Falling Inside The Black

BY : KuroSakura
Category: Final Fantasy VII > Yaoi - Male/Male > Sephiroth/Vincent
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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VII, and I do not make any money from these writings.

Title: Falling Inside The Black

By: KuroSakura-chan/KuroSakura

Category: Final Fantasy VII

Genre: Angst, Drama, Tragedy,

Summary: Companion to 'Last Night.'
Explains how Sephiroth and Vincent get together and how they all
ended up in GW time.


Warnings: Yaoi, 1st Person,

Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy

A/N: Couple things to chat about here.
One: This is the Companion fic to Last Night. Anyway, onto Two: I'm
currently working on a novel at the moment. I want you guys to
understand that my time is severely strained by this, so updates
might take awhile. Please understand that I will get you updates when
I can.


Injections...Injections into Lucrecia's
arms, into her belly. What
are they doing? What are they doing to that child?

I can't stand this
any longer. I can't let them harm a child. I know it isn't my place
to question the scientists, but I refuse to allow them to harm a
child any further.

I push myself from
my bed, still fully dressed. Being a Turk has taught me many things,
and one of those is to always be prepared. Grabbing my gun from under
my pillow and checking to ensure that my concealed weapons haven't
come loose during my tossing and turning, and I am ready to take on
Hojo and Lucrecia.

I storm through the
halls of this mansion, ignoring the architecture that is so similar
to the home I was raised in, until I reach the labs. I know where
Hojo is, and I know that I can face him without losing my nerve.
Lucrecia has a way of tying my tongue, even when I am determined.
Hojo just angers me. Walking into Hojo's workplace, I startle the

is it? I was under the impression that you had been dismissed for the
night.” Hojo regains his composure quickly and sneers as he
turns to me.

treatments. Stop them. I will not allow you two to harm an innocent
child.” I state, standing tall. Even before I finish, I can see
the sadistic amusement rise in his eyes.

here pleading for your lady-love, but rather the child she is having
with me?” Hojo snorts, turning away from me and back to his lab
table. “I don't have time for you. Leave, now.” He says

am not leaving until I am sure that you two will stop--” I cut
off, my breath leaving me as a bullet rips through my gut. I hadn't
expected him to be holding a gun when he turned back to me. The shot
caught me by surprise, and all I can do in response is clutch my
wound as I fall to the floor. I hear heeled footsteps enter the room
and an intake of breath.

have you done?! How will we explain this?!” Lucrecia screams,
her feet entering my view as she approaches Hojo. Hojo just cackles,
and I struggle to keep my vision clear.

I'm losing the
fight, so I focus on what they are saying instead. “He was
raising hell about the project. Now he'll be a project as well! Will
that please you, Valentine?” Hojo cackles again, and everything
goes dark.

A/N: First chapter,
done. Later!

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