Three Nocturnes

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Faris doesn't know the first thing about being a sister. Neither does Lenna, for that matter. If they're muddled over the mix of lust, sisterly love, and what might very well be romantic love, it's not their fault. They're trying, and this damned save-the-world quest makes it difficult to work on whatever they have in the evenings while focusing on the quest in the daytime.

The result is that more often than not, Lenna tucks into Faris' side during slow moments, or their fingers lace together as Butz and Galuf lead the way through some caverns or ruins. Butz never asks, he just listens when Faris bounces thoughts off him and doesn't judge her at all. He agrees that it's a complicated mess and leaves it at that. Galuf quirks an eyebrow at their closeness, but if he suspects anything at all, he says nothing.

When Galuf dies, Butz tells Krile that they're still grieving their father. Krile doesn't ask after that, bless her. Faris doesn't put a lot of faith in the myth of innocence—she stabbed a man in self-defense when she was ten and almost certainly killed a few men in battle, she'd been around grown men waving their cocks about for as long as she remembers, she lost her virginity to a lovely older girl at fourteen—but she tries to keep her less socially acceptable feelings for Lenna hidden from Krile. Most times, it's not so hard—their cuddling at the campfire can usually be excused as bonding, or taking comfort in each other.

Sometimes when they're cuddling during that overlap in their watch periods and the other two sleep, Faris wants more than anything to lean in and nuzzle the sweet princess' neck and breathe in her perfume as she kisses her pale flesh. It's like Lenna knows exactly what she's thinking then, because she'll lean back against Faris, clear away the stray hairs from her neck, and practically offers herself to a pirate's whims.

Fucking hell. Faris' willpower erodes more and more, and sooner or later she won't be able to stop herself from ravishing her own sister.

Given the way Lenna looks at her sometimes, the feeling is mutual.

It becomes a waiting game. If they're going to embark on indulging in as egregious a social taboo as a little light, consensual incest, Lenna has to be the one to initiate things. She's the younger, less experienced partner in this situation, and Faris won't pressure her into anything she's not comfortable with.

So, until Lenna cobbles together the gumption to push things in the right direction, Faris manages to take a little of the edge off by employing her ladies of negotiable virtue whenever they can make it into a town for the night.

Butz still teases her about them looking a bit like Lenna. She'll still punch him in the shoulder, but he's not necessarily wrong. Thank the stars Krile turns in early; she doesn't need to be seeing Faris head to bed with a different woman in each town. As for Lenna, well, that's become another game of theirs.

Lenna always takes the room next to hers when they book their rooms for the night. Once Faris figured out why, she was delighted. The thought of Lenna playing with herself while listening to her entertain with a young lady is more than a little enticing. If she thinks too much on the kind of picture her sister might make, she'll only get herself worked up.

She makes her offer to help move the armchairs in that time between dumping their equipment in their rooms and heading down for supper. At first Lenna's blush was dark, went to the tips of her ears, and she'd stammer through a paltry excuse. It was adorable and Faris had been tempted to kiss her. Now Lenna's at the point where she doesn't blush nearly so much; she knows that Faris knows about her playing with herself. Whatever Lenna feels about it, she's keeping it close to the chest.

For her part, well, she usually ends up shoving the bed frame to the shared wall. Or, if the bed's too heavy for her alone, the couch will do. After all, she must keep her sweet sister entertained.

They're in Moore to prepare for their final strike on ExDeath's castle, for good or ill. Butz takes Krile shopping with him to give Faris and Lenna space to engage in their game for what might be the last time.

"Need any help setting up, sweetness?" she asks as they wend their way to their rooms. It's early yet, but Faris needs to find herself an appropriate girl and Lenna likes her hot baths. She certainly spends a lot of time in them. Don't think about Lenna in the bath.

Her little sister pauses at her door, looking almost coquettish as she does that distracting thing where she twirls a tendril of fly-away hair in her fingers. "Oh, I could think of a lot of things you can help me with."

Faris can't help but grin; Lenna's flirting is a treat, not the least because she certainly hadn't started the quest this way. Lenna does it for her. Taking the opening, Faris leans close, her fingers skimming across her princess' stomach before reaching past her to open the door. Her lips are barely a finger's breadth away from Lenna's. "Say the word, my love, and I'm all yours."

"Why, I could almost be convinced that you mean it." Lenna smiles to take the sting out of her words, her fingers reaching up to caress Faris' cheek. "I wish…"

Well aware of how it looks to stand in a hallway like this, Faris drops her voice low and soft, so only Lenna can hear. Her hand covers Lenna's at her cheek, keeping it there. While she's not sure how she looks, emotional intimacy not being something she usually engages in, she's certain she wants this. "What makes you think I don't mean it?"

Lenna's smile turns brittle as her eyes search Faris'. After what feels like an eternity, she pulls her hand gently away. "You know why we can't be together."

Right, that little problem of blood relations. Faris grimaces, but she won't press the issue. Not yet. Seems damned absurd at this point, given this game they've been playing. Far as she's concerned, it's been foreplay the moment Lenna started listening in on her.

But Faris excels in foreplay. She can afford to be patient. Ignoring the urge to close the distance between them and finally kiss the pretty princess, she steps past her to move the armchair for her and decidedly does not picture Lenna in her all together in it, fingers in her puss, just waiting for a more experienced hand to take over and—

Ugh, time to find a substitute. If Faris is honest with herself, which she usually isn't, she's been seeking out substitutes ever since Lenna first stepped onto her ship.

When the set-up for this game is done, at least for Lenna's room, Faris pauses before the princess. Her sister. If that isn't fate smacking her soundly for her past misdeeds, Faris doesn't know what is. She takes her sister's hand in hers, gazes deep into her eyes, and kisses the knuckles. "Once this is all over with, we need to talk."

There's a slight hint of a blush to Lenna's cheeks, but she doesn't comment on it. The answering nod is enough for her. She flashes her little princess a grin and a saucy wink, neither of which she's really feeling, and heads out to find the night's substitute.

Problem with small towns is that pickings are slim, and Moore is about as small and out of the way as Regole. Galuf's world is depressingly underpopulated, and she suspects ExDeath was the cause of that.

Still, where there are people, there are businesses of ill repute. Faris doesn't have faith in a lot, but she does find the criminal underworld reliable. Crime and criminals will always exist.

The young lady rustled up for her is plain, with mousey brown hair and perhaps a bit of an overbite. Doesn't matter; save for the fact that Faris' type is apparently her own sister, she's not overly picky. The older woman offering the lady's services assures her that the lady is willing to do the kind of things she needs her for and is inexperienced enough still to appreciate a bit of romancing.

A little talking with the shy young lady and Faris finds that 'inexperienced' evidently means 'virgin'. She always feels a little guilty about being the one to deflower a virgin, but she'd rather be a girl's first before someone worse comes along. The circumstances that usually lead virgins to prostitution don't go away overnight. At least she's gentle with them.

"Any ground rules, darlin'?" she asks the girl as they pause in the shadow of a tree on the way to the inn. "No kissing, or…?"

The girl doesn't quite look at her as she tugs at her shoulder-length hair. "Um, I dunno. Just…don't hit me, I guess."

Faris does try not to look thunderous at the implications in the girl's words, and the way the girl flinches just confirms her suspicions. She has heard similar implications before, and usually it takes a lot of wine and time to get the girls to open up about who hurt them. She can't afford the distraction of knocking heads, not with a strike planned for Castle ExDeath the next day.

She tries for reassurance, instead. Not something she was any good at until this damned quest gave her plenty of opportunities for practice. "Don't worry. You'll be treated like a princess. Ever been with a woman?"

The girl shakes her head, but she seems to relax a little at the question. "Are you…?"

"Trust me," Faris says, pitching her voice low and with that timbre some women respond particularly well to. "When I'm done with you, it won't matter. Just let me take care of you."

The girl's eyes widen and she shivers with delight. It's the opening Faris needs to slip her arm around the girl's shoulders and lead her to the back entrance of the inn, away from prying eyes. Best not embarrass her.

Before entering, she stops to pull the girl out of sight to set her own ground rules. This is a business transaction, after all, and she finds things run more smoothly when that's kept firmly in mind. "Just a few things, given you're new an' all. I don't go out of my way to hurt women, but seeing as you're virgin, some things I do mightn't be comfortable. Tell me and I'll go slower. Or stop. Not everyone likes my repertoire, and I won't take it personally. All I'm payin' for is your time and pleasure, not the right to hurt you. Got it?"

The girl nods. She's a little nervous, but not as much as she had been. Faris will take it. "Second, I do ask for confidentiality. All your clients will. Name's Captain Senris, though if you're feelin' particularly naughty, you're welcome to call me your sister."

The quizzical look on the girl's face is just shy of judgmental, and Faris regrets not leading with an explanation of fantasy and how it has no bearing on reality. "Is…is that what you want?" she asks at last, a note of guarded disbelief in her voice.

"If it doesn't make you too uncomfortable." Faris leans close to tuck a few stray hairs behind the girl's ear, skimming across her skin enough to make her shiver. Her eyes fix on the girl's nosebridge so that she thinks she's being honest with her. The lies roll right off her tongue with the ease of fifteen years of practice, helped along by the soft, reassuring quality in her voice. "Fantasy's harmless, darlin'. I've got no sister of my own and wouldn't think of touching her if I did. But a little playing with the taboo isn't so bad, innit?"

Her cajoling works. The girl nods, relieved. "I suppose you're right."

"You know I am." Faris grins winningly, and the girl smiles back. "Now, think you can manage an upper-class accent? I'll be treating you like a princess, after all."

The girl tries, using some dialogue to a play. It sounds a bit more Balish than Faris hoped for, but it's enough to aid the fantasy a little.

Were Faris a better person, she might feel terrible for using a girl a year younger than her to get off on fantasies about her own sister. She's a bloody damned pirate, always has been, and her mental tally of her crimes is a mile long and it started before she had any notion that what she was taught was wrong. She will either die by the sword, or by ExDeath and his minions, or someone will finally gather enough wits to catch and execute her and call it justice. Either way, she intends to enjoy herself before facing the hellfire at the end of her journey.

Way she figures it, the only thing she ever did right was love. Love for her crew, for Syldra, for her friends, and especially for her sister. And she knows Lenna loves her back, in all the same ways. Try as she might, she can't fathom what's wrong with that love when it hurts no one.

Not that it matters, not tonight. They might very well be facing their dooms the next day, so Faris figures she ought to make the night enjoyable for both her and Lenna.

When they finally make it to her room for the night, Faris bangs her fist on the wall it shares with Lenna's under the guise of scaring off any rats. There's a scratch in answer, barely audible to her and imperceptible to her girl of the night, and she grins.

"Why don't you make yourself comfortable, princess," she says, more as a command than a request, as she steers the girl towards the couch she'd moved to the wall. "I'll attend to the light."

The girl murmurs her acquiescence as she sits on the couch and arranges her skirts. Faris barely needs to say the words to the Fire spell anymore; her own element seems to come easier to her every time she uses it. The wick of the room's oil lamp ignites, the flame burns blue as she coaxes it to burn off the excess wick, and finally it recedes to a soft red glow that's just enough for her to fall for her own fantasy.

The couch is comfortable enough, she supposes. The girl's warmth draws Faris to her, and she settles easily into her embrace. Her body is, perhaps, a little plumper than Lenna's is, her lips more full, and it's just jarring enough that Faris can't quite lose herself in the transaction like she wanted.

This is a performance, Faris reminds herself. It's not about her. She throws herself into pleasuring the girl, instead. For her part, the girl is delightfully responsive and makes Faris' job easier. A nibble just so at one point just below the ear makes the girl squirm; the lick and the following breath makes her gasp. Repeating the sequence on the other side of her neck makes the girl nearly melt into the couch.

As her attentions drift lower down the girl's body, the girl helps her unlace her bodice and the blouse beneath it and toss both to the other end of the couch. The breasts are larger than Lenna's, and the areolas and nipples dark in the meager lamplight. Faris gently presses the girl down to lie in the couch cushions.

"You've a lovely set," Faris says, low and sincere, her voice just loud enough for Lenna to hear. It's not the girl she's speaking to, not anymore. "Been wantin' to get my hands on 'em first time I saw you."

The girl turns out to have been a surprisingly quick study and figures out exactly what she intends. It's a skill that'll serve her well. "Why, Captain, you're welcome to play with them now, if you like."

The breasts are heavy, soft, and delightful to fondle and squeeze. The nipples tighten under her palms as she rolls the breasts in her hands. When the nipples harden just enough, Faris licks at one and teases the other with skilled fingers. The girl's breath comes quicker as she switches to the other breast.

And, suddenly, Faris doesn't feel so hungry for the taste of her snatch anymore. The girl doesn't smell quite right, or feel right. It's all off no matter what she does. At least she has an extensive menu of alternate ways to get a lady off, and she's not cruel enough to send her away without satisfaction.

Faris says all the right things to keep the girl comfortable as she pulls up her skirts. Tells her how lovely she is, tells her exactly what she's doing or planning on doing, and all the while her mind is on another virgin entirely. But Lenna wouldn't just lie back like this. She would want to be an active partner.

Still, for all that Faris would rather have her own sister instead of the girl, she's never completely unaffected by the allure of a warm, wet snatch yearning for her touch. A deep, dark part of her thrives on power and gets its kicks out of the way she can so easily manipulate someone's body like this. At least in that respect, she's mostly harmless—she could probably do a lot worse than want to bring someone pleasure, she just has no desire to.

Besides, the moans and whimpers are nicer and more rewarding. The girl tries to contain herself as Faris covers her mound with her fingers, but her self-control frays as she caresses along her lips in a steady rhythm. The caresses become a light rubbing that deepens slowly the more ragged the girl's breathing becomes, until the girl's hips start undulating as if begging for more.

Being the obliging sort, Faris parts the girl's plush lips and slips her fingers into a hot, enticing wetness that normally urges her to indulge in eating a lady out. Too bad the dessert she really wants is in the other room.

"Like my fingers in your puss, princess?" she asks, voice low and dark.

The girl's breath hitches as her first and ring fingers slip easily on either side of her inner lips, thumb and little finger on her outer lips, and middle finger between the inner lips and arced to avoid direct contact with her pink pearl. She rubs once, twice along the slit, and lowers her middle finger to graze the hard, sensitive exposed clit on the downwards motion. Then the girl gasps, bringing a grin to Faris' lips as she repeats her motions.

The low-burning embers of her own arousal she ignores, which she usually does when she has a virgin at her mercy. Getting a virgin off is its own reward.

"More please, sis," the girl begs, in just the right accent to throw her. It has the peculiar effect of throwing grease on her embers and turning them into a flare of want.

Well, that confirms it, she really is getting her jollies from a fetish she didn't even know she had. She'd consider blaming Lenna for it, but this is really all on her. Faris always did like the challenge of snatching the forbidden, and there's no more forbidden a treasure than her own sister.

Faris waits until the girl drips into her skirts before slipping the middle finger deep into her. As heady with arousal as the girl is, there's no resistance. The ring finger joins it and the girl's wet heat tightens around her as if in welcome. With two fingers in the girl and the heel of her palm on the hood of her clit, Faris settles into a nice, steady rhythm that soon has the girl's hips meeting her at each inward thrust. The girl gives up on self-control and her breath comes in short, shallow, desperate moans.

With more than a bit of the pirate's avarice, Faris drives the girl towards her orgasm. Soon as she feels it coming, she presses her fingers deep inside the girl, slips her other hand in to take the clit's hood between thumb and first finger, and rubs it along the hidden length of the clit just gently enough to avoid hurting her and just firmly enough for her to come.

And the shy, lovely girl comes hard, her inner walls pulsing against her fingers. Faris waits it out, letting the girl ride her hands until the tremors ease and she can pull her fingers away. For a moment there, Faris always falls a little bit in love with her ladies. It's gone soon enough that she's able to avoid dwelling on it.

Once she wipes her fingers on a handkerchief, Faris eases the girl up enough to sit where she'd laid her head and cuddle her as she settles into her afterglow. "You did great," she says, honestly. There's nothing she loves to do more than getting a lady off.

"But I didn't do anything for you." The girl finally manages to speak moments afterwards. She sounds worried. "Do you—"

"No need, darlin'. You did everything I wanted you to do."

The girl regards for her one long moment, then seems to shrug off whatever questions she has to snuggle up against her and recover.

Faris doesn't send her home until half an hour later. She sends her off with a bit extra in her payment for being so obliging to her peculiar requests and sits back on the couch to consider how completely tangled and messy her life has become.


As delightful as the night's diversion was, Lenna got the feeling that Faris' heart wasn't really in it. She's been getting that feeling a lot lately, but it's not like they can—

Oh, for goodness sake, this is ridiculous. They love each other. Maybe not just in the way they should, but it's not like they'd be hurting anyone else. They just need to keep it quiet. Faris is good at secrets, she would know how to keep a secret as big as this.

When she turns up at her sister's door, it's with her pack and the intent to stay for a while. Faris lets her in, but she always does. Her hair's a mess and she's in nothing but her tunic again, and Lenna wants nothing more than to—

This is ridiculous. In Faris' words, fuck it all.

Lenna closes the door behind her, grabs her sister's tunic, and shoves her up against the wall. She has to pull Faris' head down to do this (how is she that tall? they have the same parents!), but she manages to press a kiss to her lips.

It takes a moment for the initial shock to pass. Faris' arms circle around her shoulders the moment it does, holding her close. Her lips part for her and Lenna doesn't know what to do now but echo the motion, but Faris makes up for her lack of experience. Her sister's tongue dips inside her to touch hers and, gods, it shouldn't feel as good as it does. Lenna presses back, learning quickly from her sister's example, and the deepening kiss makes her weak in the knees the further it goes along.

A knock breaks them apart. Krile's voice follows with encouragement to hurry up already because there's breakfast and she'll just eat their share if they're not quick enough. The utter normalcy of her tone might almost make Lenna feel guilty.

She focuses her attention on her sister, instead, who watches her with nothing but adoration. Lenna reaches up to caress her sister's cheek and gaze back. Oh, she's so much in love that nothing about this feels wrong. How can it?

"When it's safe again, we'll do more than talk," she promises Faris. What guilt Lenna does have regarding their relationship has everything to do with stringing her along for so long, and she fully intends to make up for it.

Castle ExDeath awaits. But for now, she could do with another kiss.

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