The Orphans of Cerberus

BY : Fetherhd
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The Orphans of Cerberus Ch. 42

Vincent had a horrible sinking feeling when the little Vet refused to look up at Chaos. Instead, the woman handed Abraham the bag that was feeding oxygen to Ice's lungs and quietly told him to be sure not to stop pumping for anything. She also whispered to the elder that she was pretty sure Griffin could handle delivering the kits. The Patriarch just looked at her in confusion.
Damn…..this was definitely not good. Marion got up and backed away from Ice's still form. The Changeling also shifted to the side so that the demon would not have to go over the injured female to reach her. Through all of this, Chaos tracked her small form like the lethal predator he was. No…no…no…The ex-Turk could tell by the woman's body language, that no matter how the demon reacted, she was not going to resist.
The brindled female hugged her arms against her soft belly, rolled her head a little to expose her defenseless throat, then she softly answered the demon's demand.
"I…I am sorry….I had to take her for Angelique's research…"
Now Vincent was not one to casually use profane language…but… OH FUCK! Was the only word that worked here. The Galian's moans erupted into a deafening howl and Chaos surged up, his black wings flaring wide. Baring elongated fangs, the ancient being stalked towards the young woman.
Feeling the immense rage that was hammering through his eldest, Valentine was not surprised that all that came out after that was a nasty, spine chilling, snarling curse. Marion's terrified gaze snapped up and then skittered away, unable to meet that terrible gaze. Out of instinct, the Vet took a step back. Vincent saw her hidden strength of will when the Doctor forced herself to stop and stand passive in the face of certain death. What the HELL? It did not bring any peace of mind that every Were in the room but Reno had their lips drawn back in threat, reacting instinctively to an Alpha's anger!
"Mother Gia…CHAOS…remember your oath to Yuffie!"
The dark lord hunched as if taking a vital hit. Those talon's crooked, reached for the brindled female, then came to a shaking stop just inches from her soft throat. Marion just closed her eyes. Powerful hands clenched into fists and the air around the winged form seemed to waver as with a strangled growl the mighty demon fought for control. Vincent started to push forwards only to be blocked by the Galian beast.
"Don't….I know that you do not think much of us, but the old one WILL abide by his honor!"
"Are you positive….?"
They were interrupted as the floor started to shudder. Chaos was directing some of his angry power down into the earth. There was a different type of rumble and a piece of the night rose up behind Marion. Reno swore and his pistol snapped up.
"Stop….the female had no choice in this!"
Shadow was a bleeding, ragged, staggering mess. But he did not hesitate to face off with Chaos. The Black's blood stiffened, ruffed out mane, dropped head and open, crimson foam covered snarling muzzle made very clear his intent. The demon would have to go through him to get to the female.
The ancient one was still too rage filled to speak, but he allowed Vincent to push forward.
The beast's weary, pain filled gaze never left his adversary's grim face.
"The old bitch was going to take a kit no matter if Marion helped or not. At least this one went out of her way to cause my sister as little pain as possible. If she had not done this, the other kits could very well of been harmed and Marion would have been given to Titan!"
Those intelligent golden eyes blinked to brass, and powerful hands settled with surprising gentleness on the Changeling's shoulders, which had started to tremble. Vincent noted that the little Vet still would not look up to meet Chaos' eyes. Tears dampened the velveteen fur along her long muzzle.
Shadow's deep voice was full of suppressed anger and…sorrow.
"Angelique kept her word…she did not give this one to Titan."
The gunman felt his eldest demon's rage shift from killing hot to a cold and calculating thing.
This was a soft crooning hiss.
The Vet huddled further into herself. The bonded three heard her whisper…
"No…HE needs to know this…."
The beast bared all of his hardware at the now very still demon.
"Instead…Angelique gave her to Duprey to use for his pleasure… every… single… day that you were delayed in coming! When that one tired of making her bleed and scream…they gave her to me!"
Vincent felt like his brain was on fire as Chaos ruthlessly channeled every bit of his rage to the inside. Even with the eldest's best effort, some of it escaped down and out. The floor shifted again with a protesting rumble.
"Mother Gia….YO…Marion, get yer ass outta my range."
Reno had risen and his sidearm was centered on the big Black. The Turk's thin lips were pulled back in an angry fang showing smile, his eyes blazed with a rage induced mako storm. With his line of work, the redhead had finally recognized what he was seeing. The man was shaking with emotion, but his peacekeeper was dead steady.
"Chaos…make her move outta my way. That's not Gods be Damned pretty coloring covering her, those are fricken whip scars!"
Marion's head snapped up.
"NO….Shadow had no part in that! Please…leave him be!"
The demon stalked forward with the evident intention of granting the Turk's request. And… the little Vet instantly dropped into a threat posture. Marion had made no move to protect herself but it was very clear that she was willing to fight for the Troop male! Chaos' pure astonishment was echoed by his Host's but it did not stop him.
"Everybody FREEZE!"
The words were spoken quietly, but Abraham had layered power and dominance in every letter. Even Chaos responded by stopping. The low growl that rumbled out of the ancient being made every one very aware of his opinion of this.
"We can sort this out later….Ice is running out of time!"
Reno blinked, then as if he had flipped a switch, the anger was wiped from his face as he lowered his weapon.
"He's right…"
The Turk turned back to the computer and his long, thin fingers tapped a few keys.
"That bitch grandma triggered a self destruct sequence. I've been trying to override it…but…."
He gave a slight shrug,
"We got about fifteen minutes ta get the Hell outta here. Problem is…."
That brilliant green gaze shifted to Chaos and then over to Ice.
"Highwind miscalculated…the weather outside has turned really shitty…I don't think Ice will survive the trip back! Worse news….it looks like there is a deep chamber underneath us…It's not included in the self destruct radius….YO...ya wanna bet there are cloning tanks down there?"
"There are fifty "specimens" cooking right now….and a separate entrance for someone to retrieve them at a later date."
Shadow managed to choke this out. Then, with a soft groan, he sank down to his belly. The black gagged and wretched up blood and bile. Marion knelt by him, instinctively reaching for his collar…then she jerked her hands back. She remembered how the damned things bit. The beast licked his lips and then spat. His deep voice was strained.
"If the guards didn't reach them, there will be escape copters not too far that way…"
He lifted his chin to point through the door they had come in.
"It will only take you a few minutes to reach them."
The Turk again concentrated on the computer.
"Bingo, there's our ride…none of the Dragonflies have taken off!"
Vincent overrode Chaos' control for a moment.
"Can you fly one of those… Reno?"
One feathery red brow slowly rose, and the spotted male gave the suppressed gunman an indignant look.
"YO…if it has rotors…I can fly it!"
The demon gave a sharp nod.
The Changeling tried to drag Shadow's bulk up with her. The beast resisted and pushed her gently towards Ice.
"You go…now…Marion. I do not have the strength to get to the door let alone the copters. I will just slow you down…go now…please! Ice and her kits need you!"
"NO…." Marion frantically tugged on the male. "NO…I will not leave you…we are ALL leaving this hell hole."
A soft growl brought all eyes back to Chaos.
"I WILL BE SURE TO BRING HIM WHEN I COME…." As an obstinate look crossed the little Vet's usually sweet face…Chaos snarled…
Abraham gave the demon a piercing look.
"Why are you not coming with us now?"
The Ancient Being hissed softly and the walls around him rumbled in answer.
Shadow quietly watched the group leave. He did not trust that the winged one would keep his promise. Not that it mattered. The damned control collar was still slowly dripping caustic silver into his veins. He was barely functioning, but not being able to remove the accursed thing had sealed his fate. The abyss beckoned, but the male stubbornly fought it. There was still a task he needed to perform before he let his body shut down!
Shadow had seen the little female draw her first breath. He knew that she had not died of being premature, but that the bitch Angelique had smothered the kit. This was a very… questionable…. way to kill a Were. The cell harvesting that had been done on the little one had not been too terribly damaging and her tiny body had been placed in the cooler almost immediately. Freezing was also not a sure way to kill a Were. Black lips pulled into a slow, sly smile. Something MIGHT still be salvageable here. Shadow knew that Troop members were VERY hard to kill. The Black staggered up to all fours and started making his weaving way towards the heavy metal door of the lab cooler.
Cold golden eyes followed his progress. When the beast sank for a moment…then struggled back up Vincent gave in to his curiosity. He gave the demon a sharp mental poke.
His eldest stalked forwards and hard hands dragged the beast up and propelled him roughly towards the fridge. One powerful wrench and the door came off of its hinges.
Shadow sagged against the doorframe for a moment as he gave the demon a look of immeasurable sadness.
"Too many that I care for have been abandoned to the cold and the dark. Ice's little one deserves better!"
"Mother Gia…." Vincent winced at the visceral reaction that swept through the three.
Galian was the first to recover.
"I agree with him… Chaos…let him recover our daughter! We can lay her to rest elsewhere!"
Chaos hissed and closed his eyes. He did not watch or move a muscle as the black staggered into that freezing metal crypt. Instead the Ancient Being gathered all of the hate and rage that this day had wrought, he compressed it, letting it feed the power that was his birthright. Both Valentine and the Galian silently screamed as hellfire burned its’ way through their minds. The eldest winced but ruthlessly continued. When his very core was white hot, the demon sent that seething energy down and out. This he did NOT channel through his companions, it would have burned their minds to ash. Instead the dark one buffered them, keeping them separated from the inferno. Chaos poured the energy down into the mountain, following the small seams, cracks and fault lines until he reached its’ very root. The rock trembled and an eerie hum built, echoing just out of hearing range as he saturated it with demon fire and then bound the power right at the threshold of exploding. When Angel's self destruct detonated, it would release that which was bound. The mountain would obliterate itself!
Chaos staggered back into awareness as Shadow fell through the cooler doorway. The beast found himself half carried, half dragged as powerful arms tucked him in against a heavily muscled ribcage and the demon ran for their lives.
By the time they reached the open copter hanger, Shadow was choking and gagging. Chaos let him settle to the floor, gold eyes studying the screaming wind and driving snow with alarm. Mother Gia…it would take a mad man to attempt flying in that! Speaking of which…there was a Dragonfly missing…Reno had made that attempt!
Vincent had been given a chance to recover some while the demon made his run. HE was watching Shadow with more than a little alarm. The big male had a small, cloth wrapped bundle tucked in the crook of one arm, but the other sharp taloned hand was digging at the collar that was fused around his thick neck. Bright blood streaked from under it and when the black gave the thing a hard tug there was a crackle of electricity that accompanied the ruby flood. The male gave a panting moan and jerked at it again.
"CHAOS….you need to stop him from doing that!"
The demon glanced down and swearing softly he snatched that clawing hand away before the beast could do himself any more damage. Shadow snarled…
"I do not wish to die wearing this Gods cursed thing!"
The winged one gathered up the male, grunting at the beast's considerable weight. He pinned Shadow's twitching hand away from the collar with the simple act of wrapping both of his powerful arms around the male's weakening body, locking the one arm down. He trusted that the beast would not drop the burden he carried with the other. His response was hissed into one long, thin ear as the weary demon launched them into the storm wracked sky.
Cid was freezing, he could not feel his feet and his fingers were stiffly stuck around the handle of his chemical sprayer. The flyer looked up, barely able to see through eyelashes that were frozen over, just in time to see his crewman slip and almost fall. SHIT….they had lost this battle. The Captain whistled sharply and when the man looked his way, signaled for all to go inside. Some of those who had departed, had returned bloodied and battered but none had any news of the ones he was waiting for. The pilot had no choice, it was time to get this bitch into the air!
As he carefully worked his way over to an entrance hatch, a muffled howl answered his whistle. Highwind hastily scraped the ice off of his lashes, desperately searching the edge of the almost invisible forest line. There! Vague shadows appeared, running for the ship through the driving storm. The snow that layered the pilot's shoulders did not even get the chance to melt by the time the man sprinted through the ship to meet the group at the open bay. His heart grew as cold as his limbs when Cid realized that there were only four individuals coming up the ramp. He recognized the shaggy form of Griffin and gave a shout when he saw that the snow caked wolfman was carrying the striped form of Yuffie. Even as the blonde strode down to meet them, he heard the bartender tell his burden that they were home and she could let go. Cerulean eyes flew wide and then narrowed as Yuffie's form rippled through her Change… the girl whimpered and Cid snarled a soft curse as he met them on the ramp and got a look at her bloodied, broken form.
"Hey brat….I think it's too Gods be damned cold to be fricken streaking!"
His leather flying jacket, warmed by the man’s own body, was placed carefully over his young friend's naked limbs as they entered the ship. Yuffie's sweet smile as her eyes slipped closed went a long way towards replacing the jacket’s lost warmth.
The flyer slashed a questioning glance at the dark, silent form of Griffin. He spat out his smoke….it had been bitten through.
"I sure as shitten hope that Vincent got his fricken claws into the son of a bastard who did this!"
The bartender gave him a fang showing, nasty smile….
"CHAOS…. exacted the payment owed for this one….and it is my professional opinion that it was…adequate! He and the others should not be too far behind us!"
As Griffin headed to the med lab with his armful, Highwind trotted to the end of the ramp. He ignored the cold as he anxiously peered through the blowing snow, watching for other shadows. The howl of the wind almost drowned out the sound of copter rotors. Cid heard them just as he saw the massive, threatening shape of a Dragonfly top the far ridge.
"Holy SHIT!"
The Captain could not believe that anyone would be crazy enough to fly one of the triple rotor winged machines in this storm! They were known to be squirrelly even in good weather.
"Mother fucking Gia…"
He had been caught flat footed. Sitting on the damned ground like this, the mighty airship might as well have a shitten great red bulls eye painted on her hull! Even as the Captain thought this, the copter rolled violently on its’ side and dropped, caught in a severe wind sheer. Every flying instinct in Cid screamed at the other pilot (enemy or not) to get himself level before he lost all lift. The rotors on the machines' high side slowed as the flyer cut power to that engine, the low one revved up, lifting that side as the high side dropped. Highwind could hear all three engines screaming as the unknown pilot gave them full throttle, red lining his straining craft to the max, trying to stop her fall. The machine leveled and her drop did slow, but a high pitched whine that vibrated the very teeth in his mouth had Cid moving…he baled off the end of the ramp and slithered under it just as the copter's port rotor disintegrated and sent shrapnel in all directions. The Captain screamed a curse as tearing clangs told him some had hit his ship. Highwind only knew one other person who could fly like that and if the fucking redhead survived this HE was gonna shitten KILL the asshole!
"Mother FUCKER! Damn it…. RENO!"
Blue eyes flew wide as the starboard engine on the crippled sky craft was torn to pieces by its’ dying twin. Still… somehow… the other pilot managed pull the machine's nose up as it pancaked belly first into the snow. It was so close that Cid was practically buried in the freezing bow wave of white that the huge machine kicked up as it slid to a stop.
Sputtering and kicking, Highwind was dragged out of the drift by said redhead himself. The Turk was still in his beast form and a nasty bloody cut was already closing over one vivid eye.
"No time for napping Highwind…ya gotta get this big bellied bitch into the sky!"
Cid allowed himself to be dragged up the ramp then he dug in his heels as he realized who was missing in the group that was staggering into the ship.
"Wait a fuckin second…Where the HELL is Valentine?"
Reno did not stop dragging him…SHIT the spotted bastard was STRONG!
"Come ON ya old coot! YO…we do NOT want to be earth bound when Chaos lets loose!"
Mako blue eyes bored into cerulean ones as Reno slammed a hand down on the controls that shut the bay.
"HE said to tell you that they will catch up on the fly!"

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