The Royal Maid

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Dawn followed the guard leading her up the stairs. It seemed like it was taking an eternity as the worries continued to race through her head. She had been practicing, but it was hard to ignore the gossip she had heard in the castle about many girls making it to this point, but none passing the final test. Finally they reached the top of the tower.

“Please wait here,” the guard said before knocking on the door.

“The applicant is ready,” he shouted inside.

“Send her in,” replied a voice from inside.

With that the guard opened the door and Dawn entered the royal bedchamber. She felt the door close behind her as she took in the sight. It was the kind of room she dared not dream of having. Everything was so beautiful and that giant bed! Just by looking at it she could tell it had to be the most comfortable bed in the world. And standing before her was the royal couple themselves. She had never seen them in person. They looked magnificent, and she couldn’t help but be in awe of Rosa’s gown.

“Y-your m-majesties,” she stammered.

“You don’t have to be so formal,” Cecil said in a kind voice, “just Cecil and Rosa is fine. And you don’t have to be nervous, we won’t bite.”

“Unless you want us to,” Rosa interjected with a giggle.

The warmth and kindness she sensed from the pair helped calm Dawn down. Somehow she had imagined them being very stiff and even harsh. But now that she was before them, they seemed gentle and even playful.

“You understand why you’re here,” asked Rosa, “right?”

“Yes,” Dawn replied, “if I am to be your personal maid, I must demonstrate that I can take care of all of your needs.”

“Good,” Cecil said, “I’m sure you’ve heard about the test but there’s no need to worry.”

“Besides,” Rosa added, “no matter what you’re going to have a lot of fun. Now why don’t you slip out of that outfit and show us what you’ve got.”

With that Dawn brought her hands up to the shoulders of her maid costume and slipped them off. Then she held it up for a few seconds before finally yanking it down. She figured it’s not every day you get to strip for royalty, so you might as well put on a show. She slowly stepped out, kicked off her shoes, and then turned around to show off her sexy butt and lacy thong and then looking over her shoulder to see the reaction. The smiles on Cecil and Rosa’s faces as they checked her out told Dawn everything she needed to know. She then unhooked her bra and turned back around to face them, her perky tits still holding the covering in place. She then brought her hands up to her breasts and pushed the bra off with the thumbs while cupping them so as to keep them hidden from view. Then she slowly parted her fingers to reveal her nipples, and finally drawing her hands slowly to the side to reveal her tits in all their glory. They were much smaller than Rosa’s breasts, but breathtaking nonetheless. Now she bent over to undo the clasp holding her thigh high stockings in place and rolling them down, drawing the king and queen’s attention to her toned legs. Now all that was left was to slip her fingers down the sides of her panties and slowly pull them down to reveal the tuft of pink hair between her legs, then pulling them back up for a split second and then removing them entirely and finally exposing her pussy.

Cecil and Rosa took a minute to admire her nude form and then put on a show of their own, hands roaming everywhere as they undressed one another. The couple’s love (and lust) was evident as they devoured each other, hands taking turns removing clothing and grabbing. In the frenzy Dawn couldn’t help but notice that the queen was clean shaven down there, but once Cecil’s underwear came off her attention was immediately elsewhere. She had never seen a cock even close to as massive as the one the paladin king possessed, standing at full attention.

“Looks like you’re ready to get to it,” Rosa laughed as she saw Dawn staring and licking her lips.

It took Dawn several seconds to process the queen’s words, her mind occupied with thoughts of the king filling her.

“Oh!” she gasped, “yes, your majesty.”

With that the three made their way towards the royal bed. Rosa laid down at the head, then guided Dawn to get on her hands and knees while Cecil positioned himself at the foot. Dawn looked over her shoulder to see him unrolling a condom onto his cock.

“Don’t worry,” Rosa said with a smile as though reading the young woman’s mind, “do well now and you’ll get the opportunity to have him bare. Of course, he’ll have to beg and plead for it, just like he does whenever he wants to ride me bareback. Isn’t that right, dear?”

“And you usually refuse,” the king replied sheepishly to his wife’s teasing while gently running his fingers along the outer edge of Dawn’s increasingly wet snatch.

“If I didn’t save it for a special treat you wouldn’t get to look forward to it darling,” Rosa retorted.

Cecil’s fingers now plunged into Dawn’s depths while his thumb sought out her clit, circling and teasing it softly before rubbing it just right as his fingers applied pressure along her walls. His skill was evident as she began losing herself in the pleasure. Time seemed to lose all meaning until he finally withdrew his fingers and began pressing his erection against her entrance.

“Now show me what you can do,” Rosa commanded just as Cecil pushed his way in.

Dawn took a deep breath and reminded herself to concentrate as she went to work pleasuring the queen with her tongue. The sensation of being filled so completely, being hit in spots she didn’t even know a man could reach, was so overpowering she needed to summon up all her training and experience not to just lose herself before she could establish a rhythm, clenching and tightening her pussy at just the right time to drive him wild, all the while giving ample attention to her other task, licking along the length of Rosa’s slit and then sucking on her nub. The groans coming from both parties gave her an indication of how she was doing.

“Well my love,” Rosa panted, “what do you think?”

“Uhhhnn,” Cecil gasped, “she’s good… her pussy feels almost as good as yours. And you?”

Rosa let out a loud moan.

“Ohhhhh,” she finally replied, “she’s quite skilled with her tongue. Even better than you, my dear.”

Rosa couldn’t help but grin as she saw the jealousy on his face. There was no point in hiding the truth from him, especially when the reaction was so fun. As if to prove herself right, Dawn soon brought Rosa to a climax like none she had ever experienced. Cecil’s disappointment at never being able to get his wife to moan quite that loud was overpowered by how turned on he was by her obvious ecstasy, combined with the tightness and wetness of Dawn’s pussy, which pushed him over the edge himself, sending wave after wave of warm cum shooting into the condom. And no sooner did he begin erupting than Dawn lost control herself.

Dawn was still in a haze from her orgasm when the other two got up and Cecil positioned himself in front of her face while Rosa slid back onto the bed so that her face was underneath Dawn’s well-used cunt.

“Ready for round two?” Cecil asked as he slid the very full condom off, leaving globs of semen on his cock.

“Already?” Dawn asked, “but don’t you need to...”

“Lunarian men don’t need recovery time,” Rosa interjected as she inserted two fingers into Dawn’s waiting hole. “It comes in very handy when he finishes too soon.”

“Oh,” Dawn said as she began stroking the king, using his own cum as lube, “is that a problem for him?”

“Well,” Rosa replied, working her fingers rapidly, “on our wedding night he came by the time he was halfway inside me.”

“Really?” Dawn asked, looking up to Cecil’s very red face while teasing him with a light touch.

“I, uh, suppose I was anticipating losing my virginity a little too much,” Cecil admitted as he began working on Rosa with his fingers.

If only Rosa could see the surprise on Dawn’s face.

“You made him wait until you were married?” she asked.

“I didn’t even give him as much as a handjob,” she said laughing, “even though I made him go down on me all the time. The poor thing was so frustrated he was practically fucking the bed while he did it and once he got me off I’d just send him back to his room to jack off. I guess it’s no wonder he has so much porn, isn’t that right dear?”

“I-I suppose,” he stammered, as his mind filled with memories of trudging up his stairs night after night to seek relief for his aching balls from his hand and one of his smut magazines. Usually repeated relief.

“You’ll have to show her your collection some time darling, she should see what kinds of things you’re into” Rosa added idly, “in fact, I think you should demonstrate for her how you like to use it.”

“I can’t wait,” Dawn added, blowing Cecil a kiss.

“He looks so funny when he’s masturbating,” Rosa added, “you’ll enjoy it.”

The embarrassment of the two women so casually discussing his, ahem, habits would be enough to make Cecil want to hide if Dawn weren’t manipulating him so skillfully.

“He’s really pussywhipped,” Dawn asked, “isn’t he?”

Cecil couldn’t help but worry a bit about Dawn’s increasing confidence. He hadn’t considered fully just what it would mean for Rosa to have a partner in crime.

“Like you wouldn’t believe,” Rosa said, “before we were married and he wasn’t getting any, he’d be so grateful every time I let him feel my tits for a minute. I’m sure you could have a lot of fun taking advantage of it.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Dawn added, “so, does he still have a problem with cumming too soon?”

“Oh,” Rosa said, suddenly reminded of how they had gotten on this subject, “only when I want to remind him that he’s ruled by my pussy. I’ll have to show you some of my tricks for making him blow his wad early, he gets all flustered. It’s really cute. Now enough of this, show him what you can do with your mouth.”

Dawn wasted no time in bringing her lips to Cecil’s cock and encircling the head, before sliding back and snaking her tongue around while casting her gaze upward to check his reaction.

“Too bad I made Cecil wrap up,” Rosa said as she brought her head up, “I love the taste of his seed.”

With that Rosa gave a lick along Dawn’s slit before burying her face in the young woman’s wetness and beginning her all-out assault. If Dawn thought it was difficult to maintain concentration for pleasuring the queen while being pounded by the king, attempting to give a blowjob under these circumstances was twice the challenge. But no one had ever questioned her determination. She sent her tongue along the shaft, getting herself a taste of his cum and then taking his length into her mouth while gently cupping his balls. Then she slid back down, making sure to apply just a little extra pressure with her lips.

“Ooohhh,” Cecil monaed, the sublime suction being almost too much for him to handle. None of the other women who had taken the test had managed to give a decent blowjob while having their pussies eaten, and it had been a while since Rosa had given him one herself. He had almost forgotten how good it felt to get one from a real expert. As she enveloped him once again, running her tongue along the underside of his shaft as her lips slid up and down, he wanted nothing more than to just lose himself in the intensity, but he made sure to attend to Rosa’s needs the entire time.

Finally Dawn could sense him starting to lose control. She pressed her lips as tight as she could against his cock and sucked as hard as she could while Cecil shot his cum down her eager throat. That started the chain reaction once again, as Dawn came hard while swallowing the large load and finally Rosa was sent over the edge.

The three soon found themselves lying in bed, the two women on either side of Cecil.

“So,” Dawn finally broke the silence, “how did I do?”

The king and queen simply exchanged glances and nodded.

“I think we have ourselves a royal maid,” Cecil answered.

“Congratulations,” Rosa added, “the three of us are going to have a lot of fun.”

“Can’t wait to get started,” Dawn said in return.

The three drifted off to sleep, all feeling quite content.

Author's Notes: Looks like Cecil's in for a lot of trouble. Poor thing doesn't realize how much just yet ^_^ I don't have that much in the way of a specific plan for where I'm going with this story. I'll just add chapters as inspiration strikes. I'm working on Chaper 2 right now though and I'm hoping it'll be ready soon.










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