Cloud's Bet

BY : Imsadistic
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Hey, this is the final chapter and I want you all to know that this was written by me but betaed and enhanced by Sakurablossomhime/Cherrygirlprime, hope you've had as much fun as I did. Sid

Cloud looked over his shoulder to where Reno sat behind him with the blindfold on and felt blown away at where they had been invited to and suspected that blowing was certainly on the menu and was glad he had been working on Reno's oral techniques. It had been a labour of love. The red head now knew how to deep throat with the best of them, not that he had enjoyed learning how to. He seemed to be under the impression that anal sex was fine, but sucking cock was 'so gay.' Sometimes Cloud couldn't understand his logic, but he was a good fuck and did as Cloud told him to, so he was entitled to his weird opinions.

Reno had proved to be more submissive than Cloud had suspected at first, a couple threats to cut him off and he was willing to do almost anything, so Cloud had himself a little sex slave. He looked well, stiff as he silently rode to their unknown destination, clasped at Cloud's waist on Fenrir. His cheeks glowed with blushes as he squirmed as the vibrating butt plug in him slid and churned inside his depths, sending tingles along his sensitive nerve endings as it changed positions in him, teasing and maddening him and he clenched his lips against his moans. It felt so good, but almost tormented him as it wasn't enough to actually pleasure him, making him walk the razors edge between extreme pleasure and frustration. He could hear Cloud chuckle as he sped along and purposefully hit some more tougher roads to enhance the feeling for Reno, the slight buzzing sound that filled the air, along with Fenrir's softly purring engine and how he was squirming embarrassed him.

Cloud soon stopped the bike and took his arm and led him inside, but did not remove his blindfold. Reno started to tremble now that he was finally here and nervously licked his lips, feeling eyes on him. He could smell the subtle scent of red wine, gunpowder, and leather and vanilla and something else distinctively erotic to the senses, as someone walked around him, examining him, but this is all he could learn of his mystery observers. A cool hand lifted his chin and he felt himself being studied and something sharp abruptly cut the hair tie in back of his ponytail.

"I know this one, he is acceptable" said a silky, baritone voice that sounded familiar to Reno.

"He's yours to use as you want" Cloud said and Reno blanched at this.

"I should like to see more of him" another more deeper, midnight drenched said voice.

Reno turned to run when he was caught by Cloud.

"Stay" he said and Reno's felt himself teetering as Cloud quickly undressed him, rendering him bare to their gazes. Feeling how unsteady the other man was, Cloud shoved him to his knees and took a hold a of a handful of his long streaming hair to hold him in place like it was a leash. Then finally, his blindfold was removed and Reno cried out in fear when he realized who he had been sent to service and instinctually went to flee, but Cloud's firm grip on him prevented him. "Behave yourself" Cloud ordered him.

"Here, allow me to show you how to treat a misbehaving pet" Sephiroth said, striding forward and seizing Reno, who stumbled after him, his struggles useless in the other man's grip, his pleas, unheeded. Sephiroth forced him to his knees before his chair and undid his pants and revealed the largest cock that Reno had ever seen. "You will suck my cock" he commanded him and using his hair as a leash, as Cloud had, he shoved himself into the other man's mouth as Reno's gags filled the room as he struggled to breath and deep throat Sephiroth at the same time, knowing how dangerous a being he was and Reno, himself was at his mercy. Fear of death compelled Reno to be very generous with his suction as he sought to give Sephiroth the best blow job he had ever received, as if Reno's life literally depended on it, which it easily could.

Cloud got hard at the decadent scene of the proud TURK kneeling before Sephiroh as Sephiroth's eyes closed in ecstasy at the motions of Reno's unwilling mouth riding his rod as the other man struggled to take all of him in, not used to his size after Cloud's own cock. Cloud moved forward to remove the butt plug from Reno's hypersensitive hole and Reno gurgled with relief at this.

"He won't give you any further trouble" Cloud said, giving Reno a pat on his ass, well pleased at how his slave was being used by the man. "I'll be back to collect him in a couple of hours" he said heading for the door. Only for his neck to be caught gently in Vincent's claw as Vincent himself towered above the smaller man, easily holding him in place.

"Although we do appreciate the use of Where do you think you are going?" Vincent asked him.

"I brought you him" Cloud explained with a nervous flutter in his stomach building.

"Yes and you brought yourself too. We did so enjoy our last encounter with you, so you are staying to provide your part of the entertainment" Vincent said with a finality that brooked no argument as he loomed over him, as his crimson eyes bore into his own as if trying to hypnotize him.

"That was not the agreement" Cloud objected trying to remain firm, not that he minded the idea of being with them again, but not in front of the freshly trained Reno.

"Well, I'm changing the rules" he said and Cloud gasped as his clothes literally evaporated from him. "Don't fight me" he said as he pulled Cloud forward, as easily Sephiroth had with Reno and Cloud blushed as he was perched naked in Vincent's lap while the other man toyed with him and he blushed even further when Reno noticed.

Reno had managed to take almost all of the thick column of Sephiroth's cock down his thorax, after much choking as a demanding hand pushed down on his head, 'encouraging" him to take him further. He could feel it getting harder as Sephiroth abandoned his statue-like way of sitting and his hips rose in time to Reno's rhythm, while precum seemed to coat his tonsils themselves and spittle ran unchecked from the corners of his straining mouth. Sephiroth's breath came in ragged gasps and his eyes slammed shut and he almost roared as his hips lunged up to spear the rest of himself into Reno's mouth and came in a torrent of white that the other man was forced to swallow, but there was so much of it, that some ran down his face to drip onto his chest.

Meanwhile, Cloud moaned softly as Vincent's lube fingers moved inside him to toy with the nub of his pleasure, massaging and caressing it and feeling it swell at his touch, knowing his skillful fingers could milk him from inside and give him a mind blowing orgasm without even touching Cloud's own member. Cloud did not protest as Vincent shifted him onto his own hard cock and impale him with a single thrust and Cloud cried out as he was lifted and Vincent held him in place as he bounced him on his shaft until Cloud saw stars. Cloud cried out, shaking his head to and fro as he shook all over at the onslaught of stimulus.

Reno was trying to get away as Sephiroth drove his lube fingers inside him, seeking to prepare him, holding him in place by an arm around his middle. He removed it as he sought to position himself, only to have Reno try to crawl away. Sephiroth easily pinned him in place again with an impatient sigh, taking a hold of his hips, he lunged sharply forward, burying himself to the hilt in Reno's tightness. Reno cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain as he was impaled on Sephiroth's huge cock and taken without mercy. Reno wailed with each stroke, if Cloud's cock has been able to massage his prostate, Sephiroth massacred his.

Cloud was doing some wailing of his own, more like keening as his own p-spot was assaulted by Vincent's own large member as it rode him to perfection and speared him deeply in a maddening way that allowed for no relief for himself. He could see his own fuck slut was busy as Sephiroth fucked him like he was attempting to literally break him into pieces and Reno's cries were almost womanly at each solid thrust and his cheeks so red that his marks were undetectable.

Reno felt dizzy as pleasure melded with pain in him and assaulted his already pleasure drunk body as Sephiroth hammered him like a pile driver and his balls slammed into his ass. With a cry, Reno came on the floor but was offered no relief from the relentless assault upon his person. When Sephiroth finally hotly burst inside of him, he almost collapsed forward as he suddenly released him and gasped on hands and knees while sperm leaked from him as Sephiroth went to join Vincent and Cloud while Reno struggled to recover.

He tried to sneak away again and got as far as, on his hands and knees, to where his clothes were and was about to grab them, when a well polished black shoe stepped on them and he looked up in horror to find Tseng Xu, his leader staring at him. "Sir" he said standing up and assuming the attention position even though he was naked and looked in horror at him, for him to find him like this.

"I have always wanted to try you out, so imagine my surprise when Vincent called me and told me who was on the menu for tonight. Who has had you so far?" he asked him.

"S-Septhiroth" he said with shame in his voice.

"Too bad, I think you should have saved yourself for your leader, but sloppy seconds will have to do" he said and took him to a large plush bench to the right of the room and pushed him back, leaning over him so that Tseng's own long silky hair brushed Reno's skin as he undressed himself. Reno looked nervously back, trying to prepare himself to roughly taken again as he was already sore. Instead Tseng began stroking his body as if in worship him, his hands shaping him and just skimming over flesh that was coming back to arousal. Tseng stroked the plump column of Reno's arousal as he mewed under his administrations and wondered if he knew Cloud had forbidden anyone to give him relief as he was used. Finally his hands framed Reno's almost pretty face and placed his own lips against Reno's own, his tongue brushing against them as if asked for admittance. Reno freely opened his lips under the pressure of Tseng's and wrapped his arms around him as they tongue wrestled.

Tseng, gently stroked a questing finger against his entrance, finding him relaxed, he gently pumped himself into Reno's, offering him a little bit of his own cock at a time, until he was seated in his clinging body. Reno sighed at the feeling of Tseng inside of him and so appreciated his kindness and gentleness, after being treated so roughly, it was almost soothing as they moved together at a medium pace, drawing out both of their pleasure as black hair mingled with red as they kissed and writhed together.

Sephiroth lay on the floor while Vincent's thighs and their dicks were pressed together, while the diminutive Cloud crouched over Sephiroth and kissed him and with quite a bit of success, took both of them into his well stretched hole as they all heaved together.

Reno had Tseng cum in him and almost regretfully let him up with a final clinging kiss.

Vincent grabbed Reno after that and had him ride him to orgasm and Reno wonderedwhy no one was returning the favour as his own fully erect cock was ignored by his various lovers, yes he had gotten off as Sephiroth had used him, but longed for someone to pleasure him.

Tseng had Cloud as Reno took a break and all watched the unlikely sight of Sephiroth bouncing on Vincent's dick as he clawed and scratched him and Vincent returned the favour as they healed before everyone's eyes, only to begin anew. All those fully human realized that Sephiroth had been holding himself back from causing damage to them and were grateful in their way, realizing that Sephiroth and Vincent liked their sex they way they liked to spar; hard, fast and violently. It was a very hot scene at how closely they were matched in beauty, it was like witnessing a pair of angels caught fucking as the mane of sable hair mingled with that of silver as they writhed together.

They continued throughout the night as Cloud and Reno were used in various combinations and the morning found them practically limping back to Cloud's bike.

Reno had other ideas, as he knocked the other man out and all the others in the house came to watch and cheer, as Reno pounded his lustful revenge into his so-called former master as he liberated himself by holding Cloud down and raping him in the dirt, until his unsatisfied cock sent a deluge of pent up sperm into him, that caused some to leak out of him, as there was too much for his small body to contain.

Leaving him still lying there, as Vincent and Sephiroth took charge of him, Reno accepted a ride him with Tseng.

Reno was on his knees in Tseng's office, naked with his hair streaming down his back (as the other man preferred it to be) and wearing only a leather collar, his eyes downcast as he waited for the leader of the TURKS to finish his paperwork. He knew that they wouldn't get caught as there wasn't anyone else in the office, but still felt embarrassed to be in his workplace like this.

He hadn't expected the Tseng would blackmail him into accepting this new role, but soon learned to enjoy the other man style of tender love making and came to love the man himself. He was surprisingly gentle, pleasured him and never left him unsatisfied and made him feel safe; he didn't even mind calling him Master. As for Cloud, as far as he knew, he was still banging Vincent and Sephiroth, as their new and permanent slave.

The last time he'd saw Cloud Strife, he much like himself, he was always accompanied one or both of his Masters and since one had a sadistic streak........or was that both of them?


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