Falling Inside The Black

BY : KuroSakura
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Title: Falling Inside The Black

By: KuroSakura-chan/KuroSakura

Summary: Companion to 'Last Night.' Explains how Sephiroth and Vincent got together and how they all ended up in GW time.

Category: Final Fantasy VII

Genre: Angst, Drama, Tragedy,

Warnings: Yaoi, 1st Person,

Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VII.


“Reno, I need you to check something for me.”

“You got it, Boss-Man. What d'ya need?” I ask, sitting up and jamming my phone between my shoulder and ear.

“I need you to research personnel records for a Turk named 'Vincent Valentine.'”

I tap a few keys on my keyboard, waking the damn machine up. I love computers, but I swear that ShinRa gives us the most ridiculously slow machines they possess, even though Turks probably have the most need for good machines! Rude glances up from the book he's reading, though once he notices my phone at my ear, he goes right back to it. Entering the name Tseng gave me into the database, I'm prompted for a clearance check. I enter my number and am denied access to the file. I stare at my computer screen for a bit. I've never been denied clearance.

“Reno?” Hearing Tseng pulls me out of my disbelief and the possibility of hacking the file, just to prove my superiority to the clearance issue.

“Says I don't have clearance, yo.” I tell him. He sighs, and I can just tell he's pinching his nose, even though we're talking via phone.

“I expected as much. Get Rude and Zack and meet me in the lounge.” He orders and hangs up.

I snap my phone closed, standing. “C'mon, Rude. We gotta find Zack and meet the Boss-Man in the lounge, yo.” Rude stands, setting his book on his desk and adjusting his glasses. I've been meaning to ask him how he manages to read with those damn things on, but I never really find the time. Or, I'm just lazy.

We walk out of our office, ignoring the other Turks, just as they ignore us. The SOLDIERs think the Turks are a dissociative group because we ignore each other unless we're partners or on missions together. What they don't understand is that though they undergo treatments to change their base humanity, meaning their actual body structure, we lose our actual humanity, our emotions. And that isn't even from experiments, but the assignments we're given. We can't stand to see our own dead emotions mirrored in another's face. However, while we don't associate with each other, it's deadly for someone to mess with a Turk. Harm one Turk, and the rest retaliate. We even ignore direct orders from President ShinRa himself if the orders would harm another Turk. It frustrates the hell out of the fat little man, I'm sure.

Rude leads the way to the elevators, seeming to know where Zack would be, already. I don't know how he would, since I'm Zack's friend, but then, Rude has this weird thing about knowing everything because he's quiet. It's unnerving sometimes, but I've never known Rude to use his knowledge against the people he knows. Which is good for me, because that man knows things that no one else does about me.

Once we're inside the elevator, he presses the down button, then the '23'. Great. Right into SOLDIER HQ. There's no written rule that Turks are to stay out of the SOLDIER's floors, just as there isn't one banning SOLDIERs from Turk areas, but the two groups still act as though there is. Running messages, which few Turks or SOLDIERs do outside of their own affiliation, is a good reason to wander into both territories, but that's about it. I do know that Tseng is a welcome guest on the SOLDIER floors, but he's friends with Sephiroth, the General. No one fucks with that man. As for me, people tolerate my presence, mostly because I don't care about what they want. I'm friends with Zack, and if I decide that I want to see him, then everyone else be damned, because I will see him. Rude is usually welcomed, because if he's in the area, he either means business, or he's coming to collect me, meaning I've gotten a little playful.

The ride is passed in silence, which is common. Rude isn't a very talkative person, especially while we're at work. He loosens up once we're outside of the building, but inside, you'd have better luck of making Sephiroth cry than you would at getting Rude to shoot the breeze. Zack mentioned once that Rude and I being partners works out well, since I talk more than enough for both of us. I responded with dyeing his hair pink. Which, of course, started a prank war that ended with Sephiroth and Tseng stepping in, if only to save some of their best subordinates from being fired. After all, I highly doubt either would mind Palmer accidentally being blasted from his window on one of the upper floors. Of course, it might have been the fact that Rufus had gotten in on the fun that made the two leaders step in. It's bad when Zack and I are working together/against each other, but when Rufus gets into it, we're able to get a hold of a lot of things we wouldn't normally be able to.

I grin wickedly when the doors open, making the first few SOLDIERs to see me sigh and start putting their papers into their desks. My guess is that Tseng doesn't want whatever we're going to be doing broadcast, so if I can make everyone think this is just as visit from me to Zack, they'll never suspect a thing. Even Rude's presence won't blow this cover, since they'll assume he's only here to keep things from getting too far out of hand.

As we walk through the halls, doors start closing and secretaries start hiding. I can't help but laugh maniacally while Rude shakes his head. Sephiroth's away, so I guess it makes sense that the SOLDIERs would be exceedingly worried about the destruction I and their Second-in-Command could cause. I'm half-tempted to actually pull some prank, but Tseng is waiting for us, and even though I'm hardly the ideal picture of a dutiful employee, I do actually take my work very seriously.

Zack is sitting in his office, his head flat on his desk, hidden behind a veritable mountain of paperwork. He doesn't even look up when we walk inside, just groans. “Go away. I don't want any more.”

I whistle in appreciation for the amount of work he has set before him. “Taking care of reports while Seph is gone? Makes you really glad you aren't him, doesn't it?”

“Reno?” Zack immediately perks up, his head rising comically fast. He jumps up and comes around his desk, completely ignoring his work. “Hey, Rude. What's going on? Are you here to save me from the evil paperwork?”

I can't help but laugh, nodding slightly. “Although I'm sure that if Tseng knew that you haven't actually done any of it, he probably wouldn't have asked us to come get you. Seph'll kill you if he has to do all that when he gets back.”

“Right, which is why I'll get Tseng to make you help me work on it.” Zack retorts, ushering us out of the office and closing the door behind him. He locks it, which is new for him, though I guess with all of Seph's paperwork, he has to. There are a lot of confidential things held in the leader's paperwork. I should know. Tseng has forced me to do his when a mission required only the head Turk's expertise. “So, what's he need us for?”

“Not a clue.” I respond. It's not completely true. I have a clue, since Tseng made his order after asking me to check on that name. But, I would rather not be wrong. For all I know, Tseng could have finally pulled the stick from his ass and is pulling us out of work for the rest of the day. Of course, flowers could have sprouted all over Midgar as well.

“Mmkay. Lead on!”

We meet Tseng on the far right of the lounge near the entrance to the labs. Our leader looks stressed, even more than usual. Then again, if I had to deal with Hojo and the other fucktard scientists on a regular basis, I'd probably snap. I do not envy Tseng.

“What'dya need, Boss-Man?” I ask, slouching against the wall beside Tseng. Rude stands quietly beside me while Zack pats Tseng on the shoulder, grinning wildly.

“We're breaking someone out of the labs.” He answers, giving Zack a tired smile. Even Rude looks surprised at the mission info. “He's a Turk who went missing on the job 19 years ago. Veld informed me that he didn't believe Hojo and Crescent's assertion that he had run away. As it turns out, he was right. I found him in the labs, hidden in a side room.”

“Tch. Fucking scientists.” I growl under my breath, not even slightly curious as to how Tseng found him.

Tseng gives me an exasperated look, but Zack nods fervently. “What do you need us to do, Tseng?” The SOLDIER asks.

“You three are going to the labs. Reno will get you through any locks. Rude can work the computers to release Valentine, and you will carry him out and to Sephiroth's apartment.”

“Seph's apartment? He's not even home!” Zack exclaims, though quietly when Tseng gives him a warning look.

“It's the only place we can hide him. I will go to the Security Center and make sure this isn't recorded. After he's dropped at Sephiroth's, Rude, Reno, you'll stay with him. Zack, you will go back to the paperwork I know you've been ignoring. Now, let's get him out of there.” Tseng orders, turning and walking away.

Rude, Zack, and I make our way to the labs. We wait awhile before walking inside. The hallways outside the labs don't have cameras, so there is no risk of us being caught going inside. Once inside, we quietly make our way to the small side room. It's a good thing Hojo and Crescent dislike having assistants, or else this would be impossible. It's also good that a new batch of SOLDIERs are getting their treatments, since that's keeping the two scientists busy. I sneer at the computer lock on the door to the small room. It doesn't take me long to hack the computer and open the door. Rude immediately moves to the computer and starts typing. Zack moves to the tank while I keep near the door so as to keep watch.

“Wow...He looks unreal...” Zack says softly.

“He's been an experiment for 19 years, Zack.” Rude comments quietly as the liquid starts to drain from the tank.

“Yeah, Rude's right, yo. There's bound to be side-effects.” I add, glancing back at the door. We really don't have that much to worry about. Hojo loves injecting people with Mako, and Crescent can almost never get him to take less time. Still, I'm a Turk, and we don't trust any situation. I look back as the tank opens and deposits its occupant into Zack's waiting arms. Rude grabs a sheet covering some equipment and motions that Zack should put Valentine onto his back. Once Zack complies, Rude drapes the sheet over the slumbering Turk, and we leave the room, then the labs. It's slow-going, so as to keep the sheet from slipping, but we eventually make it to the small apartment Sephiroth keeps; it's almost on HQ's property, it's so close.

As I prepare to pick the lock, Zack lets out a small cry of protest. “Here, use my key.” He says quickly, trying to hide the cry. He manages to shift Valentine so he can hold him with one arm while he fishes out the key from his pocket and hands it to me.

“A key to General Sephiroth's apartment? Zachary, you sly dog, yo! Two-timing the Boss-Man with the General!” I tease, slipping the key into the lock and opening the door.

“I am not!” Zack protests, his face burning crimson. I laugh and lead the way into the apartment. “Seph just got sick of me sitting outside the door, waiting for him to get back. He said that I could have the key if I made sure to do something useful, like clean or bring food.”

“You can clean?” Rude asks as he sets Valentine onto the couch.

Zack laughs. “Hardly. And he got sick of “unhealthy fast food,” so I'm not allowed to bring him food anymore, either. So basically, as long as I don't destroy his apartment while he's away, he doesn't mind me popping in to visit.”

I laugh at that. “I'm sure that if Zack knew how to clean, Rude, we'd know, since there's no way Tseng would be able to live through learning that. yo.” Zack pouts, but we all sober up as Valentine shifts. “Should we leave him on the couch, Zack?”

“No. Seph has a guest room. Come on, I'll show it to you before heading back to work.” Rude picks Valentine up, carrying the stirring Turk to the guest room Zack was leading us to. I'm hoping he's just a restless sleeper, because I certainly don't want to be the one who has to explain to him that he's been asleep for 19 years. Leave that to Tseng and Sephiroth, thank you very much.

Thankfully, once Rude sets him down on the bed and we retreat to the hallway, he stops moving. My guess is that he was restless because he felt people around. I know that I can't sleep properly with unknowns around. Rude elects to sit outside the doorway to keep an eye on Valentine while I walk with Zack to the door.

“There's food in the fridge, I'm sure.” He says, opening the door. “Try not to make a mess of the place. He'll be home in a few hours, as long as nothing has gone wrong with his mission. I'm not sure what to do if the guy wakes before Tseng and Seph are here, though I assume you do.”

I give him a cheeky grin. “Of course. I know how to handle a Turk, yo. Now go, hurry to do some paperwork so that Sephiroth will not have to spend hours cleaning your blood from his beloved sword.” Zack winces, but leaves, presumably to actually do some work. Or whine at Tseng until the boss-man agrees to help him. Honestly, that's one hell of a couple.

I turn back into the apartment after flipping the lock on the door. Don't need any daredevils trying to sneak into the Great Sephiroth's apartment, not to mention the fact that Sephiroth would probably kill me for leaving the door unlocked. Besides, I'm a Turk and I trust no one except Rude and Tseng. And maybe Zack. And probably Sephiroth, if I were hard-pressed to think about it. Still, that isn't very many people. As I make my way back to see Rude, I swing into Seph's kitchen. I wonder if he has any booze...Or snacks. Snacks would be good. I haven't eaten today.

Searching Sephiroth's kitchen proves unfruitful, and I sigh, making my way back to Rude. Maybe he'll let me order a pizza. I mean, if we're both hungry, then it doesn't make any sense for us to stay that way. And besides, if there's anything left over and Valentine wakes, we can feed him.

“Yo, you hungry, Rude?” I ask as I plop down across from him. He sits facing the door into Valentine's room, so I'm not worried about the guy waking and sneaking up behind me. Not that I think he could. I mean, Turks are good, but I'm the fucking best, and no one can sneak up on me. Except maybe Tseng.

“Pizza?” He asks, dropping his shades down a little on his nose to give me a pointed look, even though I still can't see his eyes.

“Why not? They deliver, yo.” I say. He rolls his eyes, I just know it, even if I can't see him do it. I just know Rude too damn well.

“Fine, Reno, fine.”

Of course, I did not expect Sephiroth to be our delivery boy. He's holding the pizza, a nearly murderous look in his eyes when I open the door to the knock I heard. I smirk, snatching the pizza and handing it back to Rude, who had followed me when we heard the knock. I pull out my wallet and dig through. “Was the drive long? Wanna make sure I get the right tip, yo.”

Sephiroth steps in, one hand grabbing my shirt and half-dragging me back inside while the other closes the door behind him. “I'm going to give you about ten seconds to explain what you are doing in my apartment.”

“Tseng sent us.” Rude says, not even attempting to help me escape Sephiroth's clutches. Fucking partner, my ass.

“Why?” Sephiroth finally releases me, turning to speak to Rude. I scowl, but decide to let my partner handle this while I snatch the pizza back. I'm hungry, dammit!

“In your guest room.” Rude nods down the hall. Sephiroth immediately moves down the hall and glances inside. He turns back, his murderous look only slightly less. “Tseng said he would come by and explain after he got off of work. Otherwise, the two of us are to stay and keep watch over him.” Sephiroth scowls, but seems to accept the words, since he just turns and heads to his room, slamming the door behind him. After a few moments, we hear a shower turn on.

“Well. Least we're still alive, yo.”

A/N: OK, this chapter was a hell of a lot easier to right than its counterpart in Last Night. I love writing as Reno. This has actually been done for quite some time, but I was trying to finish Last Night's second chapter before posting. I think I'm just going to have to suck it up and let them write themselves as they come.

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