To Love a Cop

BY : Shehanitan
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Notes: First chapter of To Love a Cop. The second chapter should come shortly. You need to read To Trust a Cop to truly enjoy this I think, since so much of it started in the prequel.

I will add warnings as we go, for now I’m not exactly sure what the warnings will be except for the ones I’ve put up. There will be mentions(of course) of what has been happening in To Trust a Cop, so be warned.

I also wish you all a Merry Christmas for 2010 and I hope this year will be a good year for all of us.

Alas, enjoy.


“Hey, ya ok?”

Squall had looked up, startled. He had frozen in a mix of fear and awe as he had been forced to look up and up and up. In front of him, slightly leaned forward, a man had towered. His skin had been as black as the night around him and the streetlight had cast his face into deep shadows. In those deep shadows, black opals had glinted.

The giant, for surely the man must have had a giant in the family, had straightened and put big, big hands on wide hips. In the changed light, Squall had seen the confused concern on the black man’s face.

“Are ya lost?” the man had asked next while eyeing the bags.

No, Squall had not been lost. To be lost assumed you had somewhere to go to start with. He had dumbly shocked his head, which had been a mistake since the resulting dizziness made him nauseous. The giant had hunched then, bringing them to eyelevel.

“You’ve been robbed? Who beat you?” he asked with a tone as if he’d beat up the culprit himself.

Squall had made a weak shake of his head. Then everything had suddenly broken apart. He had started crying and shaking in front of this complete stranger like a child. One big, big hand had stroked his shoulder in a try to sooth.

“Hey, hey, don’t cry. I’ll help ya.”


Senu Sea was pacing the spacious hotel like a caged panther. His long legs took the room in four strides before he had to turn, the red hair flapping with each move and the black coat hugging him nicely. One long-fingered hand was clutching a mobile, the other was having its nails bitten down to the cuticle.

Jeromy thought it was a very unprofessional behavior. Senu Sea was supposed to be a professional. Jeromy had a hard time understanding why the kid, because he couldn’t be very old what with that smooth face, was agonizing over a simple phone call. Then again, Jeromy was only hired native muscle and Senu was his boss and whoever was to call was Senu’s boss.

The big, black suited muscle shifted subtly on his feet but kept his stoic position by the door. Suddenly the phone rang and the kid jumped before answering.


There was a short silence. Then the redhead cursed so fluently and colorful that Jeromy wondered if perhaps he had been a sailor earlier in his career.

“Just stay there!” Senu snapped, then he continued his pacing and worried nail biting.

Time past and Jeromy started to get annoyed. They couldn’t help the guy hadn’t shown as he should have. Either he hadn’t been on the plane or he had sneaked past them, which was likely. They hadn’t covered all the exits and Jermoy had told the man they ought to do so. The phone rang again and this time Senu took a couple deep breaths before snapping the phone open.


Jeromy saw the deadly man gulp hard and fidget from foot to foot.

“Well, there was some… eh miscalculations…”


“The kid didn’t sort of show up.”

Silence. Senu started pacing and bit his lip before speaking.

“Look, we were there an hour before the flight landed and two after it left again. There was no sign of him I swear!!” Mr Sea said hurriedly.

A smaller blast erupted from the phone loud enough that Jeromy could make out some very nasty comments.

“Look, look, I got a man on the airport just in case and I’ve been scanning the radars for any John Does appearing.”

Another blast and this time Senu went ghastly pale and he was swallowing hard.

“Look, Seifer, I’m sorry. I’ll find him, don’t worry.”

Apparently this Seifer shut the phone in Mr Sea’s ear. Senu stared at it with an expression of mixed fear and relief. Jeromy was intrigued. Who was this Seifer who made the deadly assassin tremble like that?

Senu put away the phone and whipped his brows from perspiration. Then he paced to the big windows and stared out. Jeromy shifted his stance again. He wanted to ask questions but it wasn’t professional behavior. He and his team was hired muscle. Paid to do what told to, whatever that might be, not to ask questions. Senu turned sharply and blue/violet eyes caught Jeromy. It should be illegal to look so good and be so deadly.

“I want you and your men to start searching. Start by questioning bus drivers and cab drivers at the airport. I want that computer tech of yours to start surveying hospitals and police. Now,” he said sharply.

“Yes Mr Sea,” Jeromy answered dutifully before turning on his heel.

Behind him Senu started pacing again, but this time held a small block of papers and a pen to scrabble with. The muscle sighed and rolled his eyes. If Senu just had followed his advice and properly covered all exits they wouldn’t have this problem now. Then again, this made their payday all the better.


The house was very artistic. Small and comfy looking. The garden was perfect as well as the fence and façade painting. A very well looked after house. It hinted at the artistic talent of the owner.

Quistis pushed the bell button with a fine, manicured finger. The somewhat chilly wind caught her trench coat and made it flap wildly around her legs. She had to push the button again since no one came to open it for her. If she had to push it a third time she’d call a locksmith. She knew the damn man was in there; her secretary had called just five minutes ago to make sure someone was home.

For being a teacher, Teo Tornquist was as elusive as any fugitive. For being a multi millionaire artist, Quistis was as stubborn as any street whelp. Especially when it came to her favorite student.

Finally the door did open and the handsome, tall, black haired man gave her a wide charming smile.

“Mss Trepe, what a delight!” he greeted and opened the door widely for her.

She gave him a frosty glare. Keep that charade with her and she’d turn nasty in her own way. The insides of the house were as impeccable as the outside. She admitted to being awed by some of the artwork.

She did not take off her coat or high heeled boots, but took a stance with hands in pockets.

“You should have called ahead, I’d have had some hot tea ready for you,” Teo grinned and edged around her.

She gave him another glare and the dark eyes soon flickered sidewise.

“Mr Tornquist… is that your real name or an alias?” she said flatly.

The comment obviously uneased the man. The grin was definitely strained around the edges and the dark eyes turned guarded.

“What do you mean, Mss Trepe?” he smiled with acted confusion.

She was not a stupid woman, or she wouldn’t be where she was now.

“I made a little research; I found quite a lot of interesting things. Perhaps we could study the details with Squall?” she gave a thin smile.

Her hidden threat made hackles rise on the man, but he kept his polite smile.

“I’m still not following you I’m afraid.”

Quistis fought down a surge of frustration and clenched her hands in her pockets. The sickening worry she had felt the last weeks was starting to get to her. She just knew something bad had happened to that boy and she just knew it had to do with that arrogant blond. Teo was somehow involved and she was not going to leave without answers even if she had to chain herself to his bloody gate!

She shifted and drew breath to argue as another man joined them from an adjoining room. She almost hissed as she saw the blond in question. Handsome, as she remembered, but he looked like someone who hadn’t slept for three days. He even had a slight blond beard around his jaws and deep bruises under his eyes. He had a shirt thrown on but it wasn’t buttoned and she could appreciate the muscular chest underneath.

“Mr Almasy, not a surprise,” she greeted tightly.

He just scoffed.

“Don’t leave a lady standing Teo, it’s not polite,” he growled and returned from where he came.

Teo shrugged and sighed.

“May I take your coat?” he instead asked with a resigned expression.

The sudden capitulation didn’t make her feel victoriously, it just woke a big blaring alarm in her head. Quistis walked after the blond man into a spacious living room. It was lined with art and a huge bookshelf full of books. Some quite, quite old and in the original Estharian version. She had read some of them in the Galbadian translation.

The beautiful wood table was littered with papers and calculators and whatnot; and weapons. She couldn’t help but blanch a little at the sight of the two guns, the gunblade against the sofa and what looked like a small mountain of knifes. Apparently someone had been sharpening them if she guessed correctly at the tools.

“Take a seat, Mss Trepe,” Almasy gestured toward an armchair.

There was a nasty tone in his voice and her determination wavered slightly at the green gaze she got. She pushed it aside and took the seat. She then glared at the man. She was not about to let this go. Quistis didn’t know how to start though. She had been prepared for a fight to even get this far, so now she felt slightly off balance.

“Tea?” Teo asked and when he dropped the façade he too looked a little tired.

Not like the blond though who had leaned over the papers littering the table, sofa and floor.

“That would be nice,” she agreed and leaned back in the armchair.

Left alone with the blond she eyed him.

“Are you going to tell me what’s going on?” she asked calmly.

“If I do, you’ll be in mortal danger,” he answered just as calmly.

Green eyes told her he was not kidding. Questis squared her jaw and eyed the weapons.

“What’s happened to Squall?” she asked.

“He’s fine, but he can’t fulfill your agreement. He can’t show his face in public, period, right now,” Seifer explained.

Not much of an explanation but it calmed her somewhat. Had Squall witnessed something he ought not to have? Was he a protected witness now? She had guessed something close to it already. Almasy had yet to tell her anything vital though.

They sat in silence until Teo returned with the tea. She sipped it silently while studying the two men. Seifer ignored her, too preoccupied with whatever he was doing. Teo was not so easily distracted. He sat down by the knives but didn’t continue polishing them.

“I still think I’d want to know, Mr Almasy. I just can’t let such a student vanish,” she said at last.

Rather, she just couldn’t abandon the kid. Seifer quirked his lips into a cynical line.

“You just can’t let all that money vanish, isn’t that it?” he said and gave her a stare with a quirked eyebrow.

She felt a furious blush of rage grace her face. She glared hard at the man and slowly put down the cup to the plate in her lap.

“You listen to me you dumb thug. I’m not the one who put him in danger. I’m not the one who plays at the good and bad side and risk my lover’s safety in the process,” she hissed.

The last comment, however, made sharp green eyes flash and the man’s jaw muscle twitched in sudden anger. Almost did she recoil at the sudden anger, but she didn’t. She was surprised that the man didn’t open his big mouth and growled at her. She felt a little more satisfaction over her comments then. She had done her research and was guessing. Her guess had apparently come close.

“Fact remains, if I explain anything to you, you will be in danger too,” Seifer snapped.

Quistis calmed down. Yes, he was not kidding or trying to elude her as they had both done for weeks now. She had even been to Squall’s apartment. It was vacated and the slimy landlord was tight as a brick wall. Someone had done a number on him, securely sealing his lips with fear.

She ought to be satisfied knowing that he was safe and fine. She could trust the blond’s word on that, right? He was an officer after all and different from the rest of his family. Still she couldn’t settle for that. She had grown fond of Squall and just forgetting him without even a proper goodbye would not do.

“I want to at least talk to him once more. I can’t believe he has to go underground for the rest of his life,” she said calmly once again.

Seifer sighed in frustration.

“Fine, it’s your neck,” he growled.

He then told her far more than she would have wished. He left out gory details, her imagination was enough. She could very well imagine the struggle Squall would have put up against kidnappers. She could very well imagine what this Seraph Almasy might have done, especially if the brothers had similar taste in bed partners.

Seifer didn’t tell her where the youth had been shipped off to. Just that he was out of the city and would never return if Seifer could help it. Then he explained his own role, and that made her head reel. A police officer and a crime lord? Surely he was joking?

Seifer Almasy was not joking and the papers seemed to be the beginnings of his organization. He didn’t tell her what line of work his organization would take or even what zone of the country he would be holding although he gave her an intriguing explanation of the whole monstrosity.

He obviously said more than Teo thought he should because the teacher made strange choking noises from time to time and tried to tell the man to shut up. Once Almasy stopped speaking, her head was spinning. Too much and way too dangerous information. Why had he told her all this?

She was massaging her temple and staring at the blond. What was his reason for telling her that much? To scare her off?

“Why did you tell me all that?” she asked tightly, still massaging her temple.

Seifer leaned back and ruffled already messy blond strands.

“You have some good connections I don’t.”

“Such as?”

“Well.. that mayor guy for example. Or that judge person.”

Green eyes watched her and her stomach tightened. So that was it. Almost her mind could figure out the whole line of reasons but she forbade herself to brood on it too deeply. Surely he wasn’t so insane as to try and take down such a monster as the crime lord organization? Right?

“Are you… planning on shutting them down?” she asked tentatively.

She jumped as he gave a ruckus bark of laughter.

“Hyne, I’m crazy but I’m far from suicidal! No, I just want power. Having some good connections will put me a step ahead of the others,” he grinned very much like a shark.

She clenched her jaws. Was that it? Truly? She couldn’t see any falsehood in those brilliant, dark green eyes. It had been too good to believe he was that good a person. She twisted her lips in disapproval.

“And Squall? Is he only a toy trophy for you and your brother to fight over?” she growled.

“No, that threat is quite real. Seraph will kill him if he gets the chance. I’m not risking it. I’ll pay you back what you’ve lost on him,” the blond assured.

Quistis slammed the empty tea cup down on the table, then rose.

“You will do no such thing, Mr Almasy. But you will make sure I will talk to him again if you want any cooperation on my side,” she said acidly.

Almasy rose, slowly, still making that scary smirk.

“I warned you, Mss Trepe, now act like a grown woman. We’ll surely see each other again,” he replied.

She almost felt the hair in her neck rise. Yes, they would meet again and even if it killed her, she would make certain her student was perfectly fine. Why hadn’t he listened to her? She had told him Seifer wasn’t someone to sleep around with. Oh why?

She left the house without losing the frustration she had arrived with.

Author’s Note:
Ok, the third and last installment of this horrid saga has started. I’ll warn you right now that I don’t know how long it will be, but I will be struggling to keep it shorter and more compact than the prequel.

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