The Wolf Priestess of Nibelheim (Original)

BY : AtelierHermit
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It was during my usual studying of different blacksmithing techniques to craft armor that I found out that each technique for making armor either focused more on defense buffing through runes and potions, number of materia slots through similar means, or linked materia slots through the same process. I was skilled enough in alchemy to try experimenting supervised, so I used Mondays and Thursdays to practice improving the potions used in blacksmithing. I also tinkered every Sunday and Wednesday to improve the concoctions for medicinal use, Tuesdays and Fridays I actually tested my studies and skills in the field as mostly the healer and pack-mule, and Saturdays I would rest. I found out quickly that I was given half-days at school to focus on my jobs after lunch with homework at night and training in the mornings. Father had admitted that he cashed in a couple of favors to help me become the best I could be and that I would have to keep my grades above an A minus every two weeks or I had to cut one job until my grade went back up.

After three months of improving the potions for blacksmithing and practice making each type of rune system for the armor, I was allowed to start engraving and soaking my own designs into the trash pile armors to learn how. If I did a good job then I was allowed to keep the best trashy armor for myself if I could replicate the effects for all the neighborhood watch members that need to train. I quickly agreed to take an armor piece from my pile that was more balanced between defense and linked materia. It continued like that until six months when I would learn to engrave accessory runes and potion recipes. And that was just for the weapons shop. For the items shop, I learned how to synthesize better concoctions and more advanced items while learning how to appraise materia for both qualities of stability and power levels. At first, Father was shocked at how fast I was progressing in my jobs to Journeyman level, nearly college level in academics, and how much Gil I was earning. I showed him how I was budgeting my Gil into three thirty-three percentages evenly for better gear for learning, experiments from my own funds, and savings for when I become an adult with the one percent for fun like reading for fun. When he asked what gear I used when fighting I showed him my Star Bracelet to start with a constantly slotted Tier Two Healing Materia and my set of different element materia that was all about Tier Two as well. Then I showed him the personally crafted double-layered outfit I made for pieces of spare kevlar sheets that would be ruined if patched together to form any bulletproof vests.

The outfit consisted of heavy-duty tennis shoes, Muay Thai shin guards, jeans under a gamboised cuisse set, battle skirt with three interlocking belt designs, dual katanas in one scabbard for my weapon, kevlar sleeveless turtle-neck over shoulderless chainmail, blizzard scarf with goggles, and kevlar gauntlets. I admitted to sneakily measuring Obsidian Dragon to craft a new sheath for it to go on my right hip above any potions while my katanas would go behind my left hip and a small materia pouch across the back of my waist. He allowed me to try the currently untested outfit during one of his routes with the neighborhood watch two days from now. I thanked him with a hug before getting ready for my homework in history, which was a bit dull to me.

~ ~ ~Two Days Later~ ~ ~
We were patrolling one of the trails while looking for either wolf pelts and alchemy reagents when we were ambushed by a Nibel Dragon. Coincidently it had taken Father by surprise and knocked him and the others senseless. I took a moment to gather the courage and faced the monster on my own using the pilfered Obsidian Dragon with a switched poison Matewria in the left pistol rod and a Barrier Materia in the right pistol rod. I forced as much magick as I could into a large barrier around the others before rushing the dragon. I barely managed to dodge the frost breath attack and the barely hidden claw attack before I managed to cast poison right into the dragon’s maw when it breathed in and fire a couple of rounds into its eyes. While it was reeling from the combo I hopped onto its back and slashed
into its wing joints before I found a small chink in its scales near its head. I was about to stab a katana into the spot when the dragon flung me into the air and swallowed me whole at the now coherent protest of my father. I managed to drop both Obsidian Dragon and one of my katanas for Father to fight with when the barrier faded. While traveling down the dragon’s throat I pulled out my other katana and used it to cut the dragon right into its frost sack in its torso near the throat. The dragon roared in pain while I hit its stomach before I forced my recently discovered Limitbreaker awake.

I rapidly transformed into what I knew to be a giant zoroark that still caused the dragon’s stomach to expand a bit to fit my curled form while creaking from being too full. I growled before uncurling, causing the dragon’s stomach to burst open and I grabbed its head before snapping its neck. While I was calming down my father stepped closer before asking in an uncertain tone, “Erma, darling?”

“…Papa…” I growled in a deep voice, barely holding onto my mental stability in the sudden instincts and urge to attack, “…Are you all okay?…”

Father took a moment to check the other’s who had fainted at the sight of me and checked my new form over before helping me dismiss my transformation. Once I was normal again Father slipped his cloak around my body as my clothes were largely in tatters. When the other woke up and calmed down we headed back to Nibelheim, only once home I collapsed from a fever brought on by unlocking my Limitbreaker fully. Father quickly got me to bed to rest and told me that I would stay in bed for a week in case of any delayed reactions. I agreed with a forlorn sigh.

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