thought and dropped Fujin in the water again with shock. She came up to the surface again even more pissed off then before.

"Hey why did u do that Raijin!" she asked.

"Fu-Fujin u-um... did you just notice that your not talking in your normal one of two word sentaces?" asked Seifer who still looked at Fujin in mild shock.

"What? Oh I've been talking like this for along time just... not around anyone or when theres people around." She whispered her last sentance. She then hopped out of the water and onto the deck. "I'm gonna go back to the hotel and get dried off. Maybe then you two will stop... oh nevermind." she said covering her eye again with her hair and grbbed her eye patch then ran back to the hotel.

"Wow, never knew she got her full speech back, did you? Freaky, ya know?" asked Raijin who looked at Seifer.

"No she never told me. Wonder why she never told us?" said Seifer now climbing out of the water.

"Me too, ya know." Raijin then climbed out of the water and onto the deck.

Meanwhile Fujin started to run the bath and get undressed out of her normal outfit. Why did I do that. I wanted to keep that secret I didn't want them get excited at something might not last. But I hope it does. The doctor said it would last so I hope it does. She turned the tap off and stepped into the wramth of the bath. The heard their hotel room door open. She heard Seifer and Raijin's voices as they entered the room. She looked to check that the door was locked and then turned away. She started to think about Seifer and how he had laughed. A real laugh, she hadn't heard him sound happy for a long time. He'll never like someone like me though. I'll never be good enough for him. He wants someone normal, but I'm not normal. The truth really does hurt.

Soon she was out of the bath and dressed in her night wear which was only a tank top and black silk shorts. She opened the door and saw both Seifer and Raijin sitting on the couch and watching t.v.

"BED. NIGHT." said said in her usual voice and headed to the bedroom which her and Seifer had to share since Raijin took most of the bed and would probably kill one of the if he moved. So Seifer and her were forced to share the other bed. She walked over to the dresser and grabbed her hair brush but noticed that there was a rip in her shirt. "Shit this one was one of my favorite shirts too. Oh well." She walked over to where her clothes laid in a small pile and grabbed another tank top. She took off the shirt she was wearing when Seifer came walking in. He froze at the sight before him. Fujin stood there for a second before covering her now exposed breast. Seifer began to feel a bulge rise in his pants. "U-uh s-sorry Fu, didn't think you would be up still." he said scratching the back of his head and began to blush. Great Alamsy, just fucking great, blush so she knows how you feel about her, you know shes not into you. he thought to himself.

"Um.. its ok Seifer." She turned around so her back faced to him and put her tank top on then turned back around to face him.

Damn, she looks good with that shirt hell she looks good in anything. Wish she would wear stuff like that more often though. Seifer thought as he stood there staring at Fujin.

"Well, um, I'm gonna go to bed now. Night Seifer." she told him before heading to the bed and curling under the covers.

Must NOT go jump in the bed and kiss her. She'll hate me forver if I do Seifer kept thinking this and finally walked out of the room.

"Yo boss you ok? You look lik something just happened with you and Fujin, ya know." Said Raijin who was sitting on the couch watching a movie they had bought.

Seifer had to give the guy some credit he was smarter then he looked.

"Well when I walked into out room I kinda walked in on Fujin when she was getting changed then I kinda got the urge to just wrap my arms around her and kiss her. Weird huh?" said Seife, hoping his albino friend didn't hear any of this.

"You must really like her, huh boss? Why don't you tell her how you feel? You never know she might like you too, ya know?" Raijin knew how both Seifer and Fujin felt for one another yet both were afraid that the other would hate them if they told each other how they felt.

"Raijin you know I can't. She'll hate me, man why does love have to be so complicated? Shes like a sister to me but yet I want her to be more then that, I want her man!"

In the other room Fujin laid there, taking in everything Seifer was saying about Fujin. All this time I was afraid to tell him, yet he likes me back. Maybe I should show him how I really feel. Tomorrow I shall start. She smiled to herself then the door opened. Seifer walked in. Thinkin that Fujin was sleep he looked at her. She was like an angel to him, one that he wanted to make his. He took off his boots, next came trench coat then pants and finally his shirt. He walked over to the other side of the bed with only his boxers on. He laid down and slimbed under the covers. He moved a little closer to Fujin who just laid there, he wanted to wrap her in his arms and just hold her. He moved closer, close enough that their hips touched. He always wanted to be close to her afraid that if he wasn't something bad may happen.

In the morning Seifer woke up, feeling something warm within his arms, he opened his eyes to see fujin curled next to him. What the heck? How'd we get like this, oh well looks like I better enjoy it now cause its probably gonna be my last time like this with her. he thought and with that he pulled her closer to him. With that movement she awoke to find herself in Seifer's arms. He just looked at her and she smiled at him. It was like heaven for her.

"Morning Seifer." she said to him and then moved closer to him.

Seifer closed his eyes ready to get hit Oh shit, shes gonna kill me and... hold on shes moving closer to me...

"Morning Fu." he said back

"Are you ok. You sound like something is wrong. Is this wrong that were doing this?" she asked and looked up at him.

"No it isn't wrong, its just I thought that..." he never did get to finish his sentance. Fujin moved towards his lips and kissed him. Pouring all her pent up emotion into that single kiss. She pulled away and looked at him, he never did kiss back. She ran toways the bathroom. He hates me I know it! she thought tears starting to build.

hides behind computer desk don't hurt me, Listen if you didn't like this story then you shouldn't have even decided to read it. Like I said I'm more of a big Seifuu person so don't flame me plz!.

Next chapter is coming up soon, I'm not gonna say anything about it, its just a continuation of what happened in this story. I have lots of chapters to this story but I have to type them down on the computer first.

Seifer: Hey Fu, remember that, that was so funny when Raijin pulled you in the water, man you looked like a sewer rat from where I was standing.

Fujin: RAGE!! Kicks Seifer in the shins

Seifer: Oww Goddammit, what do you wear steal toe boots or something?

Raijin: I think she does boss. Wanna find out. Grabs Fujin and pulls one of her boots off

Seifer: Ahh she does, Fujin you know better then to wear those, you could kill someone with that kick of yours and these boots.

Fujin: Be happy I don't kill you!

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