Two's company, Three's a nightmare

BY : Purplepenguin
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The site is forever chopping up my chapters. This is the third story it's cut up. I've tried to add it on the end but when I go to my account it says all the story is there already so I've put the end here. Some of this maybe on the first page but it's hard to tell cos one minute there's nothing missing then only a couple of paragrapths then it was half a page so you'll have to pick you're way through it.


At the end of the movie Squall collected up all the rubbish, the cowboy had laughed at his attempts to pick up all the crumbs from the eaten biscuits. Squall had always seemed the neat freak type. Once in the kitchen the brunette had bent down to deposit his collection of rubbish into the bin when he stood straight he found himself encircled by strong arms and a pair of warm lips found his pale throat. He sighed and arched his head back slightly to give the other man better access. Wet kisses trailed up his skin to suck just below his right ear lobe. A light whine escaped his lips, eyes closing and a hand reached back to untie the pony tail of long auburn hair, fingers running through it.

“Squally!” A cry came from somewhere else in the dorm, causing they both to sigh.

Irvine dropped his head to Squall’s shoulder. “I can’t wait to get you all alone.” He pressed a quick kiss to the pale neck again before pulling away as Rinoa entered the room.

She smiled sweetly. “Squally as we’re the only ones here how about we spend all our time together.” She toed the ground shyly.

Squall looked scared again. “What do you mean?”

She giggled. “If you’re shy I can sleep on the sofa.” She tried to close the gap but with every step forward Squall took one back, nodding franticly. “T-The s-sofa.”

She laughed. “You know we’re a couple it’s about time we started to share a bed, you should stop being so afraid.”

Irvine snorted.

She gave him a dirty look. “Are you still here?”

He stretched lazily. “You know I think sleep-over sounds good too.”

“No, no, no me and Squally want to be alone and you’re in the way!”

“Sorry princess.”

“Rinoa we are not a couple, we never were a couple and we never will be! I’m gay!”

She smiled sweetly. “You’re not sweetie, you saved me remember? So you must love me, it’s just that someone is confusing you that’s all.”

Squall groaned in frustration.

“I’ll go get my things.” She bounded off to her dorm.

Irvine leaned in close when she had gone. “If Rinoa’s on the sofa how about I keep you warm at night.”

Squall shook his head with a roll of the eyes. “Fine.” He gave the cowboy a commanding look. “No funny business while Rinoa’s around though.”

“But Squall-”

“Not until she’s asleep in the living room anyway.” He added.

Irvine smirked into Squall’s shoulder, arms around the object of his affection’s waist.

“I’m back Squally! I brought everything down to my toothbrush.” She dragged in two heavy looking bags.

“Rinoa you’ve moved a couple of doors down the hallway not around the world.”

“But Squall it’s good to be prepared.” She glanced at Irvine. “Don’t you need anything?”

He shook his head.

“What about toothbrush? Nightshirt?”

“Rinoa I live next door almost.” He smirked. “And I sleep naked.”

She wrinkled her nose. “Then you’re not sleeping anywhere near me.”

“That’s okay….” He gave Squall a look. “I’m sure I’ll find somewhere to sleep.”

She folded her arms. “Okay I’m sleeping on the bedroom floor.”

“What?! Rinoa that’s insane.”

“If he’s going to be in there with you then so am I!”

“Why? Want to watch?”

Squall flushed and glared at the cowboy. “Rinoa, the sofa would be much more comfortable.”

“It’s not about comfort, it’s about you and me and me protecting you from the gayness.”

Squall rolled his eyes. “Fine, fine.” He threw up his arms. “But this is insane, you’re insane, both of you are nuts!”

“Me? What have I done?” Irvine asked, looking disappointed as the brunette removed his arm and disappeared into the bathroom, locking the door.

The girl smirked at him smugly and he glared back. This was war.


Rinoa finally fallen asleep she had tried desperately to stay awake to watch the devious cowboy but sleep had finally caught up with her and she’s fallen asleep.

Hands started to wander over the stilled brunette as soon as the young girl on the floor had fallen asleep, the commander who seemed like he had fallen a sleep a moment ago stiffened as fingers left light touches over his skin in a teasing fashion.

“Irvine, what are you doing?”

“Touching you.”

“But Rinoa-”

“Is asleep.” The cowboy pressed his chest to the brunette’s back, a hand teasing along the rim of the white boxers he wore. Squall leaned into his friend’s touch, head falling to the cowboy’s shoulder as fingers played with his sensitive nipples. A light moan escaped those pale lips as the other man’s mouth found his neck and pale throat, dropping kisses along soft skin and angling his head to suck just below Squall’s right ear.

Those stormy blue eyes slid shut and he let out a shaky sigh. “W-We shouldn’t… do a-anything…. N-not with R-Rinoa in the room.”

Warm breath tickled his skin that was wet from the cowboy’s hot mouth. “Don’t let her spoil everything, if we’re quiet she’ll never know.”


“I want you so much Squall.” He whispered, voice husky with lust and desire for his beautiful friend.

“Please-” He pushed his hand under the waistband of Squall’s boxers, gripping his dripping length.

A light moan escaped Squall’s lips, teeth biting his lower lips to prevent himself making noise and waking Rinoa.

“Please don’t tell me to stop.” A finger ran over the slit, collecting wetness from the tip, coaxing a whimper from the brunette.

The cowboy pressed the bulge in his boxers against the brunette’s leg when he didn’t receive a reply and the hand started to stroke the cock in his hand teasingly slowly.

“D-Don’t stop.” Squall whispered.

The cowboy smirked against his neck, turning his friend’s head to pull him in for a kiss, quick and rushed. Squall was rolled onto his back, eyes bright with desire sparkled up at the cowboy. A teasingly smirk of his own working onto his lips as a frantic hand worked at removing the sexy cowboy’s boxers.

Irvine helped him, striping both of them in seconds, he grinned as he saw how Squall’s eyes checked him out before focusing on his beautifully hard cock, he licked his lips.

“Like what you see Squally.”

He watched the brunette almost shyly reach out a hand to touch it, running his fingers over the hot over organ in his hand, stroking up and down experimentally.

Irvine moaned, sitting back on his heels casting a quick glance at Rinoa’s sleeping face if she could only see what her precious Squally was doing now.

The brunette in question ducked his head suddenly taking Irvine’s dripping cock into his mouth tasting pre-come on his tongue, loving the feel, the taste of it.

Irvine watched as the pretty brunette sucked on him, cheeks turned inwards and then those stormy blue eyes opened and looked up at him as he bobbed his head between the cowboy’s legs.

Fingers threaded though his hair, the taller man bit his lip so hard as not to wake Rinoa. Though to have her wake now and see this would be interesting. Irvine let out a loud cry and knowing he was close to coming; quickly pulled out of Squall’s temptingly hot mouth, not missing the confused, disappointed look he received.

He pulled Squall up to whisper to him, hot breath tickling Squall’s ear. “I need to fuck you now.” He explained as he pushed Squall back and turned to dig around in the drawer for what he needed. When he found it he turned back, raising an eyebrow when he saw that Squall had rolled onto his stomach, not quite what he was hoping for the first time he had Squall, but there was always later.

Squall gasped as a slick finger pushed past the tight ring of muscle, just slipping inside then pulling out again. Squall had pressed his forehead into his arms, panting mindlessly.

“Please.” He whispered. “Irvine I need it.”

At the plea a finger pushed into him all the way to the knuckle and pulled out and came back with a friend.

Squall pushed back into the invading fingers, desperate for it. “Please.”

The cowboy slicked up his cock and withdraw the fingers. “Ready?“ He asked.


Hands gripped Squall’s pale thighs and the head of his sex pushed into the body of the pretty brunette, who closed his eyes, mouth open panting.

The cowboy’s kept pushing until he was buried to the hilt inside Squall, who shifted beneath him when he didn’t move quickly enough.

“Irvine.” He whined. “Please, fuck me.”

The taller man thrust back into him, angling his sex to hit Squall’s sweet spot again and again.

Squall moaned, eyes squeezed shut as he arched his back loving the feel of the cowboy’s thick cock deep inside him, he held his lip between his teeth to avoid making too much noise.

A hand more to stroke Squall in time with the thrusts.

Squall‘s fingers gripped the sheets, knuckles white. “Harder…. Please.”

The cowboy obeyed, pounding into his lover’s ass, muscles clenching as he came hard, crying out loudly as he went over the edge. His hand gripped Squall tighter, bringing him to climax with him.

The brunette cried out loudly as he came, not able to stop himself. Upon Squall’s cry Rinoa’s eyes snapped open, she frowned at the sound of heavy breathing and whispering. Someone chuckled and she looked up to find Squall naked in Irvine’s arms. The cowboy was kissing her Squally’s naked shoulders.

The couple basked in their afterglow, the brunette had a gentle smile and he never smiled.

“Squall?” She asked, voice small and quiet.

Something had happened, she had a feeling she’d lost.

“Oh go back to sleep Rinoa.” He answered.

Irvine chuckled, arms wrapped around Squall.

“D-Did you- d-did you-?”

“Screw? Fuck?” Irvine suggested.

“Yes and it was wonderful.”

The cowboy grinned in response.

Rinoa looked upset, like she might cry. “But- But Squally-”

Squall sighed. “Oh Rinoa, I’m gay! I’m not interested and I could never be interested.”

She looked down at the floor then up again at the naked couple.

The cowboy grinned and waved at her as she got up and slunk out of the room.

Irvine fall back onto the mattress. “Thank god, thought she’d never leave.”

Squall sat up looked amused as his lover sprawled on the bed. “Now that’s-” He paused to count. “4 weeks we have- all alone.”

Irvine sat up with a grin. “And what will we do with all that free time?”

“I’m sure you’ll think of something.” He grinned back.

The cowboy pulled him into a kiss with a smile.


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