What t$#%?$#%?

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"And pliers, here," Shera muttered to herself. "And screwdriverÖscrewdriver, whereíd I put that? Thanksó" She stopped, noticing someoneís hand handing her the screwdriver. She turned around and inedined the owner of the mysterious hand.

"Uh, I was going to ring that, but you seem to be fixing it at the moment," a short, scrawny man Shera had never seen before said. He looked innocuous enough, with dyed blonde hair that fell over his eyes slightly, and an attempt to look professional with his tie and vest. Shera was still a little bewildered. Rocket Town was small enough that everyone knew everyone else, yet this man was a complete stranger. "Iím new here. I was wondering if I could find Cid Highwind?"

"Heís out back," she answered. "Just around the house, heís probably working on his plane again."

"Thanks," he said, and wandered off around the house.

Shera shrugged and went back to fixing the doorbell.

Cid was half-buried in his plane, which heíd gutted; parts were strewn everywhere on the lawn.

"Shera? You finished already?" Cid said, not moving from his work on the plane.

"No, sorry. My nameís Daren."

"Well, just donít step on anything."

"I just wanted to stop by, if thatís alright with you."

"Whateverófucking piece ofónot you," Cid answered. "Am I supposed to remember you? Iím not really paying attention at the moment."

"I can see that. You havenít looked at me the whole time. No, I just moved here. I noticed Rocket Town didnít have a doctor around and I decided to make a niche for myself. Very nice town you got here."

"Whatís a niche?"

"Itsónever mind, its not important. I was wonderingóyou were in AVALANCHE, right?"

"I donít utogutographs, if thatís what youíre asking."

"No, Iím interested in another member, I was wondering if you could tell me aboutó"

"You want gossip, read the tabloids. Leave me alone, Iím trying to fix a plane here and some fucker stuck something together with gum. I swear to god, never buy used plane parts, no matter what. Never know where the fucking hell theyíve been."

"Iíll keep that inóno, Iím sorry, I was really interested in knowing about Mr. Vincent Valentine, if itís not too much to ask."

Cid sat up so quickly he hit his head on the gutted plane.

"Uh, I can look at that if you want."

"Out!" Cid yelled, pointing to the path around the house.

"What?" Daren asked.

"Youíre smart, you can figure it the hell out."

"But Ió"

"I donít care!" Cid yelled. "I hear one more mother fucking word outta you about him and Iíll put my spear up your ass."

"Whatíd I do?"

"Why the hell do you want to know about Vincent? He likes doctors as much as youíre gonna like me rng yng you over with my plane."

"I justóI used to know him, thatís all. I heard he was back andó"

"Nice try. No oneís stupid enough to buy that. Now get out before I throw you out, and I can throw scrawny guys pretty damn far." Cid was almost distracted from almost killing the new doctor when he was suddenly unnerved by the manís face. Cid couldnít tell what worried him more, the fact that Darenís face looked eerily familiar, or that fact that he couldnít place it. Cid ignored the feeling and went back to yelling.

"Iím leaving, already, please!" Daren yelled, rounding the corner, and narrowly avoiding a flying wrench.

"I am suddenly understanding why Rocket Town is so small." Daren commented, mostly to himself, but Shera was within hearing range.

"Heís not much of a conversationalist. You werenít trying to sell him something, were you?" she asked.

"No. Iím not mean. I mean, I donít think Iím meanóLet me start over, that came out alló"

"Donít ask him about Vincent."

"How did you know?"

"Iím not deaf, thatís all. ItísÖ a touchy subject."

"Is that a punóno, never mind, Iíve pried into this too much already. I should really beÖ umÖ not to be too forward butÖ do you still need help with that doorbell?"

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