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Reviews for Shadows within darkness

By : schwaerze
  • From ANON - fyrbyrd on December 29, 2010
    Oh my, how did I miss the ending of this? I've been negligent again. What a good ending too, yummy vincent/yazoo, which you know I love. But I'm curious about the epilogue....????
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  • From Rina76 on November 24, 2010
    Aw, I love you too!! *glomps* Thank you SO SO much for finishing this, and in such a wonderful way! You tied up all the loose ends nicely and it was great to see what happened to everyone. Poor Cloud, but at least Zack is still around and I'm sure he and Seph can find some kind of peace together. I'm so happy Sephiroth stopped chasing Vincent and Yazoo because that could have gone on forever without being resolved! Ha, Lucrecia is back where she always belonged, with creepy Hojo!

    And Loz and Kadaj LIVE!! YAY!! *squeals and hugs you* And they're with Reno! Even more yay! :D That's terrific that they're all together, looking after each other, and maybe one day they'll find Yazoo. At least I hope so. But it's kind of cool with them all living on a ship together, Loz banging scrubbers and stuff. XDD So, I guess I forgive Vincent for lying about that. I always suspected he lied...

    I'm so happy that Yazoo decided to stay with his love. That's where he should be, after all. Awesomely hot smex to end with! Very delicious and bloody. ^^

    I know what you mean about other books influencing your writing. Yeah, I can see how Armand's story impacted yours, for sure! Yazoo's very much like Armand and Vincent is very much like Marius. But better because they can have sex!! ;)

    This was an epic, grand, colourful story of passion which I greatly enjoyed reading, every chapter surprising me and leaving me wanting to know more. You're a beautiful writer and you should be extremely proud of this story because I'm proud of you for completing it and for how much work you put into every paragraph. I'm kinda sad that it's over but very happy too because it ended so well! Fantastic job, my dear, and I'll still come back to Germany anyway just because I want to see you again! ^__^
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  • From Rina76 on September 16, 2010
    And Zack? What happened to him? Did Seph rip him apart with rage after mother was killed or did he manage to escape and make a life for himself somewhere else? Sorry to be picky and demanding but you introduced us to all these wonderful characters and made us care about them. If you're gonna finish the story in the next chapter, please tie up all the loose ends so we're not wondering! Please? *makes begging eyes and holds out a box full of Milo bars*
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  • From Rina76 on September 16, 2010
    Oh, and btw, just wanted to explain something. I had always thought that Vincent was lying about Kadaj and Loz being dead just so Yazoo didn't go back and look for them, because he wanted to keep Yazoo for himself. I don't know why I thought that - perhaps it was because you never described their death scene (until now) so I never believed it really happened! I know there was the dream Yazoo had where Loz and Daj were in it in some kind of afterlife but I didn't know if that was real, or just him imagining seeing his brothers because he missed them so much. I guess I always thought you'd spring a surprise family reunion sometime later down the track, with Loz and Daj being all shocked to find out their little brother hasn't aged one bit. That would have been a great scene! XD But I was way off track in thinking that. I'm probably not the only one who thought it, though. But as your other recent reviewer pointed out, Loz and Daj would have suffered without Yaz's looks and skills in bringing in money. They would have starved on their own (and pined for Yazoo every day) and it was better that it ended for them early on, before things got much worse. You are a merciful author, my dear! XD

    But what happened to Reno? Did he get killed too?
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  • From Rina76 on September 16, 2010
    Finally had time to read this! You're welcome - thank you for appreciating me! *huggles* And thank you for giving us this new, long-awaited chapter. I have been dying to know what happens.

    Aw, poor Loz and Kadaj. :( What a sad way to end their sad little lives. I had really hoped that they weren't dead but it was a brutal world they lived in, after all. Though I am very glad Vincent took revenge for them and gave them a proper burial. Why doesn't Vincent tell Yazoo that he was raped? Surely Yazoo is stong enough to handle it now. Or I would think so, at least. But maybe he is scared of upsetting Yazoo further and doesn't want to do anything to drive him away. He really is afraid of losing Yazoo forever, isn't he? He loves that boy to death. I hope Yazoo makes the right choice. (which is to live for the rest of eternity with Vincent, making vampy love every night!) Both of them have been through some horrible events in their lives and they really deserve to find a kind of happiness, or at least peace, with each other.

    You simply must continue this. I have to know how the story ends! You are forbidden to leave it just here. I've followed this awesome story for 45 damn chapters (and reviewed pretty much all of them too) and if you don't finish it properly I will come back to Germany and give you a right good scolding, young lady!! XD

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  • From ANON - fflove190 on August 26, 2010
    omg! I luffles this story! You are an amazing awesomeness cookie with vampire sprinkles. Admittedly, I am a little shocked that you actually killed off Loz and Kadaj (though it makes sense, seeing as they probably would've suffered if they had survived; plus Vincent's bad at lying). I also super luffed Zack's presence in Vincent's story (uber lufflez fangirlness) and I hope he's still alive somewhere, maybe luffing/siring on Cloud (?), but that'd probably be a whole other story.
    I also really enjoy your writing style, it makes me flop in happiness. Can't wait to see Yazoo's reaction to Vinny's story (though it'll probably be far less interesting than mine was) and I hope you'll update soon again! Yay! /huggle
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  • From ANON - Riiiiina! on March 12, 2010
    Are you still planning to update SWD? I greatly enjoy this fic and think of it often. I would very much like to see how it ends, and hear the rest of Vincent's tale. *misses vampy Vin and Yaz (and their hawt vampy-smex), headless Mother, Monster-Seph and Zack with his cute lil bat-wings* ^^
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  • From IntHellsing on November 06, 2009
    I disapeared for awhile... glad to see this is still going.
    Ohhh. It's so neat to finally get to hear about Vincent's past...
    Of course we want moar Yaz in the next chapter!
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  • From Rina76 on October 17, 2009
    Wow! Awesome update! First of all, I am glad you put a bit of Yazoo at the beginning since he's the one meant to be listening to this tale. It was good to see how he's taking the story and how it is slowly beginning to repair the damage done by Lucrecia's arrival. I also loved how you described the tunnels under the castle as being like empty veins in a dead body. Very morbid and appropriate!

    The whole scene with Mother was scary, sickening and frightening beyond belief as was the dreaded sound of Sephiroth starting to come after Vincent. I can only imagine the terror of what Seph has become now that he's transformed. Once again, I so wish this was a movie so I could see it all in gory colour! But you paint the picture so well, I can see it all happening in my mind.

    Zack's reaction was absolutely pricless! XDDD Oh, I so hope he doesn't get killed over this. Poor Zacky. :(

    Loved this chapter! It was exciting and thrilling. Can't wait to see how Vincent's story ends! *bows down to the queen of horror-drama*
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  • From Madisuzy on October 06, 2009
    *flails* Now that is one evil cliffhanger! I'm so glad I found your story on here. So many chapters I hadn't read. Fantastic developement of Vincent and Yazoo's relationship. Loving the Vincent the vampire history....still hate Lucrecia though! LOL. I was so releaved when Vin told her to bugger off! Yeah Vin!! Can't wait for more. Thanks for updating!
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  • From Rina76 on October 06, 2009
    Oh, boy. Vinnie's in deep, deep shit now. *gulps* Though I admire the man's guts to say what he really thinks about the other vampires, who I must admit remind me awfully of the Theatre des Vampires in Anne Rice's tale, the ones that locked Louis in a coffin and sealed him in the wall. They were the most horrid, loathsome, revolting creatures I've ever seen and these ones that Vincent has met are just like them! They all deserve to die. I truly hope he kills every single one of them, even creepy Mother.

    But bless Zack for trying to help him. Even as a vampire that boy is still nice. ^__^ Btw, LOVE the vampy wings! Too cool.

    Sephiroth, strangely, acts no different being a vampire than he does when he's human. What does that say about him? XD

    I still like the story a lot, and hope you continue, though I suspect some of your fans may be missing Yazzie so that's why they're a bit quiet... Maybe a flash-forward to the present to reveal Yazoo's thoughts and retain their interest? Either way, /I'm/ still interested!
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  • From ANON - Lamica on August 25, 2009
    Ooooh finally an update! Though with how busy I've been it took me forever to read it. *laughs* Mother, that's great and the whole bit about Zack kicking Gen's ass, that's funny as hell too. xD Hope you're feeling better, I know very well how much it sucks to be sick, seems like these days I'm always sick xP Hope to see an update soon, well as soon as you can since you already know how hooked I am. ♥
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  • From ANON - Rina on August 23, 2009
    Haha, Zack is still good old friendly chirpy Zack! XD The way you write him - he's very easy to like.

    Eeep! Mother as an ancient Queen vampire? Scary. *runs away and hides*

    I'm sorry you didn't get to do the het but I loved this you more of an insight into the personality Vincent is developing. And at least he can sense pure evil when he sees it *coughsephirothcough*

    Can't wait to see how the hunt goes! (or how badly it fails...)
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  • From Rina76 on August 08, 2009
    LOVED this update! Vincent's background is spellbinding. When he's taken into the 'dining room', it so reminds me of the Anne Rice book, Vittorio the Vampire (one of her best works, I think) This was an amazing read, my girl. It's like a whole other story and I was utterly crestfallen when the chapter ended! I require more...

    Hell YES, do some het! I wanna see how you handle it and if you can make it as hot as your yaoi. It will be something completely different for you and I can't wait to read it! *is excited*
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  • From ANON - fyrbyrd on August 03, 2009
    Hi, I'm fine. Sorry to seem neglectful, I am still reading, fearing what is going to happen in the future... As for my baby, well I kind of got lost on where to go. But then I read a Dissidia fic last night and an idea formed, now I just need the time to sit down and type it up. Yes I've gotten into Dissidia, and it was only from watching a test game at the last con I was at. So keep up the good work, I want to read more...
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