Is There Still Room In Hell?

BY : LavaForFlava
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True to what Angeal thought, Rosso grabbed his cock and placed the spiked ring around it, down to the base. Angeal gave a muffled whimper at the thought of what would come next. The only thing that wasn’t completely horrifying about the situation was that she was entirely predictable. Unfortunately, while he could usually prevent what he could predict, Angeal was completely powerless while he was chained up, gagged, and at the mercy of a woman who clearly had no mercy for him.

Rosso began stroking his cock to hardness and Angeal could only half-heartedly recoil in disgust as the organ responded to her ministrations. In another situation, perhaps he could have imagined that he was somewhere else, with more pleasant company. However, the gag, the bracelet around his dick, and the fact that this woman hadn’t even bothered to remove one of her metal gauntlets made a mental separation from the situation impossible. A growing pain shot down Angeal’s cock and increased as he got harder. As he got harder and grew to accommodate the makeshift cock-ring (for Angeal realized that this was the item’s purpose), the spikes dug forcefully into his sensitive skin. He screamed harder into the gag.

“Hm… Your pain tolerance is dismal,” Rosso tittered, still providing torturous strokes. “But your gag reflex isn’t that bad. You haven’t vomited yet. That was one of the first things we were expecting from you.”

“They tell you to test his physical endurance and this is how you proceed?”

Angeal looked beyond Rosso to see another man in the room. The mere look of him made Angeal want to go running back to his mother. What was wrong with his face? What was that on his back? Good God, what had happened to his eyes?

Rosso looked at this new visitor with a disgusted expression. “The Restrictors said I could do whatever I wanted with him. This is what I’m doing.”

The man raised a hand for silence. “I didn’t come to question your methodology. They sent me to help you in this procedure, though I doubt they anticipated your depravity.”

“Then don’t help.” Rosso squeezed Angeal’s penis a bit tighter, making him cry out. “I am perfectly capable.”

“Believe me, I want no part of this type of procedure.”

“Darling, this is Nero,” Rosso said, acting as if she was simply introducing two friends. “He’ll be observing, I suppose.”

“Observing, assisting when asked.” Nero still hadn’t really acknowledged Angeal’s presence, staying focused on Rosso. He sat down against a wall to Angeal’s right and, for the first time, actually seemed to look at Angeal. With those cold cat’s eyes, Nero appraised him quickly: On his knees, cock out and restrained, gagged by a plastic phallus. “Although you can’t expect me to do much with that.”

Rosso gave a small giggle as she retrieved the strap-on dildo from the ground and, uncaring that another man was in the room, began to remove her clothes. “You see that? Even Nero will have nothing to do with you. Filthy, pathetic man.”

Nero either didn’t realize that he was being insulted by his comrade or didn’t care. Instead, he gave him a terrifyingly deranged smirk from behind that mask, as if trying to reassure Angeal. “Listen to Rosso, captive. She only speaks the truth. After all, you are disposable to your crew, your team.”

Here, Nero crossed the little bit of space between them and came down to Angeal’s level. “Your team has not come looking for you. Despite the closeness of our two offices, SOLDIER has not bothered to contact DeepGround. You are just as worthless to your team as you are to us.”

This was a lie and Angeal knew it, but in the back of his mind, there was a niggling sense of doubt. Why hadn’t anyone come looking for him? His cell phone was still weight in his pocket. Why hadn’t anyone called, tried to call?

“It has been days, going on weeks.” Nero continued “No one has missed you. No one cares. We knew that no one would care about your absence. Why else would we have let you keep that phone in your pocket? We knew that no one would care.”

Nero’s words struck Angeal hard. It couldn’t have been that long. Days was plausible, but surely it hadn’t been weeks since his capture. He wouldn’t submit. Not like this.



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