Is There Still Room In Hell?

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Rosso withdrew herself almost completely from Angeal, leaving the tip of her cock embedded deep in his ass. For Angeal, this was almost a welcome reprieve. Then Azul firmly shoved Angeal onto his cock.

“Suck,” Azul ordered. “It’ll take your mind off Rosso and your testing will be over sooner if you do that.”

“Don’t lie to him,” Rosso chided, pulling Angeal’s hips backwards onto the strap-on. “This sort of testing can go on for weeks, you know that.”

“This session will be faster on him, anyway.”

It was as if, when stuffed to the brim and humiliated, their torture had shifted tactics. Rather than perseverate on the position Angeal was in and remind him of it, they were completely ignoring his anguish. If only to keep some shred of insanity in the situation, Angeal tried to scream around Azul’s immense cock. Unfortunately, this only served to amuse Azul.

“He’s interested in voicing an opinion, it seems.” Azul pulled Angeal away from Rosso’s strap-on and back onto his own cock, effectively muffling Angeal’s already muted cries. “Interesting. He still has some life to him, I see. He’s pretty persistent.”

“All the more fun, yes?” Rosso yanked Angeal back onto her, the tip of the strap-on sliding against Angeal’s prostate. Under any other circumstances, Angeal might have found the sensation pleasurable. The spiked ring on his cock prevented any thrill (perverse or otherwise) Angeal might have gotten from the movement and he cried out into the gag of Azul’s massive member.

Azul chuckled, thrusting into Angeal’s mouth and letting his balls slap the other man’s chin. “What was that, now?”

“I think I hit something very sensitive.” Rosso gave another thrust and that same mix of pain and veiled pleasure assailed Angeal’s senses.

Angeal remained spit-roasted by the two Tsviets for a long amount of time, his sense of humiliation and disgrace rising with each thrust the two administered to him. Whenever he was pulled towards Azul, the humiliation swept over him in a wave. When pulled towards Rosso, his world became filled with pain and the sense of self-hatred.

Where was his honor? How could he ever become the man that he had been before this happened? All of what had mattered before was slipping away. Replacing it was a massive depth of despair, inspired by Nero’s words that he would never leave this place and confirmed by every passing moment.

Azul came first, bitter semen coating the inside of Angeal’s mouth. Azul didn’t remove his cock yet, though. Instead, he kept the limp member firmly in Angeal’s mouth and commanded him to, “Swallow it, you waste.” Azul’s cruel eyes left no chance for argument. With the utmost revulsion, Angeal let the semen slip down his throat. Azul removed his cock and put his armor back on.

“I think he’s nearly there,” Rosso commented, as if she wasn’t exerting herself in the slightest. Sure enough, Angeal could feel an orgasm building despite the maelstrom of mental resistance. Rosso’s thrusts picked up speed and the orgasm that had been building swept over him. Angeal came hard on the cement floor, sobbing from the pain and self-hatred as Rosso continued her thrusts. For the first time, Angeal could hear how loud his cries sounded unimpeded by the gag. The pitiful quality of the noises deepened his self-hatred. Overcome, Angeal laid his head down in full submission and acceptance of his fate.


“I fear you might have truly broken him,” Azul sneered, delivering a kick to Angeal’s side. It was a fair price for weakness in DeepGround.

“Never fear. They should have expected this from me.” Rosso removed the harness’ straps from her body, but left the toy embedded deep in Angeal’s body.

“I don’t want to be implicated in your punishment, Rosso.”

“Don’t be so gruff, Azul.” Rosso began redressing, putting her armor back on. Replacing the gag-mask on Angeal’s face (a much easier task the second time around), Rosso looked thoughtful, then mischievous. “Perhaps I can be persuaded into acting as if you were not involved.”

“Sexual persuasion?”

Holding the empty crate under one arm, Rosso joined arms with her companion and beamed. “Is there any other sort?” Arm-in-arm, the Tsviets left Angeal in his own mess of semen, blood, and self-hatred.



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