The Wolf Priestess of Nibelheim (Original)

BY : AtelierHermit
Category: Final Fantasy Anime > AU - Alternate Universe
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I, Erma Imurri of Los Angeles; I mean Erma of Midgar… No, whoever I was, woke up groaning in pain from conflicting memories and the fact I was reincarnated into Final Fantasy VII as Zangan’s ten-year-old daughter. I was now Erma Horo and ironically looked like a child version of Horo from Spice and Wolf. I had long brown hair with white-tipped canine ears, a matching tail, brown eyes that turn red with slitted pupils when angered, and pale skin tone. My prepared outfit across the foot of my bed consisted of wood brown shoes, dark brown khakis with dark purple edges, auburn sash with a built-in tan hip pouch with brown rims, and a pin buckle with an empty materia slot, and a lavender long-sleeved shirt with dark purple edges. I slowly got out of bed and instinctively started doing stretches while deep in thought. Once done I started towards a room in the dojo, that the house was built on top of, I knew had weights for me to lift before I would start training with different weapons to find the ones I am a natural with.

It seems that my father had met with a woman that took alchemy to a whole new level enough to turn into a half-wolf due to a botched experiment. They had been happy together until she died during labor with me, but Zangan didn’t hold it against me. Instead, he treats me like I was his world now that I was the last reminder of his wife, down to the same looks. When I finished weightlifting under my father’s supervision along with none other than Tifa Lockhart and a few others we took turns running through basic attacks with the practice melee weapons made of foam, archery with foam-tipped arrows, and marksmanship with paint-ball guns. It was during the training that I found a nunchuck that no one wanted to try after I finished using the paint-ball pistol.

When I picked it up I recalled the years of training with a nunchuck on Earth, so I tried a slowed-down version of my personal nunchuck kata like I did similar to the paintball pistol like I trained with airsoft derringer revolvers on Earth as well. After the dojo was closed for the day Father ushered me to the shooting range while pulling out a nunchuck that acted also as attached revolvers. The lower third of each revolver was just the barrel with black metal with golden dragon insignia; the second third portion had the actual ammunition cylinder, reloading switch, and enclosed trigger; and the final portion was an elm handle with silver-rimmed materia slot and a golden chain with cap. I was told that the weapon was called Obsidian Dragon, and was made by my maternal grandfather that went to my mother and would go to me when I was old enough. Once Obsidian Dragon was put away I finally decided to request to start helping at the item shop in the form of cleaning and learning alchemy to synthesize the stock instead of buying the prepared items, “I wish to do so to ease the village’s funds and learn responsibility and more.”

Father took a moment to think it over as well as test my resolve to try until finally, he said he would discuss it with the mayor, item shopkeeper, and weapon shopkeeper to help out at lower pay to learn how each shop works, how to perform alchemy and simple weapon maintenance on top of learning to fight as well as school. I squealed before hugging my father’s waist in thanks while promising to put in even more effort in school to show my dedication and appreciation. Thus started my training not only as a fighter, but as an alchemist, maintenance worker, and shop hand. Maybe I could do other odd jobs to earn more reputation and skills in preparations of joining Avalanche with Tifa… If I survive the fall of Nibelheim, that is.

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