Have you no shame, General?

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Sephiroth stood up and walked to his desk.

“Anyone up for pizza?” he asked as he dialed the delivery service number.

“Tuna.” Angeal grunted from the file cabinet he was rummaging in.

“Pepperoni.” Genesis said from behind his copy of ‘Loveless’.

“Cheese.” Riku replied from her spot by the window behind Sephiroth’s desk. “Looooots of cheese.”

Sephiroth nodded and made the order. Just as he hung up, Zack stormed in, dragging a rather frightened-looking blond cadet behind him.

“What’s the big idea, Suri-chan?” He spat. “Do you have any idea of how long it took Cloud here to take all that gum out of my hair?”

When Riku didn’t answer, he darted forward and spun her around to face him. She merely curled the corners of her mouth, before she said, in a mock concerned voice:

“Why, Zack! I thought you looked so dashingly beautiful.”

Roaring laughter went through the room. Even the cadet smiled weakly, and Zack looked outraged. Turning to the cadet, Riku said:

“I’m sorry if this took too much of your time. I’m sure you wanted to do something more interesting than pick gumballs out of your superior’s head?”

“Yeah, you could have stuffed it in through his ear in replacement for a brain.” Genesis muttered.

“This is a conspiracy against me!!! You’ll all pay back!!!” Zack dragged the cadet out the door with him.

“Come back with the pizza we ordered!” Angeal yelled after him.

Riku looked at Sephiroth.

“Is every day like this?”

“There’s never someone with bright ideas to pull this off.” He answered. “And, don’t mind me saying, you must have very light-touching hands, for Zack not to have felt it.”

The room went quiet.

‘What was that?’ Sephiroth scolded himself ‘Can’t you just be your /normal/ self and quit the flirting?’

After a few awkward moments, Zack came back with the pizzas.

“I swear you guys, I just came back because I wanted pizza too.”

“I think you can let go of the cadet now, Zack” Angeal sniggered.

Zack looked to his left.

“Oh, sorry there, Cloud. You want some pizza?”

The blonde paled. Apparently, the thought of eating pizza with the highest soldiers was a bit too much for him. He muttered a lame excuse about having to train, saluted and left.

“Aw, pup, you scared the poor boy.” Angeal said, taking his box of pizza.

“He’ll be back, you saw the way he looked at /the General/…” Genesis also took his pizza.

“Huh?” Sephiroth was distracted by the swaying of Riku’s hips as she went for the pizzas. She snapped her fingers at him.

“My face is up here, General.” She snapped.

Zack smirked. He opened the box for Riku, who took a slice of pizza and plopped down on the couch. Sephiroth took another slice of the same pizza and sat down on his armchair next to Genesis. Zack claimed the rest of the pizza as his, sitting down next to Riku with the box on his knees. As soon as he reached out for a piece, it was snatched from him.

“Hey!” He glared at Riku.

“Weren’t you just in the cafeteria?” She asked, holding the pizza out of his reach.

“Yeah, but there’s always room for some pizza.”

Riku leaned away from Zack’s pizza-searching hands, until Angeal held them behind his back. Riku slowly approached the piece in her hand to Zack mouth. Just when he was leaning forward to take a bite, Riku pulled it from his mouth’s reach. Zack whined (A/N: just like a puppy LOL). She put the pizza right under his nose, then pulled it away again, before he could bite it.

“Oh, Zack. Don’t you want some pizza? It’s so good.” She bit the tip of the slice in her hand.

“Hmmm….” She held the pizza in front of his face. “Go on. Take a bite.”

Again, she pulled it from his reach. She bit the pizza again, moaning:

“It’s so good.” She said through another mouthful, closing her eyes. Another bite made the cheese stretch from the pizza to her mouth. She curled her tongue and took the cheese with her fingers to her mouth until there was nothing left. She sucked her fingers clean, then licked her lips in satisfaction.

“Don’t you want some pizza, Zack?” she opened her eyes to look at him.

“Pizza? What pizza?” he replied absentmindedly, as he followed the movements Riku made with her lips while speaking.

Riku looked around the room, to find that all the men were similar to Zack.

“Guys…it’s rude to stare” she said.

Everybody snapped out of it, looking down to their pizzas. Except Sephiroth and Zack. Riku handed Zack the pizza box (who took it as a diversion to cover the bulge in his pants) and looked back to the General. His slice lay forgotten on his outstretched palm. They stared at each other until a knock at the door interrupted them.

“Come in.” Sephiroth said.

Zack felt Riku tense beside him. He looked up to see Hojo standing in the doorway, his usual clipboard under his arm.

“Well, well, well, look who we have here…” he smirked at Riku. “Come to do your job properly?”

“I work for Rufus, now, Hojo.” She replied coldly.

“We’ll see about that when the hormones kick in…” he mumbled.

“What do you want?” Sephiroth stood up.

“I need you to sign these.”

“That will be done, now, please leave.”

“Until later,” Hojo smirked again at Riku, then put extra emphasis on his next words. “my /pet/”

Sephiroth thought it would be impossible to read those dark eyes, but he just proved himself wrong when he looked into them. Riku’s word died. The moon crashed into the earth and humanity fell into a bloody heap of despair. When she stood up from the sofa, Zack held her elbows behind her back, preventing her to advance.

“You just wait.” She said quietly. “I’m gonna make your life living hell. I’m gonna put you in one of your mako-tanks and let you rot in there, just like you did to me. Then I’m gonna have a chocobo hump that smirk off your face and feed you to that freak show you call ‘staff’.”

“My, my, are you not happy I prepared you for your General?” everybody looked at a confused Sephiroth. “By the way, I hought a few years apart might have weakened the genes, so here’s a small gift for you.”

Riku and Sephiroth felt sharp pains shoot through their stomachs. Hojo had shot darts at them. Sephiroth recognized the mako leaking out of his wound. It was slightly purple, so it meant…

‘He put hormones in this’ Sephiroth thought.

Just as Hojo left the office, Riku staggered backwards into Zack. They both fell on the sofa.

“What’s wrong?” He asked the limp body on top of him.

“Shit.” Riku mumbled. “Shitshitshit. I can’t believe this. He put freaking /hormones/ in me again.”

Sephiroth was also slightly dizzy, but stood his ground.

“Do you care to explain your obvious past encounters with our private doctor?” he asked.

Riku had her eyes unfocused. She shook her head and with Zack’s (halfhearted) help sat next to him, instead of on top.

“Hojo wanted to create a perfect army, right?” she started. “So instead of constantly failing to make clones of Sephiroth, he thought about breeding him. So, he created me, a female version of Seph here, hoping to succeed. /But/, since we obviously wouldn’t agree to this, he injected animal hormones in us, so that I get regular heats, and give birth to more than one baby. Plus, Seph’s animal instincts makes him aware of when I’m in heat.” She started falling on Zack’s shoulder. “The extra dose of hormones we received right now, will kill the other cells I was injecting to prevent the heats.” She looked at Zack. “That’s what I was looking for this morning. The /really/ bad news is that I get stronger heats with these hormones, and they’re due soon.”

“Your eyes are like Seph’s now. Why?” Zack asked.

“Told you. The hormones. They were black coz I was blocking them.” Riku was slipping off to sleep as was Sephiroth.

“Can’t you do it again?” Angeal worried.

“Too strong…might…hurt…” she dozed off.

“Guys…” Seph said quietly. He was holding himself upright with the help of his desk. “Get her away from me.”

They only understood when they saw the hungry look on his face and the bulge in his front.

“Shit, the heat’s started.” Zack said as he felt Riku stir and moan against his shoulder. He picked her up and ran to the parking lot, while Genesis and Angeal stayed to control Sephiroth in case he went for her. (A/N: I don’t think a fic exists where you’re forced to NOT have sex with a potential partner… anyway…smut’s on the way…*grin*)

Zack entered the jeep and sat Riku on the passenger’s seat. He started the car and drove as fast as he could to her house. When he got there, he laid her on the sofa and dialed Angeal’s number.

“She’s home.” He said as Angeal picked up. He heard banging and distinct yelling from the other side of the line.

“Keep her locked up, pup.” Angeal said. “Seph’s outta control.”

“Okay. Call me if you need anything.” Zack hung up. As he turned to check on Riku, he found an empty sofa. “Riku?” he called.

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