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A/n: Hey everyone! Long time no see... okay well so I haven't decided to write another chapter for this story since now. But hey I was kinda bored and I was writing another Sei/Fu story, so I thought maybe I could use it for this one... meh who cares. Sorry to the people that have read this story and was waiting for an update, I just haven't been inspired to write this one. But today is a new day lol. No.. not really anyways hope you like this! I have seem to have a lot of idea's in my head today. I've already made 2 new strories and posted them on here which is kinda just weird ya know. Anyways on with the long awaited story of the complicated lives of Seifer and Fujin.


Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VIII or the characters in it though I wish I did cuz that would be awesome... anyways I'm on a caffine high today so I hope this story turns out okay!!!!

Chapter 2

Fujin locked herself in the bathroom as she just reflected on what she did. How could she have been as stupid enough to kissher boss, kiss Seifer? The answer still wasn't fully in her mind either. She looked around the bathroom to find some of her clothes that she could put on and then leave. She found a dark grey shirt with her dark blue jeans, she decided that they were good enough and would do. After she put them on she brushed her hair then went out of the bathroom. Seifer was sitting there still in his boxers waiting for her to come out. Though she paid no attention to him and grabbed her steel-toe boots and put them on. She grabbed her jacket and headed towards the door. She needed some fresh air at this point even a friend to turn to.

"Fujin, where are you going? We need to talk." Seifer finally said, though softer then his normal loud voice.

"OUT." Seifer cringed, she had went back to her normal talk of speech.

"Where?" Does he not get it, I don't want to talk, Fujin thought as she turned her now angry face towards Seifer.

"Listen Seifer! I'm not another one of your blonde bimbo's. I'll never good enough for you. You'll find someone better soon and then leave me. I'm not going to be around for that. FORGET IT!" She yelled her last sentance and walked out.

Seifer sat there stunned at what just happened. I hurt her to many times before, I know it. I thought of her as just my second in command and part of my posse. That was until I got put in the time compression. Fujin was the only one that was on my mind. She was the one that I knew would save me. At first I asked why, then I figured out that I loved her and I still do. I just... am to afraid to tell her so I go running to other girls. Gods why do I do stupid things all the time? Seifer fell back on the couch and just laid there hoping Fujin would come back soon.

Fujin walked into an apartment and buzzed one of the people near the top floor.

"Who is it?" a man's voice came on the intercom

"FUJIN" she tried to say, without letting her voice tremble. He buzzed her in and met her half way down the stairs.

"Fujin what's wrong? What happened?" Devin asked her as he looked at her with sympathy.

"C-can I stay at your place. I-I..." tears started to fall down her pale cheeks as she tried to explain what had happened between her and Seifer. Devin put his arms around Fujin and began to lead her back up the stairs to his apartement.

When they got inside he brought Fujin to the kitchen and sat her down at the table. He went over to the stove and began to heat some water to make some hot chocolate. "So- um do you want marshmellows with your hot chocolate or whip cream."

Devin looked at Fujin with a silly grin. Fujin looked at him, and grinned as she saw his face. "See that's the Fuj I know and love." He winked at her and grabbed two mugs.

"Devin... thanks and I think I'll have both." She said as she went to the 'fridge to grab the whip cream. Slowly an idea came to mind... an evil idea at that. She put some whip cream on her finger and slowly walked up behind him. He turned around to see what she was doing but regreted it soon after as he saw Fujin put whip cream on his nose then his forehead.

"I have to say white is deffintly your color." She said as she began to laugh. Things were better for the time being and Devin was happy that she was. He had never told her that he had developed feelings for the smaller albino. Though to most people it would be hard to imagin. He always wondered if she felt something for him but knew for a fact that, that answer would be a no for her heart belonged to Seifer even if he didn't return her feelings. He went to the sink and washed the whip cream off of his face and joined Fujin on the couch after popping in a movie called, 'Hellsing' which was a anime. They both sat there and watched the episodes that they had rented. It was around two in the morning before the two decided to turn in for the night.

Fujin looked at Devin than at the bed than at herself, unsure what to do, she had nothing to wear for the night. Devin now understanding this grabbed one of his baggy t-shirts and a pair of pj bottoms from one of his drawers and handed it to her.

She went to the bathroom and changed. She felt so content at the moment, no Seifer to worry about and no stress on money either. It was nice to just be able to have one normal night without being harassed by everyone else. She felt wanted tonight and felt loved by someone.

She came out of the bathroom and put her clothes on the chair by the bed before climbing in beside Devin. Just for tonight she wanted to feel how it felt to be loved.

Devin was waiting for her when she arrived back in the room, he watched as she layed in the bed and than not even noticing it until their noses were almost touching, she was trying to kiss him. Of course he didn't pass up the oppertunity to do such a thing.

That night she learned what sex and love-making is, not knowing that in the morning she would feel guilty for playing with one's emotions and not knowing that doing such a thing would just complicate things even more with the man she truely loved.


Seifer layed on the bed that him and Fujin usually shared every night, tonight was different though because she wasn't there beside her. He had gone to far this time and he knew she wouldn't be back tonight, she was probably at another hotel that was away from him. He had a sudden urge to just get up and find her, he was so use to just having people come back to him begging for forgiveness that what Fujin was doing didn't seem right to him at all.

"Yo man, staying up wont make fujin just appear, ya know? You should really get some sleep, look for sis tomorrow when you and her are on alittle bit of better terms, ya know." Though Seifer hated to hear the guy say "ya know" over and over again he did have a point. Maybe just letting her blow off some steam would help both of them out.

Slowly he let his eyelids drop, letting sleep take over him slowly. Just as he was out he was dreaming of fujin again, like every other night. This time it was more of a nightmare, instead of the romance stuff that happened between the two, she was fucking another guy that had no face. She was looking at him with a evil grin on her face as she rode him and watched Seifer's reaction to her gestures.

He wanted to scream out to them, to tell them to stop what they are doing. That fujin was his and no one elses.

If only he knew that his dream was really true in another bedroom without another's eyes to watch the events inside. If only he knew that this fight would bring on wrong things in the future. That sometimes you should just go with your heart and not your brain. If only Raijin was smart another to keep his mouth shut for once so he wouldn't screw things up more than they have already.


Fujin stared at the ceiling, Devin was asleep beside her with his arms wrapped around her. Both were naked and everything was skin against skin. Fujin still just stared at nothing.

She had not meant for this to happen but all things considered she thought it would help, but it just made it worse. How was she going to tell Devin in the morning that the whole thing really only was a one-night stand and that she just wanted to be loved by someone for the night? More and more questions began to float up in her mind.

Did they have safe sex? Fujin couldn't remember, but than she knew that she saw nothing be put on. Her eyes widdened more at the realization of what she just did and what effects she could have next....


A/N: WOW!!! I finally posted this chapter on the computer!! Yay! Anyways yes, I think this is a short chapter but I think it will be longer in the next chapter. So anyone have any ideas what just happened to her? Well that's if anyone even reads this. It's not yaoi and it doesn't have all the main pairings as most stories do because I don't like some of them. This is however one of my favorite pairings for FFVIII so deal with it and if u don't like it don't read it. Sound good? GOOD!

Anyways hope u like

Ja Ne!


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