To Love a Cop

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The room was plain. There were no curtains covering the windows, no rug on the floor, nothing besides a cell-phone and a gun on one of the naked nightstand tables. The bed was huge for only one person and still the occupant had managed to tear up the sheets in restless sleep. Anyone watching would know the man was haunted by nightmares. Suddenly the blond woke.

In one smooth move Seifer rolled out of the bed and drew a large hunting knife. He stood then, harsh breathing, face twisted in a feral snarl, knife raised to strike. For far too long Seifer stood so while scanning the room and the dark corners over and over again. He knew he was alone. No one could get into this bloody place without him knowing it. He knew that damn it! Still the adrenaline was pumping through him at full speed and he couldn’t shake the lingering nightmare as he should.

Cursing lowly he finally managed to ease out of the stance and dragged a hand across his face, lowering the huge knife. Damn it. He hadn’t been this prone to nightmares in years. The old ones had started to rear their ugly heads ever since he had been told Squall was lost again. Truthfully, they had really started the night he got Squall out of that cursed house. That… smell. The perfume, the look of the youth.

Seifer threw the knife on the messed up bed and harshly ruffled his own hair with both hands. Disturbing, stomach twisting, nauseous pictures kept rolling in his head. They weren’t true, he knew that. Just nightmares of times past and yet he couldn’t easily work through it. Squall might be gone, vanished, disappeared, run away, but he was not in Seraph’s clutches. Seifer would have known. Right?

He made a curse/growl before marching out to the bathroom. He didn’t light any lights while he washed his face. The cold water didn’t help much, nothing helped when you didn’t get enough hours sleep. Seifer corrected the simple sleeping pants before venturing into the kitchen area. There was an unopened pack of smokes there which he quickly put to good use.

After the first inhales his uptight nerves eased some, not fully, but a little. Seraph didn’t have the brunet. He would have made Seifer aware of the fact in one way or the other. Senu had shown some stupidity, but he was still competent enough to not have let the youth get snagged by some third party Seifer didn’t know about. The simplest and most logic thing was Squall simply sneaking away on his own.

Somehow Senu had missed him. Somehow Squall had found his own way from the airport but to Hyne knew where. It had to be. Then again. What if the brunet had been in such a state of chock he had wandered off in a haze? Just forgotten about Senu and unfortunately walked past them somehow and was now lost in Esthar?

Seifer crushed the cigarette in a fit of frustration/anger/self-loathing. Why hadn’t he kept Squall close at hand? Why hadn’t he made someone follow him? Irvine could have flown over with him. Why hadn’t he taken Squall with him that bloody night when he first got a sniff of bad air?! Seifer rose in agony and marched into the bedroom. The why’s and if’s was tearing him apart. The blond snagged up the cell-phone and called Senu. He paced in impatient frustration and tried to smooth out the rising rage again.


“Well?” Seifer growled.

“S-Seifer? Hi, I didn’t expect you to call, isn’t it like… 2 in the morning over there?”

“Have you found him yet!?” Seifer snapped and stopped pacing to stare out the bedroom windows.

“Nothing more than last you called. The cab driver doesn’t remember anything else than leaving him at hotel Royal plaza. No one of the name Squall or Kei ever checked in there and we haven’t found any witnesses seeing him in the area. At least he’s smart,” Senu reported.

Old news. Yes, Squall wouldn’t check in on one of the biggest bloody hotels in the city. If he really didn’t want to be found, he wouldn’t use his real name or the passport Seifer had given him. If he had a choice in the matter.

“We got a couple John Does fitting the description but it didn’t turn out. Seriously Seifer, didn’t you say he would be in serious need of mental care? I mean, the way he has disappeared, no one not by his senses can pull this off if he didn’t have help from somewhere. Are you absolutely sure…”

“Yes!” Seifer snapped.

He was sure. Seraph had no fingers in this but… He paced again while trying to make his sleep deprived brain spin around something else than Squall’s mutilated body.

“Seifer? You there?”

“Look in churches and other places that shelters poor people. Look up the motorcycle gangs too, see if anyone has seen him.”

“Motorcycle…? Uh, right, I’m on it. We’ll find him I prom…”

Seifer shut the phone. He was holding a grudge against the man and wouldn’t feel better until he either got to hit him or had Squall in his hands again. He had no chance of finding sleep again. He had nothing to do with his newborn business either since no sane man was awake and functioning at the moment. Not on his side of the world anyway.

Seifer walked over to the closet. One section was devoted to Hyperion. She had her case there and the display setting. She was gleaming in the automatic lights and really, he couldn’t make her shine anymore than she did. Polishing and cleaning her was soothing though, therefore he took her out together with the little box of cleaning material.


His livingroom was a mess of papers, folders and papers and even more folders and a mini laptop together with a gun a knife and a box of bullets. His kitchen was a mess of dishes, rests of pick-up food and half eaten meals. His carefully kept classroom had been turned into a bloody strategy room complete with maps more guns and knives and a sword and laptops. The rest of his beloved house looked much the same. Five guys were sharing his guestroom.

Teo sighed heavily as he stood and eyed the mess in his livingroom. He had known, that day so many years ago when he approached Seifer for the first time, that getting involved with an Almasy couldn’t lead to anything positive. The crime lords might support the blond with various stuffs but not a full package of locals and personnel and offices. However, Teo had to admit that things where running more smoothly than he had anticipated.

Made him wonder if Seifer hadn’t been planning this for years. The man had contacts and people so loyal and devoted to him Teo half suspected they were all in love with the man. You just didn’t set up this kind of activity and business in the few weeks it had taken Seifer. For example, just take the flight with Squall. Teo had contacts, he could have managed the same as Seifer, but it would have taken weeks to get the stuff and the people necessary.

Teo’s eyes darkened and he glared at the papers. Then again, the youth was gone and no one knew where he was. The only positive this horrid affair had brought was him realizing Seifer was far more human than he had ever believed. Seeing the two brothers close together he also realized he had never seen hate or evil before.

The outer door opened and closed and there were the sounds of a jacket being hung up and holsters being eased. Soon enough the beast in question appeared in the living-room entrance. Teo didn’t show his surprise, but each day that passed seemed to change the blond. Seifer hadn’t bothered shaving the light stubble, he had barely dragged a brush through his hair. He was dressed but not in the conscious way. The pants and sweeter didn’t match in the way Seifer usually matched his clothes.

Most evident of the stress the man was feeling though, was in the eyes, or around them. There were bruises under them together with a dangerously irritable gleam in the green. He smelled of smoke so he had probably been chain doing the stuff all the way over. It would sound strange, but Teo was pleased about the look. It was the look on a man that was feeling his demons. Only a man with a bad conscience would look like that.

Was Seifer even aware just how deeply Squall affected him? Probably. The blond stopped to stare at the mess, then he sighed and irritation dragged over the handsome features.

“When the hell did it grow this big?” he growled pointedly at the stacks of papers.

“Since you decided to not catalogue the stuff,” Teo answered dryly.

He got a dirty glare but no nasty comments followed.

“Where are the idiots? Why aren’t they up yet?” Seifer growled and marched in the direction of the guest room.

Teo could have mentioned it was barely half past seven in the morning but refrained from it. A bad conscience didn’t just change a man’s outside, it made a kind guy nasty. It made Seifer downright lethal. It didn’t take long before curses and scuffling sounded and a high pitched yelp in pain. Teo rolled his eyes as he heard Seifer use some of his more creative curses flung at the men to get them out of bed asap. Teo retreated to a so far untouched armchair in the living room and delved into the book he was currently reading. There was no way he was doing anything before nine that day.
Soon enough the five men trailed down in various stages of getting dressed. After them came Seifer, looking much like a particularly large and nasty bear.

“Get this mess cleaned up,” he barked at them before stalking to the livingroom and Teo.

The teacher was slightly relieved as Seife set to sort out all the papers instead of harassing him. Then again, Seifer wouldn’t dream about ordering Teo around like he did his actual personnel. He studied the blond without green eyes looking up, which was good. Hyne knew the blond could explode for any little thing right now.

Teo had known something bad would happen that faithful day years and years ago when he had first spoken with Seifer. He had recognized the colors, blond and green eyes. Anyone in the loop knew that facial structure. Being new in the country and in the city; Teo had thought that presenting himself to the leading power would be wise; apart from the slight greed and desire for adventures of course.

Only true to his luck, he had stumbled over the black sheep in the family. At that particular time Seifer had just enlisted to the police force and he had still had the boiling infamous temper. Teo had barely escaped a beating for mentioning senior Almasy. He didn’t quite know how they had stayed in contact and developed this… friendship? He started regretting it though. He wasn’t stupid enough to think that even if he cut all ties to Seifer now Seraph would leave him be.

Teo had seen something, someone, he hadn’t previously ever encountered. That… man or thing was in a league all on his own. He would hunt down anyone connected to Seifer even if it didn’t give him anything more than the pleasure to torture the poor soul to death. Seifer had admitted as much. Teo hated the man for involving the fair Mss Trepe in all this.

However, the woman was still not quite in the loop and since that day it seemed Seifer hadn’t talked to her or she to him. Just as well. The less contact the less chance of that sinister malicious bastard gunning for her. Hyne, Teo’s stomach knotted slightly just imagining what was glaring down at them. He hoped the cop was right in his estimation that Seraph wouldn’t try anything now when the other crime lords knew. It didn’t make things safer for anyone but Seifer though.

“Should I fly over to Esthar?” he asked suddenly.

The question took Seifer by surprise since green eyes stared at him for a moment. Then he made a vague gesture to the house. Teo agreed that leaving his beloved house in the care of the blond didn’t sit well with him and it had been the main reason for him to want to say. He shrugged and snorted.

“I’ll castrate you if it’s not left in perfect order, but that’s beside the point. I might be able to help Sea, I got some other connections than him you know?” he explained.

To his surprise Seifer was actually hesitating. Almasy dropped the papers he held and gave a weary sigh before rubbing his eyes.

“Actually… I’d like you to stay. To be honest I don’t think I can do this… without help,” the bond sad roughly.

It was enough of a surprise that both dark eyebrows rose towards Teo’s hairline. That was… unexpected. More than unexpected. That was so damn out of character it wasn’t even funny.

“Alright, I’ll just talk to Senu then, give him what help I can over the phone,” Teo relented softly.

The blond gave a curt nod and then delved back into sorting the papers, obviously relieved that Teo hadn’t made a deal out of it. The teacher kept sipping his tee silently. Well now, maybe this was going to be an interesting but highly dangerous adventure?


That afternoon Teo received the good news the blond idiot had finally managed to hunt down some locale to move it all to. The teacher stepped out to tend to his garden, but it was more a gesture to tell Seifer he expected them to restore his house to its original state without him doing too much. The day was heavy with dark clouds promising rain but still warm. He hurried to spread fertilizer on his grass since the likelihood of a hard rain was high.

A car stopped outside and he smiled when he recognized Dincht. The energetic man almost jumped out of the car before it stood still. Zell was past the gate when the second man, the driver, stepped out. Teo took an unsteady breath as he got sight of the stunning man. Irvine Kinneas. Teo wouldn’t ever forget his name or face.

“Hello, Seifer inside?” Zell greeted.

He was dressed in lose jeans, a t-shirt, a jeans jacket and sneakers. His hands were protected by tight fitting gloves with free fingers. Teo was sure he had a harness under the t-shirt too.

“Sure, go right in,” he said distractedly else he would have reminded the blond to take of his dirty shoes before stomping inside…

As it was his attention was focused on the lanky man closing his car door. Irvine was wearing a trench-coat and a wide brimmed black hat. Teo managed to see the hint of a rifle hidden under the trench-coat before it was pressed together. His red hair was caught in a lose pony tail at his neck. Needless to say Teo was a bit weak for the long haired ones. This red head also had the most stunning eyes, the teacher remembered.

Kinneas didn’t seem in any particular hurry to enter the house, instead he took his time passing the gate and put two fingers to his hat in greeting. Their eyes met and Teo wished he could keep staring into those violet depths indefinitely.

“You’re Tornquis right?” the man inquired and Teo fired of his most charming smile.

“At your service. Heard you’re quite the sharpshooter,” he added and Irvine glanced at the house.

To the black haired man’s delight Irvine stepped closer to him.

“Yeah, best in the country,” Kinneas admitted and Teo didn’t think it was empty talk.

One had to wonder where Seifer dug up his people. You had Irvine, one of the world’s best snipers, Zell who was famous in the right circles for his martial arts, you had Teo in person with his own reputation for black market connections, Senu Sea who’s foremost skill lay in the psychology department hence his mission to care for Squall. Not to mention Senu’s skill in… manufacturing less healthy concoction of just about anything organic.

After those names Teo could ramble off another impressive list of impressive persons that was in close relationship to the blond. Still the teacher suspected he didn’t know a fraction of all the connections the sly bastard had. Even Squall who was a very normal person by the standards of Seifer’s circle of connections, was still extraordinary. He had to be to entice both Almasy brothers so completely. Seifer might or might not realize it but Teo had seen it in that snake. He had wanted the brunet for more than the fact Seifer had claimed him. Irvine was glancing at the house and Teo frowned. Was he reluctant to step inside?

“Go ahead if you want to,” he offered with a gesture while he hoped the sniper would decline.

“Sefer in there?” Kinneas asked with a quirk to his lips.

“Yeah,” he answered with a smile.

“What mood’s he in?” Irvine continued and Teo shrugged slightly.

“Well… I’m happy I’m not on his list of enemies right now but I’d rather face down a behemoth,” Teo admitted shrewdly.

Irvine nodded with a glum look to his face. Teo’s eyes narrowed slightly. It wasn’t that the lanky red head was afraid of the cop now, was it? Of course, Teo wouldn’t hold it against him. Right now Seifer was probably scaring a lot of people presumably friends.

“Or you could just stay out here, ever trimmed an apple tree before?” he said cheerily.

Irvine arched an eye brow with a puzzled look on his face.

“Can’t say I have. Can I shoot at it?” the man smiled, obviously relieved to not being forced inside the same space as the behemoth.

“If you shoot at my apple tree I will string you up in your balls and flog the skin of your back,” Teo said with a smile but Irvine obviously saw the very real threat in that.

“I’m very happy you weren’t my teacher in school,” Kinneas commented dryly as he followed Teo to the back of the house where the fruit trees stood. Tornquist chuckled.

“I’m sure you were a good kid that didn’t need to fear the wrath of a teacher?” he said with an inquisitive tone and Irvine gave a snort.

“I was heinous, at least according to any female teachers. I think most of the girls just liked to catch me sneaking a peek at them,” Irvine said slyly and Teo chuckled.

He hadn’t intended to ask so early on but seeing how it was a perfect opening…

“Never sneaked a peak on you male classmates?” he purred.

Those striking violet eyes met his and there was a playful smirk on the nice lips.

“Nah, not really. There only was one other guy worth looking at really,” he answered mysteriously.

Of course it picked Teo’s curiosity and of course that was the point. They stood by one of the apple trees now and Tornquist picked up the large shearer.

“And who was that?” he asked since he was meant to ask.

It was good the red head seemed to like other guys as well as females, but it might be bad if he was already booked. Really, such a beauty couldn’t walk around alone for long and Teo already felt the sting of disappointment in his chest. Irvine made a gesture in the general direction of the house.

“Oh, you know, that blond behemoth in there,” he explained with an ironic smile.

That did arch both black eyebrows on the teacher. A whole array of questions and nosy curiosity erupted.

“You went to school with him? What kind of school?” Tornquist asked while trying to hide the extent of his desire to know more.

“You know, private school. There was student wings, girls and boy separated of course,” Irvine shrugged.

Teo nodded his understanding. Then his eyes narrowed.

“Seifer was the school’s worst bully, right?”

Irvine made a little quirk of those nice lips. Both something biter and amused was in his face.

“Yeah, quite. I mean his name for one gave him an upper hand but then that bloody temper of his… ” Irvine trailed of and he actually shuddered. Then Irvine got a contemplative look on his face.

“When I think about it, he wasn’t really your ordinary bully. He fought a lot but he didn’t… you know beat up people. He never was cruel to those unfortunate kids that were furthest down in the food chain, but then again, he never acknowledged them either,” Irvine said slowly as if the thought just occurred to him.

Somehow that didn’t surprise Teo. He lowered the shearer that hadn’t been put to use yet anyway. He eyed the auburn haired man and debated how nosy he could be without upsetting the man.

“So what category did you fall into?” he asked with a smirk to make the question more playful than serious.

Irvine made a bashful smile and the violet eyes flickered away. He gave a weak shrug.

“I don’t know. Probably the pretty-thing-want-to-possess category,” he answered and Teo was quite delighted to watch a slight blush creep up the pale face.

“I can understand that,” Teo leered

Violet eyes narrowed slightly, then the man quirked his lips.

“Are you hitting on me?” he asked with a purr.

Encouraged, the teacher stepped closer.

“Yes, quite frankly I wish the house was empty so I could drag you to my bed,” he said honestly.

Irvine eyed him more carefully and the black haired man felt himself stir at the interest in those eyes. Irvine glanced at the house again, then back.

“Maybe later, Seifer is moving right?” Irvine purred and Teo couldn’t help but smile widely. He could be patient.

“You don’t have anyone who’ll mind?” he asked with a quite huskier voice.

“No, I’m not the type to cheat either,” the sniper shrugged.

They fell silent. The slightly awkward, frustrated silence that occurred between two parties who really wanted to get it going but didn’t have the time or place. Teo hefted the shearer again.

“Ok, do you want to try?” he smiled and gestured to a tree.

The sniper shook his head and pocketed his hands, obviously quite content to simply watch.

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One more two more chapters and I’ll have beaten last years record. Whopie, shouldn’t be so difficult. Should it?
Like the new AFF, although it gave me a headache at first, but I think I’ll like it more and more.
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