Three Nocturnes

BY : Ajora
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Everything happened too damned fast.

Part the first: turns out that Castle ExDeath was built of twisting human and animal bodies still writhing in mindless agony. It was horrific. It also explained exactly why Galuf's world felt so desolate and barren of life. Faris figures she could drink the entirety of Crescent Island's rum stock and spend a few nights in an opium den and it wouldn't be enough to drown out the memory of slogging through that particular glimpse of hell. And normally Faris has an iron stomach in regards to gore, being a pirate and used to battles gone awry, but the gruesome mockery of a castle was enough to make her green around the gills.

She'll need to fill up her personal flask the moment she can. Strongest spirits she can find. It went far too quickly in the castle when she ended up sharing it with everyone.

Part the second: they've still nary a clue of what the bloody hell ExDeath was going on about. Returning the world to its original state, whatever that means. All she knows is that there are no Crystals anymore. Lenna has her theories on what will happen with the Crystals gone, but they've no idea how long it will take for the world to wither away.

Part the third: turning up back home and dealing with this family business far before she's ready. She had been entirely prepared to spend the rest of her existence in Galuf's world, and suddenly Castle Tycoon just shows up because why the hell not, it's not like anything else has made any damned sense in this idiot quest.

Faris needs a fuckin' drink and she's not gonna fuckin' get it because Castle Tycoon's staff works at a whirlwind pace and she has to stand still while one of Lenna's old ballgowns gets altered to fit her. She'd protested, shoved, and cursed, and none of it deters the staff. The only reason she hasn't resorted to real violence is because Lenna has the grace to look apologetic when she checks up on her and squeezes her fingers reassuringly.

By the time she's steered onto her father's throne, she quietly seethes and wishes damnation on everyone responsible for her ending up in a bloody dress that doesn't suit her at all. Except maybe Lenna.

They haven't even had time to talk alone since coming here. Either the ministers cluck nearby, or Jenica hovers over her with flying hands trying to fix this or that, or there's a servant or guard in hearing range. All Faris knows for sure is that Lenna left a letter explaining Faris' storied past and she blames it for everything that's happened since they came back.

Not that she blames Lenna. Her little sister was just trying to be considerate and operated under the assumption that they'd never be able to return. She knows that. Doesn't stop her from being grumpy.

Fuel to the fire is, of course, that she's in the very position she'd been trying to avoid since she was a child. People stare at her and it's not like the way they stare when she struts about her ship—at least then, she's the one in control of their perceptions. Some stare like she's an exotic animal from some far-flung territory. Others have that debasing look she's seen men direct towards women they want to fuck, except now it's aimed at her and it takes every bit of willpower she has to stay on her father's throne and avoid beating them to pulps.

Somewhere in the middle of yet another boring minuet or waltz or whatever, her gaze catches on Krile and Butz sneaking out. Her anger, reduced to embers from the sheer dullness of the celebration, flares back to life and she wants nothing more than to shove her way past the dancers to join them. She doesn't even know where her real clothes and travel pack went off to and that's the only thing that stops her.

Correction: not knowing where her things are isn't the only thing that stops her. Yet, as much as she loves Lenna, she knows she can't stay here for long without suffocating.

So she waits for this damned thing to end. And waits. And avoids the concern in her sister's eyes all the while.


Lenna supposes she should be grateful that her sister waited until the celebration wound down to storm off. She aches with worry, instead. Faris is wily enough to redirect the heat of her emotions one way or the other, and experienced enough with governing hundreds of criminals to avoid letting anything show on her face that she doesn't want showing. For all of that, she wasn't able to keep Lenna from seeing how much she hated being on display.

Her fingers squeeze together in her lap as she mentally runs through how much she'll have to change to make the castle more comfortable for her sister. She'll have strong words with the ministers to stop presuming upon Faris' goodwill, inform Jenica that her sister is too independent and self-sufficient to appreciate her hovering, talk with the chamberlain about perhaps altering some of her father's clothes for Faris until they can set up a time for proper tailoring, and discuss alternatives to waiting underfoot with the head steward.

More ideas will come to her in time, once she can sit with a quill and some paper and get her thoughts in order. She wants so much for Faris to stay here, with her, that she's willing to do everything she can to make the prospect of staying appealing.

When the time is right for Lenna to excuse herself for the night, she does. She's not as parsimonious with her compliments to the stewards and ministers who arranged this travesty as she wants to be, but it's not their fault that she hadn't adequately prepared them to consider Faris as the person she is, rather than the pampered princess they expected.

Though, honestly, she's still not sure how they managed to get that idea out of "Sarisa spent the past 15 years as a sailor". Had she known they would come back, she might have spent more time on the letter.

It's late by the time she comes to the guards stationed in front of the antechamber leading to the royal chambers. She has known the guards all her life and knows that they are loyal to her family, but she wonders how loyal they would remain if they knew how inappropriate her love for her sister is. Would they cover for her, or betray her should another claimant to the throne come forth? She doesn't want to think about it.

But Lenna is, above all things, gracious as she stops before them. "Did my sister come this way?"

"The princess retired to your chambers," the senior of the two says in that dispassionate tone the guards affect while on duty. His posture is stiff, but it always is when she addresses them.

"She's not used to such festivities," Lenna begins as explanation. "Given that my father's chambers have yet to be adequately prepared for me, I'll be spending the night with her and taking the couch."

Lenna waits expectantly for something to betray their feelings on the matter. Their faces remain blank, so she continues. "We've gotten to be very close and will likely be talking long into the night again. Please do not disturb us. If you hear us having a pillow fight, do not disturb us. Do not allow the servants to enter until morning. We will come out for breakfast when we're ready and will take no visitors or intruders before then. Is that understood?"

"As you wish, Your Majesty. Good night."

It's the honorific that betrays the senior guard. She's not yet Queen, but he addressed her as such. It gives her a little bit of hope, but she'll still have to be careful. Fortunately, she's able to lock her door from the inside and does so, just in case.

Her chambers might be smaller than her father's, but they're no less luxurious. Decorated glass oil lamps light her way. Faris stands at one of the windows in clothes that are neither of theirs, scowling at the moons with arms crossed. The clothes are old-fashioned, the cut of the shirt meant for a man with broader shoulders and the cut of the breeches meant for broader thighs, but they suit Faris better than Lenna's old ballgown did. The pale, faded blues make her wonder if Faris ended up pillaging their father's closet, but it's not an outfit Lenna remembers their father wearing. Her hair hangs limp and heavy with water that hasn't dried out yet. Everything about the closed-off posture is forbidding.

Faris needs time. Which is just as well, because Lenna needs her bath. She says as much, but if her sister heard her at all, she doesn't respond.

As she rummages through her chest of drawers for an appropriate nightgown and matching robe, her eyes catch on the tail of her ballgown stuck between the doors of her wardrobe. Well, at least Faris hadn't thrown it out a window.

Lenna doesn't spend nearly as much time in her bath as she likes. Partly because she'd already had a nice soak earlier to get the stench of ExDeath's awful castle off of her, partly because she doesn't want to leave her sister alone for long. She had so hoped to be able to prod their relationship forward once they were safe, but it doesn't seem appropriate to do so when Faris is this upset.

When at last Lenna leaves her bathroom, it's with her hair dried out and robe hiding her nightgown from view. Faris has all but one of the oil lamps extinguished, and the soft glow of the fireplace doesn't quite make up for the lack.

"I'd forgotten how cold it gets in this room at night," Faris grouses from the couch in front of the fireplace.

Hopeful that maybe some of Faris' rage burned off, Lenna walks up to join her. The way Faris leans back and leaves her an opening is promising, and Lenna takes her up on the offer. She sits at her side, rests her head on her sister's collarbone, slips her arm around Faris' midriff, and snuggles in. The store of tension in her sister seems to dissipate with each breath as Faris' arm settles around her shoulders and her free hand laces fingers with hers.

It takes some time still before Lenna is comfortable with breaking the silence, but she presses on regardless. "You saw Butz and Krile leaving, didn't you?"

"Aye." Faris lets the word rest for the moment. She's still upset, but not as much as she had been. "Fuckin' hell, Butz knows I hate being left behind."

"I hate being left behind, too." Lenna sighs as she basks in her sister's warmth. Normally she'd be more upset, but she doesn't mind it half so much when she has her sister with her. But she also knows Faris and knows that her sister will want to join them. As if it could possibly keep Faris here with her, she breaks the hand-hold to squeeze around her sister's midriff. "Don't just go like that without a warning."

Faris' posture shifts a little to better cuddle her. "You'll have ample warning from me, love, never you doubt. I'm goin' after 'em in the morning. They'll not go far with Krile limpin' the way she is."

"She's not seriously injured, is she?" Lenna does worry about the girl and how similar they are in their desires to avoid being burdens to those around them, but surely an injury would have been more noticeable on the hike to the castle.

"Mm. Might be muscle strain or somethin'." Faris doesn't sound too worried, so Lenna lets her tone put her at ease. "Butz will make her rest if needs be."

Several long moments pass in silence as they sit together in front of the fireplace. Faris' breath finally matches hers as the last of the anger fades away. Lenna always thinks it's a marvel how easily their rhythms can match up so well.

"This isn't how I wanted our first night alone to go," Lenna says at last, when she's sure her sister is relaxed enough for her to bring up a long unaddressed topic. Faris' breath stills, disrupting their harmony.

Before her worries that she overstepped get to be too much, Faris responds with a note of amusement in her voice. "How did you want it to end?"

Rather than answer immediately, Lenna focuses on the long, lean body in her arms. Her fingers trace along the top of her breeches, pausing at the belt buckle just below Faris' navel. The tightening of Faris' stomach under her fingers is encouraging, but she won't press the issue. "I know I shouldn't presume, not after that celebration, but I was hoping we could pick up where we left off."

"And where's that?" The note of amusement fades, and taking its place is what Lenna can only guess to be cautious anticipation.

There's no going back from this. They both know it. Yet Lenna has never been so close to someone like this before. She has never wanted someone so much. She has never loved someone this way. Miraculously enough, Faris seems to feel the same.

With no small amount of impulsiveness and her heart thrumming in her chest in anxiety over whether or not Faris will be receptive to her advances after such a disastrous evening, she gets off the sofa to stand before her handsome captain and take off the silk robe.

The white lace-and-satin nightgown underneath was supposed to be for her wedding night. Everything about it, from the materials used to the mid-thigh length and the thin straps holding it up, is meant to seduce. Lenna remembers being horrified when Jenica gave it to her on her eighteenth birthday and plastering on a wan smile in response, because she knew that she could never love a man enough to willingly marry him. Nothing about them has ever attracted her.

So, naturally, she falls in love with Faris, who is male, female, both, and neither. Someone for whom the dictates of gender is an unpleasantness at best and torture at worse. Goodness, no wonder Faris was so upset. She'll have to do her best to make it up to her, if she's allowed.

In an act that might be desperately foolish, Lenna allows all the love she has for her sister to play on her face as she straddles Faris' lap and settles with knees on either side of her hips. The nightgown, already cut short, barely hides the tops of her thighs when she sits like this, and only the high-cut slits at either side keep it from riding up to expose her entirely.

"Why, I clearly remember some very nice kisses in Moore," she begins as she settles her arms loosely around her sister's shoulders. "We could start there."

Faris snorts in amusement, but there's little mistaking the smoldering desire in her eyes and the way her hands glide along the smooth white satin of her bridal nightgown. Her hands settle on Lenna's hips, and Lenna can't help but wonder whether it's to keep her at bay or keep her from escaping. "If it's gonna start and end there, you need to tell me. 'Fraid I might go a lot further than you're comfortable with."

Oh, for—of course Lenna would be comfortable with anything her sister can come up with. She has a good idea now what Faris does with her prostitutes and would be happy to take their place in her arms for once. With a soft smile, she leans in close enough to press her forehead against her sister's and stroke her cheek in that way that's become habit when they're alone. "Anything you do with them, you can do with me."

A sudden solemnity washes over her sister and she's not sure what she did wrong. Before she can gather the wherewithal to question it, Faris hugs her tightly. Lenna's not quite sure what to do, because the mood seems to have changed entirely, but she hugs her sister back and waits it out.

"You're not them, love," Faris says at last, still holding Lenna so close that it almost aches. "I fuck 'em with no remorse 'cause they take my money and I show 'em a good time. You're the one I want to make love to."

Oh. Lenna isn't sure what the difference is, but she's sure the distinction matters a great deal to Faris. She runs her fingers through her sister's beautiful long hair until the arms around her ease up enough for her to pull away if she wishes. Not that Lenna ever wants to.

"Then make love to me." Because she's sure that this is what they both want, Lenna leans in to brush her lips against her sister's.

For a brief, terrifying moment, Lenna worries that her sister's lack of immediate response is evidence that she's not really interested. Then, after what felt like an eternity of uncertainty, Faris' lips take hers up in a searing kiss as she holds Lenna close. Lenna is aware, faintly, of the hand at the small of her back and the other curling around the nape of her neck, but the bulk of her attention fixates on the press of Faris' lips against hers and her sister exploring her mouth in that gentle, deliberate way that turns her on faster than any of her eavesdropping sessions. The feeling of their breasts pressed against each other, warm and soft and separated only by a couple of layers of thin fabric, makes Lenna's head swim.

Lenna kisses back, eager to reciprocate, and her fingers twist in her sister's hair. The fragments of desire she's usually so good about hiding in public expand to inescapable currents of need that pool between her legs and sweep through her until she can feel the stark jolts of lust down to her fingers. Before she kissed her own sister for the first time, she had no idea kisses could have such an effect on her. Now she can't get enough.

As if spurred on by Lenna's desire for her, Faris' hands finally start moving. They hesitate at first, but Lenna's brief break of the kiss before rubbing her chest over her sister's and resuming her enjoyment of Faris' mouth seems to encourage her. The hand at her back moves first, callused fingers tracing up and down her spine in a way that makes her shiver with delight and squirm in her sister's lap. The other hand leaves the back of her neck to settle on her hip, gliding along the satin as if in search for some trace of her underwear.

Laughing lightly, Lenna breaks the kiss and moves away just enough for there to be a bit of empty space between them. She watches Faris with a smile she can't hope to suppress as she takes the hand at her hip, turns it palm-up, and guides it between her legs.

"See what you do to me?" she asks as she holds Faris' hand against the curls of her mound. With nothing to block her sister's access to her folds, there's also nothing to stop Faris from feeling the wet heat building within her.

Her sister's fingers are almost reverent as they tease her curls and caress her lips. They feel so marvelous that her own efforts to pleasure herself seem crude and dull in comparison. The long middle finger slips between her lips and she can practically feel Faris' self-restraint falter with a low, nearly voiceless groan of need.

Raw, unbridled love-lust-want flares to life in Faris' eyes as her finger sinks further between her wet, welcoming folds. Lenna's breath frays into soft, ragged bits. In the wash of pleasure from finally, finally feeling Faris' touch where she wants it most, Lenna lets go of her hand in favor of clinging to her shoulders.

Faris runs the finger down the length of her slit, pauses at her entrance, and pulls away. Before Lenna can protest the loss, Faris brings her finger up to stare at the play of firelight on the juices clinging to it. Lenna's breath hitches as her sister brings her finger to her lips, breathes in her scent, and sucks off her juices.

The sight makes her pussy twitch with need, and maybe she might have let out a very undignified whimper. Faris' gaze burns as she watches her reactions. "Knew you'd taste good," her sister says at last. There's that husky quality in Faris' voice she only ever seems to have in the bedroom. "Didn't imagine you'd taste that good."

Oh, gods. The potential implications sets her imagination alight.

The consuming kiss Faris sweeps her up in seems to go straight to the growing need between her legs. She welcomes it eagerly, tasting herself on her sister's tongue. In her desire for more contact with her sister, Lenna tries to rub herself against her sister's breeches.

Before she can make any sort of contact, Faris' hands descend on her hips to stop her. The most peculiar conflict of emotions play across her face as she takes a bracing breath. "No. Nope. Gotta draw a line somewhere."

Lenna's jaw might have dropped. Stunned that Faris could even think of stopping now, when they both want this, she can't even cobble together a protest. Let alone anything coherent.

"Not gonna make love to you in Dad's old clothes," Faris says quickly. It's followed up by a brief, apologetic kiss. "Even I've got my limits."

Thank goodness. With a quick, mischievous grin, Faris' hands slide down her hips and around to squeeze her cheeks. Lenna's thoughts, whatever remains of them, trip over themselves as her sister holds her close and attempts standing. It takes a couple of tries, awkward as it is to do so without much leverage, but eventually Faris manages to get to her feet with Lenna still in her arms. Lenna, for her part, wraps herself around her sister, lets herself be carried, and plants little kisses all around her sister's face.

"Not quite a bridal carry," Faris says along the way to her bed. There's a lightness to her voice that's been missing for a while now. Lenna is just glad to have it back. "Shame, and you're appropriately dressed."

It's such a non sequitur that Lenna can't help but giggle. She feels so light now that they're together like this that she's happy to forget, if just for the moment, that there's a world outside her chambers.

The wick of the oil lamp nearest to her bed lights without the uttering of a single word of a Fire spell. Lenna doesn't have much time to wonder when the Water Crystal will favor her like that; Faris attempts to set her down on her bed and she has to move quickly if she wants to get across the notion that she's more than willing. Heavens, the last thing she wants is for her sister to start overthinking things. She unwraps her legs from around her sister's hips to stand and pull away just enough to unbuckle Faris' belt.

Or at least try to. Faris' hands fall on hers. There's not enough resistance to stop her, but it seems like her sister has second thoughts she'll have to dislodge. Standing on her toes gives her just enough height to nuzzle and kiss Faris' neck, an impulse she follows with vigor. Maybe Lenna isn't experienced in this, and in her enthusiasm she simply does everything that comes to mind, but it's enough to increase her sister's breathing.

"Do you know how much I wanted to do this?" Lenna asks, punctuating her words with little kisses and licks all along her sister's neck. Faris' hands fall away from hers, allowing her to finally unbuckle and draw away the belt from its loops. She tosses it…somewhere. She'll find it in the morning. "For how long?"

Faris' chuckle comes shallow and a little ragged, but she speaks a lot better than Lenna would in her position. Her hands move to Lenna's shoulders, but she makes no attempt to push her away. "I've wanted you since you tried to steal my ship, love. Can't beat me there."

"Mm. No." Now that the belt's gone, Lenna toys a little with the laces that hold the collar together. Somewhere in her eagerness, her teeth scrape against Faris' skin in the effort to draw the mythril chain of her necklace away to kiss underneath it. The way Faris hisses and her hands twitch at the scrape isn't something she expected, but she's happy to pursue it. "No, I thought you were a man then. I'm afraid I don't care for men. But when you tried to save me from those poachers, I wanted to reward you in ways that are very undignified." And with that, she emphasizes her words with a nip at the throat.

The sharp intake of breath and the way Faris' body stiffens against her are so rewarding that she tries it again on the other side. A shiver runs through her sister's body and she's so, so tempted to just turn the tables on her and be the one doing the ravishing. Lenna doubts Faris ever had her prostitutes do that kind of thing with her; it requires a level of vulnerability her sister doesn't allow strangers to see.

Before she can follow through on the thought, Faris' hands grip her shoulders a little harder to pull her away. She barely manages to string together enough thoughts to protest, but then Faris' lips crush hers in a kiss so unrestrained that she marvels at how much self-control her sister must have had before now. Lenna welcomes it eagerly and with just as much desperation, glad beyond words that she can stir such passions in her handsome pirate captain.

Not to be deterred, Lenna's hands return to their task of undressing her sister. She's perhaps not as deliberate as she wants to be, but the way Faris kisses her scrambles her thoughts and makes her yearn for more. Still, despite feeling like she might drown in her desires, Lenna yanks the tails of the old, faded blue shirt from under the breeches and thinks ill of all the buttons on the breeches. A couple of the buttons even pop off in her haste, and her frustration towards them makes her break the kiss.

Though she's too kind to actually laugh at her, Faris' eyes still dance with amusement. Her hands finally join Lenna's to help with the unbuttoning. Before Faris can do it herself, Lenna shoos her hands away to slip them under the breeches and around to squeeze at her sister's buttocks in a way that mirrors Faris' groping of hers earlier. And. Ooooh. She's firm. Lenna used to prefer women with soft curves, but her inappropriate love for her sister seems to have changed that. She doesn't mind at all.

Faris' restraint on her amusement finally cracks and she laughs. There's nothing but fondness in her eyes, which keeps Lenna from being offended or discouraged. "And here I thought I was the incorrigible tribade," she says in that way that makes Lenna feel so warm and fuzzy. "You're like this with all your conquests, princess?"

"Oh, no. Just with you." Really, Lenna should be embarrassed by her urge to press her face into her sister's chest as she slides the breeches off her hips, but she can't be bothered. It's a miracle Lenna isn't dripping down her legs with how wet she is. "You're my one and only."

That stillness settles in Faris again, the one that means she's thinking seriously about something. Not wanting to spook her, Lenna wraps her arms around her sister and ignores her desires for the moment. "You're all I want. I don't mind sharing, if that's what you want."

"You're sure about that?" The warmth seems to leave Faris' voice, making Lenna fear that she must have done something wrong.

Naturally, Lenna clings tighter to her. They both want this, they both know it, and she just has to assure Faris somehow that she's going into this with full awareness of what it means. "More sure than I am about anything else lately."

"Love, if you want this to be forever, it will be," Faris says, finally, after perhaps too long a moment of silence. She nudges Lenna's chin up to look at her, and Lenna might have melted a bit from the look in her sister's eyes. She's so serious, but it's the type of seriousness that leads to promises. Faris so rarely makes promises. "'Fraid I don't like sharing much, and I expect you're the same. If we're gonna do this, I'll be faithful for as long as you want me."

Lenna can't quite stop herself from smiling. No, she doesn't like the notion of sharing, either. Nor does she see herself ever growing bored of this hopelessly tangled connection they have. With light tugs on the laces of the old shirt, she brings Faris back down for another kiss. "Then forever it will be."

The kiss feels like they're securing their promises, sincere and deliberate. When Faris pulls away again, there's a glimmer of a desire in her eyes that has nothing to do with sex. She wants something permanent. So does Lenna.

With all the certainty in the world, Lenna pulls away to sit on the edge of her bed. She leans back invitingly, though she's afraid she hasn't had experience enough to look very enticing. Her voice might be a low purr, for all that she can barely hear herself over the thumping of her heart in her chest. She wants so much to be with her sister, her captain, in every way she can be. "Make me yours."

The heated look Faris shoots her before she pulls off the shirt to toss aside might very well make Lenna melt with desire. The eagerness with which Lenna watches her sister strip can't possibly be masked, but Faris doesn't seem to mind. Her skin is pale under her clothes, marked by scars from old battles, and hints of wiry muscles ripple under the skin as she moves. Lenna would love more than anything to spend an entire night laving her captain's body with all the attentions she'd denied herself in the past.

"Fuck," Faris says at last, her eyes skittering along Lenna's body like she can't make up her mind at the dessert table. "I don't even know where to begin."

"You can start by joining me."

Thankful beyond measure that the bed is too heavy and well-built to creak from the added weight and movement, Lenna scoots back as her sister climbs in to join her. It takes a bit of moving around, and a boldness she never would have possessed if they weren't so familiar with each other, but eventually Lenna manages to crawl over her sister's body, straddles her hips, and tries for another kiss. For all that she complains of the chill, Faris' body is warmer in her arms than she expected.

Hands that never seem to grow cold roam Lenna's body as she drowns in the kiss. The wet velvet slide of Faris' tongue against hers, the taste of her mouth, everything about her, stokes the mounting pleasure within her and drives her desire for more. More kisses, more of her touch, more of Faris.

Her hand trembles with the strength of her desires as she reaches between them to fondle her sister's breast. Faris' are smaller than hers, but they're perfectly shaped. Her nipples are already so hard that Lenna can feel them against her own breasts, and it's base curiosity alone that drives Lenna to explore one with her fingers. Faris shivers as she grazes the small, hard end of one with her thumb; she tries again and delights in the fact that she can give her more experienced sister this kind of pleasure.

Suddenly inspired, Lenna shifts her knees for better leverage, nudges her breasts until her nipples press against Faris', and starts on an up-and-down motion along her sister's body. It's such a lovely feeling, being so close to her sister.

To her surprise, Faris' hands fall on her hips to hold her still. "I've an idea, sweetness," she whispers. Faris' hips angles upwards against hers as she raises her knees. Then her knees part as the position changes again. "Haven't done this in years, but…"

Lenna's world comes to a stop as the tops of their mounds press together. It's not complete contact between their clitorises, but it's close enough that she can feel the heat radiating from between her sister's legs and the hardness under the hood of her sister's clit. It's enough to scatter her thoughts.

"Try moving like you were." That husky quality returns to Faris' voice, the one that suggests she's a lot more aroused than she's letting on. Lenna hopes to hear it much more often.

She resumes her motions with only a little bit of guidance from her more experienced partner, until they settle into a rhythm that's just as much Faris' as hers. The push and pull of their mounds against each other, of the hoods of their clits against each other and stimulating each other, drives every coherent thought out of Lenna's head. There's only the motion, the warm body beneath her, and the raw pleasure building up between them with each pass.

Guided by her sister's increasingly uncontrolled motions, Lenna moves faster. All that matters is their closeness, the pleasure they're chasing together, and she's so, so close, and—

And suddenly Lenna finds herself mentally thrown as her sister grips her tightly in her arms, curls into her, and shudders in a silent but unmistakable orgasm. She pushes through her own surprise to hold Faris through the deluge, kissing the top of her head and running her fingers through her hair as she waits it out.

Eventually, once the tremors subside, her sister eases back against the bed and gives a breathy chuckle. There might be a tone of bashfulness in it, but far be it for Lenna to point it out. There's something so enticing about seeing Faris like this—open, unguarded, completely relaxed and disheveled—that she wants nothing more than to repeat the experience as often as she can.

"Didn't expect to be the one to come first," Faris admits. The half-smile she gives is wry, teasing, and perhaps a bit adoring. "You need to stop wreckin' my plans, love. I've a reputation to maintain."

"My poor captain." Lenna moves a bit to plant a kiss on the old, puckered scar on Faris' left shoulder. "I won't tell anyone if you won't."

Faris doesn't comment. Lenna settles against her side and rests her head on her shoulder, fully prepared to leave things as they are. Before she can relax enough to go to sleep, however, Faris pulls her to sit up with her and tugs playfully at one of the straps of her nightgown.

"Not fair that I'm the only one naked," Faris says, that gleam of mischief in her eyes promising that the night was not yet over. "'Sides, you deserve a little reward."

The smile comes entirely too easily to her, but Faris always seems to have that effect. She toys a little with the lacy bottom hem of her nightgown. "Reward, huh?"

"Aye. Something you've had comin' for a while now." Faris' smirk is more pirate than she expected, and it does funny things to the low ebb of her arousal. As if sensing her piqued interest, Faris' hand slips under the hem she'd been toying with as she leans in for another kiss.

The kiss only seems to enhance the tingling trails Faris' caresses leave on her skin. She relishes the way Faris' attentions so easily stokes the heat of her desire. Perhaps the kiss might have been a distraction as her sister pulls off her nightgown, but her one article of clothing would have come off either way.

And, suddenly, she's on her back and panting as Faris breaks the kiss to nuzzle, kiss, and lick every swath of skin she can. For all her speed and lack of apparent planning, she's still so gentle about it that Lenna can't help loving her sister's mouth. And—oh—the swipes of a soft, wet roughness against her nipples makes her gasp and squirm as the stark jolts of need seems to dart straight between her legs.

So tempted is she to attend to her growing need for a touch where she wants it most, she reaches for herself and—and her thoughts go off a cliff as Faris grabs her wrist and speaks in that low, dark tone that always makes her yearn for her touch. "Let me, love. I'll take care of you."

Lenna can't focus on a thing after that. There's only the pleasure and the need for more of her sister's attentions. There's only her sister's searing kisses that seem to leave a glowing heat wherever they go. There's only—

There's—a hot breath tickling the curls between her legs. A gentle kiss on each inner thigh so close to the lips between them that she shivers in her need. Faris hasn't even touched her there since they were on the couch and she's already so close to becoming undone.

Thankfully, Faris isn't cruel. Not for her first time. It takes every bit of willpower Lenna has to keep from making a sound as her sister trails feather-light kisses down her slit that do nothing but tease. Then Faris parts her legs further and her tongue delves between her lips and into the molten heat of Lenna's center and Lenna has to cover her mouth firmly with her hand lest a single cry escapes.

Faris' wicked tongue explores every fold between her legs, divides and traces along her lips, laps up the wetness that has been building since they sequestered themselves for the night. It feels delicious, exquisite, wonderful beyond her paltry imaginings. The pleasure builds with every hot breath and swipe of tongue. She can't control herself; her hips undulate in her need for more.

Suddenly there's a stretching within her as something penetrates her for the first time. Fingers. Two. Right, she did say she didn't want to be a virgin at some point. Lenna barely has thought enough to be aware of more than that. It's a pressure that fades once she's used to it. She's too wet and Faris too gentle with her for it to hurt the way Jenica told her it would.

The fingers within her move once she's smothering her panting in her palm again. The motions only match those of her hips, going no faster or slower. Before she can gather her senses, the pleasure returns to build, and build, and—

Faris leans back in, her lips taking in as much of her clit and its hood into her mouth as she can. The warm wet of her mouth and the teasing of Lenna's clit with her tongue is all it takes to break the tension of her pent-up pleasure. She muffles her cry and shudders through the sheer force of her orgasm. It washes over her, sparkling along every bit of her being in a way that makes her own efforts at self-pleasure pale in comparison. She's aware, vaguely, of gripping roughly at her sister's hair while her muscles spasm against the fingers inside her.

And then it fades, slowly, leaving her feeling like she's drifting on the warm waters of a calm sea. Lenna feels rather boneless as she slumps back in her bed. She may never leave again.

Eventually she opens her eyes to watch her sister ease her fingers out of her, only to lick them clean with obvious relish. Lenna is too far gone to feel more than a muted twinge of desire. Upon noticing Lenna watching her, Faris' eyes twinkle with all the smugness of a self-satisfied dragon. "You're delicious, love. We'll need to do this again."

Honestly, Lenna can't even string words together right now. All she can manage is some vague sound of assent.

Not that Faris seems to mind. Her face softens as she crawls up to Lenna's side, pulls the blankets over them, and takes her in her arms. The light from the oil lamps go out, leaving only the fire dancing in the fireplace. Lenna snuggles against her sister, her beloved captain, and breathes in the scent of her as she drifts off to sleep.

There's a low, soft "Love you more than you know," but maybe Lenna dreamed it.


Faris wakes just before dawn. As usual. Old habit borne of working on ships for most of her life. The crew rises with the dawn, so she has to wake earlier just to dress and get her clothes arranged to hide the shape of her body. The habit helps with this quest, too; Krile is too young to be staying up for her watch shifts and, despite all protests that they can manage without her help, gives them a try anyway. Faris usually wakes to see Krile dozing off and lets the girl think she didn't notice.

Unusual is the comfort of the bed, the warmth of plush blankets and sheets as soft to the touch as rose petals, and the fact that the girl sleeping in her arms is her own sister.

Her sister. A princess. And, despite Lenna's inexperience, the best lay she'd ever had.

Probably the most fucked up thing about this whole affair is that she doesn't regret any of it. Growing close was natural; that much couldn't be helped. Drawing a line anywhere wasn't an option; they love each other too much to want anything to stand between them. Their compatibility is an exquisite rarity that Faris would be a fool to squander. But for that one matter of close blood relations that neither of them has any power over, that they didn't even know about when they started to develop feelings for each other, everything about what they have is a miracle.

Fire and Water. Sky and Sea. There's no more perfect symmetry she can think of. They're a matched set. Now that they're back together, Faris will fight anything and everything to protect Lenna and what they have.

Fuck it all. If she can pass as a man for fifteen years, she can hide their relationship. It'll be something she and Lenna can work on, and there will be time enough after this quest is over with.

Damned if she can figure out where to go from here, however. At least regarding the quest. She's still not sure about whatever fey impetus drives Krile, but she suspects the girl and Butz of following it to the next stage of this quest. So, she'll just have to track them down.

After washing up, dressing, and collecting the popped-off buttons to the breeches, Faris nicks a spare pillow and sheet to dump and arrange on the couch. A couple of logs and a wordless Fire spell brings to life the embers that faded overnight. By the time she's done, it at least looks like she hadn't spent the night with a cuddly armful of princess.

"I suppose you'll be tracking the others this morning?" Lenna asks as she gets dressed in something gauzy, impractical, and thoroughly head-turning. She's as beautiful outside as she is in, and so tempting a vision that Faris might be inclined to disregard caution and devour her again.

Drawn like an addict, she joins Lenna in front of the mirror set in her wardrobe door. Faris stands just behind her sister, her hands settling on the flare of her hips. Lenna leans back against her chest and clasps her hands together in front of her. The soft, reflected smile Lenna gives her is just as unfettered and adoring as it always is when they're alone. Faris can't help but hold her a little closer.

In a perfect world, they'd make a very handsome couple. It's not a perfect world. They'll have to be careful.

"Soon as I find my real clothes, aye. I'll tie 'em up the moment they make it to a town and send a messenger." Faris takes a moment to give the side of Lenna's head a quick peck of a kiss. "Take the dragon and join us when you're finished here."

Lenna turns to embrace her. A long, silent moment passes between them, in which they simply gaze into each other's eyes and fall in love all over again. Lenna pulls her down for a kiss Faris gives gladly. For that moment, nothing else matters.

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