Cloud's Bet

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Yes, this is in the right section. I want to dedicate with story to Sakurablossomhime or Cherrygirlprime as you might know her on other sites. I didn't know I had met someone so much like me, until I got to know her and we wound up doing some co-writing together that has gone on for weeks; she does the bulk of the writing, I just add about 10% worth of scenes to be adapted to her sassy style of writing. It was through her I even discovered the characters of FF7, as I am not a gamer in the least. It was her who patiently explained who was who and encouraged  me to research them so they would be easier to write them "somewhat" (I am usually an OCC writer as everyone knows). All in all, I am having fun learning to write a new fic and hope you enjoy the first story I am attempting to write on my own.

Roll 'Em

Several members of AVALACHE were present for a game of poker that Cloud had proposed. "Okay" Cloud said as he was about to deal the cards. "We're playing five hand poker today. Twos are wild, but not aces or jacks. You will each be dealt five cards, there are no bluffs. We shall go around the table and each of you have the option of exchanging, all but one card with the dealer and then the betting shall start. There are no limits on the amounts you bet, keep on betting as long as you want, as long as someone is willing to stake you or else fold. Any questions?" he asked them.

Cloud couldn't help wondering why Vincent Valentine was present for his poker night, but didn't particularly care as he had the greatest poker face Cloud had ever seen and was an excellent player. Soon people start dropping out and some loitered to watch, while others sought their beds due to an early morning start.

As Cloud was the dealer, Vincent graciously took it upon himself fetch his drinks for him when he went for refills himself. Suddenly the room went silent as Sephiroth strode in, the sinister but beautiful man had his face as neutral as ever and ignored everyone's look of shock as he went and sat beside Vincent.  Vincent acknowledged his presence with the barest of nods, any reaction to Sephiroth seeking him out,  hidden by raised collar of his cape. "Seph" he said, causing Cloud's eyes to bulge out of his head at Vincent being so familiar with the formidable man.

Cloud had heard rumors that Sephiroth had arisen again, but appeared to be doing nothing unseemly to disrupt the world. Cloud wondered if Vincent had been ordered to watch him, or if the rumours of them having a relationship of some sort were true. Certainly, there was nothing in their behaviour to indicate this. Yet that they sat side by side was enough to get him speculating.

Slowly more people drifted off,  having nothing further to stake or just getting tired as it was getting late. Cloud however, found himself winning almost every pot, to be matched by Vincent as Lady Luck appeared to be embracing them both that night and she brushed her sensuous body against Cloud, whispering to him to be get a little more cocky and a little more reckless as he placed larger bets as time went on, as the alcohol clouded Cloud's judgement.

Vincent examined the brash Cloud as he won a large pot against him, as Vincent had let him win it and he smiled back at him in cheeky way. Vincent could tell that the heavily poured drinks he had been feeding Cloud all night long were starting to take effect.

Vincent was running out of money and was glad the Sephiroth had answered his summons and brought with him a large purse from their place. Vincent  had always been curious about Cloud and wondered what delights lay inside the small, but delightful package that was Cloud Strife. With his lithe but chiseled frame, his unruly hair and boyish features with glowing, almost innocent blue eyes; he was enough to galvanize a dead man into lust. However, Vincent knew him only to be attracted to women, so Vincent wasn't able to seduce Cloud in giving him what he wanted, so he strove to get it by other, rather darker means.

He played for high stakes and let Cloud win again, watching the younger man gain in confidence and cockiness until he actually started to taunt Vincent, not something that anyone sober would dare do to Vincent Valentine! Cloud didn't even notice, when red eyes met green in a glance of amusement, for only a split second as the last of the hangers on decided to call it a night, leaving just the three of them. "Well, this shall be my final round. What do you say we bet everything we have on the outcome of this final hand?" Vincent suggested in an innocent sounding voice.

Cloud looked at his cards and noticed that he had a full house and without thinking, scraped all his winnings into the middle of the table and Vincent did the same, glad that his collar hid his smirk. "Do you call?" Cloud asked him.

"No, I would like to add this" Vincent said, slipping off a weighty gold and ruby ring.

"I don't have anything to match the value of that" Cloud protested.

"You can bet your body" Vincent gently suggested.

"W-what?" Cloud stammered.

"What I mean is; that based on the outcome of this next and final hand, you can have everything that is on the table if you win, but if you lose, Sephiroth and I get to have your body for our sexual pleasure for the next two hours." Vincent spelled out to him, leaning forward to study him and even Sephiroth seemed to focus on him with greater attention.

Cloud literally flinched at the idea and glanced at his cards again, but felt there was no way he was going to lose. "You're on" he said as his heart hammered in his chest and he felt light headed and his palms started  to sweat as the utterly calm Vincent lay his cards down. There were three aces, a two and the nine of clubs. "Three of a kind" Cloud said with glee, laying his own full house down and leaned over to collect his booty, when Vincent's hand stopped him.

"According to your own rules at the start of the games, twos  are wild and therefore, my two counts as another ace, meaning four of a kind.....ergo, I win" Vincent seemed to purr at him.

Cloud felt panicked and his mind was in upheaval, he had lost, that meant that he had promised he could not agree to that...but he already had, he felt like his world was collapsing under his feet, he could hear his own heartbeat fill the room as both men calmly regarded him. "I've never been with a man before" he stammered.

Finally Vincent stood up and held out his hand.  "Come, it is time to collect our bet" he said to the bewildered looking man, who reluctantly followed them on rubber legs. He walked between the two taller and silent men as they led him to the practice drilling grounds and they stopped just behind a building that would conceal them from view,  just under a lone lamp post. "This will do" Vincent concluded.

"Here? But anyone could come along. Why don't we go to your place?" Cloud suggested in a panic.

"This is plenty private, not one will be by here for hours" Vincent said, approaching him while Cloud stepped nervously backwards to run up against Sephiroth who put his arms around him to hold him in place, but not to bind him.

"Kiss me" Sephiroth ordered him, they were the first words he had uttered all evening long.

Cloud reluctantly gave him a peck on the lips as Sephiroth's hand grabbed his hair and began kissing him in an amorous way and was soon exploring the overwhelmed other man's mouth with his conquering tongue and Cloud was unable to move his head away.

While Cloud was being distracted by Sephiroth, Vincent undid Cloud's sleeveless shirt and eased it from him, the rest of his garments were removed with him as subtly as a magician's sleight of hand, so that Cloud was completely bared to the night air. He shivered a bit as the slightly cool air washed across his skin, causing goose bumps to raise on him as moonlight played on his exposed skin.

Cloud  jumped when a hot mouth engulfed his penis and started to work him with a talent that made his already drunk head reel and made him feel dizzy and he deepened the kiss he shared with Sephiroth. His hips surged involuntarily forward and heaved to pump more of his now hard cock into that hot silken cavern as a tongue swirled on his length. He came with a muffled cry as every drop was drained for him and then he finally registered what was happening and looked down to see Vincent wiping his mouth and raising to his feet to tower over Cloud. "Well Cloud, you had your fun. Now, it appears it is our turn to have fun with you" Vincent said as he pushed the confused looking  man to his knees.


Cloud's mind was in turmoil as to how he had wound up like this as two of the most dangerous and beautiful men in the world conquered his body, at some point his clothes had been removed, in fact, he could see them out of the corner of his eye, just to the side of them all.

Cloud  was on his hands and knees on the ground, with grass beneath his hands and knees and caressing his bare calves and feet. His own needy equipment dangling and hard as any of Sephiroth's swords as Shepiroth himself, tugged at his spiky blonde hair to encourage Cloud's mouth to take him deeper. Cloud's mouth was so hot and grasping, that Sephiroth's normally stern features were relaxed in ecstasy.

 Cloud could feel Vincent easily stroking inside his untried hole, now nice and relaxed, now that the point of nervousness had been past and Cloud's resistant sphincter had finally parted to admit him. He could feel every nuance of Vincent's plump column as it found pleasure zones in him that Cloud had never even considered residing inside his dark rear passage and played with them, spiking his own pleasure one thousand fold and he felt drunk on it.  That pleasure made him want to suck and pull on Sephiroth's cock all the more generously, while Cloud reared back, opening and offering himself further to Vincent, for him to deepen his ravishment of him. He was solidly rammed and crammed and reveled in it and soon was taking them both to the root of their penises as they marveled at how talented Cloud's more diminutive body was as he took them both on like a pro.

Cloud  realized that they were in a place they could easily be discovered and to get caught could be the end of his career, but he was too far gone into the fuck to care, he wanted only to suckle and be taken at this moment.  Both men obliged him as they took the newly devirginized man matter-of-factly, as if they owned him and all he could do was tremble between them at the foreign sensations, feeling giddy, his once proud body bared to both of their gazes and carnal delights.

Vincent was riding Cloud's ass, he had been exceedingly tight, so Vincent wasn't at all surprised that Cloud had been a virgin as he claimed. He was clenched on Vincent like he wanted to castrate him and pleasure suffused his body and he shivered as Vincent sought out and hit his sweet spot over and over again and Cloud's moans deepened around the hard gag of flesh in his mouth. Vincent cried out as his hot load shot deep inside Cloud's clinging bowels.

Vincent had barely recovered, before Cloud was picked up and slammed against the hard concrete of the building and a larger cock filled him and he cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain at this, and he was taken hard against the chilled bricks, being pinned in place by the amorous Sephiroth who easily was finding that place in him with each harsh stroke. Each time it touched there, sparks ignited behind his clenched shut eyes as his pleasure spiraled out of control. Cloud was soon little more than a writhing mess as his legs were lashed around his conqueror's body and his brain sought to process what was happening to him, but his body loved it.  He mindless kissed Sephiroth, Cloud was deeply in a sexual thrall as his own cock rubbed against the other man's slick sweat body and Sephiroth's soft gasps were muffled by his own tongue as it wrestled within the taller man's mouth. His bottom heaved, striving to take the instrument of his pleasure deeper into himself, his moans almost feral. With one more surge of Sephiroth's hips, he buried himself to the root and came deep inside Cloud's squirming body and Cloud's own cum coated their stomachs. His legs suddenly rubbery, Sephiroth sank down so that Cloud was in his lap, still embedded on his softening tool, Cloud's hips still eagerly pistoned on it.

Cloud was ripped away from Sephiroth and thrown on his back by Vincent, who had gotten too turned on by the show and in need of relief. His legs were lifted over Vincent's shoulders and he was impaled again and Vincent pounded his lust into him while stroking Cloud's own good sized member at the same hard pace, until they shared a mutual orgasm and Cloud came on his belly.

Vincent eased himself from the still prone Cloud and drew his lover to his feet and the two tall, pale men kissed in the moonlight as long silver straight hair mingled with unbridled black, while Cloud watched and finally understood why some men were attracted to their own sex; at how beautiful they looked together.

Soon all were cleaned up, due to the towels the lovers had considerately brought with them and all were dressed and on their way. Cloud had always considered himself to be straight, but was forced to question that and bore the ones who had opened his eyes to that fact no ill will. Then he was forced to wonder if he had always been that way and repressed it; he remembered as a young cadet, examining other young men in the showers and feeling confused at his sexual attraction towards them. Yes he still liked women, but had now been provided with a new avenue to explore and felt if anything, grateful as he walked with the other men, as their homes all resided in the same direction.

Vincent held out his hand "no hard feelings?" he asked him.

"None" Cloud responded, shaking it.

"Here take this back" Vincent said, giving him back the money he had lost to him.

"But it's yours!" Cloud protested.

"I have no need to it, I would have say I was already well compensated for what you owed me" Vincent replied and Cloud took it.

"Take this to" Vincent said, giving him the ring.

"But this is far too valuable!" he protested.

"It's fake that is virtually worthless, it's spelled with materia to make the observer think it valuable" Vincent explained then bade him goodbye and Sephiroth departed, giving Cloud a nod and slight smirk, as if to say he knew Cloud's secret now.

Cloud let himself in and looked at the ring and wondered who else he could invite to poker night.........and pictured how Reno's red hair would look when removed from its customary ponytail and laying against his naked skin and, Cloud smiled.



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