Pyrrhic Victory

BY : terpfen
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Clang! Clang! Clang!

The sound of metal crashing mutedly against more metal echoed under Celes' body. Her pendulous breasts swung back and forth as she was fucked from behind, slamming into the pile of discarded armor and uniform under-clothing. The blonde found herself suspended face-down over the side of the bed, hands on the floor to brace herself, a soldier thrusting into her from behind. The awkward positioning slowly caused her blood to rush to her head, and the growing impact soreness on her breasts also failed to brighten her mood.

"Look at him go!" a voice cheered from behind the rutting couple, followed quickly by laughter. The other three soldiers were standing against the side wall, taking a break from their otherwise relentless assault on the famous general.

Shut up, damn you... Celes darkly thought, readying another stream of inward curses...

Clang! Clang! Klink! Clang!

Klink? What was that? The unusual sound stole Celes' attention away from her thoughts. Looking down between her swinging bosom, the general spotted a fold of paper sticking out of a discarded pants pocket. Crinkled in a bunch, the paper had apparently been thick enough to slightly mute the repetitive sound of metal bashing against metal...

Wait... paper? It couldn't be...

Ignoring the hands groping at her curved butt and the unending intrusion into her sex, the blonde carefully snatched the bunched sheet out of its holster. There, sticking out at the bottom, was the Imperial seal.

You idiots! Celes thought with a happy smile, invisible to the men behind her. They had left the damning Imperial orders in with their clothes! With this, their leverage was gone, their blackmail attempt fizzled, their sexual advances...

Still happening, the general sadly admitted to herself. So what if she had the orders back? She was still weaponless, still outnumbered, and still wearing that damnable mesh green micro-leotard that would have her arrested for indecent exposure in any drunk-filled pub on the globe. What now? The only option left was also the most distasteful, but there didn't seem to be any other choice.

With a flick of her wrist, the crimped paper sailed cleanly underneath the bed, where Celes hoped it would stay undiscovered. Now...

Sucking in a breath, Celes used what little strength and agility afforded to her in her face-down position and flipped herself over, rotating herself on the soldier's intruding dick, causing her breasts to hang downward in front of her face and block her view. For once, the blonde was thankful for her endowments; the prospect of looking at whatever perverted expression was on the soldier's face as her sex gyrated against his repulsive dick had no appeal. Reaching one hand upward, Celes blindly felt for the soldier's shoulder, finally grasping the hardened joint after several failed tries. Pulling herself upward, the blonde came face to half-face and breast-to-chest with the inelegant soldier.

Celes smiled, a friendly grin that held empty promises of affection.

"This is more comfortable," she flatly stated to the surprised men. Gripping both of the soldier's shoulders, Celes raised herself up and began bouncing in his lap, softly moaning at the sensation, ignoring the surprised look on the man's half-face.

"... Is she doing what I think she's doing?" Idiot asked.

"Yes!" the soldier on the receiving end of Celes' attitude shift barked out. His momentary shock wore off, and he set about the task of fucking his commanding officer with all the devotion he could muster. Grabbing the blonde's slender, firm waist, he buried his face between her exposed cleavage as he began thrusting upward, pounding the gorgeous blonde with every ounce of strength he still had.

"Gggh..." Celes gasped as she was roughly fucked, her wet cunt now welcoming the soldier's thick intrusion. Her expansive breasts jiggled around the soldier's helmet as his tongue licked at the deep gap between them. Holding on tightly, Celes thrust her hips back against the soldier's meeting his forceful jabs as best she could.

"You three back--guh!--there! What are you--ah, like that!--waiting for?" the blonde begged breathlessly.

Still standing against the wall, the three soldiers looked each other. What the hell was this attitude shift? It had to be a trick... simultaneously, all three looked back at the general, taking in the view of her fit body being rocked by their comrade. Well, he was definitely enjoying himself...

"... Fuck it," Ringleader muttered, his reason admitting defeat to his lust. Almost running to the other side of the bed, he positioned his still-wet cock behind Celes' jutting ass.

"I've wanted to do this for months," he grunted in the blonde's ear, thrusting his slick penis into her ass. It stopped halfway, blocked at this angle by the outward curve of her plush butt.

"Now you can do it for hours," she moaned seductively in response, ignoring the discomfort from Ringleader's sudden entry as she ground her hips against both men. Pushing forward, she laid the man in front of her flat across the mattress, giving him an exquisite view of the general's finely toned body. Tauntingly, Celes ran her hands across her front side even as she bucked against both men. Dragging her palms across her long torso, fingers pulled limply in tow, the suddenly sex-needy blonde slid her hands upward across her belly, following the line of muscle tone reaching from just above her navel up between her breasts, still barely visible underneath the taut mesh of her mini-leotard. Forced by the jiggling swell of her breasts to detour, her hands shot outward, following their soft undercurves. As her fingers ribbed over her hardened red nipples, Celes' breathing picked up excitedly, a soft panting noise that conveyed her obvious need.

Finally clamping down, her blue eyes went half-lidded as she played with her famous breasts for the men in attendance, her small hands valiantly attempting to encompass as much flesh as could be held. Hefting the large orbs up, Celes stared lustfully at the two soldiers still holding back.

"Damn..." the soldier underneath muttered.

"Come here, boys," she invited with a moan. "There's still plenty of room... here." She parted her breasts slightly, revealing the deep valley between. Underneath and from behind, both men gripped Celes' lower body tighter, fucking the blonde harder as she seduced them deeper into lust. Her mammaries jiggled enticingly in her grip.

"Really?" Idiot asked. "It's okay?"

"Mmmmmhmm," Celes moaned, pulling her hands inward, squishing her boobs tightly.

"Whoa..." Ringleader gasped from over Celes' shoulder, given a perfect top-down view of the blonde's show.

"Yes!" both remaining soldiers yelled eagerly, rushing onto the bed. Under their commander's approving smile, both men awkwardly straddled her sides, injecting their hardened shafts between her tits, both shafts lost in a tightened sea of breastflesh.

"So hard," Celes moaned softly as she began the process of hefting her orbs around both throbbing dicks. The soldier underneath was treated to a spectacular view of both dicks disappearing into the general's deep cleavage.

You idiots! Celes again thought happily. So far, this was working out quite well. Rather than try to resist and possibly prolong the disgusting situation, a different approach had been in order: end the situation as quickly as possible. The only way to do that was to cooperate, or at least pretend to cooperate. Privately, the blonde was dismayed with herself for acting every bit the slut she looked, but at least the men seemed to buy her act. Now it was just a matter of coaxing all four to climax, and then hopefully they would leave.

This had better work, she warned herself as her head came down, light yellow hair forming a curtain aside her face. Under the false veil of privacy, Celes' tongue darted into her cleavage to lick at the two pistoning dicks caught inside, causing the two soldiers to twitch and groan. Continuing to brush her pink tongue against the swollen red helmets invading between her breasts, the tight crevice soon became soaked in saliva and leaking pre-cum. Muffled squishing noises squeaked out from between the smashed-together mammaries, a thin line of mixed fluid trailing down Celes' belly, staining the thin fabric of her leotard. Joining in the sexual chorus were the slick sounds originating between the general's hard thighs, audible telltales of the dual dicks pushing fully into her eyecatching hips. The entire group was panting, moaning, grunting, and groaning. Even the bed contributed squeaks and shudders, seemingly happy to be of assistance to the rutting humans mounted on its top.

None noticed that the folder of papers scattered about the floor had disappeared, or that the room door had just discreetly shut, or even the faint sound of quick footprints fading into the distance. All attention focused on the disheveled blonde in the center of the group, sweat dripping down her body from the heat of close quarters sex, yellow hair matted wetly to her slender back. Celes' breathing picked up, short pants of exhausted pleasure, signaling her faux enjoyment to her blackmailers. Their hands roamed across her body, rubbing every inch of skin within reach, relishing the once-in-a-lifetime chance currently attached to their dicks. A lick at her neck, a squeeze of her thighs, a caress over the side of her hip, the thickening mix of saliva and pre-cum staining her leotard, a tight grip on her ass...

The knockout blonde suddenly felt self-conscious as she realized the extent to which she must have been lusted after by not just these soldiers, but all the others she had encountered. It would have been almost cute, if it weren't repulsive.

Need to finish... Celes realized, catching herself from slipping into the same sex-crazed mentality that had caught her blackmailers.

Withdrawing from between her breasts, Celes looked up at the two men fucking her expansive chest, her tongue still hanging out, connected to the sloshing pool between her boobs by a perilously thin strand of saliva that threatened to snap under the jostling provided by the two soldiers fucking Celes from below. Keeping her mouth open and tongue out, she gave the two a pleading look, silently begging for them to conclude their business, a request puncuated with a knowing wink.

"Look at..." one gasped. Enraptured by the proud general's obscene gesture, he withdrew his cock from the tight valley between her tits, the shaft wet and sticky. Immediately, he slapped it against her outstretched tongue, filing it back and forth across the soft muscle. Before Celes could even think of a complaint, the soldier came with a grunt, grabbing his dick and jerking it off into the blonde's waiting mouth. His frantic stroking caused some shots to miss their target, instead landing across Celes' cheeks and chin, barely missing her hair.

"Me too!" Idiot announced, roughly thrusting upward between Celes' breasts just in time for his orgasm. Clearing the top of her cleavage, cum rained down across the top of the blonde's expansive bustline as her face was drizzled with salty cum. Squeezing her breasts tighter, the gap at the top of her breasts closed, and the rest of Idiot's cum seeped out into the warm, gooey mess of her chest.

Ugh... how indecent...

Despite her digust with the entire situation, the general found herself idly playing with her nipples as the two soldiers' orgasms wore down. They stepped off the bed, leaving their commander marked in white. Two down.

Celes leaned forward, allowing her breasts to hang pendulously over the third soldier's face. He looked up at the swinging pair, mouth open in admiration. A slight smirk on her face, Celes dropped her head closer to her chest, hefting the big orbs up close. In full view of the soldier below, she lapped wantonly at the smeared cum and saliva coating the interior curves of her breasts, her eyes locked on his as she tended to the sloppy mess on her upper body.

Grabbing Celes' hips as tight as he could, the soldier drove himself as deep as possible into her slick sex, pounding the blonde's tight cavern hard enough to make her stop and gasp, her tongue hanging in mid-lick as her eyes flashed in a reveal of pleasure. Then another thrust, and Celes' head tilted back slightly. Then a third, and she moaned wantonly. Then a fourth, and final, as the man came deep inside her. Celes moaned softly, still lapping at the wet mess on her chest. She had just coaxed an utter stranger into coming inside her, and the thought filled her with revulsion. But soon, he was done, and she could feel his dick going limp inside her.

Three down.

Suddenly, Celes was pulled off the man underneath, his spent cock exiting with a glorching sound. Ringleader's hands hooked underneath her knees, suspending the blonde in mid-air, her breasts and hair bobbing wildly as he fucked her from behind with animal-like frenzy. From then on, everything was a blur. She could feel and hear the loud thudding slaps of his hips against her butt, knew that the three spent soldiers were watching her body bounce and gyrate around the cock in her ass, could feel the cum exploding into her anus, flowing deep and thick...

And then she found herself face-down on the bed, utterly exhausted. Weakly, she looked around as the soldiers quickly, silently gathered their gear. They were done. It was over. She heard vague arguing and laughter and footsteps and then silence.

You idiots.


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