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Chapter 5

Twelve days later there had still been no word of the General’s whereabouts and Zack was beginning to believe he wasn’t coming back. He was sitting alone in Laguna’s office, waiting for the President to arrive so they could eat lunch together. It was a habit they had fallen into since Cloud had been hospitalized. Staring out the window, lost in thought, the young soldier did not even notice Laguna’s entrance through the door behind him.

“Zack, I’m so sorry I’m late. Got held up by the finance minister. I swear, that man could talk under wet cement,” Laguna said walking over to stand beside him. Zack turned towards him nodding absently.

“Hey, it’s fine. Not like I’ve got anything better to do at the moment,” he said, flinching at how snarky his line had come out. Zack wasn’t angry at Laguna, he was just frustrated and sick of sitting around and staring at four walls all day.

“Is everything okay, Zack?” Laguna asked as he reached up to place a hand on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry, Laguna. Didn’t mean to snip at you, it’s just so frustrating waiting around with nothing to do,” he replied, watching the handsome man’s face fill with relief at his words. Zack honestly loved spending time with the President and looked forward to their time together, no matter how brief.

“I think you need a distraction and I have the perfect idea. How about you and I go out and look around the city tonight? I remember you telling me yesterday about this ‘Christmas day’ that you celebrate back in Midgar and I thought you might like to buy a present for Cloud,” Laguna suggested, smiling brightly at him. Zack beamed at the mention of Christmas and he really would like to surprise his friend this year. With all of Cloud’s family passed on, it would probably be the only present the blond would receive.

“I’d love too! Are you sure you can just wander out of the Palace, though? I don’t want Kiros riding my ass again.”

“Don’t worry; I sneak down there all the time. The place is empty at night because the shops are closed. All we have to do is phone ahead and they’ll open for us,” Laguna explained with a grin.

“Oh, cool to be king, eh?” Zack joked, missing the warmth of the President’s hand on his shoulder when Laguna removed it to smack his shoulder lightly.

“Hey! I’m not a king. The people can still turf me out on my butt whenever they feel like it,” Laguna responded, chuckling.


Cloud walked towards the suite, rolling his eyes at his friend who was bouncing along beside him. Finally, he’d been released from the hospital and could enjoy the privacy of his own room. Zack was his best friend but after two weeks of being stuck in a hospital room, all he wanted was quiet and solitude.

On entering their ‘home’, he slumped down on the lounge and took a deep breath before turning to face his friend who was fussing around him.

“Zack! Stop now,” he ordered, looking at his friend flatly. “I know you’re trying to help but you’re driving me nuts. I’m better, completely healed so can you stop mothering me.”

“Hey buddy, whatever you want,” Zack said smiling brightly as he dropped down beside him into the sofa. “So, you wanna watch the box, listen to music or eat something?”

“If I do, I can do it myself. Now go! You’re supposed to be meeting the President in fifteen minutes and you shouldn’t be late,” Cloud insisted, thanking the gods that Laguna had invited Zack out to see the shopping district tonight.

“Okay but only if you’re sure,” Zack replied, standing up to leave only to stop at the door and turn back. “If you need anything, you promise me you’ll use the intercom, okay?”

“Yes, dad!” Cloud answered sarcastically. Zack’s only reply was to laugh as he grabbed his jacket and left the room.

Cloud had noticed the dark haired soldier was wearing his best dark blue shirt and black jeans. It was the outfit that Zack always wore when he was trying to pick up or impress a potential date as the blue brought out the colour in his eyes. Cloud chuckled to himself as he used the remote to turn on the television on the wall. Zack had it so bad for the President and even though it was obvious to everyone around him, the dark haired soldier was completely unaware of the fact that Laguna felt the same way about him. He’d even made a bet with Kiros on how long it would take Zack to work it out. One more week and he’d be 50 gil richer.


Christmas day was still a week away and Zack felt a little depressed at the lack of decorations in the Esthar shopping district. Back home, decorations would be everywhere by now, colored lights flashing and Christmas trees everywhere you turn. Zack loved the brightness the holiday brought and the way it seemed to make everyone more light hearted and happy.

He glanced beside him at Laguna who was smiling proudly as he gave a running commentary about everything they walked past. Zack couldn’t help but like the optimistic man beside him. Laguna would love Christmas as much as he did if he ever got the chance to experience it.

They arrived at the shopping district and Laguna lead him to the gift shop. The door opened before the President could even knock on it and both of them were ushered inside of the warm interior. Zack grinned at Laguna as the shopkeeper fawned over him, dragging the President around the shop to show off his wares while completely ignoring the dark haired soldier.

It gave him the opportunity to shop without distraction and half an hour later he had all his presents bagged up by the store assistant and he was ready to leave. Unfortunately it took Laguna another forty minutes to escape the owner’s clutches.

“Sorry about that, Zack,” Laguna said, running his hand through his hair as they walked back down the center of the deserted shopping district. “The gift shop owner always thinks he can convince me to buy one of everything in there.”

They walked the long way back, taking a pathway that ran around the outer edge of the city. When they reached the highest point of the road Laguna stopped and suggested they take a moment to enjoy the view before returning to the palace. Zack eagerly agreed, wanting to spend as much time as possible with the handsome leader, despite the fact it was freezing cold.

It was so quiet out and the only sound Zack could hear was the wind gently blowing around them and Laguna’s breathing beside him on the bench. As they sat silently enjoying the view, he noticed the President shiver slightly and put an arm around him. Laguna snuggled up against his side resting his head on his shoulder with a sigh.

“If it’s too cold we can go back,” Zack suggested, hoping the President would decline but feeling obliged to ask.

“You’re keeping me warm,” Laguna answered softly, his breath tickling the young soldier’s neck. Zack’s body began to react to the close proximity and he tried to control its rising interest. He had grown attached to the President since their arrival but despite his constant flirting, Zack still had no idea if the older man returned his feelings. Laguna would hug him and even grin at him affectionately but all his actions could still be perceived as friendly and nothing more. The young soldier didn’t want to step over the line and lose the closeness they had developed so far.

“Zackary, do you have someone special back home?” Laguna murmured against his neck, sending a shiver up his spine.

“No. There was someone but it didn’t work out,” Zack replied, breathing in the smell of Laguna’s hair and sighing. Gods, even the man’s hair smelled good to him. He was quickly losing the battle with his arousal and the older man’s closeness was becoming far too much of a temptation.

Zack closed his eyes and tried to think of something to distract himself. He felt the older man move from under his arm and disappointment filled him but he kept his eyes closed. Zack didn’t want Laguna to see his sadness at the loss.

A warm hand touched his cheek and soft lips touched his, making him jump back in surprise. He opened his eyes to see a blushing Laguna chewing on his bottom lip and frowning.

“I’m sorry,” Laguna blurted out, sliding back on the bench and beginning to stand. Zack’s brain kicked back into gear as the shock passed and he realized that the older man had misread his surprise as rejection. Quickly grabbing Laguna’s arms he pulled the now standing man into his lap, making him straddle his legs as he kissed the older man deeply, putting all his pent up desire into the kiss. At first, Laguna squeaked when he was pulled down but when their lips met he kissed the young soldier back enthusiastically, opening his mouth and letting their tongues dance slowly.

Zack hands moved around to the President’s back, one sliding down to grasp his backside and pull their pelvises together. Laguna whimpered into his mouth as their clothed erections pressed together and the older man’s hands came to rest on his shoulders, one moving up to caress his neck as Laguna grinded against him.

Time passed un-noticed as they continued their embrace, slowly sliding against one another. Out of breath, Zack broke the lock of their lips reluctantly to pull back and smile. As he gazed at the beautiful man before him, he suddenly noticed that it had begun to snow lightly, little snowflakes collecting in Laguna’s dark hair and landing softly on the curves of his face. Zack reached up to kiss them away, trailing his lips gently over the face that had entranced him. Moving lower, he kissed along Laguna’s jaw and down his neck, pausing to lick and nip the soft skin as the older man arched into his touch.

“Z…Zack,” Laguna whispered as his hands crept up to finger through the younger man’s hair. Zack loosened his grip around the President to move one hand down and free the older man’s erection from his pants. Laguna gasped as Zack fondled him, running his thumb over the slit before making a fist for the older man to thrust into.

Laguna began to thrust slowly, saying his name between moans of pleasure. Zack pulled back to watch as the President threw his head back and lost himself in pleasure.

“Gods, Laguna. You’re so fucking beautiful,” he whispered. His voice caught the older man’s attention, making him look at Zack with a wicked grin. Zack could only stare back, completely enthralled by the older man thrusting slowly in his lap. He looked down in surprise when cold air surrounded his own erection before Laguna’s warm hand enveloped his shaft. He moaned at the sight of both of their cocks, so close together as they stroked each other.

As he continued to look down, Laguna let go of him and pulled Zack’s hand away from his shaft. He looked up at the older man’s face and was about to express his disappointment when Laguna kissed him again, sucking on his tongue before the President moved his hand back to encircle both of their shafts. Zack thrust against the older man’s hand, adding his own previously discarded hand to increase the tightness of the other man’s grip and receiving a loud moan from Laguna for his efforts.

The snow was falling heavier now but neither of them noticed. The heat between them was enough to keep them warm as they huddled together, kissing deeply and thrusting as one into their joined hands. Laguna broke the kiss first, leaning into Zack’s shoulder and biting down as he came hard, his whole body jerking in the soldier’s lap. The bite pushed Zack over the edge as he joined the older man, leaning his head back and moaning the President’s name loudly with his release.

Zack hugged Laguna to his chest as they recovered and got their breathing back to normal. The President began to shiver against him as he realized that he should get Laguna back to the Palace and out of the now heavily falling snow.

“Laguna?” he whispered. The President sat up and looked at him, smiling as his teeth began to chatter. Zack smiled at him warmly and reached a hand up to hold his cheek. “I better get you back to the Palace before you freeze to death.” Laguna nodded at him, pulling a handkerchief out of his jacket and cleaning them both up as much as possible.

Once they had themselves dressed again, they made their way to the back entrance of the Palace. The young soldier couldn’t wipe the smile off his face as he stole glances of the handsome man beside him. How he’d managed to capture Laguna’s interest was a mystery to him. Zack was so busy daydreaming that he didn’t notice anything was up until Laguna stopped walking and grabbed his arm.

Looking around Zack noticed that all the guards were unconscious, laying on the ground as if they’d fallen asleep at their posts. Checking them over, he told Laguna that they were more than likely hit by a powerful sleep spell as they had no injuries and seemed to be unharmed. Laguna grabbed his phone out of his pocket and was about to call for help when Zack suddenly had a thought.

“Shit, Laguna….what if it’s Genesis? Cloud’s all alone in the room and…,” his voice trailed off as he began to run for the elevators. Laguna followed behind him jogging to keep up.

“Zack, shouldn’t we call for help? If he’s still unstable I don’t think I’d be much help in stopping him,” Laguna said to the soldier as they entered the lift.

“If he’s still unstable I don’t think a platoon of your guards are gonna make much of a difference,” Zack muttered, hitting the button in the lift and impatiently pacing. “You shouldn’t be there though. I’ll take you to your room on the way and you can wait for me there.”

“No fucking way, Zack. I am not letting you go by yourself. If you’re going alone than I’m right behind you. Look, maybe I can talk some sense into him,” the President demanded as the elevator stopped and the doors open. Turning towards the older man, Zack saw the stubborn look on his face and sighed, running a hand through his hair as he exited the lift.

“Okay, fine. Just stay behind me,” he insisted, jogging down the hallway towards the suite. He only prayed that Cloud wasn’t hurt.



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