The Orphans of Cerberus

BY : Fetherhd
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The Orphan's of Cerberus Chapter 22

Chaos had been as stunned as Vincent at the information contained in that incriminating file. The demon was forced deep into his Host's subconscious when the man's mind recoiled violently away from what he was reading. Rage, disbelief, and a soul numbing hopelessness overwhelmed the ex-Turk's shaky mental stability. The Demon Lord watched as the progress Valentine had made towards hard earned emotional healing in the last few years, was totally shredded in a matter of seconds. The damage was so severe that it caused Vincent to mentally lock up.
Chaos held his breath….if that vapor lock suddenly evaporated, it could very well cause the destruction of everyone and everything inside of the room. The Dark One was totally blocked by the maelstrom that was occurring inside of his Host’s mind. When he did try to push forwards, the demon could feel that delicately balanced emotional pendulum start the swing towards violence. Chaos normally would not mind a little blood and destruction…BUT he knew that if Valentine lost control…IF and when he regained his equilibrium, then guilt would totally consume the unstable man.
Vincent believed that SOME of the darkness in his soul was his own, but he attributed most of it to his demonic residents. The Dark one knew for a fact that the man was deluding himself. There was a deep and deadly side to his Host that would have eventually ruled him had Hojo not destroyed his psyche and then unwittingly twisted it so that the kernel of light in the man had a chance to grow. The deranged scientist would never know how close he had come, to creating a monster that would have been unstoppable when he had meshed Valentine to the powerful being that was Chaos. A soft growl escaped the demon's control…SHIT…sometimes that little bit of growing GOOD that his Host nurtured was a real pain in his ASS! (not to mention, probably damned contagious!) The demon could hear the Galian softly whining from the very deep and dark corner that the beast had slunk off to. There was no telling what Vincent would do if the demon let his own dark nature push him into making the ex-Turk release his deadly, violent side. With the memory of thirty years trapped in a coffin as PENANCE foremost in his mind, mighty Chaos chose to land on the side of caution…he wisely froze.
It was that small but very bright coal of light in the gunman's heart that finally tipped the balance. It fed the part of him that Lucrecia had awakened, that needed to protect rather than kill. This drove his body to its’ feet. The only release it allowed was the quick and total destruction of the evidence of a betrayal of blood that went to the bone.
As the Host's body strode through the great airships corridors, Chaos for the first time in his long life found himself trying to WILL people out of Valentine's way. There must have been many individuals on Cid's payroll that had latent psychic abilities, because the halls magically cleared as if a shadow laden storm was rolling through.
The man ended up on one of the open air balconies that Vincent liked to frequent. Highwind had moored the aircraft about four hundred feet up…this prevented any possibility of a security breach by the public OR the occasional night loving monster. Chaos carefully rose, reaching for a taste of what was going on in his Host's chaotic mind. Suicide was an option that Valentine had tried before, the Demon Lord had learned to be on the alert when the gunman's delicate mental balance was compromised.
"VINCENT…." was as far as the demon got. Valentine focused in, and the ancient being was inundated with all of the dark emotions that were pounding at the man's crumbling barriers. Chaos didn't mind… after all… he WAS a demon. This type of negative energy was ONE of the things he fed on. Usually though, his… Host …fought to hold this type of energy away from him. Having Vincent practically cram it down his throat caught the dark one totally by surprise. Normally when Valentine lost control of his darker emotions, Chaos would be right there, drinking them up and using the energy gained to force a foothold so he could get out. His Host ALWAYS fought him tooth and nail. Even when he managed to suppress the man, Vincent would fight from the inside, forcing a semblance of control on the demon's actions. This was a fact that Chaos had learned to count on, The Host would ALWAYS fight to prevent as little collateral damage as possible until he could regain the upper hand. This time though….this time…Vincent's mind shuddered away from the demon, twisting and turning, trying to find an escaped route from the soul shredding emotional turmoil a father's perceived betrayal had caused.
The man's mental voice was a scream,
"I can't….please…let me…I am begging…PLEASE!"
Valentine, even with the state of mind he was in, knew that Chaos would prevent him from doing himself PHYSICAL harm. He took the only escape route open. Vincent launched himself past his most powerful demon before Chaos realized where he was going.
The beast shot out of his deep corner…but wasn't fast enough as the Host's essence dove deeper than it had ever gone. Even when Vincent had forced himself into slumber for thirty years, the demons had been able to keep his mind ticking over by stimulating him with nightmares. This time… he went so far down that Chaos couldn't even FEEL him. The dark Lord snarled as he started his own dive, if the gunslinger thought he could hide from the demon in his own mind, he had another thing coming.
Galion roared…and rose… blocking his pursuit, and pushing the more powerful demon UP, ahead of him…WHAT THE FUCK!..? Then Chaos realized that as Valentine had retreated from the outside world… his body… with no one at the helm so to speak, had collapsed, tipping dangerously over the railing that was the only thing between it and a four hundred foot drop into the night.
Ice soft footed her way through the hallways…She had spent a large part of the evening with Yuffie, giving the airsick girl some subtle comfort until her blood reached saturation and she could Change. The Changeling had shown her appreciation by plopping the both of them down on the bed where she carefully worked the little braids and bells out of Ice's cinnamon mane. The little ninja was slowly running a brush through the now wavy mass when Whisper had slipped through the door. Ice didn't even try to conceal her delight at the steaming sweet tea he brought with him. Upon seeing the envious look her brother shot her way, Ice invited him up so that the male could also enjoy the pleasure of being groomed by hands other than his own. Whisper, being a low ranked male…had very rarely had that pleasure, AND after his escape from the labs…like Ice, he had gone a LONG time totally without physical contact.
As she moved silently down the corridor, Ice huffed, and hid her smile… her mighty brother had become a big, quivering pile of Were-goo after just a couple of passes of Yuffie's magical brush. The females had decided that the male had been lax in not bringing some cookies to be soaked in the tea and slurped up. Rude had introduced the Weres to the fact that not ALL cookies tasted like crap…and there were several tasty types now gracing the cupboards in the galley. Ice was voted as the one to go get them as Whisper was "a big quivering pile of Were-goo," and Yuffie was the one keeping him as such.
The female was focused on getting those cookies and she did not see Reno slouching silently at his post as she passed the conference room door. His softly hissed…
"Yo…Ice…?" brought her to a stop.
The Turk glanced warily at the door.
"Hey, do ya think you could check on the Doc for me? She was pretty upset, and since I seem to be part of the prob…."
The redhead gave a sheepish shrug and waggled his eyebrows at the Were.
"I am asking nice…Please."
Ice snorted… the silly male. Trying out his charms on her! The female knew that her brother had his sights set on this fire headed fool, she most certainly would not interfere in that! Besides, it was a wasted effort on the man's part. Ice LIKED the little Vet. She did not need to be persuaded to check on the woman.
As Ice entered the room, she hesitated in confusion. There seemed to be no one here. The atmosphere was thick with the scent of rage, pain and fear. This was unpleasant enough that her mane automatically ruffed out as her ears flattened. A couple of careful steps in, and those ears shot up as the Were picked up the sound of someone struggling to breath. A couple of quick strides had the golden female kneeling beside the shaking form of the Vet. Marion was balanced on her hands and knees, her eyes were closed and Ice could tell that although she was gasping for breath, the woman was moving very little air into her lungs. Dr. Becket's sharp featured face was grey and her lips had turned a distinct purplish blue. The female eased the scientist's stiff form into her arms with the intention of getting the woman to lay down. Marion convulsively grabbed at her, shaking her head, any movement at all seemed to make it harder for the little Doctor to breath. There was a quick flash of glazed hazel , the usually vibrant color was almost obliterated by pupils that were dilated wide in panic. Ice hissed…STUPID male…this was way past the "pretty upset" point! The Were eased the body in her arms down onto its’ side and tried to ignore Marion's strangled moan. Flying to the door, she reached through, grabbed, and then YANKED the startled Turk into the room. Before the man could complain he was shoved around the table.
"WHAT the…Oh SHIT…!"
The red head didn't hesitate, he gathered the feebly protesting Vet into strong arms, easily resisting her efforts to push him away. Pale eyes flashed towards Ice…
"Go find Valentine, I'll get her to the medical bay."
Ice was gone by the time he finished the sentence.
In the few seconds it had taken Cloud to decide to follow the rapidly moving gunslinger, the man had vanished. The blonde wasted precious time finding Cid. The Sky Captain had a knack for figuring out where the reclusive Valentine was usually hiding. The gamble paid off as both men skidded to a stop just inside the still open door leading out to the balcony that Vincent currently occupied. Neither of the gunslinger's friends wanted to bear the brunt of the demon-ridden man's possibly lethal temper, so one could forgive their slight hesitation as Vincent staggered, both hands digging into his raven hair. The ebony was rapidly stained with crimson as no care was taken with razor sharp claws. Both men did surge forwards as the ex-Turk sagged and his body tipped over the waist high rail. Cid got a hand on a gun belt and refused to let go even when the sleek, black clad form warped, changing shape under his grip.
"Ah…FUCK!" was all the pilot managed as he just managed to duck out of the way of the black on red wings that tore their bloody way out of Vincent's back. Narrowed cerulean blue eyes glared at Cloud who had managed to get a grip on one now heavily muscled arm.
"What the HELL did your DUMB Chocobo ass do this time!
The swordsman's face twisted in outrage.
"Damn it…this isn't my fault!"
Cloud gave a Herculean heave, powerful wings gave a couple of hard pumps nearly knocking the blonde over the rail and Chaos managed to right himself. The demon crouched and spread his dark wings wide, knocking the swordsman off of his arm. A nasty, fang baring snarl had Cid back pedaling. The dark one gave a light jump and steadied himself on the rail for a moment, wings mantled for balance.
Ah….SHIT! The sky Captain just KNEW he was going to regret this. He jumped and got a grip on the leading edge of the wing closest to him.
"Just where the fricken Hell do ya think you are going?"
The demon flexed flight muscles and Cid found himself lifted to dangle a couple of feet off of the deck. A hot gold glare pinned him.
Chaos paused here and cocked his head in an odd manner. It looked almost like he was waiting for an internal response.
The wing drooped, lowering Highwind back to the ground. Surprisingly elegant black brows furrowed in a thoughtful frown.
Cloud passed a trembling hand over his face, his voice was shaking with relief.
"Oh…. so you were just kidding?"
Chaos's dark lips split in a wicked grin.
Cloud flinched and his "why was I afraid you were going to say that," was lost in the thunder of Chaos's first wing stroke.

Chaos was getting pumped at the thought of being able to…indulge… with no Vincent to control him. BUT…the demon never cleared the rail. For the second time that night, the leading edge of his wing was snatched, but this time incredibly strong hands YANKED hard and the demon found himself bodily hauled out of the air and slammed into the two other males on the balcony. He ended up tangled in a pile of legs, arms, and wings on the deck.
Chaos surged up, howling with anger and his enraged molten eyes landed on the lithe form of his attacker.
Ice stepped up chest to chest with him, her own arctic pale gaze was frantic and apologetic at the same time. Slender, strong hands trapped the Demon Lord's face and soft lips closed over his mouth before he could vent his anger. The gold bled back to amber as Chaos succumbed to a common, male interacting with the opposite sex, state of mind… total confusion. When Ice felt him relax, she swung around behind him and started pushing the larger male towards the door. The Demon stalled for a second, then with an odd shrug at the other two floored, flabbergasted males that said "…HEY, SHE MAY BE A BITCH, BUT AT LEAST SHE IS …MY.. .BITCH." he allowed the female to hustle him off.
Chaos was amazed, when without any hesitation at all, the golden female ruthlessly pushed him into the medical bay. His natural questions were cut off when he saw the lean form of Reno bent over the still form of Marion on one of the hospital beds.
The Demon growled…
Icy green eyes slashed the dark ones way and widened in shock. Chaos had to give the human credit …the red head was the second in command of the Turks for a reason. Reno had balls of pure titanium. The man's pale lips tightened and a pink tongue shot out to wet suddenly dry lips.
"I think Valentine's damned computer disks just about scared the Doc to death. I just gave her a sedative, but it will take a few minutes to work."
Chaos strode forwards and studied the quiet woman. The Turk had put an oxygen mask on her but the demon was pretty sure you had to be actually BREATHING for one of those to help.
His concerned rumble of "I DON'T THINK SHE HAS A FEW MINUTES" had the red head swearing and probing the white neck for a pulse.
Chaos didn't mess with the niceties. He slid a large hand over Marion's left breast. He could feel her heart still hammering away.
The other large hand snagged Reno by the back of the neck and Chaos traded placed with him.
The dark one slid a hand under the Doctor's neck, all the while sending an S.O.S. down to where ever Valentine had sunk. Damn it! He was a TAKER of life, he was not mentally equipped for this kind of shit! There was no reaction from Valentine's essence. FINE…Chaos was just going to have to play this by ear. He felt Ice slip up beside him and the female slid her hand alongside his and tilted the woman's chin up at a different angle. Using his thumb, the demon forced the woman's clamped lips open, sealed his mouth over hers and tried to breath some air down her throat. There was huge resistance, it was as if scientist's muscle's were locked up.
Reno muttered quietly…
"Mother Gia…YO…you had better hurry!"
Chaos frowned and slipped his other hand under Marion's back. He crooked his fingers and as he again tried to breath for the woman, he ran a knuckle HARD down the sensitive nerves alongside her fragile spine. The Doctor's back reflexively arched, this caused her ribcage to automatically expand and the demon was able to fill her lungs. He had to repeat this twice more. The next few times he was able to easily breathe for the Vet and after a couple of minutes he felt the lips under his move, the woman actually drew some of his breath into her lungs on her own. Even though he felt she was probably able to do it on her own now, the demon gave her one more good breath, at the same time…since he WAS a depraved demon he ran his long tongue lightly over the inside of her mouth, enjoying her definitely feminine taste. Marion's head jerked back and hazel eyes flew open.
"You ASSHOLE!" This was croaked out.
Chaos licked his lips and smiled.
He placed his clawed hand over Reno's, pressing the both into the soft firmness of her breast. Yes, the sedative must have kicked in, her heart rate had definitely slowed. The Doc twisted, and was strong enough to try and push their hands away.
"Perverted bastards."
Reno just grinned in relief and waggled his eyebrows at the sputtering woman.
Chaos pulled the oxygen mask up and cocked his head at her.
She opened her mouth…and he held a finger up.
Marion's eyes blazed.
"Mother humping…Damned…. bat winged fucker… from hell."
Gold gleamed hotly for a moment.
He popped the mask on before she could respond.
Marion's head was spinning. She wasn't sure how she had gotten to the sick bay, the last thing she remembered was Reno turning off those horrendous recorded scenes, then her realizing WHY a high ranking Turk (A.K.A. killer…assassin!) was taking such an interest in her reaction to them. For a second that overwhelming panic loomed again, but Reno had evidently given her a sedative because even though her breath caught in her throat, those traitorous muscles around her ribcage stayed relaxed. Thank the Gods, …she vaguely recalled that she had felt like something was crushing her lungs and a terrible pain had knifed through her chest as her vision tunneled to black. The next thing she knew she was clawing her way to consciousness with someone else's long, strong tongue in her mouth. There was still the smoking hot taste of an unidentified spice lingering on her lips. On its’ own volition, her tongue crept out to capture what was left of that very interesting flavor. Then, she totally stopped breathing again when she realized what she was doing. HOLY SHIT!…That TONGUE had belonged to Chaos! And (she felt a blush creep up her cheeks…) Valentine's scarier than HIM, demon, had evidently been giving her mouth to mouth. He had probably saved her life, what was a little tongue in return for that? (especially one that tasted that good!) WAIT….where had that very naughty thought come from? Oh…HELL , had she really suggested that the Dark Lord of Hell did something unspeakable with his own MOTHER? Okay… now she KNEW her face was flaming. What had that red headed reprobate given her?
Totally confused, the woman forced herself to suck some oxygen down her very dry throat. She caught a flash of gold as that oddly beautiful, aquiline face turned her way. Marion found herself watching Chaos' mouth. His dark lips had been remarkably soft and she dazedly wondered what they would feel like somewhere OTHER than her….again her tongue crept out…damn her mouth was dry. The Demon just stared at her for a moment and the Vet had to suddenly focus in on her breathing. Mother Gia…Mother Gia…when whatever that TURK had given her, wore off…she was going to kick his… very attractive, tight, little ass…!
Marion snatched the oxygen mask down,
"Reno…what in the HELL did you give me?"
The red head winced and ran a hand through his hair, making a mess of his ever present pony tail.
"Um…nothing too terribly unsafe, just a mixture I use to make up for Elena after the forgotten for…" The man looked away and he shrugged. "Yo…sometimes it will drop your inhibitions a little before it REALLY kicks in…"
The Doctor just stared at the Turk…at least the man had the decency to squirm a little. Of course, the fact that Chaos had switched his attention from her to the red head might have had a little to do with that.
The dark one lifted his mobile lip, giving the man a full view of elongated fangs…
"Oh….the good Doc will just get a good nights sleep…that's all. It's just….well…when I mixed this up for Elena, her anxiety had been created by rape, torture, and fear. The mix was designed to help her build up her libido along with allowing her to have thoughts about sex other than those of fear and pain. YO…I was afraid the Doc was going to die, I didn't want to play with the formula when her life could be riding on the outcome. Sooo…" here Reno ran a long, pale hand over his expressive face.. "Marion, ya might have some outrageous thoughts or impulses before you go nighty night. Might be a good idea to have someone you trust stay with ya until the sedative part of the mix hits."
Marion let her head flop back on the pillow. Hells bells…she didn't think that she really trusted ANY of this fucked up crew to stay the night with her. Really…look who she had to chose from, the Turks were a no brainer, she doubted that the Sky Captain could refrain from smoking more than a couple of minutes, let alone the rest of the night. The swordsman, Cloud, was just ..odd…she wondered idly if he carried such a large sword to compensate…Her slightly blurred gaze settled on the large, winged form of Chaos…now that might be interest….the sight of his lips twitching up in a wicked smile, brought that thought to a screeching halt…not no, but HELL no!
There was a light squeeze on her shoulder, and when she looked up, it was into Ice's concerned (and… oh …wasn't SHE just a lovely, exotic thing?) face. The Were female glanced around the medical bay with her ears flattened, then her hands flowed through a short dance. Again the female glanced around the lab and her mane sucked flat. Marion realized that Ice had volunteered to stay with her even though the female truly hated being down here. There was a sharp stab in the scientist's chest, she did not know HOW the Were could stand to even be around her after some of the things that had been done to the creature in the name of science. Marion's self skittered hastily away from that thought as the images she had watched assaulted her mind. WELL… there was no way that Dr. Marion Becket was going to make the pretty, golden Were stay down here for another second. The woman sat up, swung her legs over the edge and promptly slithered, as if she were boneless, off of her bed and on to the floor. HOLY SHIT! (note to self…find out just WHAT Reno had mixed in that injection? The man was a Genius!)
Speaking of which, she vaguely heard his soft murmur…
"Um yep…that would be the muscle relaxant hitting it's stride."
Dr. Becket had caught both males by surprise, so when her petite form disappeared over the side of the bed neither of them moved for a second. Then Chaos shifted sideways to where he could see the woman. She had crumpled onto the floor. Ice had been closer and had managed to make a half catch so that Marion was sitting with her upper body supported by the Were's strong arms. The Vet met the demon's startled golden look with a slightly glazed, hazel one of her own.
This was accompanied by a bemused shrug,
"I don't mind if Ice stays the night with me but the stress of being…here…isn't good for her or her babies. I thought we could go to my room but…" The drugged woman blinked a little owlishly.. "I can't seem to find my legs!"
Ice huffed softly and made a move as if she were going to lift the decidedly limp scientist into her arms.
Reno's, "YO… shouldn't…." rang out at the same time as the Galian beast's
"HEY…that's not good for the PUPPIES!"
Chaos's rumbling "STOP!" had the golden Were freezing with an exasperated look on her face. Reno made as if to move towards them and Marion visibly flinched.
Vincent's dominant demon growled softly as he plucked the limp Vet off of Ice's lap. Hells Bells…did these humans expect that he was going to do ALL of the nicey nice things that Valentine would? He was CHAOS for Gia's sake….just WHAT did he look like to these fools?
There was a soft internal snicker…The Galian Beast it seemed just couldn't help himself.
"Well….from in here…you kind of look like a bat winged, two legged, blissed out DOCTOR transport."
It did not help the Dark Lord's dignity that as they left the medical bay…they picked up an entourage. Chaos knew that Highwind and Cloud had followed him down here, but he had not counted on the fact that Whisper and Yuffie had come looking for Ice. (and those waited for cookies) And Rude had been called in by his partner. It seemed that everyone had decided to stay and keep a distrustful watch on Valentine's current usurper.
Leathery wings flicked out in annoyance (as if ANY of them could interfere with anything he might decide to do!) then folded back with a soft rustle. Ah…bugger it!
Chaos gave the woman in his arms a small shake,
His traitorous, expressive wings drooped as the woman didn't even open her eyes. She just hummed softly and sleepily nuzzled her face against his broad chest. There was a soft snicker…hastily turned into a cover up cough as the demon's head swiveled to catch the person DUMB enough to laugh at him.
Cid paled a little,
"Damned cigarettes….I really need to fucking quit."
Chaos just stared at the Sky Captain who nervously cleared his throat and removed his ever present smoke from his lips. The man gave a rueful shrug.
"Well Hell…I can take ya to the Doc's fricken quarters."
Yuffie followed them into the woman's sparsely furnished room. As soon as Chaos had deposited the sleeping woman on her bed, Ice started to remove her clothing. The silver and chocolate Changeling yelped and grabbed the Were's slender hands. The ninja pinned the demon with a sharp glare from honey eyes.
Chaos glanced behind himself, no one else had followed him in,
The demon had to work hard to hide his smile as the warrior child crossed her arms,
"Vincent ALWAYS turns around…HE is a gentleman."
The demon snorted,
Yuffie gave him a bored yawn and started tapping her foot,
"I ain't got no plans, we can stand here all night ya know."
There was a soft choking sound from Ice…but hell if she didn't casually move up along side the girl and carefully copy that irritating, unconcerned pose. The Were's lovely face was schooled into the same bored expression as Yuffie's but her pale arctic eyes were laughing.
Chaos bared his canines at the pair, and both of them returned the expression. DAMN…the changeling had HUGE teeth and a spine of steel to back them. The demon felt a stab of pity for Vincent. The man didn't know it yet…but he was soooo SCREWED! SHE was going to lead him around by the Ba…ah nose…the demon doubted that his HOST would ever win in a battle of wills with this diminutive warrior child.
With a soft whisper, one dark wing opened and the Dark Lord wrapped it forward and around, creating a wall. This way he could at least pretend he hadn't totally caved.
A snarled "SHUT UP, GALIAN…." nipped his subordinate in the bud before he could damage the illusion.
Actually, with the light of the bedside lamp shining through the thin but tough, membranes of his wing, the demon could see the female's silhouettes as they carefully undressed Marion. He could also hear the soft rustle of clothing as Ice shed her new clothes. Several thoughts ran through Chaos's mind. The foremost being total disbelief that He…the most feared demon in the underworld …was standing in a room with three naked females and doing NOTHING about it. Granted… one of the women was drugged and wouldn't fight, but hey he could do anything he wanted and she also wouldn't protest. Yuffie now….she would fight…she would lose… but the fight would add spice to the final act. Some rather vivid imagery ran through the demon's dark mind, with the image of Yuffie writhing, screaming and bleeding under his rampant onslaught being one of the strongest.
"Chaos….we gave our word…."
He felt the Galian beast shift in his mind preparing to fight his way to the surface if he had to.
Chaos rumbled,
The other beast said nothing, but the dominant one could feel the waves of disapproval coming off of the younger being.
With a supreme effort the Demon Lord took a tight hold on the reins of his baser needs and wrestled his darker nature back under control.
"Chaos…I think I just felt Valentine twitch down here."
Really…the beginning of a plan stirred to life in Chaos's mind. The demon kept a very tight lid on it. This would not work if it wasn't very real.
There was a soft touch on the outer surface of his wing and Yuffie's blunt fingered, talon-ed hand crumpled the edge and tried to pull it open.
"Everyone's covered now…you can come out."
The Demon sucked his wing tighter against his front. He needed a couple of minutes to get certain "THINGS" settled.
Yuffie, thank the Gods, didn't seem to notice his difficulties as she glanced back at the bed were Ice had cradled the sleeping Doctor in her arms and was slowly stroking her slender fingers through the Vet's fine auburn hair.
She turned her innocent gaze back to the demon and for the first time in his life, the Dark Lord had to deal with a very alien emotion….guilt.
"Should I stay here tonight?"
Okay…he just could NOT make himself implement his plan with this warrior child, it would have to be someone else that Vincent cared for.
Topaz flame lit up the girls gaze.
"Vincent….is he okay?"
One cruel claw tipped her fine chin up.
The demon winced as the glitter of tears replaced the fire….
"HE IS CURRENTLY HIDING SOMEWHERE IN HERE…" the claw left her chin and lightly tapped the Demon Lord's temple,

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