The Royal Maid

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“You understand the conditions, right dear,” Rosa said as she ran her hand up and down Cecil’s thigh, so close to his throbbing member and yet skillfully avoiding making any contact.

“Yes, my love,” Cecil gasped, wishing his wife would start stroking him, or at least brush against accidentally.

“So,” Dawn added, her lips a fraction of an inch from his massive erection, “do you agree to our terms?”

“I do,” he responded, desperate for the opportunity they were offering him, no matter how much they had made him agree to.

Rosa and Dawn exchanged knowing glances. Perhaps they didn’t play fair, but who could blame them? Men were so easy to manipulate, especially this one. It was so much fun to keep him wrapped around their little fingers and besides, based on the kind of porn he liked (his face would get so red when they made him watch as they went through his collection and showed each other about all the most interesting parts) he had fun with it too.

It had been three months since Dawn had begun as the royal maid and still Cecil had yet to be allowed inside her bare. Indeed, it had been nearly half a year since Rosa had granted him the privilege of entering her without wrapping up. He had almost forgotten what pussy felt like without a barrier in the way. Up until now his begging and pleading had fallen on deaf ears. Last time Dawn had laughed in his face and forced him to wear two condoms. Finally Rosa had given in and made the offer. To get to feel both of their warm, sweet pussies with nothing in the way in the same night he would have agreed to anything, a fact which both Rosa and Dawn were clearly fully aware of.

“Well, let’s get started,” Rosa said as she wrapped her fingers around her husband’s penis. “What do you think, Dawn? Five? Four?”

“Definitely four,” the maid said with a laugh.

Rosa nodded and then began chanting the spell, keeping her grip on Cecil.

“Mini!” she finally said as she let it loose.

Cecil could only watch as his once magnificent cock shriveled before his eyes.

“Awwww,” Dawn exclaimed, “it’s sooooooo cute!”

What had been the largest cock she’d ever had now looked comical. Indeed it would soon be the smallest she’d ever had, and the paladin’s large frame managed to make it look even smaller.

“Hmmm,” Rosa said as she took his new, ahem, measurements. “Actually just a tad under four inches. Guess I made the spell a bit too strong. What do you two think?”

“I think it looks just right,” Dawn said, giggling.

“There’s barely anything there,” Cecil said, his face bright red.

“Oh hush,” Rosa said, “time for the second part of the deal.”

The white mage then grabbed him yet again and began chanting another spell.

“Haste!” she exclaimed, letting the second spell take effect.

The two women undressed and laid down side by side in the bed. With that Haste spell in effect, just the sight of their naked bodies already started the tingling feeling in his genitals.

“Me first,” Dawn said, “might as well get to it, it’s not like you could handle any foreplay right now anyway.”

Cecil climbed on top of the maid and immediately sunk himself inside, or at least as far inside as his suddenly short cock would allow. She was right that he wouldn’t last long no matter what, so no point in trying to take it slow. Her pussy felt absolutely divine, even with his lack of girth it was incredibly tight. It had been so long since he’d gotten to fuck bareback, he’d almost forgotten how good it felt.

“I-is it in yet?” Dawn asked, “I can’t feel anything.”

With that Cecil lost control, his cum flooding Dawn’s tight, wet snatch. As much as he wanted to stay, as soon as his cock stopped twitching he withdrew. There was more to do after all.

“Well, I guess we can call that half a pump,” Rosa said with a grin, “now it’s my turn.”

Cecil quickly got off of Dawn and climbed on top of Rosa. He hoped he could do at least a little better with her, maybe even savor the feeling of being inside his wife’s warm pussy. But the more he thought about it the more hopeless it became. He could already sense the cum welling up. He’d need to move quickly to make it inside her. However, it was too late. The moment he brushed up against her pussy lips he came like a geyser.

“Sorry Dawn, looks like I win,” Rosa said as she ran her fingers down to feel Cecil’s seed and then plunging them inside.

“Well, I hope it was worth it,” Dawn said to Cecil.

“It was,” Cecil replied, “you two are amazing.”

No matter how fleeting those moments of pleasure were, Cecil couldn’t help but be honest with himself. Given the chance to do it again, he would without a moment’s hesitation.

“I’m glad,” Rosa said, “feel free to watch tonight. Oh, and I guess it’s only fair to return you to normal so you can really enjoy it.”

Cecil was quite appreciate of the Slow spell Rosa then cast to return his stamina to normal before he settled into the large comfortable chair in the corner. Often Rosa and Dawn desired privacy for their couplings and would send him away. Of course their moans were usually loud enough to hear downstairs, but still it was nice not to have to use his imagination on the occasions when they did let him stay.

Rosa reversed her position so that she and Dawn could better pleasure one another. She was particularly looking forward to this time as she saw Cecil’s cum dripping from their maid’s cunt. She snaked her tongue all around, savoring the taste of Dawn’s juices mixed with her husband’s. Her pleasure was only added to as Dawn began working on her clit. It felt like every time they were together Dawn would have learned some new trick with her tongue, and the two soon lost themselves in the pleasure. After the two brought one another to climax Rosa reoriented herself and gave Dawn a deep kiss before the two snuggled up together and drifted off to sleep.

It was right around that time that Cecil picked up the pace of his strokes and then brought a handkerchief up to the tip of his cock and filled it up with his third cum of the night. As he looked down to make sure he had caught it all, he suddenly realized why this time seemed different than usual. The paladin made his way to the bed and began gently stroking his wife’s hair.

“Um, Rosa,” he said, “you forgot to undo the Mini spell. Rosa? Rosa?”

The snores he heard in response told him his little problem would not be taken care of until the morning. He settled down, put his arms around his wife, and closed his eyes.


It was several weeks later when Rosa finally undid the spell.

“There,” she said, “that’s better. Now what would you say to a handjob?”

“Please,” was all Cecil could muster in response.

Another condition of the deal they had made was that he would be denied any kind of sex for an unspecified amount of time since that night and Cecil was glad for the ordeal to be over as his wife ran her fingers lightly along his now once again massive length. Any thought to be disappointed that it was “just a handjob” never crossed his mind. After all those nights spend alone with his smut, he was just glad to finally get to feel a hand that wasn’t his own. Rosa lovingly applied some lotion to his cock and then wrapped her hand around, stroking slowly and teasingly for an achingly long time before tightening her grip and speeding up until at last he surrendered. Rosa lovingly licked up the mess in her hand and moving back to allow Dawn her turn at showing appreciation to her king.

Dawn began by running two fingers in circles around the head before adding a third and stroking just a little further down and then finally sliding her palm along the underside and wrapping her fingers around while cupping his balls gently with the other hand and getting to work. After such a drought it felt so good for Cecil to feel the touch of both his wife and now that of their mutual lover before finally he yielded to her ministrations as well.

As he laid on the bed afterwards, Rosa on one side and Dawn on the other, both running their fingers along his chest, Dawn spoke up.

“So Cecil,” she said, “there’s something we need to tell you.”

“Oh?” Cecil replied.

The two women sat up and looked down on him with big smiles on their faces.

“We’re pregnant!” they exclaimed in unison.

“Really?” he said looking at the two beaming women, “that’s wonderful!”

The two settled back down into his arms as many thoughts raced through his head. The pride at knowing he would be a father twice over, the primal feeling of having in some way conquered both his lovers, and then the memory of something Rosa had told him earlier when they had first talked about the issue. That she had a special rule. He could remember her saying it like it was yesterday.

“During pregnancy, no penetration.”

He knew it wasn’t even worth asking if she had convinced Dawn to agree to the same rule. It was beginning to sink in just how long it would be until he would feel a pussy again.

Author's Notes: Poor Cecil, I almost feel bad for him ^_^ The guys in my stories always have to endure so much teasing. I'm not sure how many people out there are fans of FF4 and are into premature ejaculation but, well, there's me at least. I don't have any particular ideas of where to go with this story after this, but I guess it'll be updated the next time inspiration strikes. Until then, happy reading.

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