Have you no shame, General?

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Sephiroth was called to the meeting room. So were all the other first-class SOLDIERs, as he noticed them in the hallways. He sat in his usual spot at the president’s right and waited.

Soon the room went quiet. Rufus entered the followed by his two turk bodyguards, Reno and Rude, and another figure to wich Sephiroth paid no attention to.

“Good morning to you all.” He started. “I am glad to see that you are all in perfect form already at this hour.”

Sephiroth held back a groan. It was 0345h in the morning, and some SOLDIERs had their uniforms messed up from being too sleepy to put them on properly. His second-in-command, Zack, was nowhere to be seen, since he was apparently allergic to sunlight before at least 0900h.

“The reason for this early meeting,” Rufus continued, “is a new...uh...’guest’. Since Shin-Ra never had any, there are also no procedures regarding them. So she will be equal to the general’s third-in-command. Gentlemen, I would like to introduce Riku.” He motioned to the girl next to him.

All eyes fixed on her. She couldn’t be older than twenty. Her SOLDIER uniform was fifferent from the normal ones.

‘Maybe they had it custom made for a woman?’ Sephiroth thought.

It had long sleeves and a turtleneck, but was oh so very teasingly short, leaving a great deal of her stomach for any eyes to feast on.

It didn’t have a zipper either, so she obviously had to pull it over her head. Her gloved hands were hooked in the unused belt loops of her too big SOLDIER pants. The contrast between form-fitting top and baggy pants seemed to fit her well, as if this was what she usually wore. Her trousers were tucked into her steel-toed combat boots, like most SOLDIERs were.

She had black eyes and hair, whose length rivalled only Sephiroth’s. It was tied in a high ponytail, and without bangs. By the mentioning of her name, she inclined her head towards the now drooling soldiers and said quietly:

“Thank you.”

“You may now leave, exept you, General.” The President continued. When all the other SOLDIERs were out, Sephiroth stepped over to them. “Riku, meet the General.”

“Why must you shorten my name?” She asked quietly. Inwardly, Sephiroth already took a liking to this ‘Riku’. Quiet, demanding for proper use of her name (being someone himself who hated it when people called him ‘Seph’), and, of course, she was obviously dripping goregeousness from all her pores.

“It’s way too long. And I think it could come as a shock to the men.” Rufus replied.

“Are SOLDIERs so easily defeated?” She asked.

Now, Sephiroth did not like that one little bit. He cut in.

“I should hope not. However if you are still doubtful, please pick your weapon and i /will/ proove you otherwise.”

Riku finally locked her gaze with the general’s. He was expecting to see a very dark iris surrounding a pupil, and would not have been the smallest bit surprised if they were slits like his own, but what he saw made him loose his composure for the smallest fraction of a second. She didn’t have pupils. Or irises. Or the the white part at all. Sephiroth felt like he was staring into the eyes of a raven. Or someone posessed. Raising one dark profesionally tweezed eyebrow, she sized him up and down.

“Weapon? What makes you think I need a Weapon to bring down someone like you? You may be the General of the Shin-Ra army, but are you up to the task?”

Sephiroth curled his lips.

“Wouldn’t you like to find out?” He said, hoping his flirt was not too obvious.

Riku’s eyes widened in what Sephiroth found out to be exitement, before she smoothed her expression again.

“Gladly.” She answered.

Rufus was starting to protest. He seemed not to want any fight, but was utterly ignored by both when they walked out the meeting room, Sephiroth leading the way to the nearest training room in the floor.

“Dare to wager a bet, /sir/?” She mockingly emphasized the last word.

“What are you offering?” He asked back, again feeling the strange urge to flirt. What was happening? He was never like this.

“What do you want?” She turned around to face him just as the training room door shut after them, leaving Rufus and his bodyguards safely behind the protection glass.

“Whatever I can get.” Sephiroth took his beloved Masamune in hand, preparing for a soft attack.

‘Idon’t want to hurt her.’ He thought. ‘What the hell’s wrong with me???’ A voice in his head said.

Sephiroth was only able to accompain the next moves only due to his mako enchanced and well trained eyes. Riku had darted forward, jumped, and grabbed the end of Masamune’s shaft, tugging it from Septhiroth’s grasp. She used his shoulder to hoist herself up, and lever an unhumanly light body around him, to land effort- and noiselessly on ker feet behind him. He found himself standing with his arm outstretched, as if he were still holding his weapon, wich in reality was poking him softly at the back of his neck.

He had a hard-on.

Noone had ever so easily defeated him. ‘You were easy on her.’ A voice in his head tried to argue, but he acknowledged that she was skillfull.

“I think you should be getting your weapon back.” He felt the cold metal leave his skin and turned around to see her playfully twirling the sword through her fingaers. It was amazing how she handled a six-and-a-half-foot-long weapon since she was barely over five feet herself.

A knocking sound came from behind the glass. Rufus was calling them out. Riku stopped playing with the sword and glanced at it.

“It’s a fine blade.” She stated, handing it back to the owner.

“Thank you.” Sephiroth replied.

They exited the room to find a hysterical Rufus and two highly amused Turks.

“Please do /not/ display this kind of affection in front of the men, I don’t want to promote fellow-destruction.” He kept on ranting about it for a couple more minutes, and Sephiroth was starting to ger uncomfortable in his front. He needed a little alone-time.

“Mr. Pesident, I’m tired. And I have to finish moving.” Riku cut the President, who sighed in defeat.

“Fine. Tseng, would you please fill her in?” He nodded to the quiet Turk in the corner, supervising everything. When he recieved a nod, he retired to his office, claiming ‘this was too much for him’. The dark haired Turk stepped up to the long-haired figures.

“Shin-Ra owns a great deal of the plate, so First-Class-SOLDIERs live in that separate area.” He started after introducing himself. “I have arranged for you to reside next to the General and his second-in-command, First-Class-SOLDIER Zackary Fair. The boxes you asked to ship have been delivered to your new home, though I did not give permission for my men to unpack for you, due to...obvious reasons.”

‘Damn right, never rumage through women’s stuff’ Sephiroth remembered Zack telling him once.

“Thank you.” She said politely.

Now Sephiroth was really impatient.

“Would you like a ride?” he questioned her after Tseng had left.

“If it’s not bothersome for you...” She started walking to the elevator.

“Not at all.” H e said under his breath.

Once in the parking lot, he led the way to his dark green military jeep. As they were climbing in, the General couldn’t resist the urge and he had to ask:

“How did you do that?”

“Do what?” Riku slammed the door shut.

“You know. Beat me like that.” Sephiroth started the car and drove off to their destination, ignoring the traffic rules as always, speeding as much as the narrow streets would allow.

“Well,” Riku started “your movements are quite easy to read. And your guard is extremely open, for someone left-handed. Besides,” she turned to look at him “all that clothing and those shoulder plates make you a way too big target. Even if you have mako to ease things for you.”

Septhiroth met her gaze. He inwardly grinned. Riku wasn’t wearing a seat belt. He knew he had to turn right soon, and he counted in his head the houses swooshing past the corner of his eyes. He almost lost his concentration at the sight of those black orbs. He couldn’t stop thinking that they were beautiful. Right then he turned sharply and skidded to a halt in front of her house, tires screeching. What he didn’t expect was when she flung her left arm out to grab the back of his seat and opened her legs to trap her lower body between her seat and the dashboard. Her face being only inches away from Sephiroth’s didn’t help the increasing pain in his groin.

“I told you you were easy to read.” She whispered.

Sephiroth could feel her warm breath tickle across his skin, and almost leant towards her, had she not backed away.

“I guess I’ll see you later, huh?” She said casually again.

He waited until he saw her close the door of her new house behind her and drove past another house (Zack’s) to his own. He left the jeep in the drivewat, since he would be using it in a few hour’s time, and entered his own home.

While he climbed the stairs to his bedroom, he quickly unfastened all the belts of his clothing. Dumping them on the floor of his bedroom, he let himself fall on the cool sheets, and started working on his aching problem. He pulled the image forth when Riku was levering herself over his shoulder and his face came dangerously close to her inhumanly large breasts. He could almost feel, as he had then, the soft smell of adrenalyn and power she gave off during these fast movements. He could see the velvety skin of her stomach almost touching the tip of his nose. Oh how he wanted to touch that skin, run his hands over her breasts, her slim waist and broader hips, making the movement of a perfect figure eight. He twisted his member sharply in his fingers and moaned into the pillow, before he collapsed completely. Panting, he pulled a thin sheet over his body.

‘What the hell is wrong with me?’ He thought, as soon as he had enough courage to chase away that delicious image from his mind. ‘Maybe I should let Hojo check on me.’ That was when he snorted and settled back to (try to) sleep.

Although it did concern him that he was acting this way. He was always quiet and reserved, he did not flirt, he did not loose his time with all the other foolish things he had done. But something about this girl had gotten his attention. It was not her obvious looks, but something more profound. Sephiroth had discovered that Hojo had injected him with some sort of ‘animal essence’, giving him their instincts and better senses. He hadn’t quite discovered all of its usefulness, but there was something inside him, this...’animal’ inside him, that made him act the way he did. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it to understand this new feeling, but he was willing to find out.

As soon as he had some sleep. Jerking off made him so tired...

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