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A/N – Okay, here’s the drill. Cloud’s 18 years old in this story and has just made it into soldier. Zack is soldier first class and Genesis, Angeal and Sephiroth are all alive and Generals. Angeal and Sephiroth do not appear in this story and are only mentioned by other characters. This is my first attempt at writing Genesis and Zack so I hope they’re not too OC. I aimed to write a one shot but got completely carried away. Oh, I took this opportunity to give Laguna a set of balls...he is significantly tougher and more confident than I usually write him. My apologies to anyone offended by my tweaking of his character.

Chapter 1

Genesis’ day had started so well. He’d been given a diplomatic mission to open the lines of communication with the island nation of Esthar, a highly advanced society that had only recently been discovered far out in a previously unexplored area of the ocean.

It would have been the perfect opportunity to get to know the little blond that he’d been obsessing over for the last six months, without any interference. He’d called in a favour from Lazard and Rufus to make sure that the boy would be one of the two soldiers chosen to go with him, secure in the knowledge that the director and vice president would keep quiet about his request. Walking in on Lazard bent over his desk with Rufus thrusting into him had proved to be a very lucky mistake after all.

Everything had been perfect until he’d arrived at the mission briefing and realized he should have requested who the other soldier would be as well. Looking across the room at Zack Fair, he’d had to control the urge to scream as all his well laid plans disintegrated. The first class soldier was best friends with Cloud Strife, the object of his desire. He was overprotective, honourable and would never let Genesis in ten feet of Cloud, knowing all about the General’s reputation for seducing younger cadets and then dumping them.

It wasn’t like Genesis planned on dumping any of them. It was just that when the chase was over, he found his desire for his prey ebbed away to nothing. He hadn’t even noticed the pattern that he had fallen into until his best friend, Angeal, had pointed it out to him one day, telling him that his reputation for loving and leaving was becoming legendary amongst the Soldier population. He’d been mortified to realize the truth and had stopped dating altogether since then. A year had gone by and he’d gotten used to being alone until that day that his eyes had fallen on Cloud.

The worst part of his obsession with the boy was the fact that he could tell no one else about it. Angeal and his other friend, Sephiroth, would never understand that this was different from all the other times. He didn’t want to seduce Cloud, despite the fact that the young soldier made his blood boil with desire. This time he wanted something deeper and had decided that making friends with him first would be the best course of action. Unfortunately, that had been easier said than done as Zack and Cloud were always together when they were off duty. After months of trying to get the boy alone, he had given up and resorted to watching from afar, keeping his secret safe and consoling himself with his fantasies.

When this mission had come up, he’d jumped at the chance, only to have it slip through his fingers with the inclusion of Zackary Fair. He was beginning to believe this was his punishment for all those broken hearts he had left behind.


Zack’s emotions were jumping from happy to sad at a rate that was making his head spin. He’d been ecstatic to receive his orders that morning. A cushy, all expenses paid trip to Esthar, the newly found island nation that everyone was talking about. To be one of the first to set foot there was a thrill that made him feel like one of those explorers that his father had told him bedtime stories about.

From what he read in the briefing, the city was a high tech metropolis that had kept itself hidden from the rest of the world to maintain its peaceful way of life. This meant one thing to Zack. Luxury. All he was required to do was accompany a senior officer there and gather as much information as possible. To top it all off, Cloud was going with him. It had all seemed too good to be true.

Then he’d noticed the dates of departure and return. They’d be gone for eight weeks, including Christmas. His parents were never going to understand. To them, Christmas was an essential event every year and the whole family spent the day together, no matter what. His mother would cry and his father would throw a fit and there was nothing he could do to prevent it. Zack would miss being with them too. He loved being home for the holidays, and was even planning on dragging Cloud along this year because his friend had no family left to celebrate with. Now he’d be stuck in some foreign country that probably didn’t even celebrate the event.

Adding to that was the fact that the senior officer they would be going with was none other than General Genesis Rhapsodos. Mister temperamental, stuck up, lock up your sons Rhapsodos was the last person he wanted to spend Christmas with. He was going to have to spend the whole time making sure the General didn’t get his hands on Cloud. Genesis was well known for his ability to seduce and break the hearts of the unsuspecting and Cloud was so damn naive that he wouldn’t stand a chance against the predator.

Zack’s eternal optimism kicked in as he realized that at least he would get to spend Christmas with Cloud. After all, he always believed it was the people you spent the day with that made it special, not the decorations or the endless amounts of food. Now, all he had to do was tell his parents and ride the fallout. He just hoped that they wouldn’t take it too hard.


Cloud ran like his ass was on fire towards the Shinra headquarters. He couldn’t believe he’d slept in this morning and was already fifteen minutes late. General Rhapsodos was going to skin him alive.

He cut through an alley, running around the last corner and straight into the aforementioned General. Luckily Genesis had lightening fast reflexes and managed to brace himself before impact which left Cloud to bounce off him and fall on his butt like he’d hit a brick wall. As his head spun and he tried to stand up, gentle hands wrapped around his forearms and helped him up.

“Are you alright?” a concerned voice asked as his eyes finally focused on the man before him.

“G…general! I’m so sorry!” Cloud blurted out, his face burning in embarrassment. Oh Gods, not only was he late for his first mission as a Soldier but he’d also just bumbled into his commanding officer like a complete imbecile. The General would probably replace him before he even got on the boat. Looking up and preparing himself for the worst, he was surprised to see a smile instead of a frown.

“Good morning, Strife. Nice of you to join us,” Genesis said with a chuckle. Cloud moved his lips to respond but no sound came out. Great, now he looked like a mute imbecile.

“First mission?” the General continued, thankfully ignoring his humiliation.

“Y…yes, Sir,” Cloud managed to stutter out.

“I was late for my first one too, so do not worry. It is hard to get to sleep the night before with one’s nerves acting up,” he added, giving Cloud’s arms a gentle squeeze before releasing them.

Cloud was so stunned at the kindness and understanding that all he could do was nod and smile. Following Genesis into the back of the car that would drive them to the dock, he finally noticed Zack’s absence and asked about it.

“I sent Zackary on ahead to ensure everything is in order,” the General replied, turning to stare out the window, seemingly lost in thought over the mission. He didn’t really want to disturb Genesis, but he needed to say something in the face of his disastrous displays of incompetence.

“Excuse me, Sir,” Cloud began softly, gaining confidence when the redhead turned towards him. “Thank you for being so understanding. I swear I will not disappoint you again.” Seconds ticked by in silence as the General looked at him. Cloud was becoming uncomfortable and was about to say something to break the silence when the redhead finally answered.

“Cloud, you never disappoint me,” Genesis whispered, grinning in a way that made shivers run up Cloud’s spine. Suddenly the General seemed to flinch and his grin disappeared before he turned back to the window.

Cloud stared at the back of his head, trying to work out what had just happened as Genesis’ words repeated in his mind. Was it his imagination or did the General just flirt with him? Cloud leant back in his seat and closed his eyes. Yeah, like the beautiful General Rhapsodos would ever flirt with a lowly soldier such as him. Talk about wishful thinking. The man beside him was a professional and here he was getting turned on by a grin and words that were nothing more than simple moral boosting. His teenage hormones wouldn’t listen to the logical argument and instead filled his brain with images of what his body would like him to be doing with Genesis at this moment. He really needed to pull himself together and concentrate on the mission ahead.


Genesis leant over the railing of the boat, staring out to sea. The cool breeze and rolling waves were the only antidote to his frazzled nerves and mind numbing frustration. Five days of enduring Cloud Strife, only an arms length away but still as untouchable as ever, was slowly killing him. He couldn’t even pleasure himself to take the edge off, stuck on this ship with no privacy and walls that were paper thin.

The whole trip was a disaster. He’d actually managed to get thirty minutes of alone time with Cloud on the drive to the docks and had completely wasted it. Instead of using the time to get to know the blond better and open the lines of communication, he’d gone into automatic and flirted with him, using a cliché line that had been typical of his old dating style. After that, he’d been unable to do anything but stare out the window in shame.

Genesis closed his eyes, remembering that morning for the hundredth time. The feel of Cloud’s arms when he’d helped the boy up had been the beginning of his failure. Muscles rippled under his fingers with a surprising amount of strength given the blonde’s small frame. Then Cloud blushed and stuttered out an apology, his sky blue eyes wide and full of nervousness. Genesis had felt himself harden immediately.

Once in the car, the redhead had looked out the window, trying to control his libido. Then the boy had promised to never disappoint him and he’d sat there staring at him, trying not to take advantage and use Cloud’s eagerness and naivety to his own advantage. It would have been so easy to manipulate the blond into bed, as he had to so many others in the past. The line had slipped out and he’d regretted it instantly. He didn’t want a quick session of sex that would be regretted later.

A sudden clash of swords snapped his full attention towards the front of the boat. Zack and Cloud were sparring and both men had stripped off their shirts in the heat. They were smiling and laughing together, so at ease with one another that Genesis felt a pang of jealousy. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from the blond, hair shinning gold in the sunshine as he danced around in a mock battle with his best friend, his toned upper body on full show for him to enjoy.

Sweat dotted his skin and began to form droplets that slowly ran down his body, following the indentations between his muscles. Genesis wanted to trace those lines with his tongue, savour the salty taste while his hands caressed….oh, Shiva. This line of thought was not helping him at all. He was so hard that it was painful. Fuck. Genesis was sure that this was the goddess’ way of punishing him and the redhead reasoned that he probably deserved the torture far more than he would ever deserve Cloud.


The afternoon of the seventh day of their journey all three soldiers stood on the deck, taking in the view of the city of Esthar. Zack had never seen anything like it in his life. He thought the city resembled something from a science fiction novel with its beautiful glass like buildings of blue and pink. The skies around the city were clear and smog free and everything shined like it was brand new. It was the complete opposite of the cold concrete buildings, dirty streets and hazy skies of Midgar. He couldn’t wait to explore it and he found himself jiggling on his feet in excitement.

“Control yourself, soldier,” Genesis snapped from beside him, causing him to freeze at the command. The General was annoyingly calm in the face of such an alien environment. Zack glanced at him and caught the man’s hand twitching at his side in a subconscious need for his sword and he grinned. Not so unaffected after all, it seemed. Cloud, on the other hand, was staring at the city with his mouth open and his eyes wide. Zack hoped his friend would recover from the shock and regain his control before general ‘stick up his ass’ noticed and yelled at him too.

When the boat finally finished docking, Genesis lead the way towards the waiting dignitaries with an air of importance and style that was as natural to him as breathing. Zack and Cloud followed behind, playing their roles of support as best as they could in the circumstances. Zack’s eyes darted around, looking for signs of danger but found none. Groups of civilians had gathered to watch, curiously staring at the newcomers and whispering amongst themselves in excitement. Genesis smiled at the welcoming committee as they fawned over him, playing his part to perfection. It made Zack feel like puking.

Half an hour later they were standing in the Presidential Palace, waiting to be shown to their accommodations. The room they were in had one whole wall made of glass that gave a panoramic view of the city that was impressive to say the least.

The doors swung open to admit an exotic looking man with dark skin and long braids who flowed into the room with a feline grace. Zack thought he was the leader until the man began to speak, introducing himself as the President’s assistant, Kiros. He spoke briefly to the General about tomorrow’s meeting before apologizing for the President’s absence and offering to show them to their rooms.

The three Soldiers followed Kiros out of the room and along the hallway in silence. It had been a long journey and now that the rush of adrenaline had faded, Zack had to fight the urge to yawn. He nearly walked into Genesis when the General stopped suddenly. Kiros was opening a set of double doors and ushering them inside the room that would be their home for the next eight weeks.

“Please make yourselves comfortable. The bedrooms are down the hall to your right with the bathroom at the far end. I will have dinner sent directly here in an hour. If there is anything else you require during your stay, please feel free to use this intercom. Simply press the star key and you will be connected through to our staff. The line is manned twenty four hours a day so please do not hesitate to use it whenever you need something,” Kiros announced. Looking directly at Genesis he continued, “Is there anything else I can assist you with?”

“Not at this time. Thank you, Kiros,” Genesis answered formally, again nodding slightly. Kiros returned the gesture before exiting the doors and pulling them shut behind him. As the doors clicked closed, Zack heard Cloud breathe in deeply and turned to see his friend looking around the room in wonder. Being a country boy himself, he understood Cloud’s awe. Their so-called room was more like a high class apartment. It had a lounge room, with a wide screen television, a dining room and a balcony that overlooked the city. All the furniture was expensive looking and Zack was a little afraid to touch any of it. He really didn’t belong in such a room and felt uncomfortable to be surrounded by such opulence.

“I am going to rest until dinner arrives,” Genesis said before heading down the hallway that Kiros had pointed out. Zack turned to Cloud who was still standing frozen to the spot and chuckled.

“Hey, country boy. How about we watch the T.V. while we wait for dinner?” he asked, grinning at his friend as he sat down on the sofa. Cloud jumped at the sound of his voice and swore under his breath.

“Don’t call me that, Zack,” he said, trying to frown back at him before giving up and grinning. “Won’t the General be pissed if he finds us slacking off in front of the box?”

“Well, we were ordered to collect information. What better way to do that than watching the local channels?” Zack answered, putting on his most persuasive expression. Cloud shook his head and walked over to sink into the seat beside him.

“Okay, Zack. If he freaks, this is totally your idea,” Cloud replied. “I already made an ass out of myself in front of him. I really don’t need the man to have any more reasons to not like me.” Zack glanced over at his friend and noticed that he was blushing slightly. He knew Cloud better than anyone and if the blond blushed when he mentioned someone’s name it usually meant he had a crush on them. Zack sent a silent prayer to the gods that he was mistaken. Cloud wouldn’t stand a chance against a man like Genesis Rhapsodos. Maybe it would be best not to leave the two alone, just in case.


Genesis locked the door behind himself, stripped off his clothes and flopped down onto the bed with a sigh, closing his eyes. He really needed some time to relax and enjoy some privacy before he’d be able to think clearly enough for the diplomatic discussions that would begin in the morning.

It only took minutes before thoughts of the blond invaded his mind. He imaged how the boy would blush if he reached forward and touched his face. Those blue eyes would widen in surprise as he leant forward and placed a soft kiss to pink lips. Genesis wondered if the young man’s lips would part for him straight away or if he’d have to coax them open with his tongue. Either way, he knew they would be soft and warm and his own lips tingled at the thought.

Genesis let his hands flow over his own chest, teasing his nipples and sighing as he imagined deepening the kiss. His Cloud would whimper softly into his mouth and push against him, shy and wanton all at once. Genesis would move the hand against his cheek down to caress that pale neck while his other had would creep down to grab that firm little ass and pull them together so that their erections would touch. Cloud’s reaction would be to move his hands to Genesis’ chest, undoing the buttons before caressing his nipples, just as the General was touching them now.

Genesis moaned softly, getting caught up in the fantasy as his too long withheld desire pushed him into speeding up the scenario playing out in his mind. Cloud was on his knees now and both of them were naked. The blond haired boy tilted his head up to look at him, eyes innocent in complete contrast to the tongue that slowly reached out to tease the head of his cock. Genesis imitated the action with his hand, flicking over the top of his already rock hard erection with feather like touches.

He arched back imagining Cloud’s mouth descending down with perfectly applied pressure. The blonde would moan around him, bobbing his head up and down as his other hand caressed his testicles gently. As the red heads hands copied his dream, a loud moan escaped him.

How he would love to grab onto that blond, spiky head and hold it still while he pushed back and forth into warm, moist heaven. Those eyes would look up at him while Cloud’s hands would move down to his own erection, taking hold of it and stroking it in time with the thrusts into his mouth.

Genesis had hoped to draw out the fantasy but he had been denied release for far too long. His orgasm came quickly and was so hard he called out Cloud’s name without reservation, moaning it over and over as the spasms wracked his body.

Breathing hard, he came down from the intense experience, only to frown as he realized the mistake he had made. He had no idea if the two men down the hall had heard him and his own face suddenly burned in embarrassment. At this point, he could only hope that the walls were as thick as they looked.



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